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Feed from Greg Ayres' Fan Subbing panel at AnimeNext 2008. Transcription: bayoab

13:08:50 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> Talking about his introduction to the panel about how this is his fan panel
13:09:43 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> All of the knowledge for this panel was gained by accident. He was talking to a mangaka who had a work that wasn't available in the US. He asked how they felt about their manga being scanlated.
13:10:07 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> This man's voice got high in pitch and his face turned red. It was the only time I wish I spoke Japanese.
13:10:41 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> I started noticing about 4 years ago that all the people who used to spend money on anime weren't spending money on anime any more.
13:11:05 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> "How many of you are aware that the anime industry is in the most critical situation it has ever been."
13:11:19 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> You are about to hear a lot of scary information for those who are not aware.
13:11:54 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> We are hear to talk about fansubbing and digital distribution, licensing issues... and what the industry can do for has turned into. This is not a soapbox despite what you have heard.
13:12:08 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> This is a panel where we all talk. I ask that we all be respectful.
13:12:47 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> "How many people download anime?"
13:12:53 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> About 50% raise hands.
13:12:56 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> Why do you download?
13:13:07 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> Missed tv...
13:13:07 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> Money...
13:13:41 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> To recieve it with subtitles that are in a language not offered...
13:13:59 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> Not licensed in the US
13:14:24 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> Avoid being spoiled (spoilers)
13:14:50 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> Will never be licensed ....
13:15:07 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> "And then I write Gantz next to that..."
13:15:12 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> Instant gratification factor
13:15:23 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> Older titles... no license available...
13:16:11 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> No DVD release...
13:16:55 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> Edited
13:16:58 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> *Edited for kids...
13:17:13 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> or was that Edited (4kids)
13:17:44 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> Trans... notes... those fall into another category... Extras
13:18:01 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> "Not accurate"
13:18:26 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> "Sub vs dub (retarded)"
13:19:09 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> "There is no R1 company with the exception of a fox kids and a few others that doesn't have the Japanese audio on the disk"
13:19:36 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> "I'm just going to put it to bed"
13:19:44 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> "Research... for what is new in Japan"
13:20:07 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> Sample anime... "taste test"
13:20:28 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> "Higher res?"
13:21:05 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> "Store doesn't have it / location
13:21:50 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> "It doesn't have the nico nico comments on the video"
13:21:57 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> "Thats a technology thing, you will never get that ever on a DVD"
13:22:10 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> "Until Japanese allow web distribution"
13:22:32 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> "Club viewing and marketing..."
13:23:09 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> "Watching the series through before buying the entire thing"
13:23:10 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> "AMV"
13:23:40 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> "When the american licensor drops in the middle of the show" (Kodocha)
13:23:56 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> "Turn around time from Japan"
13:24:01 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> (takes too long)
13:24:26 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> "Rewatch factor"
13:25:05 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> "Fandubbing"
13:26:09 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> "Geneon panel"
13:26:29 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> "Geneon..or the lack there for opens a whole new can of worms"
13:27:03 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> "Prefer the digital format... , lack of shelf space, ease of travel"
13:27:22 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> "Not on television"
13:27:57 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> "Something happened in Japan which means that there is very little free anime left airing in japan"
13:28:09 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> "Adult swim is not our friend"
13:28:27 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> "Doesn't air subtitled on TV"
13:28:36 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> Showtime and IFC aired things subtitled...
13:30:05 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> "Anime is free on TV"
13:30:26 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> "There is very little free anime left on TV. WOWOW/etc are not free. Everyone pays a NHK tax.
13:30:43 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> There is advertising money involved too...
13:31:35 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> "Don't want to see advertisements..."
13:31:45 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> "Who has advertisements on their DVDs?"
13:31:48 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> That deflated fast...
13:32:22 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> "I like complicated karaoke"
13:32:59 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> "With english, japanese, romanji... and all the effects"
13:33:02 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> "I love the name complicated karaoke"
13:33:33 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> "Fan parodies..."
13:34:41 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> (Something that fell into technical limitations)
13:34:53 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> "To screw over the R1 companines"
13:35:55 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> "A good 60% of the shows coming out are called "Co-pro" because they are co-productions"
13:36:18 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> "Why was I not surprised when ADV lost the license to Sayuki? Because Geneon had dumped into money into the end of the show."
13:36:49 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> "When the industry almost collapsed in the 90's, the R1 industry basically kept it up."
13:37:02 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> Let's start since we have enough to work with...
13:37:46 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> "Going to start with the most commonly used argument: Money. I am too broke to buy anime."
13:38:06 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> "Why is lost $39.99 for a complete season but 4 eps of anime is $29.99"
13:38:10 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> The anime industry is 1% of the entertainment industry while millions of people watch lost
13:38:24 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> Lost can sell a whole season for 39.99 because millions will buy it.
13:39:14 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> "Most companies see sales in the thousands.. maybe 10's of thousands... there are only a handful of titles that see a million"
13:39:31 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> "This goes back to the more you buy, the cheaper it will be..."
13:39:45 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> "The dub cost less back in the old days because more people bought it despite that it cost more to produce"
13:40:08 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> "Fact is, more we buy, the cheaper it gets"
13:40:43 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> "Anime is the cheapest it has ever been"
13:41:39 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> "One of our biggest allies was Suncoast.. they were the most dedicated retailer of anime. All I have heard is "I don't buy at Suncoast because it sells at MSRP"
13:41:52 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> Companies like Bestbuy will sell it cheaper by being a loss leader
13:42:13 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> They will take a hit on a title to try and make you buy something else
13:42:35 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> The problem is anime fans didn't support suncoast, so the majority are gone.
13:42:53 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> That is one of the stores that I could go in and find anything back in the day"
13:43:13 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> "No, it is not FYE or transworld's fault"
13:43:30 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> "How much is anime in Japan?" "Nothing is cheap"
13:43:47 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> "There are 2-3 episodes per disc and you pay roughly $60 american"
13:44:22 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> You can buy anime cheaper here than anywhere else
13:44:42 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> You would never find any DVDs in Japan that has a gift/extra that is under $100 in Japan.
13:44:54 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> Guess who put more extras than anyone else? Geneon...
13:45:39 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> "I met with Arthur Smith who is the president of Gonzo International"
13:46:00 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> "There are two ways to deal with this to an audience... you go after them legally which we agree is ridiculous, or you can work on educating them"
13:47:00 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> "Anything that I want that requires money, I find money for. I smoke and I'm a voice actor."
13:47:17 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> "Not having money is not an excuse for steal"
13:47:22 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> "A lot of people don't like that I call it stealing. It is stealing"
13:47:39 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> "We have romanticized this idea of getting a taste test"
13:48:05 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> "Answerman from ANN had the best definition of fan. A fan is someone who give money back to the creation process"
13:48:27 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> (Thats extremely paraphrased)
13:48:50 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> He is comparing it to a dog with fleas...
13:48:55 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> The industry is in a wheelchair right now with someone else pushing
13:49:28 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> Anything else on the no money factor?
13:50:24 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> "to say that anime is not popular is a farse too, everyone convention has growing attendance" (out of order to the comment of "people are still buying, they are just buying less")
13:50:56 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> "whats the most popular room at any convention? the dealers room!"
13:51:08 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> none of this money is hitting the industry which is kinda sad"
13:51:41 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> "when you watch an episode on tv.. advertisers pay the money.... "
13:51:58 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> talking about replay of episodes now
13:52:24 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> "if i hear something on the radio, what do i do if i want to hear it again? I buy it.. somewhere"
13:52:34 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> "you don't get your internet for free do you..."
13:52:47 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> audience: parents pay for it
13:52:57 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> "i think that DVD prices are as cheap as they can get...."
13:53:42 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> "companies are reinventing themselves trying to do anything they can to get you to buy stuff"
13:53:50 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> "i think if we move to a legal digital distribution package, maybe so"
13:54:41 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> "companies are doing what they can to meet fan needs... but they still need revenue"
13:55:08 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> "one of the big defining factors in how slow it is the japanese"
13:55:54 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> "there was a big new show with a huge fan following before it hit the shelves... so they wanted to meet with the american distribution house to make money... we think we can keep the show in the black... their plan involved asking "do you think we can get the internet shut down for a week"
13:56:17 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> "the japanese don't really understand the american market.. they don't understand the american fans"
13:56:32 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> still commenting on the money....
13:57:12 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> "anime or entertainment is a luxury item.. and in a recession, the first thing to disappears is the luxuries"
13:57:33 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> "oh ill buy it later"
13:57:44 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> "oh.. the slippery slope argument"
13:58:04 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> "how many buy after they watch first"
13:58:04 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> "about 1 in 30"
13:58:12 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> "took them almost 9 months to compile"
13:58:15 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> "how much to download per person..."
13:58:29 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> "this mckenzie report was specific to anime"
13:58:42 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> "i am wishing they would release that report"
13:59:14 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> "there is a lot of things going on behind closed doors... even legal authorities that are looking around"
13:59:31 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> there are certain sites out there who i would be scared shitless if i was running
13:59:59 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> Legal ways to watch anime or cheap ways?
14:00:01 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> Funimation streaming?
14:00:22 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> Gaia Online.....
14:00:47 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> Adult Swim... ted turner just gave them the smack down and told them to air more anime
14:01:09 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> Mooch off your friends
14:01:42 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> Crunchyroll... thats a weird topic... because they moved legal...
14:01:50 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> Gonzo and ADV are trying it out...
14:01:57 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> thanks to that... I just finished recording NHK this week
14:02:25 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> If I have any faith in any company out there, it is Gonzo
14:02:46 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> they are the most forward thinking company
14:03:08 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> Toonami Jetstream... Adultswim Fix... other tv streaming
14:03:15 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> Rent it from netflix
14:03:31 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> rentanime.com, blockbluster etc
14:04:21 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> Anime clubs...
14:04:49 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> Public libraries
14:05:29 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> Conventions (video rooms)
14:07:39 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> Toei's On-demand service (With drm)
14:08:24 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> (He's talking about how evil DRM is right now since he can't watch it on his mac)
14:09:46 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> Until the DRM is cross platform and universal, some of those sites are only going to popular to a few people.
14:10:12 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> Rightstuf and their bargain bin/fire sales
14:11:10 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> "Ebay" "NO! 90% of what you see on ebay is bootleg"
14:13:05 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> Itunes
14:13:58 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> Animenetwork was doing streaming...
14:14:35 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> Free giveaways at panels
14:15:32 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> newtype USA.. which is gone...
14:16:53 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> (right now talking about other anime magazines.. Otaku USA, etc)
14:17:49 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> And now on to the next subject
14:18:09 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> Let's get to the one that is the hardest to discuss.. the grand daddy.. "not licensed"
14:18:26 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> "The licensing issues is a big deal"
14:18:28 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> "the licensing issue is huge"
14:18:42 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> "how many have heard of LoGH, Sexy Commando... Macross movies"
14:18:49 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> "there are shows we have established that will never see a license"
14:18:59 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> "this is the only argument that i don't have an answer for"
14:19:22 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> "i will tell you why some of these titles will never see the light of day... i am a fan too and i do get impatient"
14:19:37 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> "i learned a lot about licensing when i first got into this"
14:19:42 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> "back in the old days with a lot of the older shows/giant robo shows"
14:19:47 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> "the first market was tv"
14:19:55 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> "then there became tv and then the home market"
14:20:02 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> "after that.. came DVD and LD release"
14:20:29 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> "in an attempt to make money or be profitable... after the course of the normal profit cycle.. "
14:21:05 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> "they break up the property into smaller pieces which are at prices you can sell off..."
14:21:16 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> "so you get broadcast, merchandise, characted design licenses sometimes, etc"
14:21:32 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> "in order to redistributed that show in the US, you have to acquire of those parts"
14:21:45 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> "the problem is, some of these shows... the pieces have been traded around like stock"
14:22:22 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> "there are a few giant robot shows which ADV wanted to bring over where they couldn't find a single part... it would cost more money for some of these shows than it would ever return"
14:22:45 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> "guess what would happen if someone tries to do it without"
14:22:54 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> "to say that it is content driven is false... gantz is an example"
14:23:14 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> "it was proof that the licenses weren't content based"
14:23:27 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> "if there is a market for it, and it is available, it would be made available"
14:23:42 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> "some of the shows, it is the broadcast licenses... some of the shows it is the music"
14:23:52 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> "here is the thing about that i think is good and bad..."
14:24:29 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> "lets say... i won't sell ... and eventually nobody buys this and they have to sell it to somoene... and they might sell it cheaper...
14:24:45 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> "if the anime community finds a way to make it cheaper and faster.. they will find a R1 release"
14:25:01 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> some of these older licenses may see the light of day...
14:25:12 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> "is there any ethical way you can watch these shows?"
14:25:31 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> "you can buy the R2s... "
14:26:59 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> there are other things that come up with licensing that it will talk briefly about
14:27:40 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> "there are licensing issues that don't have broadcast or making money..." (using beck as a lead in)
14:27:52 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> there are other agreements that can hold a title up indefinitely
14:28:24 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> "for beck.. he could have held up the show, but not only did he know about the show, he was all for the show... "
14:29:19 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> "for detective conan.... you know who made the decision to change the name? the japanese"
14:30:08 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> "conan the barbarian has a lockdown on "conan the""
14:30:34 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> so you can either change the name .. or possibly lose introducing it to a new market
14:31:03 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> "one piece... guess who made the decisions: the japanese"
14:31:43 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> "everyone is trying to recreate dragonball z"
14:31:45 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> "look what happened to DBZ"
14:32:02 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> "it got on tv, and it still sells thousands of units"
14:32:06 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> "pokemon, ditto"
14:32:27 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> "if you can get a show on television, you can get marketing and merchandising"
14:32:57 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> (some guy just walked in as the burger king guy and he pointed to him as an example)
14:33:15 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> "you can't show people smoking on television so you ahve to put a lollipop in their mouth"
14:34:12 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> "as with the case of the guitar in beck, the name lucille was owned by the bbking's estate since they opened a restaurant with it in the logo, so we couldn't use it"
14:34:20 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> so the japanese it was a nobrainer "prudence"
14:35:17 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> going to move to....
14:35:23 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> lets talk about editing
14:35:33 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> censorship and editing is always a hot button topic
14:36:00 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> when trinity blood aired on [as], it was edited...
14:36:01 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> however, the dvd is uncut
14:36:12 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> what is on tv is not what is sold on dvd
14:36:21 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> (another example from FMA)
14:36:42 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> "it has been a long time since a company hacked up a series into one of another name"
14:36:51 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> "now people always want to hate on 4kids"
14:36:58 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> "don't you think they have the blessing of japanese"
14:37:11 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> "4kids is known for having really good tv deals"
14:37:22 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> "they all want the next big hit"
14:38:03 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> "this gets into an intellectual property issue argument when the creator of the show allows one thing while the fans want another"
14:38:05 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> (paraphrased)
14:38:38 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> if a company owns the intellectual property and decides to go with a company that will edit it to get it to a broader audience....
14:38:44 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> then its their decision
14:40:25 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> "we don't have any control over editing choices.. and thats the way it should be"
14:41:00 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> (saying that the japanese made it so the japanese can alter it as they want"
14:41:18 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> speaking of editing and adult swim...
14:41:24 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> adult swim is not our friends...
14:42:22 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> the FMA vas were taking a tour
14:42:26 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> and they got the street team shirt
14:42:43 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> which is a picture of lazlo from [as] with "Because anime is teh suck"
14:43:33 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> that should tell you a little about their commitment to anime
14:43:46 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> they use anime to promote thier shows
14:45:02 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> people say that a lot of the shows they like are not on tv"
14:46:07 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> there is a breed of fan who only know anime that is on TV
14:46:43 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> the best anime is the ones you have to hunt down
14:46:56 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> translation issues
14:47:09 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> how many think that when you watch a fansub, you are getting the best translation possible?
14:47:17 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> "oh, guess i can move on then" after the audience boos
14:47:58 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> (talking about the Lain t/l. how geneon choose not to keep in the anti-american part of it)
14:48:02 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> *he thinks geneon
14:48:14 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> (claims not a single fansub group got it)
14:49:32 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> if fansubs were so accurate... then they wouldn't start with the "im not good at japanese so if you know any corrections, send them to ..."
14:49:56 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> the translation issue leads me to... translation notes.. cultural notes...
14:51:03 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> (talking about fansubbers.... how they admit how they will rush it to get it out first)
14:52:09 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> (Talking about shoko right now... how they sent the eva t/l back and they were like "thats not what we meant")
14:52:25 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> *in some parts
14:53:30 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> with translation, the company is held responsible by the original licensor...
14:53:36 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> with fansubbing, they answer to nobody
14:54:15 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> "this entire panel is available on youtube"
14:54:59 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> (saying how he won't hit all the points)
14:55:13 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> going back to translation notes...
14:55:21 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> there are a few things that we can't do based on the DVD standards...
14:55:31 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> we can use 3 fonts.... 5 colors, one must be invisible
14:55:34 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> (he's rushing through this)
14:55:42 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> we cannot include things like captions for the hearing impared....
14:55:53 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> anything extra cannot appear in the main feature... it must be called an extra
14:55:59 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> and that requires an extra authoring track
14:56:06 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> what you are going to see less and less of, there will be less extras
14:56:22 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> all the commentaries and behind the scenes are vanishing
14:56:47 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> the thing we used to end the panel on is what the industry is not doing for us as fans
14:56:52 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> i want to change this for what can us fans do for the industry
14:57:11 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> to continue to make demands on the industry that is limping on its last breath
14:57:17 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> (missed the rest due to traffic)
14:57:41 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> "there is a group of kids in boston who started saveouranime.com"
14:57:50 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> "if you look up anime piracy faq, you will find a world of information"
14:58:05 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> "not all of the information i got was easy... its come from years of asking annoying questions of people"
14:58:11 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> "people say i should prove my point... im just a fan"
14:58:29 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> (need to edit that line... its paraphrased)
14:58:29 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> i don't think its over...
14:58:47 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> (talking about what happened to apple in the 80's)
14:59:22 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> i believe anime fans to be good people... to not be crappy
14:59:27 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> i don't know how this will end
14:59:57 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> the only thing i can do is thank you for being here, thank you for caring, thank you for listening, if we could get the industry to sit down and talk like this, i think we would have further to go
14:59:56 <bay|AnimeNext|Ayres> END PANEL
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