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Unedited Feed from the Mangagamer panel at Anime Expo 2011. Transcription: bayoab
Note: ( ) is usually commenting on the panel and was not said.

22:33:52 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> Hi welcome to the mangagamer panel
22:33:56 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> Is everyone hot or is it just me
22:34:11 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> maybe you should guys should keep your excitement down
22:34:23 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> Thank you for waiting for those of you who waited 2 hours
22:34:37 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> please welcome bamboo to the stage
22:34:44 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> Can we play the first movie?
22:35:06 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> B: Hello guys
22:35:21 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> You enjoy AX?
22:35:40 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> Do you enjoy Moe?
22:35:40 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> Do you enjoy eroge?
22:35:40 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> Thank you
22:35:40 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> my name is bamboo
22:35:48 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> (audience chants bamboo)
22:36:26 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> I'm mangagamer's producer and japanese legendary (something) master
22:36:53 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> Overdrive trailer
22:37:17 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> Konbanwa - Good evening
22:37:29 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> Thanks for coming, for spending your last night at AX with us
22:37:41 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> I've been coming to AX every since 10 years ago
22:37:53 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> with the years, many things changed,
22:38:12 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> so like, in the past, 10 years ago, i didn't think i could hold a panel like this infront of people like you
22:38:14 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> but things happen
22:38:31 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> i'm sure all of you know there was a big earthquake and tsunami in japan
22:38:42 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> and even in the bishoujo game industry, there were effects
22:38:48 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> i recently went to hisaichi in sendai
22:39:09 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> i've never experienced war before, but i think it's worse than what a city would look like after war
22:39:17 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> i think it looks like what after a hurricane hits (para)
22:39:46 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> so in order to give courage to all people affeted by the disaster, people from all aspects of the industry are doing everything they can to help them
22:39:56 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> and we recieve all the messages from america encouraging us, so thank you very much
22:40:07 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> yea, so , lets move on a more fun subject
22:40:17 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> so today we'd like to explain what mangagamer is all about
22:40:36 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> so today we're going to talk about the now and future of bishoujo games this year...
22:40:45 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> wasn't that the theme last year (translator)
22:40:53 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> oh
22:41:11 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> so who knows what a bishoujo game is
22:41:19 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> and who doesn't
22:41:22 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> (boos)
22:41:30 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> don't chase them away, that's our business opportunity
22:41:33 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> for those who don't know...
22:41:56 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> so basically, it's a game popular in japan that get into romantic situations with girls
22:41:59 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> (laughs)
22:42:06 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> he's saying it this way because there are women in the crowd
22:42:26 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> if i say what i want, if i go all out, i'm going to get sued for sexual harassment
22:42:39 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> even the lawyers of michael jackson will lose
22:43:02 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> there are many in japan who loooooove bishoujo games but
22:43:12 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> lately, there was been increasing users who have been playing overseas as well
22:43:41 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> so we saw this as an opportunity, so we've been soliciting to pblishers in japan to bring things over
22:43:44 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> and this was really really difficult
22:44:00 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> the language barrier is the really tough part between mangagamer and the overseas users
22:44:10 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> in the beginning, we got really trashed for our localization
22:44:32 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> but basically, we don't know what to do because we have a student from harvard and a student from cambridge saying eachother's translations suck
22:44:35 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> they are both the same to us
22:44:52 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> and they get into long discussions about what to call things.. like sakura
22:45:18 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> it's not really our title, but there is a title with 12 sisters, and they all call the brother different ways
22:45:27 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> onii-chan, onii-tama, etc
22:45:50 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> so anyways, we've been through a lot of these localization decisions, but i think we've come to a place where we can all enjoy our localization
22:46:24 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> in japan, there are very few native speakers of english, so we would like to work with the localization staff here, in the states
22:46:34 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> to make it better and better for you guys
22:47:00 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> (skipped)
22:47:06 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> i actually write lyrics for anime songs in japan
22:47:11 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> baka to test to shoukanjuu
22:47:20 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> (baka and test summon the beats)
22:47:32 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> so you think that like a singer for anime songs would be popular with the girls right....
22:47:38 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> but actually i'm not popular nat all
22:47:52 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> (the line i skipped was about finding a girlfriend, which is needed for this to make sense)
22:48:08 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> when i have concerts, i have maybe 1000 people, with only 30 women
22:48:19 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> and among those 30, 2 are mothers
22:48:29 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> translator: what are you trying to say
22:48:31 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> i just want to be popular
22:48:39 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> so he's looking for single available women
22:48:53 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> so actually, we'd like to announce some titles and dates
22:49:02 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> overdrive....
22:49:08 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> Go Go Nippon
22:49:12 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> My first Trip to Japan
22:49:35 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> Innocent Gray - Kara no Shoujo
22:49:45 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> Ef - a fairy tale of two
22:49:47 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> (minori)
22:50:02 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> Baseson
22:50:15 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> Harukoi Otome
22:50:32 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> DearDrops
22:50:35 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> overdrive -
22:50:48 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> Dengeki Stryker
22:50:59 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> explain the first title
22:51:05 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> OverDrive - Go Go Nippon
22:51:22 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> this is a title that we overdrive made specifically for the english speaking market
22:51:27 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> Go Go Nippon
22:51:40 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> the main character is you gusy
22:51:41 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> the main character is you guys
22:51:43 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> what kind of game is this?
22:51:47 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> and you home stay for 1 week in japan
22:52:05 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> and conveniently, you are staying with two sisters whose parents aren't home
22:52:14 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> so you can choose one of the sisters and travel around japan
22:52:46 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> i traveled to various parts of the world, who are otaku, who haven't had a chance to come to japan
22:53:06 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> we wanted to make a game where you can virtually experience japan, so we made this game
22:53:20 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> there's even an explanation on how to use washlets
22:53:35 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> (the toilets that wash parts)
22:53:42 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> also teaches you how to ride the subways in japan
22:54:26 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> every time yoon, u spend money to travel in gogo nippon, it tells you how much you spent
22:55:00 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> at the earliest, a release at the end of the month
22:55:00 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> i should explain this in the beginning
22:55:01 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> but there is no sex
22:55:01 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> it is a title for all ages
22:55:14 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> business wise... if it was going to sell or not
22:55:24 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> and actually, planning to make it available on iphone and android
22:55:32 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> it will be $10-$15
22:55:42 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> next...
22:55:52 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> Kara no Shoujo by Innocent Grey
22:56:05 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> it's by a publisher innocent grey that just joined mangagamer
22:56:10 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> it's already been released
22:56:19 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> it's actually unique to the bishoujo game genre
22:56:21 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> it's a mystery
22:56:38 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> it's known in japan for being very gorey
22:56:54 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> and the publisher innocent grey is very very popular in japan
22:56:58 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> there's no moe at all
22:57:01 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> but it's really fun
22:57:09 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> so if you could give it a try, that would be great
22:57:15 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> next title
22:57:34 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> ef - a fairy tale of the two by minori
22:57:50 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> my friend, the president of minori, has a message for everybody
22:57:55 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> "sorry it's late"
22:57:58 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> the end
22:58:17 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> this was released in 2006 and they sold a lot in japan
22:58:33 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> so the movie animation part was directed by Makoto Shinkai
22:58:45 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> it's also been made into a tv anime series
22:59:02 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> and this title came to be after many many battles..
22:59:08 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> do you all know what a fansub is?
22:59:24 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> so i saw the battle between the fansubs and the japanese publishers
22:59:31 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> they were fighting like crazy in the beginning
22:59:35 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> but suddenly they are all friendly now
22:59:58 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> so minori had a suggestion that they could start using the fan translation
23:00:00 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> to localize
23:00:18 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> so i think this is a new step to co-existing
23:00:29 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> (the group is NNL)
23:00:38 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> so if we could cooperate with many fansubbers, and make high quality titles for you guys..
23:02:03 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> so if the fansubbers could stop uploaders without talking to us, that would be great..(actually you could just stop doing it .. translator admits she took liberties)
23:01:29 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> having fansubs out make it really hard to work with the publishers
23:01:44 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> next title is Harukoi Otome from Baseson
23:02:11 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> (tororo danchou on stage)
23:02:19 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> Hi, I'm tororo, from Saitama
23:02:27 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> at this pace, tis' going to take till morning
23:02:31 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> it would be good if we could move faster
23:02:44 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> it's a romantic game released by baseson
23:02:54 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> so we will release this
23:03:04 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> it's very light hearted in the beginning, but gets serious in the later half
23:03:12 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> so if you would like to get on with girls, then please play this game
23:03:13 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> next title
23:03:19 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> OverDrive - DearDrops
23:03:35 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> so this is the title that came after kirakira
23:03:43 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> so this is a story about a rock and roll band in japan
23:03:49 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> a rock band with a violin
23:03:59 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> like yellow card (A band)
23:04:20 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> we're planning to have a demo up by the end of july
23:04:25 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> it's pretty erotic
23:04:35 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> it's 2.5x as erotic as kirakira
23:04:45 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> (dondake suugaku)
23:04:47 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> dengeki stryker
23:06:55 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> was released on june 24th in Japan
23:07:01 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> do you know JAM project
23:07:12 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> the vocaloist masaki endo and...do you know evangelion
23:07:29 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> do you know ikari shinji...do you know megumi kobata.. she's one of the voice actors
23:07:41 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> and the animation director is watanabe shinchi
23:07:53 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> if we don't sell enough of these, we're going to go under
23:08:05 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> we would like to finish localization john, sitting by the table over there...
23:08:16 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> i think it will be a fun game for all of you too
23:09:04 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> we have a bunch of titles we are negotiating for ....
23:08:49 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> kimi no nozomu eien
23:09:15 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> in order for them to understand the US market, the best way is to bring them to the US
23:09:35 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> so this time, we brought one of the makers we brought is clochette
23:09:42 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> they see the market and how excited you guys are
23:09:52 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> we have so many people here who are interested in buying our games
23:10:01 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> unless we make something or localize them, it's a loss
23:10:09 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> so now...talking about hardcopies
23:10:17 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> about the package version
23:10:27 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> so let me introduce tororo danchou
23:10:42 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> hello again, i'm tororo, and i'm a producer at circus, the company
23:10:47 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> (onscreen is the Da Capo LE)
23:11:09 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> (bamboo says something and the tororo repeats)
23:11:13 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> he's been with us since we started mangagamer
23:11:27 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> can you explain the joke that i started to pretend to translate what i said, but was saying it in a broken japanese way
23:11:33 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> translator:it's not funny anymore
23:11:41 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> b: so we recently started selling hardcopies
23:11:46 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> and i want to ask a question...
23:11:55 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> which do you prefer download or hard copies
23:12:21 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> but if you are a true fan, you would buy both right?
23:12:31 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> and true fans in japan buy 3...
23:13:06 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> it would be nice if we had a system like that in japan
23:13:12 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> but you really need money for that system
23:13:17 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> but if you had guts we could do it
23:13:22 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> (what about that one that recently opened)
23:13:30 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> tororo: we need to move on
23:13:43 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> so time to introduce some circus titles from mangagamer
23:14:08 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> So I would like to introduce the games that circus is releasing this year and next year
23:14:11 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> unfortunately no images
23:14:23 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> september
23:14:24 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> this year
23:14:36 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> Suika Niritsu (second in the series)
23:15:06 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> next year...
23:15:07 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> Da Capo 3
23:15:40 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> actually, every since he's been here, he's been on the phone, been talking to japan to check the japanese website...
23:15:50 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> it's 4pm in japan right now
23:15:58 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> they are calling him to check stuff on the site
23:16:04 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> so if you check the site tomorrow, it should be updated with the info
23:16:38 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> b: and of course da capo 3 will be localized right
23:16:43 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> t: sure (deadpan-ish)
23:16:31 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> b: thank you
23:16:53 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> we would like to have a q&a
23:17:03 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> and they want GOOD hot juicy questions
23:17:12 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> how many of you is it your first time here at the mangagamer panel
23:17:26 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> because we've been doing this for the past few years, but he's seeing a lot of new faces
23:18:02 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> Q: When will shin koihime musuo come out?
23:18:13 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> A: the president of that maker is here
23:18:22 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> let him know
23:18:33 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> it's actually a really long game...
23:18:54 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> but the localization staff will work really hard to release it
23:19:15 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> Q: Could you explain about Da Capo?
23:19:28 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> A: Actually, we got that question a lot at the booth this year
23:19:35 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> It's a school love romance
23:20:33 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> in da capo, there is a cherry blossom tree...
23:20:41 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> there is some magic in the game
23:20:43 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> and it's very touching
23:21:02 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> both an all age version and an 18+ version
23:21:35 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> t: it's been turned into an anime.. so if you're interested, go online and check it out
23:21:52 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> (and was scolded for saying that)
23:22:16 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> Q: Will Da capo+ communciation and Da capo 2+ communication be localized
23:22:35 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> A: We will think about releasing it if the current da capo games that are out sell more
23:22:47 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> there are more characters in the games you mentioned, so there's a lot of localization to be handled
23:23:33 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> if you want to ask more questions, they are at the booth, so you can come to the dealers hall.. i'll answer anything
23:23:47 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> Q: Any more info on Kimi ga nozomu eien?
23:24:22 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> A: so we're talking with age, the publisher, the president, and i think pretty soon, we can make a pretty good announcement
23:24:26 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> but negotations are really hard
23:25:10 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> i know because i make games in japan too, but as publishers in japan, we do focus on the japanese market, so we're really busy, but we take the time between the business to try and negotiate
23:25:26 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> so it's slow, but i'm working really hard behind the scenes, like a swan
23:25:46 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> t; your jokes are hard to understand
23:25:50 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> trans: and hard to translate
23:25:56 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> t; and i have a favor to ask of everyone
23:26:24 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> and i know there are a lot of you who don't know who we are, so if you could go home and visit our website
23:26:36 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> and if you find something you would like, it would be nice if you would buy it
23:26:47 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> and if you could go on the forums and give us opinions, it would be nice
23:26:57 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> so if you could promise to visit the website, we'll start the raffle
23:27:15 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> we have 5 items
23:27:24 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> without the box
23:27:28 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> (audience: with the box?)
23:27:32 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> the first item is a da capo illusttration book by the circus people
23:27:47 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> 2 of them
23:27:58 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> i'm sorry about the box, it's a really nice box
23:28:06 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> (she said it wasn't nice early)
23:29:25 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> next item... shinji katakura who worked on kirakira drew this exclusively for the raffle
23:29:35 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> (he's singing justin beiber)
23:29:42 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> i'm japanese justin bieber
23:30:12 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> this is super duper rare
23:30:24 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> these are characters from go go nippon
23:30:28 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> there is only one of each
23:30:40 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> since it's not out yet
23:30:44 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> and since go go nippon won't be released in japan, the fans won't be able to get this
23:31:04 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> so we don't even know if we will get any more drawings of these two characters
23:31:15 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> i think he said that if we get go go nippon 2, we can draw them again.. maybe
23:31:38 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> (he sings again)
23:32:25 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> we haven't even released it but it's popular
23:32:32 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> question.. long hair or short hair
23:32:51 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> (long hair wins)
23:32:56 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> (also, hardcopies won earlier)
23:33:10 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> who likes mowhawks
23:33:29 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> b: go back to your fallout 3 world
23:34:19 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> the box!
23:34:26 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> and they will autograph it
23:34:34 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> there is only one in the world
23:34:48 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> wear it on your head or your foot
23:36:12 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> (laughing too hard to type)
23:36:39 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> (the audience wnats him to raffle off his body... "even if i raffle of the body, i wont give you my heart)
23:37:15 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> (a girl won bamboo's wrist band)
23:37:21 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> this was a very short panel but did everyone have fun
23:37:34 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> so hopefully next year we can work harder on bringing prizes
23:38:01 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> so we would like to reach to everyone through the entertainment known as bishoujo games, so work hard everyone
23:38:10 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> t: i'll work hard
23:38:42 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> so we'llw ork hard making games, so tell your friends there are these crazy guys making games and have them visit our site, that would be great
23:39:19 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> B; so the trend in japan is ahegao... i would like everyone to do it..... (i don't have any idea if i have this right)
23:40:15 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> and this is the facial expression, so if everyone could do it
23:40:05 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> (wish i had the cam right now)
23:40:27 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> i will show it to the 12000 twitter followers
23:40:46 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> and i will tell them that the fans in the US who love bishoujo and eroge are great guys
23:40:49 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> thank you
23:40:51 <bay|AX|MangaGamer> see you next year
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