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Unedited Feed from the Tiger and Bunny panel at New York Comic Con 2011. Transcription: bayoab
Note: ( ) is usually commenting on the panel and was not said.

13:07:14 <bay|NYCC|TB> (Hooray for terrible seats)
13:10:58 <bay|NYCC|TB> Hello guys
13:11:38 <bay|NYCC|TB> (Was just an annoucement for the index cards for questions)
13:15:18 <bay|NYCC|TB> First event since the season finale
13:15:31 <bay|NYCC|TB> did anyone actually believe (spoiler so dropped?)
13:15:39 <bay|NYCC|TB> We got a lot of stuff to go through
13:15:52 <bay|NYCC|TB> Robert Romera, head of digital media department (viz)
13:16:18 <bay|NYCC|TB> Leme introduce the man who brought you Tiger and Bunny
13:16:25 <bay|NYCC|TB> Hi....
13:20:59 <bay|NYCC|TB> Welcome to the Tiger and Bunny panel... and welcome to stern bild
13:16:50 <bay|NYCC|TB> My name is masayuki ozaki
13:16:55 <bay|NYCC|TB> producer of tiger and bunny from sunrise
13:17:16 <bay|NYCC|TB> and it's a great honor to have a panel in new york because last year i had been to NYCC, and location hunting for tiger and bunny
13:21:12 <bay|NYCC|TB> as many of you know, stern bild is based on fictional manhattan in the future
13:17:38 <bay|NYCC|TB> I took many photos last year
13:18:01 <bay|NYCC|TB> And I also rode the circle line and took pictures
13:18:10 <bay|NYCC|TB> probably took 200-300 pictures
13:18:18 <bay|NYCC|TB> and today i will (can't hear)
13:18:28 <bay|NYCC|TB> And we have a special message
13:18:31 <bay|NYCC|TB> (Video)
13:19:15 <bay|NYCC|TB> During this time, I speak audio
13:19:20 <bay|NYCC|TB> my costume is almost perfect kotetsu
13:20:04 <bay|NYCC|TB> (they can't get the video to work)
13:20:37 <bay|NYCC|TB> (and of course, they are using the mics to get the sound to work)
13:21:44 <bay|NYCC|TB> Sorry for that... we had our great solution to shove the mics into the computer speakers
13:21:56 <bay|NYCC|TB> so we got a lot of questions about how we do simulcasts on a weekly basis and we do a lot of shows
13:22:27 <bay|NYCC|TB> and we have tokio senpai, he is production coordinator, he couldn't be here today, he explains the process in this video
13:23:07 <bay|NYCC|TB> (Main process of simulcast for tiger and bunny, first sunrise provides us with assets, such as japanese scripts that the voice actors use
13:25:31 <bay|NYCC|TB> and they give ito us and we send it to the translators... and they give us translated scripts, called DT scripts... literal translations
13:25:51 <bay|NYCC|TB> which might sound awkward by a native english speaker, and our job is to, brush it up... and make it smooth for the western audience to understand
13:23:50 <bay|NYCC|TB> my job is to review those scripts using temp videos
13:26:02 <bay|NYCC|TB> this is the unfinished stage of the final video
13:24:20 <bay|NYCC|TB> (has some animation and other stuff is just raw sketches)
13:26:30 <bay|NYCC|TB> these are still the stage where the cgs aren't finished, so once we are finished checking the script, we consider it is final, and we deliver that to robert, and he then goes to time the subs to the video
13:26:47 <bay|NYCC|TB> and then we keep a copy for the tv production side which they will use for the future dub production
13:27:19 <bay|NYCC|TB> and here is a picture of the crime list that sunrise provided
13:29:29 <bay|NYCC|TB> one of the fun responses we got for the translations, in ep 12, the hero tv ticket... it is called uroboros tv... when we recieve the translation of this from japan, and it said... (lost), and we changed it to read doofus instead of incompetent, and one of the things the japanese fans would translate the text
13:29:49 <bay|NYCC|TB> they translated it for this scene as well, and were like check this out, the way tiger is described fits in perfectly
13:30:11 <bay|NYCC|TB> it was one of those situations we got to see the translation work for both audiences
13:31:17 <bay|NYCC|TB> (back to people)
13:31:30 <bay|NYCC|TB> we have really long spreadsheets with those captions we had to translate, and we hfound one of our favorite...
13:31:42 <bay|NYCC|TB> blue rose is reading the the 100 ways to get guys to fall for you
13:32:03 <bay|NYCC|TB> and we're going to have mitsuko from dubbing department do the reading for this
13:33:20 <bay|NYCC|TB> so ozaki san, what do you think about our process
13:33:34 <bay|NYCC|TB> O: i was surprised to see the process myself
13:34:04 <bay|NYCC|TB> I knew that viz would do such a great job but never expected them to take so much time and effort including doing the slang, so i'm grateful to the staff that worked at viz on this
13:34:15 <bay|NYCC|TB> R:
13:34:18 <bay|NYCC|TB> so this is an obvious trait to the show.. sponsors
13:34:27 <bay|NYCC|TB> i'm going to have ozaki-san run through each
13:34:55 <bay|NYCC|TB> Wild Tiger - Softbank, - a large cell phone company in Japan
13:35:06 <bay|NYCC|TB> S.H.Figurearts is a brand logo of bandai's figure line
13:35:13 <bay|NYCC|TB> Barnaby
13:35:26 <bay|NYCC|TB> Bandai - the toy and merchandise company
13:35:39 <bay|NYCC|TB> Crusade - is the brand logo for bandai's card game line
13:35:59 <bay|NYCC|TB> and what's interesting is bandai's original logo is red and white, so it actually goes really well
13:36:03 <bay|NYCC|TB> and amazon.co.jp
13:36:39 <bay|NYCC|TB> i'm sure most of you know, it's just the japanese site, and they actually joined up with the collaborating part way through the series, and they specifically asked to be a sponsor of barnaby
13:37:17 <bay|NYCC|TB> and wild tiger...as design... softbank's brand colors are white and silver, very fashionable, which match very well with tiger's suit
13:37:20 <bay|NYCC|TB> Blue rose
13:37:23 <bay|NYCC|TB> Pepsi nex
13:37:26 <bay|NYCC|TB> you probably all know that
13:37:30 <bay|NYCC|TB> Sky High
13:37:36 <bay|NYCC|TB> Ustream is probably self-explanatory as well
13:37:48 <bay|NYCC|TB> Tamashii Nations is another brand logo under the bandai banner
13:37:52 <bay|NYCC|TB> Dragon Kid
13:38:26 <bay|NYCC|TB> DMM.com is a broadcast company, they do both broadcast and rental, they are essentially a streaming/distribution
13:38:29 <bay|NYCC|TB> Calbee is a snack company
13:38:32 <bay|NYCC|TB> Rock Bison
13:39:17 <bay|NYCC|TB> Gyu-kaku - Chain of BBQ restaurants, probably one of the top food, there are two in new york... i just found out myself
13:39:22 <bay|NYCC|TB> and i thought it matches because the Gyu is beef or cow
13:39:27 <bay|NYCC|TB> Fire Emblem
13:39:53 <bay|NYCC|TB> FMV - f is for fujitsu, a computer brand
13:40:10 <bay|NYCC|TB> Animate - is a chain of anime merchandising and retail stores
13:40:46 <bay|NYCC|TB> as you probably know, fire emblem is a slightly different and complex, so we chose these stwo so the japanese fans would be drawn to him
13:40:51 <bay|NYCC|TB> Origami Cyclone
13:41:27 <bay|NYCC|TB> to start with, if you noticed, he has more logos than the others and part of the reason why is because he became really popular after the show started, so we had a lot more requests to be his sponsor
13:41:42 <bay|NYCC|TB> dotAnime is bandai visual's brand logo for their anime distribution line
13:41:53 <bay|NYCC|TB> Takasu clinic is a cosmetic surgery (lost)
13:42:14 <bay|NYCC|TB> This is because origiami cyclone can change his appearance, so we thought it was fitting
13:42:21 <bay|NYCC|TB> Namco Ouendan, part of Namco
13:42:33 <bay|NYCC|TB> Livedoor - internet company, portal, host
13:42:54 <bay|NYCC|TB> And in fact, we ourselves never expected him to be so popular especially among sponsors so this is very very gratifying
13:44:35 <bay|NYCC|TB> So Ozaki-san why did you need sponsors?
13:43:15 <bay|NYCC|TB> O: Two reasons...
13:43:45 <bay|NYCC|TB> The first is that as some of you may or may not know, there is no original work like a manga or anything like that, we felt we needed a real strong hook to draw in viewers
13:44:24 <bay|NYCC|TB> And the other is as for those have already seen, this is a fictional story in the fictional word, we wanted to have real elements that hte audience could relate to
13:44:29 <bay|NYCC|TB> So how did you pitch to each sponsor?
13:44:45 <bay|NYCC|TB> If you look at the screen, you will begin to understand
13:45:09 <bay|NYCC|TB> About a year ago, in nov 2010, we actually put an ad in Nihon Keizai shinbun looking for sponsors
13:45:35 <bay|NYCC|TB> the tag line is seeking sponsor companies for product placements on our characters
13:45:40 <bay|NYCC|TB> so it's kinda like Put your logo here
13:45:53 <bay|NYCC|TB> but by the time we put in the ads, the chest logos were all sold out
13:46:33 <bay|NYCC|TB> Actually, to clarify, the one that was sold out was barnaby which was ahead of time, what we used as a sample was wild tigers chest which is actually gundam unicorn
13:46:44 <bay|NYCC|TB> i'm thankful to the gu team for letting us use the brand
13:46:59 <bay|NYCC|TB> I'm noticing that the OP/ED showcase each logo, was that part of it?
13:47:22 <bay|NYCC|TB> Of course one of the things the sponsors were most concerned with were product placement, so how oftne their logos would be displayed during the shows
13:48:00 <bay|NYCC|TB> so what i ended up concluding is that since there is a variety on how much screen time each character will get, and how they wil appear, a plan to guarantee to the sponsors that during the opening and ending, their logos would be displayed
13:48:22 <bay|NYCC|TB> Now that the season is over, we can talk about the story a lot more... what kind of changes there were, and how far was the story planned out?
13:48:41 <bay|NYCC|TB> We had actually decided on the story for the entire 25 episode before the first one had even aired
13:49:06 <bay|NYCC|TB> And of course, as soon as the story started airing we recieved comments and reactions, and we never actually changed anything based on that
13:49:21 <bay|NYCC|TB> I understand there wre some story lines that were lost along the way...something about a 9th hero
13:49:36 <bay|NYCC|TB> And during the development stage,we actually talked about a lot of other hero characters
13:49:59 <bay|NYCC|TB> the final concept was to have 8 heroes, but in the very earlier stages we talked about having a 9th, called zen beast
13:50:52 <bay|NYCC|TB> and what was going through our minds when developing this character was inserting japanese culture... so we wanted zen... so it would be quiet and tranquil...and the other side would be a wild and a beast...
13:51:25 <bay|NYCC|TB> in the end, we were very limited, we knew we only have 25 episodes so we had to trim down on the number of characters so we ended up with 8, and w ealready had origami cyclone with japanese culture
13:51:33 <bay|NYCC|TB> And kotetsu was supposed to have another job?
13:51:52 <bay|NYCC|TB> It's not whether he had naother job, but when we were deciding on who he would be and what hisbackground was, we were trying to decide on who he was
13:52:54 <bay|NYCC|TB> one of the early ideas was to make him the president of a smallc ompany, but in the end, it was more important to put forth the idea of the beaucracy and the idea of a salaryman who is also a hero, and we wanted to go more into his relationship with barnaby, so we scratched that idea
13:53:05 <bay|NYCC|TB> And I know there were differences between their relationship...
13:54:08 <bay|NYCC|TB> we actually had recieved comments and a slight nudging of commentary by those of us...not directly on the production team that they wanted 2 young heroes, but we wanted a show that showed the generational gap, the old man vs the rookie and how that develops, and we felt strongly that we had to preserve that
13:54:24 <bay|NYCC|TB> So at the viz office, we had a lot of merchandise lying around
13:54:31 <bay|NYCC|TB> so we noticed there is a lot of merchandise on the japanese market
13:54:36 <bay|NYCC|TB> and we're hoping to bring it here for you guys
13:54:44 <bay|NYCC|TB> so here's some merch...these are keychains
13:54:52 <bay|NYCC|TB> figures
13:55:03 <bay|NYCC|TB> (these aren't necessarily coming, these are stuf in japan)
13:55:24 <bay|NYCC|TB> barnaby jacket, kotestu hat, hero tv shirt, hero academy hoody
13:55:27 <bay|NYCC|TB> sashes
13:55:41 <bay|NYCC|TB> One more thing i'd like to show all of you
13:56:01 <bay|NYCC|TB> It's a towel with the logo of the liquor store that his family runs...
13:56:15 <bay|NYCC|TB> Standees...
13:56:22 <bay|NYCC|TB> Bluray sets from japan...hopefully we'll have them here soon
13:56:30 <bay|NYCC|TB> Monthly hero magazines that come inside..
13:56:40 <bay|NYCC|TB> special message
13:56:47 <bay|NYCC|TB> (Kotetsu's va?)
13:57:09 <bay|NYCC|TB> (over 1 million people watching the show internationally)
13:58:13 <bay|NYCC|TB> oh dear.... (ozaki)
13:58:22 <bay|NYCC|TB> nov 13.th... there is something special happening ..what is it?
13:58:43 <bay|NYCC|TB> Well as you may have gotten a glimpse, we are currently trying to work on a next project.......
13:58:54 <bay|NYCC|TB> in Japan, at least, on nov 13th, we're going to hold a special event in japan
13:59:01 <bay|NYCC|TB> called tiger and bunny awards 2011
13:59:43 <bay|NYCC|TB> so in fact we are gathering as many of the cast members as possible, as well as the artists for the theme songs, and we were going to have a live recording session
13:59:54 <bay|NYCC|TB> and during this event, we're planning to announce what the next step will be during this event
14:00:06 <bay|NYCC|TB> we may be able to show a glimpse of what is to come.... maybe
14:01:00 <bay|NYCC|TB> questions from facebook
14:01:12 <bay|NYCC|TB> Q: I wanna know how old Kotetsu is!! its been bothering me XD
14:01:41 <bay|NYCC|TB> A: well in terms of age, not just wild tiger, but in terms of all the characters and heroes, they have not been revealed,... and that is on purpose
14:01:46 <bay|NYCC|TB> they will never be revealed
14:01:55 <bay|NYCC|TB> it is up to you the audience to decide how old you think they should be
14:02:28 <bay|NYCC|TB> Q: So my question is: What is the relationship between kotetsu and Barnaby in the producer's eyes and how does he see that working out?
14:02:51 <bay|NYCC|TB> A: part of my goal in this work is ..what i wanted to portray is how people form bonds and how those bonds play out
14:03:12 <bay|NYCC|TB> And the relationship we wanted to portray between barnaby and kotetsu is done over the 25 episodes you alreayd have in your hands
14:03:43 <bay|NYCC|TB> So i'm sorry that the last part of the answer will match the previous question, but it's up to you to decide for yourselves wha t the relationship is and i trust you to use your imagination
14:03:58 <bay|NYCC|TB> Q: Aside from the two titular character, who is your favorite hero?
14:04:52 <bay|NYCC|TB> A: You know that despite the fact that i said that there is no age specifically, i'd say that how i feel personally is that he character that's most like me in age is kotetsu, and if i had to choose someone else, it would be antonio lopez
14:05:20 <bay|NYCC|TB> So i mean, part of the reason i'm drawn to rock bison is among the 25 episodes, he doesnt' have enough air time, he isn't enough glory
14:05:31 <bay|NYCC|TB> Thank you facebook people...
14:05:53 <bay|NYCC|TB> www.facebook.com/tigerandbunny
14:06:00 <bay|NYCC|TB> reverse Q&A
14:06:07 <bay|NYCC|TB> do you have any questions to the audience ozaki-san
14:06:29 <bay|NYCC|TB> Q: So actually, this is the reverse of the previous question, i want to ask all of you who are your favorite heroes...
14:06:42 <bay|NYCC|TB> So first I want to take a poll of kotetsu or barnaby...
14:07:24 <bay|NYCC|TB> (Kotetsu got screams... barnaby was almost silent for an awkward moment)
14:07:06 <bay|NYCC|TB> as you know, they are the worlds first hero's tag team..so how many are fans of both
14:07:08 <bay|NYCC|TB> (about half)
14:07:35 <bay|NYCC|TB> So we're going to take a quick poll of the other charcters, raise your hand, lit it to one
14:08:16 <bay|NYCC|TB> origami cycle, lunatic, firemblem, rock bison, sky high, blue rise, the other one in that order-ish based on cheers/hands
14:08:27 <bay|NYCC|TB> (most to least)
14:08:58 <bay|NYCC|TB> So i had more questions, but i guess we collected questions from you guys, so let's go throug them
14:09:02 <bay|NYCC|TB> Q: Will there be an english dub?
14:09:10 <bay|NYCC|TB> A: That question is for Viz I guess...
14:09:17 <bay|NYCC|TB> Viz... why don't you answer it
14:09:20 <bay|NYCC|TB> Yes........
14:09:31 <bay|NYCC|TB> So yea... mitsko is heading that up, we are in pre-production
14:09:55 <bay|NYCC|TB> Q: Who came up with an idea for good luck mode?
14:10:06 <bay|NYCC|TB> A: so good luck mode is something put forth by the director
14:10:44 <bay|NYCC|TB> so the concept of course is that the arm expands and the leg expands..and they can't get it back down to normal size..
14:10:59 <bay|NYCC|TB> so when the director first approached me with this idea, i was like seriously? we should make it so they can retract
14:12:00 <bay|NYCC|TB> as we continued to discuss the concept, we decided that it's not just a hero show, but the real side of being a hero and we wanted to keep some humerous elements to it... and when i saw it onscreen, due to the voice actors, i was glad we went ahead with it
14:12:07 <bay|NYCC|TB> Q: Why Tiger and Bunny, why not another animal?
14:12:54 <bay|NYCC|TB> A: actually, the concept was in development for 3 years ... before the production even started, and lots of other ides including other animals were bandied about
14:13:22 <bay|NYCC|TB> but of course, wild tiger... his real name, the tiger kanji is in there, and it represents power, so thta's how we got that
14:13:45 <bay|NYCC|TB> and then of course, as his partner in bunny, we wanted a speedy character that hops around quickly, a rabbit
14:14:08 <bay|NYCC|TB> and it was as.. in director sato's head that bunny was a great comedic name for barnaby
14:14:27 <bay|NYCC|TB> Q: what inspired the fashion/looks of all the heroes
14:14:50 <bay|NYCC|TB> A: so masakazu katsura, did all the character designs and the hero designs
14:15:18 <bay|NYCC|TB> and this actually took a really long time in lots of discussions of saying "this look in this character because they have this animal image'
14:15:56 <bay|NYCC|TB> and in terms of the clothes they wear as regular people mode, each had our own ideas for how they should look
14:16:08 <bay|NYCC|TB> some of it was dictated by the character itself, who or what they were,
14:16:18 <bay|NYCC|TB> like we wanted to give karina wyle a pop look
14:16:23 <bay|NYCC|TB> unfortunately, we are out of time
14:16:32 <bay|NYCC|TB> thank you everyone for coming
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