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Unedited Feed from the Good Smile Company panel at Anime Expo 2011. Transcription: bayoab
Note: ( ) is usually commenting on the panel and was not said.

10:08:32 <bay|AX|GSC> (Still waiting for people, there was no line)
10:12:48 <bay|AX|GSC> (Setting up)
10:18:47 <bay|AX|GSC> (A supersonico boob mouse pad and black rock shooter figure have appeared on stage)
10:21:11 <bay|AX|GSC> (As well as a danny choo)
10:23:33 <bay|AX|GSC> (And technical problems)
10:24:33 <bay|AX|GSC> I'm danny choo, i'll be your moderator
10:24:37 <bay|AX|GSC> Good smile company x nitroplus
10:24:41 <bay|AX|GSC> i'm guessing you like figures
10:24:50 <bay|AX|GSC> I'm guessing you like nendoroid
10:24:52 <bay|AX|GSC> how about madoka magica
10:24:54 <bay|AX|GSC> steins gate?
10:25:07 <bay|AX|GSC> i just happened to have the creators of these titles, these figures and so on right behind here
10:25:09 <bay|AX|GSC> aki takinori
10:25:21 <bay|AX|GSC> and also have the boss of nitro plus
10:26:35 <bay|AX|GSC> and also have the boss of nitro plus, kosaka
10:25:35 <bay|AX|GSC> and the good smile lady...
10:33:01 <bay|AX|GSC> This your first time at AX? A; 2 or three times
10:27:16 <bay|AX|GSC> Before he came, he was at the japan expo in france
10:31:42 <bay|AX|GSC> (A for Aki, K for Kosaka)
10:27:37 <bay|AX|GSC> even though for france, even though saturday and sunday are most crowded, i said i was coming here
10:28:01 <bay|AX|GSC> very exciting out here, there are a lot of cosplayers in france, think there may be more out here
10:28:34 <bay|AX|GSC> in japan, there are a loot of people there, but he feels in the US people here are more up to doate
10:30:08 <bay|AX|GSC> and surprised that people know the latest news
10:30:09 <bay|AX|GSC> D: your first time Kosaka-san?
10:30:09 <bay|AX|GSC> K: Nope, 7 years ago
10:30:09 <bay|AX|GSC> how was it back then?
10:30:09 <bay|AX|GSC> when he went, it was in long beach, it's a lot bigger now
10:30:09 <bay|AX|GSC> just like aki san said, he didn't see a lot of madoka cosplayers in france but here ther eare a lot
10:30:45 <bay|AX|GSC> D: I'd like to ask Aki-san how he got into this job...what was your first job
10:32:29 <bay|AX|GSC> A: Do you like figures?
10:31:10 <bay|AX|GSC> Do you have nendoroid
10:31:57 <bay|AX|GSC> as everyone knows now, good smile makes figures, but before, we were a talent management agency
10:32:06 <bay|AX|GSC> so good smile handled the voice actors and actresses
10:32:16 <bay|AX|GSC> but they didn't do well
10:32:42 <bay|AX|GSC> and he started to get into max factory....
10:32:46 <bay|AX|GSC> wait you know max factory
10:33:33 <bay|AX|GSC> he was good friends with max-san, and max was always looking at his figures (might have that reversed)
10:33:33 <bay|AX|GSC> so even at that time, when he was looking at the figures, he though this was the best in the world
10:34:12 <bay|AX|GSC> but he thought that to continue the business for a long time, and even though they are very talented, he thought it would be hard to continue as a business (as a talent company?)
10:34:40 <bay|AX|GSC> so he felt that he failed with the talent agency, but with the figure people, i want these guys to go out in the world and be succesful, and go out and manage them
10:35:01 <bay|AX|GSC> D: And Kosaka-san
10:35:17 <bay|AX|GSC> K: and 30 years ago... i was making doujinshi... macross doujinshi....
10:35:38 <bay|AX|GSC> so i was making doujinshi of macross, and studio Nue called me and said to come work with us
10:35:52 <bay|AX|GSC> so the guy who designed the mecha for macross, he started working under him
10:36:22 <bay|AX|GSC> so with that job, he wasn't making any money, so he couldn't eat or anything, so he got a job as an editor as newtype
10:36:28 <bay|AX|GSC> then he continued to work at other animation magazines
10:36:37 <bay|AX|GSC> but then he switched to game creating
10:36:42 <bay|AX|GSC> like namco, etc
10:37:07 <bay|AX|GSC> then i started working on the development at bandai for the toys and plastic models
10:37:21 <bay|AX|GSC> so with all that experience, i created nitro+
10:37:57 <bay|AX|GSC> so i love creating games but also animation, novelization, comics....
10:37:58 <bay|AX|GSC> and also figures
10:38:09 <bay|AX|GSC> so the figure project they started was a pc game
10:38:33 <bay|AX|GSC> the reason why is because it doesn't cost as much to develop but you can do animation and music
10:38:37 <bay|AX|GSC> really wanted to create animation
10:39:02 <bay|AX|GSC> so i'm very happy because i've been able to make the madoka magica and steins gate
10:39:15 <bay|AX|GSC> D: Not only do you do figures, but you also do contents @ Aki-san
10:39:51 <bay|AX|GSC> A: As you guys probably know, last year we created the black rock shooter ova animation
10:40:01 <bay|AX|GSC> So i think some of you have seen it at least...
10:40:05 <bay|AX|GSC> it's on nico nico douga
10:40:34 <bay|AX|GSC> and we made a lot of figures, and now a psp game
10:41:15 <bay|AX|GSC> (they are running pictures on the screen for the game)
10:41:33 <bay|AX|GSC> (and there is one with the small figure charm and the WRS )
10:41:41 <bay|AX|GSC> and recently they showed the opening animation
10:42:29 <bay|AX|GSC> ufotable did the production for the opening
10:42:41 <bay|AX|GSC> they spent about half a year just making this
10:42:48 <bay|AX|GSC> and it's only 90 seconds
10:44:06 <bay|AX|GSC> (showing the opening)
10:44:43 <bay|AX|GSC> brs.jrpg.jp
10:45:15 <bay|AX|GSC> (intro promo is playing now, the original one)
10:47:07 <bay|AX|GSC> Do you play games often? A; I love games, thats why one of my first jobs was working with konami
10:47:26 <bay|AX|GSC> I was in sales, but my first title was tokimeki memorial
10:47:55 <bay|AX|GSC> i wasn't sure at the time if the girl baed games would be popular or not, but now they are
10:48:08 <bay|AX|GSC> but when he was trying to sell this in, i had to the show the companies the actual visuals and it was really hard to sell
10:48:25 <bay|AX|GSC> and now they are really popular, but that was about 20 years ago
10:49:09 <bay|AX|GSC> so originally, i liked playing all the games like dragon quest, but just like kosaka, i wanted to create animation, my own content
10:49:49 <bay|AX|GSC> D: when you used to do sales, you would go around with tokimeki and show them the school concept... how did you get through those hard times
10:50:45 <bay|AX|GSC> A: one of the things that i learned that influenced me is that i was told when selling into stores, to think of what i'm selling in is the best thing that will be sold at the store
10:51:37 <bay|AX|GSC> at the time, konami had good titles, but after titles like goemon and super famicon it got weaker, i got wondering how i would sell it in, what would the stores like, what would the user slike
10:52:30 <bay|AX|GSC> a long time ago, i thought that what they make is what the company make,....is that what the user wants is, that what makes them happy, that kind of thinking has followed through to today
10:53:28 <bay|AX|GSC> (missed)
10:53:50 <bay|AX|GSC> you just think about your own creation, ther eare a lot of creators that are talented, but they get into what they want to do only, so ... fans and the users
10:54:11 <bay|AX|GSC> he feels that good smile company is the inbetween of that, trying to make the fans happy and trying to make things they want to make as well
10:54:30 <bay|AX|GSC> D; and Kosaka, you too, you produce a lot of contents,what was the first contents that your company made
10:55:20 <bay|AX|GSC> K: Nitro+'s first contents were phantom...
10:55:23 <bay|AX|GSC> at the time, they couldn't relesae it because of the rating of the game.
10:55:25 <bay|AX|GSC> (missed part)
10:55:36 <bay|AX|GSC> he wanted everyone in america to play his game, so he started developing games
10:55:59 <bay|AX|GSC> in the beginning ...i didn't know how to sell it or go about doing this
10:56:06 <bay|AX|GSC> but at the time we sold 15000 games which was so so at the time
10:57:00 <bay|AX|GSC> but now i have help from other people such as peter from jast usa so titles like demonbane is now available in the uS
10:57:06 <bay|AX|GSC> you can play it now as it's in english
10:57:23 <bay|AX|GSC> D: and recently... madoka magica... how did you create this?
10:58:20 <bay|AX|GSC> K: so basically, aniplex produced it, there was a guy there named miwakami(?) who produced a lot of hit shows and kosana said i wanted to create a girl based magical animation
10:58:24 <bay|AX|GSC> and it took 2.5 years, but they created it together
10:59:11 <bay|AX|GSC> so basically, for nitro+, the stuff they make is very niche, for maniacs
10:59:18 <bay|AX|GSC> but they thought that maybe one day they would be known
10:59:30 <bay|AX|GSC> and they are surprised at how well madoka magica has done, having broken sales records
10:59:55 <bay|AX|GSC> so it was just announced aniplex us will be doing a lot of things, releasing madoka magica things in the US
11:00:08 <bay|AX|GSC> please look out for it
11:00:10 <bay|AX|GSC> please talk about steins gate
11:01:25 <bay|AX|GSC> K; so the company 5pb chihumaru(?), i want to do a collaboration with nitro+ for a game, and the first title was chaos;head
11:01:28 <bay|AX|GSC> and the second one was steins gate
11:01:41 <bay|AX|GSC> the steins gate main character designer is the character designer for brs, huke
11:02:18 <bay|AX|GSC> so huke is well known in japan, so he's happy he did the designs for steins;gate
11:03:04 <bay|AX|GSC> (he didn't know crunchyroll is streaming steins;gate after asking if we had seen it)
11:03:00 <bay|AX|GSC> towards the ends, the episodes get better and better...
11:03:24 <bay|AX|GSC> so it first came out on xbox, then pc, then recently psp
11:03:26 <bay|AX|GSC> and it's coming out on iphone
11:03:34 <bay|AX|GSC> please play it
11:03:54 <bay|AX|GSC> D: i recently got myself a psp, and on the subject of psp games
11:04:02 <bay|AX|GSC> there is going to be a nendoroid psp game
11:04:07 <bay|AX|GSC> could you talk more about it
11:04:22 <bay|AX|GSC> A: SO nendoroid are deformed figures
11:04:45 <bay|AX|GSC> so right now we are developing that has nendoroids fro different titles
11:04:49 <bay|AX|GSC> nanoha, haruhi...
11:05:01 <bay|AX|GSC> they are going to battle
11:05:29 <bay|AX|GSC> K: so what about madoka? A: it might not make it
11:05:53 <bay|AX|GSC> there are lots of characters, black rock shooter fighting nanoha
11:05:59 <bay|AX|GSC> it's like super robot wars
11:06:29 <bay|AX|GSC> as you keep playing, more characters come out, but first there is just going to be the japanese version but please play it as well
11:06:54 <bay|AX|GSC> D: and speaking of which... gsc is releasing nendoroids for release efforts
11:07:02 <bay|AX|GSC> due to the earthquake
11:07:11 <bay|AX|GSC> and a percentage of sales are going to relief efforts
11:08:19 <bay|AX|GSC> A: so basically, because of the earthquake, the kantou area is okay, but the northern area that got hit hard is trying ot recover
11:08:25 <bay|AX|GSC> so good smile is collaborating with miku
11:08:35 <bay|AX|GSC> which is 3k yen and 1k yen goes to these area o help them recover
11:08:52 <bay|AX|GSC> (hachune is on screen)
11:11:48 <bay|AX|GSC> just recently, it was announced that the money we got so far.. and it was about 75 million yen (900k USD)
11:10:39 <bay|AX|GSC> and there were orders from the states too which we thank you for (paraphrase)
11:11:17 <bay|AX|GSC> it takes a long time to recover, so from here on forward, so from here on forward, we're releasing one item per month for charity
11:12:13 <bay|AX|GSC> (showing off some of the next items)
11:16:22 <bay|AX|GSC> pettite rock shooter as cheer girl...
11:16:22 <bay|AX|GSC> various characters cheering them on
11:16:22 <bay|AX|GSC> various characters wearing the cheerleading outfits
11:16:23 <bay|AX|GSC> (was question about madoka doing it)
11:16:23 <bay|AX|GSC> (sorry, trying to get pictures)
11:16:23 <bay|AX|GSC> you can buy these online, worldwide, a third of them will go to chairty
11:16:23 <bay|AX|GSC> and more recently is the good smile character, gumako
11:16:24 <bay|AX|GSC> preorders are closed for that one
11:16:24 <bay|AX|GSC> and the good smile hug pillow
11:16:24 <bay|AX|GSC> it's huge
11:16:24 <bay|AX|GSC> speaking of soft things (Were talking about the pillow), super sonico
11:16:45 <bay|AX|GSC> sonico lives in a town called.. kichijouchi...and she has a very nice figure
11:17:42 <bay|AX|GSC> (missed part giving background) the mascot of these live events is sonico
11:18:06 <bay|AX|GSC> sonico wants to be a rock musician, but she's getting better and better, and now she has 3 singles that have been released
11:18:30 <bay|AX|GSC> gsc is going to release more figures right?
11:18:32 <bay|AX|GSC> A: yes
11:18:53 <bay|AX|GSC> K: and there is the collaboration with miku
11:19:13 <bay|AX|GSC> this illustration was just released in the magazine, but in the summer, the pc game will be relaesed
11:19:15 <bay|AX|GSC> the game is an adventure game
11:19:22 <bay|AX|GSC> sonico and a cameraman
11:19:51 <bay|AX|GSC> it's a fun game, it's an advneture game, and you are photographing her..and as your relationship advances, her costumes change
11:20:02 <bay|AX|GSC> just before we continiue...
11:21:34 <bay|AX|GSC> (kosaka just made a motion mimicing the motion of her chest)
11:21:39 <bay|AX|GSC> (They are showing some play of sonico)
11:21:54 <bay|AX|GSC> D; i think you will like this
11:22:12 <bay|AX|GSC> (she's walking and her chest just sways)
11:26:22 <bay|AX|GSC> K: nthe more questions you ask, the more you advance, the more she likes you
11:23:35 <bay|AX|GSC> in sonico, mirai-chan shows (danny's thingy...)
11:23:44 <bay|AX|GSC> she appears as a poster, not as a 3d model
11:24:13 <bay|AX|GSC> (it's like a 2d flat visual)
11:24:26 <bay|AX|GSC> (like a typical vn screen)
11:24:50 <bay|AX|GSC> i just found out yesterday that i'm in as well......(danny)
11:25:13 <bay|AX|GSC> english version?
11:25:17 <bay|AX|GSC> like to do it, no plans right now
11:25:39 <bay|AX|GSC> so looks like we have to wrap up
11:25:48 <bay|AX|GSC> do you have some nitty gritty
11:26:08 <bay|AX|GSC> A: did you watch the concert?
11:27:07 <bay|AX|GSC> so we've already released a lot of miku figures, and with nitro+ and aniplex, we'll be releasing madoka ones in aug/sept
11:28:07 <bay|AX|GSC> and brs... with the game... in the summer, gsc will release some secret information at the same time
11:28:13 <bay|AX|GSC> and also the trailer that you saw for the brs game, there is a lot of english comments for it
11:28:22 <bay|AX|GSC> so right now, they are preparing an english version of the game as well
11:28:45 <bay|AX|GSC> D: from you kosaka-san
11:29:24 <bay|AX|GSC> K: japan feels that they are also collaborating to make new music... so saya no uta will be released as a comic in english
11:29:34 <bay|AX|GSC> and demonbane already came out
11:30:06 <bay|AX|GSC> and saya no uta will be getting an english version as well
11:30:24 <bay|AX|GSC> after steins gate is finished, next is fate/zero
11:30:34 <bay|AX|GSC> in october
11:30:42 <bay|AX|GSC> and a spin off of fate
11:31:44 <bay|AX|GSC> (missing something about nitro+ involvement) so ufotable and aniplex would be collaborating on the animation
11:31:53 <bay|AX|GSC> i'll give you one of these, can we stay a bit longer...
11:31:59 <bay|AX|GSC> if we don't give the crowd goodies
11:32:07 <bay|AX|GSC> they will turn into zombies, and they will eat you (@ the staff)
11:32:11 <bay|AX|GSC> i think it's time for some goodies
11:41:43 <bay|AX|GSC> (it's basicaly over)
Notes: None