Read me first:
1) These are attempts to transcribe exactly what is said in real time (or paraphrase when neccessary). There will be editorial comments at times.
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Quick disclaimer:
All information here is what the transcriber can see and hear in the panel. It is not uncommon for information to change after the panels. Mishearing panelists and typographical errors may (and likely will) happen. There will be spelling and grammar atrocities. Attempts are made to verify information when necessary and the transcripts may change to reflect any changes.

Q&A: (Lets get this out of the way now.)

Q: Why are you doing this?
A: This information was already sent across IRC as it was and pasted across various forums. I just decided to make it more accessible for those without IRC access and far less spamy for those with IRC access.
Q: ANN/Toonzone/etc doesn't mention this! It didn't really happen, did it?
A: Attempts are made to be as complete and accurate as possible in a live broadcast. It is possible that I misheard or made a mistake. It is also possible that they left it out.
Q: ANN/Toonzone/etc mention this and it isn't here! This isn't complete!
A: Okay, there are a few exceptions to the completeness rule. The following will not appear here: Anything that is very difficult to hear, retracted statements, trivial statements (ex: "Have you looked at <insert title>?"), and questions that result in this reaction (GIS).

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