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Unedited Feed from the TRSI Panel at Anime Expo 2009. Transcription: zalas
Note: ( ) is usually commenting on the panel and was not said.

16:48:55 <zalas|TRSI> (We're in the panel room)
17:03:14 <zalas|TRSI> Is everyone ready to start?
17:03:27 <zalas|TRSI> This is not a free drinks panel
17:03:34 <zalas|TRSI> I'm Shawne Kleckner, president of the right stuf
17:03:46 <zalas|TRSI> I want to talk a little bit today about Right Stuf and some of the stuff we want to do
17:04:07 <zalas|TRSI> (showing Right Stuf ad)
17:04:30 <zalas|TRSI> recent releases from our Nozomi line
17:04:34 <zalas|TRSI> we recently released box set for the third
17:04:35 <zalas|TRSI> LE set
17:04:40 <zalas|TRSI> included some special pencilboards
17:04:53 <zalas|TRSI> I think this show is really neat in the way it preesents a strong female heroine
17:05:03 <zalas|TRSI> Day before yesterday, released boxset for Gakuen Alice
17:05:10 <zalas|TRSI> finally, we have a line of tshirts we've been putting out
17:05:33 <zalas|TRSI> It's a tough decision to make on what we want to buy
17:05:35 <zalas|TRSI> in this economy
17:05:45 <zalas|TRSI> One of my fav shows of all time, Irresponsible Captain Tylor
17:05:49 <zalas|TRSI> we released first set of this
17:05:52 <zalas|TRSI> remastered tv dvd set
17:06:08 <zalas|TRSI> We're going to show you the footage comparing the regular version and the remastered version
17:06:16 <zalas|TRSI> The OVA series comes out end of the month
17:06:36 <zalas|TRSI> (someone hit enter too many times, have to restart DVD)
17:07:26 <zalas|TRSI> (showing comparison between the two versions)
17:08:01 <zalas|TRSI> (lots of frame jitter on the old version)
17:08:31 <zalas|TRSI> ova -> jul 28, 2009
17:08:36 <zalas|TRSI> more discs on this set than original set
17:08:42 <zalas|TRSI> to take advantage of the bitrate
17:08:50 <zalas|TRSI> towards end of year, will put out anime value collections
17:08:55 <zalas|TRSI> Kare Kano, Boogeypop
17:08:59 <zalas|TRSI> Aug 2009 for kare kano
17:09:02 <zalas|TRSI> Oct 2009 for boogiepop
17:09:20 <zalas|TRSI> (showing Astro Boy)
17:10:32 <zalas|TRSI> astro boy, kimba, coming october 2009
17:11:10 <zalas|TRSI> because the movie is coming out, we'd like to remind people that the show is available
17:11:24 <zalas|TRSI> new sets, cheaper mini sets
17:11:37 <zalas|TRSI> (rental magica OP)
17:13:16 <zalas|TRSI> coming november 2009
17:13:20 <zalas|TRSI> rentalmagica.rightstuf.com
17:13:40 <zalas|TRSI> set
17:13:45 <zalas|TRSI> chipboard box
17:13:52 <zalas|TRSI> I believe the book in this one is over 100 pages
17:13:56 <zalas|TRSI> explanations of the references
17:13:57 <zalas|TRSI> the occult
17:14:01 <zalas|TRSI> that's done in the show
17:14:27 <zalas|TRSI> (marimite)
17:15:35 <zalas|TRSI> season four
17:15:35 <zalas|TRSI> coming 2010
17:15:51 <zalas|TRSI> shawne, why are you waiting to put this out?
17:16:05 <zalas|TRSI> I don't think most people understand this, in Japan when TV show comes out
17:16:13 <zalas|TRSI> what's on TV might get delivered to the TV station day before
17:16:18 <zalas|TRSI> why simul releases are hard
17:16:35 <zalas|TRSI> when Japanese release their DVDs, they go back and fix that stuff
17:16:41 <zalas|TRSI> so you get extras, changes, etc.
17:16:45 <zalas|TRSI> reason s4 is taking so long
17:16:52 <zalas|TRSI> waiting for DVD masters from Japan
17:17:04 <zalas|TRSI> released very similarly
17:17:09 <zalas|TRSI> actually very very good show for us
17:17:30 <zalas|TRSI> (aria)
17:19:10 <zalas|TRSI> ARIA coming 2010
17:19:16 <zalas|TRSI> aria.rightstuf.com
17:19:24 <zalas|TRSI> both origination and ova arietta
17:19:31 <zalas|TRSI> we will have ep 5.5
17:19:37 <zalas|TRSI> as well as a number of extras and interviews
17:19:40 <zalas|TRSI> and all the other neat things that come with the show
17:19:45 <zalas|TRSI> I like this show
17:19:48 <zalas|TRSI> backgrounds and way it's presented
17:19:51 <zalas|TRSI> is so fascinating
17:19:59 <zalas|TRSI> we're going to create some lithographs
17:20:07 <zalas|TRSI> vote on website
17:20:11 <zalas|TRSI> make one
17:20:17 <zalas|TRSI> if it does well, we'll make another one, and another one
17:20:22 <zalas|TRSI> probably not going to make many
17:20:26 <zalas|TRSI> 100-150 of each one
17:20:28 <zalas|TRSI> ~$50
17:20:53 <zalas|TRSI> Antique Bakery
17:20:56 <zalas|TRSI> coming 2010
17:20:58 <zalas|TRSI> antique.rightstuf.com
17:21:05 <zalas|TRSI> acquired title day before yesterday
17:21:29 <zalas|TRSI> (junjou romantica)
17:21:39 <zalas|TRSI> (site is live, btw)
17:22:57 <zalas|TRSI> coming 2010
17:23:02 <zalas|TRSI> romantica.rightstuf.com
17:23:14 <zalas|TRSI> 2nd season as well
17:23:19 <zalas|TRSI> merch agreement
17:23:24 <zalas|TRSI> I think this is going to be neat
17:23:30 <zalas|TRSI> I know this is not everyone's cup of tea
17:23:36 <zalas|TRSI> "DOn't know about that?"
17:23:42 <zalas|TRSI> You're going to buy 2, I know about that
17:23:47 <zalas|TRSI> Critical Mass Video
17:23:56 <zalas|TRSI> again, not everyone's cup of tea
17:24:01 <zalas|TRSI> recently releasing from anime teen line
17:24:13 <zalas|TRSI> black widow, extra credit, angel blade returns, princeton climax, kouji
17:24:18 <zalas|TRSI> we're going to be releasing hypno love
17:24:26 <zalas|TRSI> (probably some typos/misheard up there)
17:24:41 <zalas|TRSI> on the store side
17:24:51 <zalas|TRSI> what kind of otaku are you?
17:25:00 <zalas|TRSI> we're making changes to serve fans more effectively
17:25:04 <zalas|TRSI> changed pricing structure
17:25:07 <zalas|TRSI> adding more ways you can interact with us
17:25:10 <zalas|TRSI> forums, twitter, facebook
17:25:30 <zalas|TRSI> I will now open the floor to questions
17:25:51 <zalas|TRSI> Q: Are you considering giving remaster treatment to other stuff?
17:25:59 <zalas|TRSI> A: That would require us to have remaster footage
17:26:14 <zalas|TRSI> A: With Astro Boy we're scraping the bottom of the barrel to find the footage
17:26:33 <zalas|TRSI> Q: You seem to get more eccentric titles. What governs your decisions?
17:26:52 <zalas|TRSI> A: What we can find that we think we can do a good job in
17:27:05 <zalas|TRSI> A: As you know this market is competitive, and competitors have lots of money
17:27:15 <zalas|TRSI> A: Really depend on what's available, what's been produced
17:27:25 <zalas|TRSI> Q: Bluray?
17:27:44 <zalas|TRSI> A: Only there's only a few shows that have the quality for bluray
17:28:02 <zalas|TRSI> A: Other issue is that there's no region coding, Japanese are all freaked out about releasing in Japan second
17:28:08 <zalas|TRSI> A: When are you going to release in Japan? Japan: Dunno
17:28:27 <zalas|TRSI> A: Obviously bluray as part of future release strategy, nothing in this fiscal year
17:28:30 <zalas|TRSI> Q: Dubs?
17:28:35 <zalas|TRSI> A: No ARIA or Mariasama dub
17:28:44 <zalas|TRSI> A: If we can find a show we can dub that we can put into mass market
17:29:17 <zalas|TRSI> A: It's difficult to justify the enormous expense to dub when people aren't buying DVDs
17:29:23 <zalas|TRSI> A: 1/4 million dollars +
17:29:29 <zalas|TRSI> A: Lots of DVDs to buy to break even
17:29:37 <zalas|TRSI> A: If we're going to get mass market reach, we'll dub it
17:29:50 <zalas|TRSI> A: stay tuned
17:30:18 <zalas|TRSI> Q: What is your strategy to deal with recession
17:30:23 <zalas|TRSI> A: Boy, if only I had the answer to that question
17:30:30 <zalas|TRSI> A: We do the best we can for our customers
17:30:36 <zalas|TRSI> A: IMO we provide the best service in the industry
17:30:40 <zalas|TRSI> A: Not a whole lot you can do
17:30:44 <zalas|TRSI> A: THey're either going to buy or not going to buy
17:30:59 <zalas|TRSI> A: As a company, our strategy is to provide good service that people want so that they come back when they do want to buy
17:31:20 <zalas|TRSI> Q: Bluray for third?
17:31:28 <zalas|TRSI> A: We have hidef masters, so possibility, also possible for junjou
17:31:50 <zalas|TRSI> Q: was junjou a package deal with rental magica
17:31:59 <zalas|TRSI> A: ARe you trying to get all our secrets, we licensed the show
17:32:29 <zalas|TRSI> Q: streaming?
17:32:36 <zalas|TRSI> A: we do have deals with youtube and playstaiton live
17:32:47 <zalas|TRSI> A: we are on all the legitimate spots we can, including adult products
17:32:58 <zalas|TRSI> A: does it affect the market? of course they affect the market
17:33:05 <zalas|TRSI> A: catch22 for the entire industry
17:33:32 <zalas|TRSI> A: how do you address the needs of the fans who want to be able to consume the content but are not willing to wait for the DVDs to come out
17:34:03 <zalas|TRSI> Q: astro boy, new sets, extra removed, does that include the ep with japanese audio and subs?
17:34:10 <zalas|TRSI> A: anything on extras disc will not be included
17:34:34 <zalas|TRSI> Q: plans for adding more girls fitted tshirts?
17:35:10 <zalas|TRSI> A: in terms of our licensed properties, definitely going to be some more tshirts
17:35:13 <zalas|TRSI> A: I can only do so much for other properties
17:35:35 <zalas|TRSI> Q: experience in retail and licensing give you insight?
17:35:52 <zalas|TRSI> A: it does give you a unique feel on what's selling and what's not
17:35:58 <zalas|TRSI> A: and in the same time, we're a microcosm of the market
17:36:02 <zalas|TRSI> A: not really the casual fan who shop with us
17:36:14 <zalas|TRSI> Q: what possible licenses in your head?
17:36:19 <zalas|TRSI> A: are you out of your mind?
17:36:28 <zalas|TRSI> A: as david williams once said, ICNCND
17:36:36 <zalas|TRSI> Q: any concerns about Handley case?
17:36:44 <zalas|TRSI> A: disappointed it didn't go to trial, sets kind of a bad precedent
17:36:54 <zalas|TRSI> A: absolutely concerned, tell teh japanese on a bidaily basis
17:36:58 <zalas|TRSI> A: at the same tiem it does affect things
17:37:08 <zalas|TRSI> A: we had to edit some content out of some programs
17:37:15 <zalas|TRSI> A: at times you ahve to do what's right for the company
17:37:20 <zalas|TRSI> A: there are a bunch of titles we would've passed on for that
17:37:25 <zalas|TRSI> A: and others are doing the same
17:37:41 <zalas|TRSI> Q: expanding figures?
17:37:48 <zalas|TRSI> A: *sigh* figures are a nightmare
17:37:53 <zalas|TRSI> A: I would love to expand that market
17:37:57 <zalas|TRSI> A: but the supply is unreliable
17:38:04 <zalas|TRSI> A: I try to do my best with it
17:38:15 <zalas|TRSI> A: it seems that even when we post figures way in advance, we still don't end up getting them
17:38:23 <zalas|TRSI> A: sucks, because then I don't get any money
17:38:36 <zalas|TRSI> A: it really comes down to supply
17:39:01 <zalas|TRSI> Q: regarding econ, what made us decide to include in the booklet
17:39:05 <zalas|TRSI> A: content was cool, had to do something with it
17:39:15 <zalas|TRSI> A: I look at it as, "Why do you buy a DVD?"
17:39:23 <zalas|TRSI> A: If you watch Lost on TV, why do you buy the DVD?
17:39:32 <zalas|TRSI> A: MOst likely because the DVD has neat stuff you didn't see on tv
17:39:38 <zalas|TRSI> A: I know our customers are generally collectors
17:39:42 <zalas|TRSI> A: interested in the properties we are selling
17:39:51 <zalas|TRSI> A: may have watched it somewhere else (maybe illegally)
17:39:55 <zalas|TRSI> audience: "Yeah!"
17:39:57 <zalas|TRSI> A: You sir, are banned
17:40:05 <zalas|TRSI> A: value add
17:40:20 <zalas|TRSI> A: I like the way we present our properties, I think the fact we spend effort on value adds makes it a good buy for the customer
17:40:51 <zalas|TRSI> Q: why don't the trailers give a description of what the show is going to be about?
17:40:56 <zalas|TRSI> A: Why would you want cliff notes for the show?
17:41:03 <zalas|TRSI> A: some of the trailers are quick pieces we just put together
17:41:10 <zalas|TRSI> A: we don't have any other materials yet
17:41:28 <zalas|TRSI> Q: any way I can have my paychecks mailed directly to me?
17:41:41 <zalas|TRSI> A: I definitely think you need a prize
17:41:55 <zalas|TRSI> Q: anything in karekano to make me want to buy it again?
17:42:14 <zalas|TRSI> A: home video version had different scenes, but licensor wouldn't give us at the price we were willing to pay
17:42:29 <zalas|TRSI> Q: looking at putting stuff on TV to increase revenues?
17:42:29 <zalas|TRSI> A: same, but cheaper
17:42:30 <zalas|TRSI> A: sure
17:42:46 <zalas|TRSI> Q: follow FUNi in simulcasts?
17:43:01 <zalas|TRSI> A: I think FUNi is having problems with their business model and streaming
17:43:04 <zalas|TRSI> A: It's really complicated
17:43:12 <zalas|TRSI> A: Being able to present a show localized in 24 hours
17:43:14 <zalas|TRSI> A: that's unbelievable
17:43:21 <zalas|TRSI> A: 24 hours isn't even enough to QC the show
17:43:36 <zalas|TRSI> A: would I love to do that? absolutely, but going to require Japanese licensor to make a changeo n their business model
17:43:57 <zalas|TRSI> Q: pressing charges against online anime sites? given up?
17:44:07 <zalas|TRSI> A: was not aware we had given up on that
17:44:16 <zalas|TRSI> Q: price on anime value packs
17:44:18 <zalas|TRSI> A: 39.99
17:45:02 <zalas|TRSI> Q: bids are copmetitive, any alternative means to raise capital?
17:45:07 <zalas|TRSI> A: haven't you bought enough yet?
17:45:13 <zalas|TRSI> A: wait, I mean, when are you buying more?
17:45:20 <zalas|TRSI> Q: private company, right?
17:45:29 <zalas|TRSI> A: raising money would be interesting, not looking at at the moment
17:46:00 <zalas|TRSI> Q: If ARIA lithographs do well, expand to othe products?
17:46:06 <zalas|TRSI> A: if we have merch rights on those titles, certainly
17:46:12 <zalas|TRSI> A: lithos are expensive to print
17:46:52 <zalas|TRSI> Q: a lot of american licensors gone under
17:46:55 <zalas|TRSI> Q: rescue licenses from them?
17:47:06 <zalas|TRSI> A: yes
17:47:14 <zalas|TRSI> A: we've released a numbe rof titles from 18
17:47:38 <zalas|TRSI> Q: thank you for ARIA, what are you going to call the kids, dark lordlings?
17:47:45 <zalas|TRSI> A: nonexistent
17:47:52 <zalas|TRSI> A: that may be the case for hopefully some time
17:48:34 <zalas|TRSI> Q: opinion on fansubbing and the damage they're doing to the market?
17:48:36 <zalas|TRSI> A: wow...
17:48:41 <zalas|TRSI> A: let's have the 45 minute conversation
17:48:56 <zalas|TRSI> A: fansubs in the 90s were what brought some of these products over for people to see
17:48:59 <zalas|TRSI> A: I understand the concept
17:49:08 <zalas|TRSI> A: my issue is, in a mature industry, it is very difficult to compete with free
17:49:19 <zalas|TRSI> A: it also is very damaging to those who make the product to not derive revenue from it
17:49:25 <zalas|TRSI> A: specifically referring to the people who create the product in Japan
17:49:42 <zalas|TRSI> A: if we do not consume the product here in a way that generates revenue for the publisher / author they will not make any more
17:49:49 <zalas|TRSI> Q: possibility of comic party rerelease?
17:49:58 <zalas|TRSI> A: I think priced pretty competitively
17:50:14 <zalas|TRSI> Q: niche market titles, do licensing bidding get competitive with other companies?
17:50:26 <zalas|TRSI> A: yes, I would love to say I'm th eonly guy but that's not the case
17:51:23 <zalas|TRSI> Q: appreciate subonly releases, anyways, real question is, why Iowa?
17:51:33 <zalas|TRSI> A: what is cooler than iowa?
17:51:54 <zalas|TRSI> A: I'm actually from Iowa, born in Iowa, went to Iowa state university
17:51:59 <zalas|TRSI> A: iowa is a very inexpensive place to live
17:52:54 <zalas|TRSI> A: plus if I move, I don't think my girlfriend wants to stick around
17:53:26 <zalas|TRSI> Q: possibility rerelease 2003 version of astro boy or sony?
17:53:29 <zalas|TRSI> A: sony holds right for the show
17:53:53 <zalas|TRSI> Q: economic environment easier to acquire properties?
17:53:54 <zalas|TRSI> A: no
17:54:26 <zalas|TRSI> Q: affiliate program, even though you're relatively small compared to amazon, do you have any concerns about states putting pressure on you for affiliates who have physical presences outside iowa?
17:54:50 <zalas|TRSI> A: as a retailer, our affiliate has not nearly as many as amazon
17:54:55 <zalas|TRSI> A: we really have to watch that
17:55:01 <zalas|TRSI> A: absolutely looking at it
17:55:42 <zalas|TRSI> Q: demographics on marimite buyers?
17:55:44 <zalas|TRSI> A: to a point
17:55:53 <zalas|TRSI> A: I have no way to measure it, though
17:55:59 <zalas|TRSI> A: fairly difficult to measure in that manner
17:56:45 <zalas|TRSI> Q: wouldn't japan still make anime for japan if we don't buy it?
17:57:03 <zalas|TRSI> A: not saying perfect solution, but what I'm telling you is that if ............. the Japanese market is already showing stress
17:57:06 <zalas|TRSI> A: dvd sales have dropped substantially
17:57:14 <zalas|TRSI> A: they depend on revenue from all over the world
17:57:21 <zalas|TRSI> A: for their budget forecasting
17:57:29 <zalas|TRSI> A: all those had to be redone when musicland changed
17:57:37 <zalas|TRSI> A: had to chagne again when best buy changed their stocking strat
17:57:42 <zalas|TRSI> A: had to change when the economic climate dropped
17:59:06 <zalas|TRSI> Q: how has B&M changes affected rightstuf?
17:59:12 <zalas|TRSI> A: we have been the destination of people trying to find stuff
17:59:27 <zalas|TRSI> A: however, I'd like to look beyond what's good for trsi and shawne kleckner
17:59:49 <zalas|TRSI> A: lots of consumers we cant serve, especially people under 18 w/o credit card
18:00:31 <zalas|TRSI> Q: future releases you're personally looking forward to
18:00:36 <zalas|TRSI> A: ARIA, remastered Tylor
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