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Unedited Feed from the Crunchyroll Panel at New York Anime Festival 2010. Transcription: bayoab
Note: ( ) is usually commenting on the panel and was not said.

14:42:25 <bay|NYAF|CR> PPT - Crunchyroll Fall Announcements, October 2010
14:44:43 <bay|NYAF|CR> I want to thank everybody for coming out to the Crunchyroll panel
14:44:57 <bay|NYAF|CR> Without further ado
14:45:07 <bay|NYAF|CR> A brief introduction as to what Crunchyroll is
14:45:25 <bay|NYAF|CR> Crunchyroll is al leading global video network and developer of social media applications for japanese anime and asian media
14:46:06 <bay|NYAF|CR> Through a variety of applications, Crunchyroll delivers officially licensed content from leading asian media providers
14:45:51 <bay|NYAF|CR> Where is Crunchyroll
14:46:03 <bay|NYAF|CR> Facebook, twitter, mobile platforms
14:46:13 <bay|NYAF|CR> windows mobile, android, iphone
14:46:22 <bay|NYAF|CR> youtube channel, with previews
14:46:29 <bay|NYAF|CR> Vizio, Boxee, XBL
14:46:59 <bay|NYAF|CR> and of course at conventions, we try to reach out face to face, we try to show there is a face behind it
14:47:06 <bay|NYAF|CR> Subscription plan
14:47:32 <bay|NYAF|CR> yes, there is a subscription plan but the benefits is that there are no ads, you get up to 720p, and 1 hour after airing
14:47:44 <bay|NYAF|CR> free members have to wait a week to get it in lower quality
14:47:51 <bay|NYAF|CR> most frequently asked question:
14:48:02 <bay|NYAF|CR> if CR has a subscription plan, how much content is free and do i have to have an account
14:48:13 <bay|NYAF|CR> You don't have to have an account but it is 100% free and it helps to have one...
14:48:27 <bay|NYAF|CR> the subscriptionscovers shows that are simulcasted and shows that publishers want to keep exclusive rights for playing members
14:48:31 <bay|NYAF|CR> so that means 90% of the content is free
14:48:34 <bay|NYAF|CR> Daily Deals
14:48:54 <bay|NYAF|CR> We try to bring anime/game themed products to the site and give you as a big a discount as possible
14:49:22 <bay|NYAF|CR> Coming soon: Joining the CR family
14:49:32 <bay|NYAF|CR> Building out the Crunchyroll Library to meet the fan's needs, one series at a time
14:49:38 <bay|NYAF|CR> (this is the ppt)
14:50:20 <bay|NYAF|CR> Catalog additions: Lucky Star, Cosplay Complex, demon bane, magician's academy, and much more...
14:50:00 <bay|NYAF|CR> official announcement date is TBA
14:50:06 <bay|NYAF|CR> and a couple are in the pictures (Which i ddon't recognize)
14:50:32 <bay|NYAF|CR> Gundam returns, after a brief hiatus gundam returns to CR
14:50:43 <bay|NYAF|CR> titles to return: Mobile suit gundam, mobile suit z gundam, mobile suit 00
14:50:53 <bay|NYAF|CR> we're going to try to keep it up as long as we can
14:51:07 <bay|NYAF|CR> these aren't live yet but as soon as this is over, these will be up
14:51:35 <bay|NYAF|CR> Tantei Opera Milky Holmes
14:51:39 <bay|NYAF|CR> Airs sunday at 1pm PDT
14:51:45 <bay|NYAF|CR> have not made a formal official announcement yet
14:52:53 <bay|NYAF|CR> Simulcast lineup: bleach, naruto shippuden, fairy fail, lilpri, kaasan- mom's life
14:53:02 <bay|NYAF|CR> new simulcast: the world god only knows
14:53:15 <bay|NYAF|CR> wednesday 11:30am PDT
14:53:23 <bay|NYAF|CR> started last week, based on the manga by the same name
14:54:29 <bay|NYAF|CR> (kaminomi)
14:54:40 <bay|NYAF|CR> New simulcast; Sora no Otoshimono Forte
14:54:52 <bay|NYAF|CR> Second season to Sora no Otoshimon, Friday 10:30am PDT
14:54:55 <bay|NYAF|CR> so far it's doing pretty well
14:55:14 <bay|NYAF|CR> New Simulcast; Super Robot Taisen OG: The inspector
14:55:19 <bay|NYAF|CR> 7:30am PDT on sunday
14:55:33 <bay|NYAF|CR> New simulcast Otome Yokai Zakuro, monday at 11am PDT
14:56:21 <bay|NYAF|CR> New Simulcast; Yumeiro Patisserie professional
14:55:44 <bay|NYAF|CR> saturday 4:30pm pdt
14:56:15 <bay|NYAF|CR> New Simulcast; Fortune Arterial
14:56:09 <bay|NYAF|CR> Friday 11am PDT
14:57:20 <bay|NYAF|CR> New simulcast; tegami Bachi reverse (letter bee)
14:57:24 <bay|NYAF|CR> squid girl
14:57:30 <bay|NYAF|CR> saturday 12:30pm PDT
14:57:47 <bay|NYAF|CR> Panty & Stocking and Garterbelt
14:57:53 <bay|NYAF|CR> Friday 12:30pm PDT
14:57:57 <bay|NYAF|CR> (All the times are on their website...)
14:58:15 <bay|NYAF|CR> Thank you! Questions
14:58:22 <bay|NYAF|CR> Keith Kawamura - brand manager
14:58:39 <bay|NYAF|CR> Q&A
14:58:59 <bay|NYAF|CR> Q; How are you doing xbox? Through the marketplace,
14:59:14 <bay|NYAF|CR> Q: picking up bakuman? think that's the 5th time i've been asked that
14:59:18 <bay|NYAF|CR> we're trying to get as many titles as possible
14:59:28 <bay|NYAF|CR> but bakuman has a really high demand, only time will tell
15:00:03 <bay|NYAF|CR> Q: (can't hear the questions)
15:00:33 <bay|NYAF|CR> Q: region restrictions on simulcast? yes, they are posted on the site
15:00:44 <bay|NYAF|CR> there are concerns from the japanese publishers that we need to accept
15:00:55 <bay|NYAF|CR> Q: Is crunchyroll expanding to manga?
15:01:02 <bay|NYAF|CR> Ooh, the manga question came up
15:01:12 <bay|NYAF|CR> I'm sure you have read the news about the partnership with bitway
15:01:21 <bay|NYAF|CR> we'd love to have manga on the site, but we really can't say too much about that right now
15:01:28 <bay|NYAF|CR> but for all the press in here and fans, we'll let you know soon
15:01:57 <bay|NYAF|CR> Q: CR to set top boxes like Roku? We've looked into it, but we need to balance our development time.
15:02:17 <bay|NYAF|CR> Q; Mobile suit gundam, sub or dub? Dub
15:03:21 <bay|NYAF|CR> Q: About the bitway manga thing, it's taking place in japan with the publishers... obviously the english manga might cause conflicts... and there is supposed to be some meeting... did that cause the delay in getting it started/
15:03:26 <bay|NYAF|CR> A; The rights proccess is really slow
15:03:38 <bay|NYAF|CR> we try to tell everyone it's not a quick solution, we need to wait it out
15:03:48 <bay|NYAF|CR> we need to make sure it's all good across the board
15:04:02 <bay|NYAF|CR> we're trying to expedite it as soon as possible, we know waiting is painful
15:04:15 <bay|NYAF|CR> Q: What is Crunchyroll doing about the licenses dropped by Sentai Filmworks?
15:04:48 <bay|NYAF|CR> A: That is probably that we can't speak on... some of the details are unclear for us... we can provide details later if you send us an email
15:05:40 <bay|NYAF|CR> Q: For your work with bitaway, for the original announcement in July and there is supposed to be a launch window and a ton of content, so hiring?
15:06:16 <bay|NYAF|CR> A: (The hiring part of that dodged)
15:06:38 <bay|NYAF|CR> Q: Taking any steps to improve the subs in terms of typesetting, font choices, karaoke, etc.
15:07:18 <bay|NYAF|CR> A: I think Ken Hoinsky from MX Media mentioned beforehand that some of the stuff was a translation decision to make.... that things aren't a 1-1 translation.
15:07:56 <bay|NYAF|CR> As far as the songs, that falls to another process of approvals. You need to go to the rights holders of the song. You need to translate it, send it to them, they send it back to you, you send it to the artist (lost), it's a lot of back and forth and it's a long process
15:08:06 <bay|NYAF|CR> we just started releasing the karaoke versions for naruto and bleach
15:08:23 <bay|NYAF|CR> Q: Physical distribution of licensed titles/
15:08:33 <bay|NYAF|CR> A; That's another rights thing that we need to go through
15:08:43 <bay|NYAF|CR> I know it sounds like a broken record, rights, approval, rights, approval.
15:08:50 <bay|NYAF|CR> It's difficult to bring legal content to the fanbase.
15:09:32 <bay|NYAF|CR> Q: (5cm) A; Our first DVD release, is 5cm with bandai, we're showing that today
15:09:40 <bay|NYAF|CR> That's going to be our version,
15:10:20 <bay|NYAF|CR> Q: titles and license restrictions? A: (same)
15:10:44 <bay|NYAF|CR> Q: Why is squid girl coming out a week late? A: that was a publisher decision made in japan
15:10:54 <bay|NYAF|CR> sometimes, some people, the creators want things to happen a particular way
15:11:02 <bay|NYAF|CR> since they created it, we have to respect their wishes
15:11:37 <bay|NYAF|CR> Q: Concerning subtitle translation, has CR staff thought about the possibility of consulting fansubbing groups as possible advisors?
15:11:56 <bay|NYAF|CR> A; SOmetimes, that idea comes into mind, but again, it comes down to whether the publisher itself is with them
15:12:10 <bay|NYAF|CR> The publisher might think that if you let the fansubber sub the show, they are going to turn around and steal it and put it up without them recieving payment
15:12:21 <bay|NYAF|CR> that is why they have been upset more than in past years
15:12:40 <bay|NYAF|CR> fansubbers have been doing work for many many years now....
15:12:59 <bay|NYAF|CR> it just takes taking those steps forward and seeing what they are comfortable with
15:13:23 <bay|NYAF|CR> Q: I heard that MX media, one of the companies that does translation for CR has exfansubbers working for it, any truth to that?
15:13:31 <bay|NYAF|CR> A; That's a question for MX Media, you need to ask them.
15:13:46 <bay|NYAF|CR> On the CR side, we work with MX, they provide good work, you need to consult ken at mx media
15:14:21 <bay|NYAF|CR> Q: CR has plateaued in the number of titles, is this a trend for the industry?
15:14:29 <bay|NYAF|CR> A; It's hard to tell season by season since each season is different
15:14:46 <bay|NYAF|CR> whether there is an downward trend or an upward trend is hard to tell
15:14:55 <bay|NYAF|CR> we're always trying to get more titles
15:15:54 <bay|NYAF|CR> Q: Will CR expand beyond 720?
15:16:10 <bay|NYAF|CR> A; 720, we're working on that... we already went from 480 to 720 and we want to blow that out as technology advances.
15:16:27 <bay|NYAF|CR> that is something we want to pursue
15:16:41 <bay|NYAF|CR> Q: Tracking of (??)? A: Feature we need to work on
15:16:44 <bay|NYAF|CR> our development team is backedup
15:17:04 <bay|NYAF|CR> Q: How do you choose which titles that are going to appear on the site?
15:17:10 <bay|NYAF|CR> A; we go to every single one we possibly can
15:17:27 <bay|NYAF|CR> it's up to the publisher, we try to convince them the best we can that Crunchyroll is the best option
15:17:40 <bay|NYAF|CR> our goal is to get 100% and we're still trying to get that
15:17:56 <bay|NYAF|CR> Q: Looking into old series?
15:18:08 <bay|NYAF|CR> A: We're trying to get as much as we can back the legal way
15:18:15 <bay|NYAF|CR> It's a hard road to travel
15:18:21 <bay|NYAF|CR> we're trying to work with every publisher in japan
15:18:52 <bay|NYAF|CR> we hear all of your requests and keep a log of that
15:19:32 <bay|NYAF|CR> Q; Does Crunchyroll have a separate development team for each market? A: Our team is very multitask... one dude actually has 3 arms...
15:19:47 <bay|NYAF|CR> They do a lot of juggling back and forth and managing priorities
15:20:22 <bay|NYAF|CR> Q: Can you comment on the upcoming drama lineup? Japanese studios for more J-drama?
15:20:39 <bay|NYAF|CR> A; we have a lot of korean drama coming up, we just announced a new affiliate, tai seng for chinese titles
15:20:55 <bay|NYAF|CR> we're trying to work with the japanese publishes themselves to get the titles that people wnat, but it's extremely difficult
15:21:01 <bay|NYAF|CR> we work extremely hard at trying to break through
15:21:17 <bay|NYAF|CR> we know it's going to take a lot of time and effort to convince them that's what people want
15:21:24 <bay|NYAF|CR> and that they want to watch on a simulcast basis
15:21:40 <bay|NYAF|CR> Q; Why is it more difficult for drama?
15:21:59 <bay|NYAF|CR> A: it's a different committee and a they are very different schools of thought from the anime committees
15:22:24 <bay|NYAF|CR> Q: Conflict of interests with ANN picking up a simulcast?
15:23:01 <bay|NYAF|CR> A; Like i said, the rights process is difficult, sometimes, the publishers want to go with other sites and that's their priority
15:24:35 <bay|NYAF|CR> Q: People upset that there are only car dramas? A: That goes to the publisher, if they want particular titles available in certain regions..
15:25:01 <bay|NYAF|CR> Q: Why did you decide to redub 5cm/s and why not put both dubs on?
15:25:15 <bay|NYAF|CR> A: That is actually a question more centric to the production committee...
15:25:22 <bay|NYAF|CR> That was an executive decision made on their side.
15:25:32 <bay|NYAF|CR> If you want that question answered, please email (gave a specific address)
15:25:59 <bay|NYAF|CR> Q: Music concerts on the site? more of those?
15:26:20 <bay|NYAF|CR> A: We are trying to team up with more music partners, we're trying to bring that back.
15:27:25 <bay|NYAF|CR> Q: do we look to other review sites to find what titles people want? A: every season, we talk to all the publishers and see what's coming out and compile a list
15:27:27 <bay|NYAF|CR> we go after everything
15:27:34 <bay|NYAF|CR> we try to go after as many things as possible
15:28:11 <bay|NYAF|CR> Q; Is the website going to be redesigned anytime soon, it's starting to look dated.
15:28:24 <bay|NYAF|CR> A: Every now and then we do a rehash of the site, we try to keep it up to date
15:28:42 <bay|NYAF|CR> but in the past, we've been focusing on other things and we really want to rehash the site itself but that takes stuff to go through
15:29:31 <bay|NYAF|CR> Q; Feature films? A: Definitely something we are interested in.
15:30:06 <bay|NYAF|CR> Q: Japanese closed captioning?
15:30:15 <bay|NYAF|CR> A: we do not have closed captioning, we just have the soft subbed...
15:31:14 <bay|NYAF|CR> Q: Talking to funimation and getting One Piece on the site?
15:31:39 <bay|NYAF|CR> A: it's something we'd love to feature, but again, that's the publishers and the rights holders need to discuss, it's their decision, it's their property, and we need to respect that they want to work with funimation
15:31:52 <bay|NYAF|CR> if they want to come to us, fantastic, we'd welcome one piece with open arms
15:32:01 <bay|NYAF|CR> but we have to respect their wishes.
15:32:54 <bay|NYAF|CR> Q Recently, CR put out a press release for a show saying we starting to show progress in terms of grwoth and development and working with others for making shows.... (lost)
15:33:21 <bay|NYAF|CR> Q: Considering going public? A; No idea.
15:33:52 <bay|NYAF|CR> Q: Do we compete with Netflix and other companies that are more american based?
15:33:59 <bay|NYAF|CR> A: I think we have two different audiences
15:34:14 <bay|NYAF|CR> I think we reach to a particular group that embraces the japanese culture and netflix has an amazing business model and platform
15:36:18 <bay|NYAF|CR> Q: Your company and employees have said you would make fansubbing obselete.... so things it seems you are doing a lot of shows that fansubbers wouldn't touch. What do you think about doing higher profile titles than going for a wide variety?
15:36:44 <bay|NYAF|CR> A: While the higher curve is a higher curve for demographic reasons, we don't want to discriminate between anime fans.
15:37:00 <bay|NYAF|CR> We don't want a show to go by the wayside. Their fandom is the same as someone who wants to follow the higher end of the curve.
15:37:31 <bay|NYAF|CR> Q: Plans to bring back DTO?
15:37:46 <bay|NYAF|CR> A: If you want DTO, you can try the zune marketplace, but i don't see it coming back otherwise...
15:38:11 <bay|NYAF|CR> (Roku and google tv question again)
15:39:12 <bay|NYAF|CR> Q: Looking into subtitles in languages other than english?
15:39:22 <bay|NYAF|CR> A; Looking into it, think it's a great idea, would be beneficial to someone around the world.
15:40:27 <bay|NYAF|CR> Q: Would you accept translation majors as interns for other languages (French, etc)?
15:40:35 <bay|NYAF|CR> A: It's trying to manage what the publisher is comfortable with.
15:40:55 <bay|NYAF|CR> Once we can find a streamlined way to work the process, we'll do it.
15:41:08 <bay|NYAF|CR> So if you have any other questions, you can come up to me and ask and I'll answe
15:41:11 <bay|NYAF|CR> Thank you for coming.
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