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Unedited Feed from the Crunchyroll panel at Otakon 2011. Transcription: bayoab
Note: ( ) is usually commenting on the panel and was not said.

16:32:02 <bay|Ota|CR> (Already just started...)
16:32:06 <bay|Ota|CR> (Going to be similar to AX)
16:32:20 <bay|Ota|CR> (Went over background of cr and stuff)
16:32:37 <bay|Ota|CR> 50,000 subscribers
16:32:41 <bay|Ota|CR> cool stuff we're working on
16:32:50 <bay|Ota|CR> i don't know who here was at SDCC
16:32:59 <bay|Ota|CR> we recently have announced our closed beta of jmanga
16:33:17 <bay|Ota|CR> working with the top publishers with japan to bring manga like with the anime platform
16:33:23 <bay|Ota|CR> working with kodansha, shueisha
16:33:27 <bay|Ota|CR> launch set for august 17th
16:33:30 <bay|Ota|CR> should be open by then
16:33:43 <bay|Ota|CR> hopefully that would give everyone outside japan faster access to the manga they want to read
16:33:50 <bay|Ota|CR> other devices
16:34:03 <bay|Ota|CR> not just on the website, everywhere including mobile phone and set top devices
16:34:52 <bay|Ota|CR> recently added a new section to the site
16:34:55 <bay|Ota|CR> a lot of requests for
16:35:03 <bay|Ota|CR> to bring you the latest anime manga, cosplay news
16:35:18 <bay|Ota|CR> bring you everything asosciated with the anime culture itself, can only hope it gets bigger and better
16:35:25 <bay|Ota|CR> in depth coverage
16:35:38 <bay|Ota|CR> like miku is realy big so we can do coverage on that as we have team members in japan
16:35:46 <bay|Ota|CR> at the past few conventions, we've had a live streaming segments
16:35:58 <bay|Ota|CR> it's been doing really well, unfortunately we couldn't have it here
16:36:08 <bay|Ota|CR> hopefully next year we can bring it and broadcast you guys to everyone on our site
16:36:16 <bay|Ota|CR> it's great for you to interact with the users and you to interact with them
16:36:19 <bay|Ota|CR> live streaming segments as well
16:36:23 <bay|Ota|CR> insane spntaneous events
16:36:35 <bay|Ota|CR> we had an army of hard gays at akon
16:37:05 <bay|Ota|CR> At AX, had the cast of the power rangers at the booth
16:37:08 <bay|Ota|CR> URL shorterner...
16:37:16 <bay|Ota|CR> cosp.ly url shortener
16:37:46 <bay|Ota|CR> it's available now
16:37:51 <bay|Ota|CR> Title announcements...
16:38:00 <bay|Ota|CR> we've had about 26 brand new episodes being released every week
16:38:03 <bay|Ota|CR> biggest season yet
16:38:05 <bay|Ota|CR> 13 continuing titles
16:38:19 <bay|Ota|CR> (see the crunchyroll.com/lineup page )
16:38:36 <bay|Ota|CR> New summer titles...
16:38:43 <bay|Ota|CR> We could only announced 3 at AX...
16:38:48 <bay|Ota|CR> Kamisama dolls, Yuruyuri, Natsume S3
16:39:05 <bay|Ota|CR> if you haven't been to the site yet or haven't been to CR, we've added a verity of other titles
16:39:10 <bay|Ota|CR> morita-san wa mukuchi
16:39:12 <bay|Ota|CR> no.6
16:39:15 <bay|Ota|CR> the idolm@ster
16:39:29 <bay|Ota|CR> sacred seven, usagi drop, nekogami yaoyorozu
16:40:02 <bay|Ota|CR> r-15, a dark rabbit has seven lives, mystical archives of dantalian, twin angel twinkle paradise
16:40:15 <bay|Ota|CR> now
16:40:15 <bay|Ota|CR> Q&A
16:40:38 <bay|Ota|CR> Q: Going to bring service to PS3 or X360?
16:40:53 <bay|Ota|CR> A: Something we are currently working on right now, we have developers locked in a dungeon
16:41:16 <bay|Ota|CR> Q: For manga, old issues or just new releases? How will it be supported with revenue and all?
16:41:49 <bay|Ota|CR> A; For the latter part, there is a full blown explanation with the people who are actually developing that and some of hte licensors from japan
16:42:20 <bay|Ota|CR> There will be whoel books and release, will probably work with subscription plan but the details are still being hashed out
16:42:45 <bay|Ota|CR> Q: Will Jmanga with any ios apps?
16:42:56 <bay|Ota|CR> A: initially just on the computer, ios, other applications are in the works
16:43:10 <bay|Ota|CR> we want to make sure everyone is happy with the central product first and then expand from there
16:43:24 <bay|Ota|CR> Q: you said anime is 1 hour, but I know some of them like are like a week or so
16:43:50 <bay|Ota|CR> A: There are some that are delayed, those are due to publisher wishes, i know it's not the most ideal situation, but we try, we'd love to have it 1 hour after broadcast, but we do have to respect the publishers wishes, if that's what we want
16:44:02 <bay|Ota|CR> we can encourage them to provide us with the title one hour after broadcast, they are the title providers
16:44:25 <bay|Ota|CR> Q: Going to bring over the older series if you make money?
16:44:59 <bay|Ota|CR> A: Actually we, .... we do have a plan to bring some older titles back...w e'd love to bring themto the forefront, i know a lot of peopel are into the classic than the recent, but you can't fight the classics, and it's a good education way to learn about anime, and trying our best to bring as many titles back to our site as possible
16:45:20 <bay|Ota|CR> Q: WHat are you doing to address some of th efans concerns of the dryness of the translation and the localizations
16:45:30 <bay|Ota|CR> things like translators notes and stuff that isn't available
16:45:38 <bay|Ota|CR> for example, take yakitate japan, trying to do that through crunchyroll
16:46:04 <bay|Ota|CR> a lot of the concerns of the fansub community are about things being lost in translation when yo udo it vs when fansubers do it
16:46:40 <bay|Ota|CR> A; when we subtitle them, we do them according to the wishes of the publishers themselves, sometimes things get lost, tl isn't ablack and white field, there is a lot of gray area
16:46:56 <bay|Ota|CR> as long as the general message is being across, some of the semantic things, 1 may say this but 30 may say that so you have some back and forth
16:47:14 <bay|Ota|CR> translation is an open ended field, if you tell one person you are doing it right, you tell another that they are wrong and it's a pandora box of issues
16:47:31 <bay|Ota|CR> we work with publishes to make sure the message of the dialogue (lost.. is intended?)
16:48:09 <bay|Ota|CR> Q: How would you address getting college students of getting subscriptions for CR? Is there a method you are going to try to get them over to CR?
16:48:41 <bay|Ota|CR> A: We do have an outreach program to colleges, if you contact us at support, with info, we have a college pass to stream stuff for clubs
16:48:51 <bay|Ota|CR> we were all broke college kids at one point, so we totally understand
16:49:28 <bay|Ota|CR> Q: I think so far you've been doing a good job of picking good shows up, new and old shows.. I was wondering if you were coming up with a way to pick up fan and user input, i know you can't choose whatever show you want
16:49:32 <bay|Ota|CR> about surveys or something
16:50:05 <bay|Ota|CR> A: If you email us at support with your requests, we filter those out and compile them at a list
16:50:11 <bay|Ota|CR> and go to the publishers with them
16:50:39 <bay|Ota|CR> Q: Since you don't have the overhead as a physical distributor, do you actually not take licenses offered to you not thinking you will profit or do you accept anything?
16:51:02 <bay|Ota|CR> A: Our goal is, has always been, 100% of the content that was created in japan, and to bring it to the rest of the world
16:51:20 <bay|Ota|CR> ANd if the publishers and creators want to give us the content, as long as it isn't hentai, we'd love to feature it on the site
16:51:38 <bay|Ota|CR> Sometimes the publishers don't want to stream it, sometimes they have agreements with a tv station
16:51:55 <bay|Ota|CR> sometimes there is a block that won't allow certain shows to be streamed in certain countries
16:52:09 <bay|Ota|CR> we try our best to to get as much as we can
16:52:39 <bay|Ota|CR> Q: Going to anythign else with DVD releases?
16:53:16 <bay|Ota|CR> What's going to happen when a show is licensed by a R1 distributor?
16:53:23 <bay|Ota|CR> A: No plans in the future yet for DVD releases yet.
16:53:33 <bay|Ota|CR> 5cm was a great experience and we'd love to do it again, but our identity is the streaming platform
16:54:09 <bay|Ota|CR> And with titles that are absorbed by companies like media blasters and squid girl, we try and keep it up, some publishers want us to take it down, so we respect those publishers as well and hope the best for the dvds
16:54:36 <bay|Ota|CR> because when the title does well, there is a short term benefit for the R1 companies, but there is a long term benefit for the creators
16:55:04 <bay|Ota|CR> Q: As far as suggestions go, is there anyway to get a disclaimer on gosick that the tears will be induced?
16:55:10 <bay|Ota|CR> A: probably not, we like them by surprise
16:55:50 <bay|Ota|CR> Q: Back to manga , are there going to be mostly currently running titles or older running titles?
16:55:56 <bay|Ota|CR> A: can't announce titles yet but the variety will be awesome
16:56:09 <bay|Ota|CR> Q: Looking into having prepaid cards for subscriptions
16:56:37 <bay|Ota|CR> A: that's actually a great idea, that's something we should do.. that's something we should look at doing once we get back to the office
16:56:57 <bay|Ota|CR> Q: If the site continues to be profitable, would be consider spinning of a site that does adult content?
16:57:12 <bay|Ota|CR> A: good question, i don't think we have even thought about it... we'll cross that road when we get there
16:57:43 <bay|Ota|CR> Q: How are you guys doing financially right now? what do you see in the future for yourself and the industry for streaming?
16:58:03 <bay|Ota|CR> A: we're hanging in there, everyone has felt the economic downturn and the rollarcoaster effect, we're no exception, we're trying to grow, bring as many titles
16:58:23 <bay|Ota|CR> As a result,t hat does put a vice grip on the finances, we try to hustle as hard as we can to address all the requests and pleades from fans
16:58:36 <bay|Ota|CR> We've been to conventions before, but we've never felt as much appreciation as here
16:58:55 <bay|Ota|CR> we're taking that passion that you are showing us.. and that's more of a personal opinion
16:59:28 <bay|Ota|CR> as far as the streaming industry, as far as the local trends..the netflix boom, hulu doing really well, youtube.. a lot of platfroms trying to take off with digital streaming content, it will be the next wave for ways for people to obtain their media
16:59:34 <bay|Ota|CR> borders and blockbuster are going down
16:59:43 <bay|Ota|CR> jmanga and viz's manga platform and kindle are going up
16:59:47 <bay|Ota|CR> that's the trend things are going
17:00:19 <bay|Ota|CR> Q: With regards to your mobile app... what are you going to be adding? other functions on site to it?
17:00:36 <bay|Ota|CR> A: Android is something we're working on, they are wrestling with the backend of the android code itself...
17:00:59 <bay|Ota|CR> Bringing the news, the forums. that's something that we hear, this is information we take back to developers and make it happen
17:01:16 <bay|Ota|CR> Q: When you are streaming anime... almost all the older anime that's not in the feature section...they lag and are out of sync...
17:01:26 <bay|Ota|CR> pretty much everything over a year ago....
17:01:43 <bay|Ota|CR> and then there are a few that won't play at all
17:02:11 <bay|Ota|CR> A: For those, i cant provide the information you would like, if you would like, talk to the people at thebooth and we can address that there
17:02:26 <bay|Ota|CR> Q: What's going on with the drama section?
17:02:30 <bay|Ota|CR> A: Hmm..can I talk about that...
17:02:43 <bay|Ota|CR> we're growing, we're buildling it out...stay tuned, there's some big news coming
17:02:58 <bay|Ota|CR> Q: what's new about the news section
17:03:06 <bay|Ota|CR> what do you offer as opposed to ann section?
17:03:10 <bay|Ota|CR> A: what's new is it's new to the site
17:03:14 <bay|Ota|CR> there have been a lot of requests
17:03:35 <bay|Ota|CR> there are a lot of moderators getting messages asking where the news is, so we were like, we'll build it out
17:03:51 <bay|Ota|CR> right now, it's still in its infant stages, it's showing a lot of potential and growth and hoping it see grown and expand out
17:04:27 <bay|Ota|CR> (missed line about new things added ... top 10s and something else)
17:04:14 <bay|Ota|CR> there is stuff coming down the pipe that we can't formally announced yet
17:04:54 <bay|Ota|CR> Q: Are you considering being able to swap between subs and dubs?
17:05:06 <bay|Ota|CR> A: we do have subs and dubs for different series, that depends on the publishers
17:05:10 <bay|Ota|CR> It depends on the publishers
17:05:22 <bay|Ota|CR> subs are one thing, dubs are another, there hasn't been as much request for dubs
17:05:48 <bay|Ota|CR> as the requests grows and the demand increases... i think that's a good idea, that you can switch between audio tracks, you can already switchs subtitle tracks
17:06:25 <bay|Ota|CR> Q: Licensing or bringing out variety shows simultaneously?
17:06:39 <bay|Ota|CR> A: Anime is our niche as those who follow the drama section, ti's growing and we're learning more
17:06:43 <bay|Ota|CR> licensing variety shows is harder
17:06:48 <bay|Ota|CR> it's not something we're going to rule out
17:07:04 <bay|Ota|CR> we have to figure out how to make it easier to bring it over to everyone as soon as possible
17:07:47 <bay|Ota|CR> Q: Going back to Jmanga... said it would start as a browser on a computer... if you have plans when it goes to phones, if there will be an offline mode... or maybe the kindle since the manga is already black and white
17:07:56 <bay|Ota|CR> A: that would go to the publishers wishes...
17:07:59 <bay|Ota|CR> Me personally, that would be great
17:08:08 <bay|Ota|CR> but really hard to say at this point, we have our eyes on the launch right now
17:08:52 <bay|Ota|CR> Q: more targeted advertising based on who watches what show?
17:09:04 <bay|Ota|CR> A: Definitely like all things, as companies grow, we definitely learn about ways to improve stuff like that
17:09:15 <bay|Ota|CR> and our ad team has been working harder to get the ads targeted to something appropriate
17:09:31 <bay|Ota|CR> it's a learning processes and it's something that we have to walk to and as the fans and users provide us input.. (lost)
17:10:15 <bay|Ota|CR> Q: I noticed mitsudomoe had a age gate... but deadman wonderland didn't have an age gate....
17:10:46 <bay|Ota|CR> A: with mitsudomoe, there was concern with... how to put it... more... pedophillic...themes..
17:10:56 <bay|Ota|CR> we wanted to address that... based on user and publisher concerns...
17:11:20 <bay|Ota|CR> nobody complained about Deadman Wonderland so we were like cool
17:11:27 <bay|Ota|CR> Q: (repeat of the console question)
17:12:32 <bay|Ota|CR> Q: Request.. one of the big ways i like to watch videos is using my wii is watching through the tv, but the flash version they have is out of date, so a lot of sites outside youtube don't work, is it something you could provide a compatible version?
17:12:46 <bay|Ota|CR> A: We're working on the wii platform, as well as PS3/xbox
17:12:56 <bay|Ota|CR> we're working on all these devices, we don't want to spread ourselves too thin
17:13:12 <bay|Ota|CR> we have to collect all these other pieces, once we had a firm handle, we can start developing the wii, etc
17:13:20 <bay|Ota|CR> something we'd love to have
17:13:26 <bay|Ota|CR> but it's a slow process
17:13:36 <bay|Ota|CR> and we're working to get it to you as soon as possible
17:13:43 <bay|Ota|CR> (Note; leaving soon for iwakami)
17:13:54 <bay|Ota|CR> Q: Do your licenses include other regions outside US?
17:14:23 <bay|Ota|CR> A: We do, canada is probably the next biggest, followed by the UK, Australia., NZ (not in order?)
17:14:31 <bay|Ota|CR> there is definitely a limtied amount of stuff that can be broadcast
17:14:34 <bay|Ota|CR> one of our goals is to open that up
17:15:05 <bay|Ota|CR> hopefully we can achieve our goal to get everything to the entire world asap
17:15:46 <bay|Ota|CR> Q: This goes back to what you said with the drama have you thought about the sentai, the masked rider, i assume those could be trickier
17:16:03 <bay|Ota|CR> A: Yea, it's harder than you think, stuff like super sentai, we recieve requests for those in heavy volume, and we definitely try...
17:16:12 <bay|Ota|CR> but live action is a very tricky area to navigate
17:16:29 <bay|Ota|CR> hopefully as the audience grows, soon our voice will be too big for japan to ignore
17:16:53 <bay|Ota|CR> Q: When I watch something on netflix... it's going to be queued when I left off.. can that be done on CR?
17:17:05 <bay|Ota|CR> A: Another great suggestion to make your user experience better
17:17:12 <bay|Ota|CR> something we'll take into consideration ,and look into developing
17:17:17 <bay|Ota|CR> we have a laundry list of things that people want
17:17:22 <bay|Ota|CR> we try to address that equally one by one
17:17:32 <bay|Ota|CR> trying to get to the areas that need more attention
17:17:43 <bay|Ota|CR> please email support@ with your requests
17:18:01 <bay|Ota|CR> if you have any questions, you can meet me at the booth or as i got out
17:18:01 <bay|Ota|CR> thank you very much
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