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Unedited Feed from the Mangagamer panel at Otakon 2012. Transcription: bayoab
Note: ( ) is usually commenting on the panel and was not said.

00:45:44 <bay|Ota|MG> (the panel room isn't even filled)
00:56:06 <bay|Ota|MG> (slightly more filled)
01:00:03 <bay|Ota|MG> we're good
01:00:46 <bay|Ota|MG> So yea... we're not dear drops... this is the mangagamer panel
01:00:57 <bay|Ota|MG> so the first easy question out of the wya, who here doesn' tknow what a visual novel is
01:00:59 <bay|Ota|MG> (nobody)
01:01:03 <bay|Ota|MG> so
01:01:19 <bay|Ota|MG> games out now, soon, and later
01:01:26 <bay|Ota|MG> Starting with Dengeki Stryker which came out last month
01:01:31 <bay|Ota|MG> a superhero action story
01:01:48 <bay|Ota|MG> a game for anyone who wanted to be a superhero because the protagonist fulfills his wish
01:01:52 <bay|Ota|MG> there is animation in here by silverlink
01:01:59 <bay|Ota|MG> that was directed by nabeshin from excel saga
01:02:06 <bay|Ota|MG> lots of songs by masaki endou by jam project
01:02:12 <bay|Ota|MG> one of the hotest games out so far
01:02:17 <bay|Ota|MG> just came out today
01:02:20 <bay|Ota|MG> yesterday
01:02:26 <bay|Ota|MG> ef - a first tale
01:02:30 <bay|Ota|MG> finally out after almost 2 years
01:02:51 <bay|Ota|MG> after (missed), this is our asecond effort with fan translators
01:02:55 <bay|Ota|MG> after all the huders, we've got it out
01:03:19 <bay|Ota|MG> the artwork is by (da capo's nanao), the opening is done by shinkai
01:03:43 <bay|Ota|MG> as you can see here, all the ingame text has been localized
01:03:45 <bay|Ota|MG> Baseson
01:03:48 <bay|Ota|MG> Harukoi Otome
01:03:52 <bay|Ota|MG> another one we've been working for a long time
01:03:54 <bay|Ota|MG> winter 2012
01:04:00 <bay|Ota|MG> -longer than ef
01:04:03 <bay|Ota|MG> already started beta testing
01:04:09 <bay|Ota|MG> it's a very nice cute moe story from baseson
01:04:23 <bay|Ota|MG> if you played koihime musou, this is technically the original game that koihime musou is an offshoot from
01:04:42 <bay|Ota|MG> OtoBoku
01:06:08 <bay|Ota|MG> so who here has heard of otoboku before?
01:06:11 <bay|Ota|MG> we finally have a hold of the game
01:06:14 <bay|Ota|MG> will be coming out this fall
01:06:19 <bay|Ota|MG> getting ready to move into beta testing
01:06:36 <bay|Ota|MG> for those who aren't familiar, you transfer to an all girls, where you are liked by all the girls
01:06:57 <bay|Ota|MG> to show you what's taking time to get into beta...
01:07:56 <bay|Ota|MG> but yes... those are not originally videos, we had to convert them to videos for the english release
01:08:27 <bay|Ota|MG> those are basically...the game itself is several chapters, and those are the preview videos, originally they were hardcoded as scripted scene movements, but we had to convert them to video
01:08:28 <bay|Ota|MG> Eroge
01:09:01 <bay|Ota|MG> the idea behind eroge is you yourself are a big fan and trying to get into the industry, and you finally find a company, and they are about to go bankrupt
01:09:28 <bay|Ota|MG> behind the exaggurations that lead to the fun with the women in the company, there are actually a lot of truths about the industry in this game
01:09:35 <bay|Ota|MG> like the final crisises and trying to get the game on time
01:09:58 <bay|Ota|MG> there is a lot of things in this nukege about the industry
01:10:29 <bay|Ota|MG> recent acquistions
01:10:43 <bay|Ota|MG> a lot of the them are from (new partner softhouse seal)
01:12:22 <bay|Ota|MG> Sexy Demon Transformation
01:12:45 <bay|Ota|MG> if i had to describe it in two words.. hentai pokemon
01:13:03 <bay|Ota|MG> (Kodzukuri Yosei H Henka)
01:13:35 <bay|Ota|MG> screenshots fromn beta
01:14:02 <bay|Ota|MG> next up
01:14:44 <bay|Ota|MG> (Oppai sensou, kyounyuu vs hinnyuu)
01:16:25 <bay|Ota|MG> Boob Wars: Big Boobs vs Flat chests
01:17:00 <bay|Ota|MG> the idea is that at some ponit in the future, a virus spreads so that all women all have f cups or bigger or a cups or smaller
01:17:25 <bay|Ota|MG> (lost)
01:17:39 <bay|Ota|MG> you are hired to stop the war (that happened between the women)
01:18:04 <bay|Ota|MG> this game does actually have battles against the women
01:18:37 <bay|Ota|MG> next up
01:19:56 <bay|Ota|MG> SSSS
01:19:59 <bay|Ota|MG> super secret sexy spy
01:20:56 <bay|Ota|MG> the general gist is you are a secret agent spy, and your taking missions of impossible danger
01:21:12 <bay|Ota|MG> we also have coming out next
01:21:21 <bay|Ota|MG> Slave Witch April
01:22:10 <bay|Ota|MG> Orion Heart (Portion brand)
01:22:21 <bay|Ota|MG> this is your classic mahou shoujo hentai game
01:22:37 <bay|Ota|MG> the girls are transformating magical heroines who get trapped in encounters with demon
01:23:06 <bay|Ota|MG> that is all the upcoming titles and the new titles
01:23:11 <bay|Ota|MG> before we get into questions
01:23:21 <bay|Ota|MG> i want to get into what is happening for us
01:23:29 <bay|Ota|MG> 2013 is going to be our 5th year anniversary
01:23:45 <bay|Ota|MG> in recent events, we've done changes internally in the company structure wise that has put us in a better position
01:23:56 <bay|Ota|MG> the downside is we've had to restart a lot of negotitaions from scratch
01:24:08 <bay|Ota|MG> but now we also have a lot more connections and power for approaching new companies
01:24:17 <bay|Ota|MG> and that's what's taking a lot of the time for the staff in japan, going around and talking to the companies that we can
01:25:07 <bay|Ota|MG> the recent announcents are the first 3 we approached that are very proactive, and in the case of softhouse, very interested in the market
01:25:13 <bay|Ota|MG> we're going to be redoing the website soon
01:25:28 <bay|Ota|MG> looking at early 2013, a new structure, more user friendly, getting people the games they want
01:25:41 <bay|Ota|MG> now that we finally have hardcopies coming out, we're discussing that in advance
01:25:57 <bay|Ota|MG> in a lot of cases, we have permissions and we can, but the problem is working with distributors to get them out as fast as we like to
01:26:14 <bay|Ota|MG> the problem we're encounting is the distributors don't want to go as fast
01:26:16 <bay|Ota|MG> so that's some of the changes
01:26:19 <bay|Ota|MG> Q&A
01:26:26 <bay|Ota|MG> so who is going to ask the shinkoihime question
01:27:14 <bay|Ota|MG> Q: is eroge almost finished?
01:27:28 <bay|Ota|MG> A: 9 more scenes... of (missed)
01:27:49 <bay|Ota|MG> Q: Now that the group that does senohanabira is becoming a commercial thing, are you going to be renegotiating with them?
01:28:18 <bay|Ota|MG> A: A lot of that, the things with the fan translations, the thing is if they are willing to work with us
01:28:25 <bay|Ota|MG> Q: So how is Shin Koihime Musou coming
01:28:28 <bay|Ota|MG> A: we get this a lot
01:28:51 <bay|Ota|MG> first of all the amount of text in shinkoihime is 6.5 mb of pure text, this is 2x the length of koihime or 3x deardrops or 6x shuffle
01:29:02 <bay|Ota|MG> being the humungeously long game it is, the costs are that much higher
01:29:10 <bay|Ota|MG> the logistics become an issue
01:29:28 <bay|Ota|MG> even ignoring the voices costs due to the number and profile
01:29:42 <bay|Ota|MG> before it becomes a possibility, the market has to be buying more quanity or higher prices
01:29:54 <bay|Ota|MG> If we were to start a kickstart campaign to do this, would you be willing to donate
01:30:02 <bay|Ota|MG> Probably aiming for a lot more than 30k
01:30:35 <bay|Ota|MG> Q: Noticed you been doing a lot of sex heavy games, does this mean that any of your future titles, are going to be less or no sex?
01:30:45 <bay|Ota|MG> A: We plan to continue keeping our variety up
01:30:49 <bay|Ota|MG> we do plan to look at more story titles
01:30:57 <bay|Ota|MG> we are currently talking to several different companies to get a few of them
01:31:03 <bay|Ota|MG> we didn't get an answer in time for a panel
01:31:12 <bay|Ota|MG> just keep in mind, when you make a nukege, it goes to a different audience
01:31:19 <bay|Ota|MG> they are willing to pay the same amount, just a lot more
01:31:36 <bay|Ota|MG> we are planning to balance it out, just taking a lot longer
01:32:06 <bay|Ota|MG> Q: Higurashi.. are you going to do more of it?
01:32:35 <bay|Ota|MG> A: ALready released first 8 chapters (ni and kai), rei...maybe.. there are issues with the music again, which people took issue with, and that's an issue which comes up often in doujin games, is use of music which isn't licensed
01:32:43 <bay|Ota|MG> and you have to go negotiate with each individual artists
01:32:45 <bay|Ota|MG> and that's a lot of work
01:33:04 <bay|Ota|MG> Q: PS2 version?
01:33:06 <bay|Ota|MG> A: going to stick with PC
01:33:40 <bay|Ota|MG> Q: Would you be willing to translate otome or yaoi genre games?
01:34:03 <bay|Ota|MG> A: This was actually, when i was in japan in april, when i was talking our new coworkers, i brought it up, we would like to look into it
01:34:14 <bay|Ota|MG> a lot of the concerns are whether are to risk it now or wait for the market to grow
01:34:18 <bay|Ota|MG> we want to do it right
01:34:30 <bay|Ota|MG> we know a lot of people aren't exactly happy with jlist's title
01:35:26 <bay|Ota|MG> the problem with yaoi.. we're all guys...we don't know wha the yaoi crowd is interested, but we know it's specific
01:35:53 <bay|Ota|MG> the other thing, is they have very high profile male voice actors, and those don't come cheap
01:36:05 <bay|Ota|MG> Q: Games on a handheld platform?
01:36:09 <bay|Ota|MG> A: Console is hard... unlike sony japan...
01:36:23 <bay|Ota|MG> if we're going to deal with sony or ms or steam.. a lot of the major game companies don't consider visual novels games
01:37:25 <bay|Ota|MG> Q: Recently, a lot of my friends have been getting leaks and downloading... do you plan on tightening security?
01:37:33 <bay|Ota|MG> A: The problem with piracy is, you can't stop it, we've tried
01:37:41 <bay|Ota|MG> the only thing you can do is try and implement sturdier DRM
01:37:51 <bay|Ota|MG> but that costs more, and it tends to cause problems and irritate more users
01:38:10 <bay|Ota|MG> so trying to go with drm that's more than a simple activation will buy more bad will than what will be saved from piracy
01:38:16 <bay|Ota|MG> we'd love to do some but it's futile
01:38:34 <bay|Ota|MG> the best we could ask for is for our fans to show that they do like the games, they do like the market, and buy the games to help us get more good games out
01:39:02 <bay|Ota|MG> Q: I'm a fan of harem games, any chance that you will release a bigger selection of harem games... 12 or 13 girls... more than the typical 7
01:39:07 <bay|Ota|MG> A; Koihime has 26
01:39:12 <bay|Ota|MG> We'll look at them...
01:39:30 <bay|Ota|MG> we'll license them if we think it looks good and will work here
01:39:49 <bay|Ota|MG> Q: Considering picking up Flyable heart and unisonshift?
01:40:05 <bay|Ota|MG> A: COnsidered, yes, talked about it before, but there is a lot of preparation and time spent talking with the company
01:40:16 <bay|Ota|MG> if you want to guide us, go onto our forums, and tell us which games and companys
01:40:26 <bay|Ota|MG> Q: Since you are doing Clockup, any plans on Europhia?
01:40:30 <bay|Ota|MG> A: No comment
01:40:47 <bay|Ota|MG> Q: Any words of wisdom for an aspiring visual novelist
01:40:56 <bay|Ota|MG> A: Pray your visual novel sells, you will need strong prayer
01:41:14 <bay|Ota|MG> the visual novels, it's very much a medium, i can't tell you how to break the story, you have to write3 the one you want to write and then hoping that the world likes it too
01:41:18 <bay|Ota|MG> find ways to advertise
01:41:27 <bay|Ota|MG> Q: Alisoft, any acquistions there?
01:41:42 <bay|Ota|MG> A: we have talked with them... that will be a ltitle difficult to work with
01:41:48 <bay|Ota|MG> we know there is a demand for rance
01:41:58 <bay|Ota|MG> it's a bit hard to try and get them on board
01:42:25 <bay|Ota|MG> Q; (missed)
01:42:36 <bay|Ota|MG> A: But overdrive is pretty good, so it won't be long till we get the files
01:42:40 <bay|Ota|MG> we have to see how dear drops
01:42:48 <bay|Ota|MG> and if we get it,and there might be some person who might leak said information out
01:43:06 <bay|Ota|MG> Q: When can I expect games like Boob Wars on steam?
01:43:21 <bay|Ota|MG> A: To be fully honest, we have not asked them about H titles...
01:43:31 <bay|Ota|MG> but we have talked to them about other titles, and we haven't got an answer yet
01:44:51 <bay|Ota|MG> Q: My question concerns the cost of games, since i just bought ef which was $30(?) ...and otoboku is $50
01:44:22 <bay|Ota|MG> A: one of the first underlining things is, the baseline determine is the length of the game, that determines translation cost and the most of the costs we have to deal with
01:44:40 <bay|Ota|MG> after that, there are various other little factors that determine how it deviates from that
01:44:56 <bay|Ota|MG> keep in mind that ef is two games
01:45:15 <bay|Ota|MG> so in the end you will be paying more for both parts of ef than others
01:45:31 <bay|Ota|MG> Q: Steam has the just started the new program to get games on it
01:45:35 <bay|Ota|MG> A: Am intersted when it starts up
01:45:44 <bay|Ota|MG> Q: When are you going to transfer Baldr Force
01:46:01 <bay|Ota|MG> A: (been harassing them for that)
01:46:14 <bay|Ota|MG> Q: Heard of a new game, shonen dengeki stryker...when license it/
01:46:17 <bay|Ota|MG> A: When we announce it?
01:46:19 <bay|Ota|MG> Q: Key games?
01:46:34 <bay|Ota|MG> A; We haven't approached them in a while, will try again when there's been more growth in the market
01:47:08 <bay|Ota|MG> Q: notice you guys have a trend of make a hardcopy an skip that crap, or make it dlc... is that something you will continue?
01:47:28 <bay|Ota|MG> A: Yes, well, we are trying to keep the hard copies drm free, and that is one of the issues with kara no shoujo, they don't want the game out without it
01:47:41 <bay|Ota|MG> we're trying to keep the drm on the online copies so it's not true intrusive
01:47:49 <bay|Ota|MG> Q: Remodel the site, everything comes over?
01:47:54 <bay|Ota|MG> A: Superficial, everything looks better
01:48:22 <bay|Ota|MG> Q: Speaking of innocent grey, what happened to cartagra?
01:48:58 <bay|Ota|MG> A: that was the first fan translated game, they finished the t/l for catagra, so we'd like to release it..
01:49:08 <bay|Ota|MG> one problem is kara no shoujo hasn't done as well as we'd like
01:49:27 <bay|Ota|MG> the big question that will come up is whether it would be catagra or kara no shouojo 2
01:49:32 <bay|Ota|MG> Q: Voice patch for Kara no shoujo?
01:49:35 <bay|Ota|MG> A: Not going to happen
01:49:58 <bay|Ota|MG> Q: Curious, is the reason you haven't translated any of the other shuffle titles because of bad relations or?
01:50:13 <bay|Ota|MG> ticktak titles...
01:50:24 <bay|Ota|MG> A: We are considering looking at those titles, but I don't have anything I can say right now
01:50:39 <bay|Ota|MG> Q: What happened to the manga and anime section?
01:50:48 <bay|Ota|MG> A: That was the section that got hit hardest with the negotations
01:50:53 <bay|Ota|MG> the manga fell out, don't know if it will come back
01:50:57 <bay|Ota|MG> we are looking at the anime still
01:51:10 <bay|Ota|MG> we're talking with a different company than we had originally planned
01:51:21 <bay|Ota|MG> Q: Doing shows other than AX or Otakon?
01:51:43 <bay|Ota|MG> A: That was something I wanted to mentioned earlier, we're going to attend more in 2013, looking at katsukon, akon, ab, fanime, sakurakon
01:52:51 <bay|Ota|MG> Q: As your spirital leige, why do you not listen to me when i tell you we need resort boin in this country
01:53:01 <bay|Ota|MG> A: How many people here would want resort boin?
01:53:47 <bay|Ota|MG> Any more?
01:54:00 <bay|Ota|MG> Q: Last year your catch phrase was buy guilty, what's it this year?
01:54:04 <bay|Ota|MG> A: Buy Kara no shoujo
01:54:27 <bay|Ota|MG> Q: Do you guys plan to do any like... is there a possibilty on doing games based on shows? Like games based on anime?
01:54:45 <bay|Ota|MG> A: Yes, that is one thing we look at when we go to approach a company, if we do have a game that's been animaed
01:55:31 <bay|Ota|MG> Games like that (anime to game), those are console and we do pc, and companies like bandai namco are a lot harder to approach
01:55:47 <bay|Ota|MG> Q: Key meant Key/Visual Art's?
01:55:48 <bay|Ota|MG> A: Yes
01:56:00 <bay|Ota|MG> Q: More da capo?
01:56:11 <bay|Ota|MG> A: maybe da capo 3 maybe somepoint, we haven't talked about it yet
01:56:17 <bay|Ota|MG> Q: release the shuffle remake?
01:56:27 <bay|Ota|MG> A: That is not one we're currently looking at
01:56:37 <bay|Ota|MG> honestly, there are other navel titles we'd rather look at at the moment
01:57:00 <bay|Ota|MG> Q: Take-moon question
01:57:02 <bay|Ota|MG> A: No comment
01:57:11 <bay|Ota|MG> Q: New hardcopies games?
01:57:32 <bay|Ota|MG> A; Newest ones are the ones released at AX, dear drops and harem party, after this round of conventions is done, we're talking about more, the question is which is when
01:58:34 <bay|Ota|MG> Again' well be in the dealers room,
01:58:36 <bay|Ota|MG> End
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