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Unedited Feed from the Behind FUNimation panel at NanDeusKan 2011. Transcription: bayoab
Note: ( ) is usually commenting on the panel and was not said.

16:04:16 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> (Again, EDT cause no MDT in the backend)
16:04:26 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> (Clarine Harp and Patrick Seitz)
16:05:28 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> I am Patrick Seitz and this...
16:05:40 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> Hi, my name is Clarine Harp, i'm the director of DVD and bluray production
16:05:50 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> (patrick is a voice actor and director of voice ators more)
16:05:55 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> This is to do more of the behind the scene sprocess.
16:06:13 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> But there is a lot more involved that peopl dont' know about from when FUnimation acquires the license to when the DVD hits the retail
16:06:29 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> At any point and time, if you have any questions, please ask.
16:06:40 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> I guess I'll start, I like patrick here to explain the production side because I'm more post
16:06:55 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> We get a lot of questions about "Why does it take so long fro when the lciense is announced to when the VDD is released"
16:07:03 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> the reason is because once we got the license, it isn't necessary that we got the materials
16:07:10 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> it just means that we signed a contract or have an agreemnent
16:07:17 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> once we got materials, these can range in format
16:07:23 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> sometimes hd-cam, sometimes sd digita beta
16:07:32 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> sometimes we get music and effects on DVD, sometime on tapes
16:07:38 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> art assets, keyart, scripts
16:07:41 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> packaging
16:07:49 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> and you work with them too
16:07:59 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> P: I usually work with them after they've been sorted through.
16:08:08 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> A At that point, what we do is research the Japanese DVD and bluray releases
16:08:19 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> sometimes there may be ahold back or we might not be able to release until a few months after
16:08:25 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> i'mbuying the jp discs and looking at the features
16:08:39 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> sometimes they are good, i usually pull the whole list and ask for permission from the licensors for all of the m
16:08:42 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> knowing full well that we won't get it
16:08:46 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> there are tons of reasons that we can't get them.
16:08:50 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> (paraphrasing heavily at points)
16:09:03 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> sometimes they are too expensive and sometimes the actors are unavailable
16:09:03 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> (mssied)
16:09:11 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> And we send stuff out to translators
16:09:28 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> our translators are great because all scripts are dual purpose, they aren't just for the subtitle track.
16:09:36 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> they are used for the dub, they get sent to patrick for the adr
16:09:54 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> and sometimes i get asked why you don't use the raw scripts
16:10:12 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> P; Because it doesn't fit the flap. We want it to fit the flap, we want it to sound natural
16:10:33 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> As you said, the translators are really good, because i've seen good and bad translators and these are
16:10:42 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> It's good when it's already fluent english because we can just tweak it.
16:10:52 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> C; I just want to add something that iv'e seen from other companies.
16:10:58 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> THe tranlsation notes are good on the sides, espeiclaly for ADR
16:11:06 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> pppd is a good example, it's heavily referential
16:11:21 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> It's referential to other shows, some shows require a knowledge of japanese history
16:11:31 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> It's good to find a thorough translator who is hard to find.
16:11:49 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> P: I was thinking of princess jerllfish, which is full of notes because it's full of cultural notes that fly right by
16:12:02 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> C; Alisons really goood and we spent lots of time ton jellyfish
16:12:14 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> SO do you want to explain the ADR script?
16:12:31 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> P: Os they will give the translation and the time elements
16:12:41 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> on the video is a time code burn because this way you can have the sepcific time code of when the line starts
16:12:56 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> because the enginner puts in that time code, there is beep and then where the 4th beep is that point in the time code
16:13:14 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> you get the script, you get the translation, and then you go through line by line or section or section of line and just repeating it until it fits
16:13:19 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> there are some shows where you stick close to the translation
16:13:25 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> there are some which you punch up for characterization
16:13:37 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> there are puns which dont' survive the translation process
16:13:49 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> there are lots of schools of thought
16:13:53 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> some places wnat things close to the japanese
16:14:05 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> other just want it sound right in english and those just require adjusting.
16:14:11 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> We have the same basic archetypes, but they don't always sound the same
16:14:24 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> C: another thing I would like to add, is that soetimes ADR scripts are different from the japanese
16:14:30 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> We like to keep true to the intent of the show
16:14:37 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> If the show is supposed to be funny, we want it to be funny
16:14:57 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> Nabeshin said this pubilcally, that he liked how nerima was handled because the audience was luaughing as opposed to a strict trnaslation
16:15:07 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> P: My feeling is that if you want hte original experience, it exists in the Japanese original product
16:15:22 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> In bringing it over to a english speaking audience, you do what you do
16:15:41 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> C; ANd there is something else in the ADR script writing which is reactions, can you expain those (missed part above)
16:15:55 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> P: With show with fighting, you get shows with just the translation, there is none of the sfx from the fighting
16:16:12 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> There is a whole way that we express these in the scripts
16:16:19 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> Just o convey to the actor what will be there
16:16:25 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> But it takes someone going through and finding the reacts
16:16:28 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> and sometimes they are in the music
16:16:36 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> C; And sometimes they are in the tiny lipflip that you can barely see
16:16:51 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> P: Some poor people have to find those sounds
16:16:53 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> with headphones
16:17:02 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> and then you see notes like "is that a soundeffect?"
16:17:14 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> Reacts are very important
16:17:20 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> and that's something that differntiates anime from other voice acting
16:17:49 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> sometimes you bring in actors from other genres, and you bring them into the anime and then they have to do the reacts and it's a whole other thign.
16:18:09 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> C; This is the hardest thing with the voice work when i first got into it.
16:18:26 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> Q: Have you ever had something with the reation and then you realize it's the wrong person saying the reaction.
16:18:27 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> Both: Yes.
16:18:36 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> P: sometimes i rea the note and it's like .. is this so and so or is this so and so
16:18:39 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> It depends on the reaction
16:19:01 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> C: and this happens a lot in hetalia, a lot of us had to say lines simultaneously
16:19:13 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> and when we would finally get into the studio and we would zoom in, we would see one person isnt' saying anything
16:19:34 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> P: YOu don't want to be the person who writes the script who didn't bring some one in because you didn't notice
16:19:39 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> I always error on the side of caution.
16:20:12 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> There are tons of notes in the script along the column.
16:20:07 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> There are notes
16:20:19 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> Q: ever had a script that doesn't work well in english?
16:20:39 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> P: Yes, but it's always been a translation issue.. But there are translations out there, but i know people hwo have gotten translations outt here on shows or games
16:20:47 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> where it's a long line and the t/l is 3 words
16:21:02 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> so before hand, they have to do battlefield triage to extend it and then worry about nuance, btu they have 1000 more lines
16:21:18 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> Q: Any slipups like in cowboy bebop there is something reverse?
16:21:24 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> P; I've probably seen them without realizing they were there.
16:21:52 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> (Q:) It's one that always got me when jet says open foot insert mouth (or something like that)
16:22:20 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> Q: Do the japanese ever allow you to edit the footage to make it so you can make the line in the japaense. to make it fit better
16:23:01 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> C: We don't edit any video, not the body.
16:23:12 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> P: I've worked on things that have had to been tweaked video wise for content for broadcast
16:23:18 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> C; broadcast we have to do things, but that's not our choice
16:23:29 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> P: in japan it's targeted at a different age group
16:23:46 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> C: I say a hilarious yugioh edit... sometimes when you edit things, it ends up looking worse...
16:24:20 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> P: I love the ones where people are blasted to hell, and then they say "i'm okay, i'm still alive"
16:24:42 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> Q: ON that line, are there occassions, are there times where a particular object can be seen as offensive where an object has been edited?
16:24:47 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> C; It's situational
16:25:01 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> Sometimes, you might get a show with a dr pepper logo or a disney thing that you can't notice
16:25:07 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> That's the sort of thing that might be changed in the rotoscoping
16:25:14 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> As far as offensive, clearly rin went out...
16:25:22 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> We haven't actually edited anything out for home video release
16:25:26 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> Broadcast is a different thing
16:25:41 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> For broadcast, it happens to every show, blood..
16:25:45 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> P: Can't say death, can't say kill...
16:25:52 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> you have scripts with a bunch of alt lines for broadcast
16:26:00 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> sometimes the list includes you can't call someone stupid, fat or an idiot
16:26:24 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> There was one show which I was working on where that was one of their verboten terms
16:26:58 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> (skipping part of talking about dead characters and handling those... like dragonball)
16:27:12 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> C; I think we covered ADR very well
16:27:22 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> This process is non-linear, a bunch of different departments are doing other stuff simultaneously
16:27:44 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> once the script is done, it's turned in, and then turned into the adr director who starts the casting process
16:27:59 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> For directing, is there something you look for?
16:28:14 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> P: For casting, it's a small community, especially with anime.
16:28:28 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> You already got an idea when you see the charactesr, you already have an idea of who you want to audition for it.
16:28:34 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> But then it's also nice as a director to be surprised.
16:28:52 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> But if someone else wants to try, and you are surprised, it's nice
16:28:56 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> (paraphsing left and right here)
16:29:08 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> I've had things where they were handed to me. They said "here is your cast"
16:29:31 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> Sometimes it's more collaborative. sometimes they want to go over th eleads and we do the rest
16:29:44 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> Then you bring in and record them one at a time.... which shouldn't work
16:29:46 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> never together
16:29:58 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> It's voodoo, it shouldn't work when you bring them in one at a time.
16:30:17 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> Sometimes you are the first one in and nobody else has been in, but other times you are at the end and you can play off the others.
16:30:29 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> That's how we work.
16:30:52 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> C; One thing I do want to bring up, sometimes when an actor didn't get cast in the role, they didn't feel they were the best actor, but they have to cast across the projet and how the cast sounds across eachother
16:31:04 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> P: It's important to get the ensamble right.
16:31:16 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> Sometimes you need a character somewhere else when they could be a lead character.
16:31:26 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> It's unfortunate, but most of us roll with it, that's how it is.
16:31:46 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> I'm glad you brought that up.
16:32:06 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> Q: Do they ever type cast for animes?
16:32:10 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> P: Never (sarcasm)
16:32:19 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> Always, they have these types that are always there.
16:32:27 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> (Q:) What if they can't get who they want.
16:32:34 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> P: Then theyt get the next person down the list.
16:33:23 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> There is always somebody else they can get. People rise to the occassion.
16:33:30 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> You never tell them that though.
16:33:55 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> C: I'll jump back a bit and talk about what my department is doing on the side
16:34:00 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> Every department and company works now
16:34:06 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> but this processes is specific to funimation
16:34:40 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> but the DVD bluray and department is filled with subtitles, authoring, qc (And a bunch of others whihc i missed)
16:34:59 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> While the ADR is working on it, the subtitlers are immediately doing the video. My department isn't just DVD and bluray, we also do the simulcast shows
16:35:08 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> As an anime fan, I'm very happy we're doing that.
16:35:39 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> Now, a couple days after Japan, i'm able to watch it legitimately for free
16:35:50 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> Q: What experience do you need to have to get into the anime industry?
16:35:55 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> C: What job are you refering to?
16:35:58 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> Like marketing?
16:36:20 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> A lot of people whoa re brand managers for funi have mbas or degrees in marketing or suc
16:36:26 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> In engineering...
16:36:41 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> (missed part about being ap roject manager)
16:36:59 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> a lot of people who are on patrick's side of things who were in audio engineering, art school, film school
16:37:01 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> it depends what you are looking at it
16:37:05 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> there are so many jobs, it depends
16:37:27 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> P: And once you are in, it's a lot easier to do a lateral shift. Engineers become directors, actors become writers.
16:37:34 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> C; Actors become producers.
16:37:59 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> Q: Is there a community of people who works in anime? Do you know everyone?
16:38:17 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> P: Yes, there is a small community in voice acting, it's like going to a small highschool
16:38:35 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> C; Also, it takes a certain type of personality to be atttracted to this industry and to want to work with it;.
16:39:01 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> P: People are very cool in general. People can be competitive. I feel with voice actors people aren't (lost)
16:39:17 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> I think people stay even keel.
16:39:31 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> Q: Is there a big difference between shows lke shin-chan where the script is brand new and others/
16:39:38 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> C; that's different because we were giving the license to adlib
16:39:56 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> I think ADV got ghost stories where they were told to not be strict to the translation
16:40:04 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> we still have to stick to lipflip and such
16:40:11 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> Q: WHat goes with the decision making for blu-ray vs dvd only
16:40:25 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> C: It depends on a number of different factors. We have to obtain approval to get bluray in the states
16:40:31 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> I don't know how amny people realize we are the same region as Japan
16:40:48 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> That means reverse importation is possible for people in japan
16:40:57 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> it happens enough that licensors are aware of the problem
16:41:04 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> Some of them make you wait for a few months and others say no.
16:41:31 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> We've had times where the licensor said we couldn't use the JP audio so we just didn't release the product
16:41:48 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> Maybe the materials don't support it. Sometimes it's an old show and it's physically impossible to get it on bluyray
16:42:05 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> some titles don't sell on bluray that are on a demographic that isn't an early adopter of bluray like kids
16:42:21 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> Ideally, i'd like to put most titles up on blu-ray, but it's not always possible.
16:42:27 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> So i was talking about simulcasts and subtitles
16:43:01 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> So they work on subtitles, meanwhile at the ranch, let's say i found out what the extra features will be, we're discussion relase dates, which also depnds on dubbing
16:43:14 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> we're also looking at the ep count to see what we can put on the disk for extras
16:43:32 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> Outtakes are not alwyas possible to put on every release, because it depends on the creator because some feel it is disrespectful.
16:43:43 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> Sometimes we can't afford it, because it still costs money to produce
16:44:04 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> Sometimes over recording, the engeinners are pulling things out and markeitng, and they have to go to editing and be mixed, and there is a lot of overhead
16:44:11 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> So it can't always be done.
16:44:22 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> Q: What's the decision behind release without dubs?
16:44:31 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> C: FUnimation dubs everything,but probably because of the production cost
16:44:35 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> It's extremely expensive to dub.
16:44:53 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> They have to pay the actors, engineers, maybe studio time
16:45:07 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> That's why you see companies.. i mean funimation and adv have more inhouse staff to cover that
16:45:19 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> But Geneon would subcontract the dub to other studios and pay them a flat rate
16:45:24 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> So i don't know the decision
16:45:33 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> P: Dubbing is pricy ebcause of all the people and all the things, it adds up
16:45:39 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> C; and the equipement, all the microphones.
16:45:46 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> It's soundproofed, etc
16:45:54 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> Q: can you give an esimtate of how much it costs to dub a series?
16:45:57 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> C: I can't....
16:46:09 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> I think it depends on the series, and how much it is.
16:46:32 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> I don't know because it's production. It's a lot though
16:47:06 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> So production extras... after I decided how much content is on each disc, i have to see how much the project will cost in hard goods, we're looking at disc count and episode count, we can put this many episodes on a disc, (lost)
16:47:13 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> So I'm writing the menu instructions for the art department.
16:47:38 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> They do a really good job. They look at those instructions and use those to design the menu and design the packaging as well.
16:47:45 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> And at that time, I'm also picking out trailers.
16:47:56 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> And that was on ANNcast last week, and that depends what the show is about.
16:48:04 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> I try to pick them based on how the shows relate.
16:48:18 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> BUt you have to be careful becuase you have to account for age and other things
16:48:30 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> You have to be aware of whot he audience is, you have to pay attention to the relevance of the trailer.
16:48:37 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> One show may not be relevent but it's coming out a month later.
16:48:53 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> You have to think with a marketing brain and also have to decide on the menu loops which have to be picked out
16:49:13 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> I do the DVD menu loops... so I checked the creative brief and check the personality of the brand.
16:49:44 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> So i'm looking at all that, deciding on the hierarchy, deciding the menus, proofing the menus.
16:49:54 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> So I pass that over and then the video is being passed to the compressionists
16:50:01 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> but we're maybe working on 50 titles maybe at the same time
16:50:37 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> But people are always asking questions. After they get authored, they got into quality control
16:50:48 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> because quality control has to look at the video.
16:51:08 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> they have to check for... .they have to try and break the disc.. try every button on every menu, every combination to try and crash things.
16:51:18 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> like if you can press a button for right and it goes left
16:51:25 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> as good as the authors are, we're all human and some things slip throughl.
16:51:39 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> sometimes the aspect ratio causes the subtitles to shift
16:51:41 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> it can be anything
16:51:43 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> av sync
16:52:01 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> P: I did something a few years ago where everything was off by enough that it was noticeable.
16:52:27 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> Q: What about the tiny white subtitles on bluray?
16:52:46 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> C; I talked about this on ANNcast... when we effect a change, it takes a few months because we've already sent things to replication
16:52:53 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> This just came up recently so we're still looking into it.
16:53:32 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> Q: (Very odd question about females and multitasking and job positions)
16:54:01 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> Q: Curious about the half seasons.. why half seasons instead of wholes or individuals?
16:54:11 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> C; We used to do single stick releases ....people dont' want to buy those anymore
16:54:14 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> they want to buy more episodes
16:54:56 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> the way with the production time, if we did a single box set, we may not make money on that for over a year.(??)
16:54:39 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> so the half seasons get it on the market faster
16:54:51 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> and let us continue on to the next parrt
16:55:10 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> since we have 5 minutes... i told you i have a lot.... let's see if there are more questions
16:56:04 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> Q: No release schedule or upcoming title list on the website...
16:56:37 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> C; I think they do... I haven't checked the new one ebcause they completely redesigned it. I have seen it.. If you go to the news, i think they have upcoming.
16:56:51 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> Q: How much does the Japanese production companies dictate the final end product?
16:57:08 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> C: They do review it throughout, it depends on the show and the company and it's a case by case basis.
16:57:25 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> Every show requires packaging and banner ads, for approvals
16:57:32 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> other shows require adr scripts.
16:57:38 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> Every department takes care of their own approvals
16:57:43 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> It depends on the situation for how much.
16:58:01 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> Q: Is there any way to produce a DVD that doesn't have a dub for a lesser price?
16:58:13 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> C; It is possible, but it's not our company model.
16:58:25 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> I don't have a problem with subtitles, but we provide dubs.
16:58:40 <bay|NDK|BehindFUNi> Thank you very much
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