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Transcript will begin when the panel starts.
Note: ( ) is usually commenting on the panel and was not said.

19:51:48 <zalas|JAST> The line is really long
19:52:02 <zalas|JAST> it's down the hallway, around the corner, further down that hallway and looping back
19:52:16 <zalas|JAST> There's a possibility that they won't all fit in the room
19:58:31 <zalas|JAST> The room has around 200 seats
20:04:04 <zalas|JAST> We want to make sure you are in the right place
20:04:08 <zalas|JAST> This is not the masquerade
20:04:11 <zalas|JAST> and this is not the shira oka panel
20:04:14 <zalas|JAST> this is NOT all ages
20:04:37 <zalas|JAST> Last year, we've handed out JAST collector trading cards
20:04:57 <zalas|JAST> We're giving out tickets that can be redeemed for fabulous prizes at the end of the panel
20:05:29 <zalas|JAST> First we're going to cover in a quick primer
20:05:34 <zalas|JAST> For those who still they might be in the wrong place
20:05:37 <zalas|JAST> What are bishoujo games?
20:05:58 <zalas|JAST> Bishoujo games are games about bishoujo, which are pretty girls
20:06:01 <zalas|JAST> They are NOT bushido games
20:06:12 <zalas|JAST> For bushido, I think we have the arcade room that's somewhere else
20:06:38 <zalas|JAST> You interact with beautiful women and form relationships, choosing your destiny together
20:06:51 <zalas|JAST> Who We Are
20:07:02 <zalas|JAST> My name is Shingo
20:07:10 <zalas|JAST> I can be found moderating otakuism BBS
20:07:13 <zalas|JAST> which is our official game BBS
20:07:30 <zalas|JAST> I also run heiseidemocracy.com
20:07:37 <zalas|JAST> NExt we have the head honcho
20:07:40 <zalas|JAST> who is the president of JAST USA
20:07:54 <zalas|JAST> I'm prez of JAST USA and also a little site called J-List
20:08:01 <zalas|JAST> I'm lucky enough to live in Japn... in a liquor shop
20:08:04 <zalas|JAST> I'm a very happy person
20:08:21 <zalas|JAST> Finally, our guest of hour is lightning warrior raidy
20:08:26 <zalas|JAST> who is over there as an inflatable version
20:08:38 <zalas|JAST> This is an extra that coems with the J Raidy 2
20:08:44 <zalas|JAST> we're thinking of making it available too
20:09:02 <zalas|JAST> We started with Three Sisters Story
20:09:05 <zalas|JAST> in 1998
20:09:17 <zalas|JAST> In the past decade the company has grown to include the popular Peach Princess and G-Collections brands
20:09:23 <zalas|JAST> Where We've Been
20:09:25 <zalas|JAST> July 2007-2008 releases
20:09:45 <zalas|JAST> Pretty Soldier Wars A.D. 2048
20:09:52 <zalas|JAST> We put out 5 games this past year
20:09:56 <zalas|JAST> the most we've put out in a year
20:10:06 <zalas|JAST> We're really happy to have brought out all these games
20:10:14 <zalas|JAST> the first one we put out was at Otakon, Pretty Soldier Wars
20:10:21 <zalas|JAST> was our very first tactical combat squad based game
20:10:25 <bay|AX|JAST> Screen: Pretty soldier wars ad 2048 (summer 2007) Postapocalyptic turn-based strategy
20:10:42 <zalas|JAST> you take the role of the commander of a beautiful female biosoldier androids
20:10:47 <zalas|JAST> In between the missions you can go on dates w/ the girls
20:10:54 <bay|AX|JAST> Screen: Fight against the vicious mutant Yoju and save the human race from extinction by commanding an elite unit of female biosoldier androids!
20:10:57 <zalas|JAST> During the missions you can save the girls from the terrible um... tentacle monsters
20:11:09 <bay|AX|JAST> Screen: Develop romances with your squad-mates when you date them between missions
20:11:13 <zalas|JAST> $24.95
20:11:18 <zalas|JAST> we're trying to keep things affordable
20:11:35 <zalas|JAST> Bazooka Cafe
20:11:38 <bay|AX|JAST> Screen: Bazooka Cafe (Fall 2007)
20:11:46 <zalas|JAST> This is a title that basically... speaks for itself
20:12:04 <bay|AX|JAST> Screen: Manage a cafe with a team of four buxom waitresses who all secretly yearn for your affections! Bonus 'Valentine special' harem route included....
20:12:08 <zalas|JAST> you are the manager of basically... your dad gets sick and you quit your plushy job and takes over the family business
20:12:27 <zalas|JAST> you get a former waitress, ex girlfriend, former boss, etc. all in the cafe w/ you
20:12:36 <zalas|JAST> the one similarity they all share, they're all um.... well endowed
20:12:42 <zalas|JAST> some might say, ... too well endowed
20:12:54 <zalas|JAST> and so for those who tend to be into that sort of thing, that's one we're really happy to put out
20:12:57 <zalas|JAST> next up
20:12:59 <zalas|JAST> last winter
20:13:01 <zalas|JAST> Snow Sakura
20:13:02 <bay|AX|JAST> Screen: Snow Sakura (Winter 2007)
20:13:07 <zalas|JAST> another really unique title in our lineup
20:13:17 <zalas|JAST> probably one of the most heartwarming story oriented games we've been able to put up
20:13:20 <zalas|JAST> it's a beautiful game
20:13:20 <bay|AX|JAST> Screen: Find Happiness and live in the heart of winter with a group of friends in northern japan. Which girl will become your special someone?
20:13:22 <zalas|JAST> you can sit back and enjoy
20:13:27 <zalas|JAST> and not worry about tentacle mosters jumping out
20:13:32 <zalas|JAST> not worry about you know having sex all the time
20:13:37 <zalas|JAST> Audience : AWWW BOOOO
20:13:45 <zalas|JAST> you can fast forward to the sex if you want
20:13:48 <zalas|JAST> Audience: YEAAAH
20:14:00 <zalas|JAST> this is a great game, you can explore the north of Japan
20:14:06 <zalas|JAST> friendships blossom into romances
20:14:28 <bay|AX|JAST> Screen: Lighting Warrior Raidy (Spring 2008)
20:14:34 <bay|AX|JAST> Screen: First-person fanatasy RPG
20:14:42 <zalas|JAST> This is ground breaking
20:14:50 <zalas|JAST> Audience: Sex if you win, sex if you lose?
20:14:52 <zalas|JAST> Exactly
20:15:05 <bay|AX|JAST> Screen: Take the role of the beautiful Raidy and liberate captive maidens trapped in a mysterious tower - sex if you win, sex if you lose!
20:15:07 <zalas|JAST> this is like a classic first person dungeon crawling RPG
20:15:22 <zalas|JAST> She comes to a village which have been abandoned
20:15:24 <zalas|JAST> men were killed
20:15:31 <zalas|JAST> women were captured in the tower
20:15:36 <zalas|JAST> the monsters are girls
20:15:38 <zalas|JAST> the bosses are girls
20:15:41 <zalas|JAST> this is like 90% yuri
20:15:46 <zalas|JAST> this is also a 24.95 lineup
20:15:52 <zalas|JAST> you won't bust your bank accounts
20:15:53 <zalas|JAST> *97%
20:16:13 <zalas|JAST> next this has been the game we've been working overtime the past few months
20:16:15 <bay|AX|JAST> Screen: Amorous Professor Cherry (Summer 2008)
20:16:22 <zalas|JAST> we got it just in time for the con
20:16:29 <zalas|JAST> it's on sale for the first time ever in the dealer room
20:16:34 <zalas|JAST> online preorders as of friday or monday
20:16:41 <bay|AX|JAST> Screen: Now on sale! Explore an intimate relationship with your teacher in this steamy love sim from the makers of The Sagara Family and Crescendo.
20:16:42 <zalas|JAST> For cherry, basically if you like teacher a lot...
20:16:49 <zalas|JAST> Audience: YEAAH
20:16:58 <zalas|JAST> If you're familiar with Sensei2... it's not as dark as that
20:17:04 <zalas|JAST> it's much more sort of ... basically
20:17:11 <zalas|JAST> it's from the writer of Crescendo
20:17:15 <zalas|JAST> this has as a really good story
20:17:23 <zalas|JAST> Artist from Zyx
20:17:29 <zalas|JAST> who have worked on the sagara family
20:17:40 <zalas|JAST> This has some animated sequences interspersed throughout
20:17:46 <zalas|JAST> when you get to certain special scenes
20:18:02 <zalas|JAST> Games Currently in Production
20:18:11 <zalas|JAST> Yes, this is an adult panel.
20:18:25 <zalas|JAST> we're going to talk about the games we've announced last year
20:18:35 <zalas|JAST> these are games we released at last AX or in the intervening time
20:18:40 <zalas|JAST> Princess Waltz
20:18:45 <bay|AX|JAST> Screen: Princess Waltz (80% complete)
20:18:46 <zalas|JAST> this is a really awesome awesome game
20:18:50 <zalas|JAST> this is on an epic scope
20:19:07 <zalas|JAST> haven't been seen in an officially Englished localized game yet
20:19:12 <bay|AX|JAST> Screen: Journey into a realm of fantasy and high romance in Eldelant as you help decide the fate of the throne and your own true love!
20:19:35 <bay|AX|JAST> Screen: Features an innovative card battle system that propels the story forward. Expected release: Summer 2008
20:19:43 <zalas|JAST> You enter into various relationships with all these princesses who are vying for the throne in the alternate universe
20:19:54 <zalas|JAST> this game was big enough to have had all ages manga and figures in Japan
20:19:58 <zalas|JAST> This is about 80% complete
20:19:59 <zalas|JAST> translation is done
20:20:05 <zalas|JAST> working with producer to get final comiples
20:20:07 <zalas|JAST> then testing and duplication
20:20:13 <zalas|JAST> hope to have late summer early fall
20:20:26 <zalas|JAST> Family Project -Kazoku Keikaku~
20:20:28 <bay|AX|JAST> Screen: Family Project ~Kazoku Keikaku~ (60% complete)
20:20:33 <zalas|JAST> trying to fininsh this as fast as we can
20:20:37 <zalas|JAST> this is a huge script
20:21:20 <zalas|JAST> working to make it the absolute best possible game we can
20:21:37 <zalas|JAST> Cosplay Fetish Academy
20:21:42 <bay|AX|JAST> Screen: Cosplay Fetish Academy (40% complete)
20:21:45 <zalas|JAST> this is another one that doesn't need too much explaining
20:21:50 <zalas|JAST> basically you're walking down the street one day
20:21:52 <zalas|JAST> with your twin cousins
20:22:00 <zalas|JAST> when suddenly a bizarre whirlwind storm comes out of nowhere
20:22:06 <bay|AX|JAST> Screen: Discover life in a world suddenly changed - all the girls around you are suddenly cosplay fanatics! A great romantic comedy in a school life revealing cosplay paradise.
20:22:06 <zalas|JAST> you're hit by lightning
20:22:09 <zalas|JAST> and when you wake up
20:22:16 <zalas|JAST> everyone's wearing bizarre scandalous cosplay
20:22:17 <bay|AX|JAST> Screen: Expected Release: Winter 2008
20:22:27 <zalas|JAST> This is a game that will be really enjoyable
20:22:39 <zalas|JAST> This one we're hoping to have a smooth release at the end of the year
20:22:42 <zalas|JAST> translation is complete
20:22:48 <zalas|JAST> Cat Girl Alliance
20:22:53 <bay|AX|JAST> Screen: Cat Girl Alliance (35% complete)
20:22:56 <zalas|JAST> This is a game that again once you read the description
20:23:01 <zalas|JAST> you get a pretty good idea of what it's going to be about
20:23:05 <zalas|JAST> youv'e got your catgirls
20:23:09 <zalas|JAST> you got your futanari
20:23:17 <zalas|JAST> you got a lot of kinky interesting stuff
20:23:22 <zalas|JAST> if this is your thing this game is going to be great
20:23:25 <bay|AX|JAST> Screen: When you're blackmailed into joining a secret school sex society by your hermaphrodite classmate Rumi, a whole new world of exploration and exotic love awaits!
20:23:28 <zalas|JAST> we're really happy to bring this to them
20:23:33 <zalas|JAST> and to some of us working at the company
20:23:34 <zalas|JAST> winter 2009
20:23:35 <bay|AX|JAST> Screen: Estimate release Winter 2008
20:23:36 <zalas|JAST> ---
20:23:40 <zalas|JAST> lightning Warrior raidy II
20:23:48 <bay|AX|JAST> Screen: Lightning Warrior RaidyII (10% complete)
20:23:51 <zalas|JAST> the sequel to .... as you mightguess... lightning warrior raidy II
20:23:56 <zalas|JAST> this is a lot more, a lot better with a lot more features
20:23:59 <zalas|JAST> easily 3 times bigger
20:24:01 <zalas|JAST> gold economy
20:24:02 <zalas|JAST> towns
20:24:04 <zalas|JAST> a town in a dungeon
20:24:07 <zalas|JAST> lots of monsters
20:24:09 <zalas|JAST> 40 NPCs
20:24:15 <zalas|JAST> a whole lot bigger than the first game
20:24:22 <zalas|JAST> a slightly more of a plot
20:24:29 <zalas|JAST> this one we've got the translation complete
20:24:34 <zalas|JAST> so now we're now going to be starting work
20:24:37 <zalas|JAST> we
20:24:39 <zalas|JAST> re
20:24:43 <bay|AX|JAST> Screen: The sequel to the poular first-eperson RPG lightning warrior raidy brings a whole new depth to the game, with multiple dungeons, towns, a gold economy, and dozens more monsters, and charaters for raidy to meet - but it's "sex if you win, sex if you lose" all the same!
20:24:45 <zalas|JAST> trying to make the train go as quickly as we can
20:24:52 <bay|AX|JAST> Screen: Expected release: winter/spring 2009
20:24:53 <zalas|JAST> we're trying to not tire out your wallet, or us
20:25:10 <zalas|JAST> That does it for the games we've anounced to date
20:25:15 <zalas|JAST> we've got a new things coming up
20:25:21 <zalas|JAST> well
20:25:23 <zalas|JAST> next up
20:25:26 <zalas|JAST> we have a couple of announcements
20:26:46 <zalas|JAST> Moero D
20:26:52 <zalas|JAST> downhill night
20:28:36 <zalas|JAST> from TOP/Studio Foglio
20:28:52 <zalas|JAST> Moero Downhill night: the series
20:28:55 <bay|AX|JAST> Screen: Moero Downhill Night: The Series
20:29:01 <zalas|JAST> okay so what you jsut saw was
20:29:08 <zalas|JAST> the opening video from Moero Downhill Night 1
20:29:14 <zalas|JAST> we'll bring you the full series of 3 games
20:29:18 <zalas|JAST> from the game you can't tell how the gameplay will work
20:29:21 <bay|AX|JAST> Screen: Navigate your away to the heart of the girl you love as you guide her race to victory, or take the driver's seat yourself in this "drifting" themed car romance series!
20:29:30 <zalas|JAST> that video was rendered by the same people who rendered the initial D anime
20:29:42 <zalas|JAST> in the first game, and the second game you play the navigator for the girl drivers
20:29:57 <zalas|JAST> at certain points in the FMV race scenes, you tell them how they need to control the car to win the race
20:30:01 <zalas|JAST> if you do well, there's certain outcomes
20:30:09 <zalas|JAST> "Initial H" - Peter Payne
20:30:20 <zalas|JAST> We know if we called it that, we'll get our pants sued off
20:30:25 <zalas|JAST> in the third, it's actually a racing game
20:30:28 <zalas|JAST> so you drive the car
20:30:38 <zalas|JAST> and if you win the races it's a good thing, and if you lose the race it's a bad thing
20:30:41 <zalas|JAST> Audience: Awwwww
20:31:00 <zalas|JAST> we don't have a firm idea of the release schedule
20:31:05 <zalas|JAST> more info in the next few weeks on our website
20:31:14 <zalas|JAST> second announcement
20:31:50 <zalas|JAST> Empress
20:31:58 <zalas|JAST> CLEAVAGE
20:33:34 <zalas|JAST> from 2005
20:33:44 <zalas|JAST> Audience member: Do that one first!
20:33:55 <bay|AX|JAST> Screen: Cleavage
20:34:00 <zalas|JAST> that's a video we're going to edit before we can show downstairs
20:34:22 <zalas|JAST> the art is probably immediately familiar to those who're familiar with Bible Black and Discipline
20:34:29 <bay|AX|JAST> Screen: The popular artist of Bible Black and Discipline lends his talents to this tale of Yuuto and the romantic mishaps shared with his step-sister and teacher.
20:34:35 <zalas|JAST> the art is probably immediately familiar to those who're familiar with Bible Black
20:34:41 <bay|AX|JAST> Screen: Which of the two will win his heat (and physical affections) in the end?
20:34:49 <zalas|JAST> basically what you see is what you get
20:34:57 <zalas|JAST> if you like being smothered in naughty bits...
20:34:58 <bay|AX|JAST> *Screen: Which of the two will win his heart (and physical affections) in the end?
20:35:00 <zalas|JAST> this is a game for you
20:35:17 <zalas|JAST> this concludes the concerte announcement portion of our rpresentation
20:35:23 <zalas|JAST> now some teaser items
20:35:26 <bay|AX|JAST> Screen: And more...
20:35:36 <bay|AX|JAST> Screen: JAST USA's first "yuri" game
20:35:36 <zalas|JAST> in addition, we're going to bring the first 100% yuri game
20:35:46 <bay|AX|JAST> Screen: Budget price arcade style action line.
20:35:53 <bay|AX|JAST> Screen: Possible dark-themed lineup
20:35:54 <zalas|JAST> not a role playing game or anything
20:36:07 <zalas|JAST> straight game with all the rommance, intrigue and passion of the genre
20:36:13 <bay|AX|JAST> Screen: Stay tuned at JASTUSA.com www.otakuism.com for all the latest bishoujo gaming news!
20:36:14 <zalas|JAST> in negotations for a series of games
20:36:22 <zalas|JAST> with arcade elements and standard dating sim games
20:36:44 <zalas|JAST> it's a line of games that combine an arcade element and a really good bishoujo game element
20:36:55 <zalas|JAST> 24.95 is what we're going to bring this out as
20:37:20 <zalas|JAST> there's something very very dark and depraved coming
20:37:28 <zalas|JAST> will make pretty much everything on our table a walk in the park
20:37:31 <zalas|JAST> we're still in negotations
20:37:37 <zalas|JAST> there's a clue at the booth
20:38:20 <zalas|JAST> this concludes the informational part of our panel
20:38:32 <zalas|JAST> prize giveaway now
20:40:57 <zalas|JAST> a girl won the snow sakura
20:41:28 <zalas|JAST> a girl who the ad 2048 game
20:41:32 <zalas|JAST> Audience: enjoy the tentacles!
20:42:32 <zalas|JAST> a pair of leeks is up for raffle now
20:42:46 <zalas|JAST> these are not dildos
20:43:00 <zalas|JAST> great for waving and spinning
20:46:31 <zalas|JAST> there's a wall at the company with pictures people sent in
20:46:42 <zalas|JAST> where people said "I got a Japanese girlfriend like this with this t-shirt"
20:47:01 <zalas|JAST> now raffling pocky
20:49:12 <zalas|JAST> this concludes our panel
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