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Unedited Feed from the Sentai Filmworks panel at Anime Boston 2012. Transcription: bayoab
Note: ( ) is usually commenting on the panel and was not said.

14:28:55 <bay|AB|Sentai> (David Williams is here)
14:29:24 <bay|AB|Sentai> Hello
14:29:32 <bay|AB|Sentai> All having a good time?
14:29:39 <bay|AB|Sentai> Enjoying Anime boston?
14:29:44 <bay|AB|Sentai> I'm david williams
14:29:52 <bay|AB|Sentai> I'm with Sentai Filmworks, been in the industry for about 20 years
14:29:59 <bay|AB|Sentai> I started working with ADV Films
14:30:15 <bay|AB|Sentai> Producer, Director, Subtitler, DVD authorer.... Director of DNAngel, Pretear...
14:30:21 <bay|AB|Sentai> Done pretty much everything...
14:30:27 <bay|AB|Sentai> And as of 2010, I'm working with sentai
14:30:31 <bay|AB|Sentai> and this is the sentai filmworks panel
14:32:04 <bay|AB|Sentai> but if you've been to my old ones or the new ones, it's the same
14:32:05 <bay|AB|Sentai> talk about new stuff, announcements, etc
14:32:05 <bay|AB|Sentai> and of course i have dvds and blu-rays to give away
14:32:05 <bay|AB|Sentai> so we got dvds and blu-rays to give out
14:32:05 <bay|AB|Sentai> let me run through some of the titles
14:33:00 <bay|AB|Sentai> april... motto to loverum, infinite stratos, somedays dreams, golgo 13 collection 3
14:32:06 <bay|AB|Sentai> may psychi squad collection 1, getbackers, guin saga
14:32:06 <bay|AB|Sentai> book of bantorra
14:32:16 <bay|AB|Sentai> planzet, gintama movie on dvd and bluray
14:32:19 <bay|AB|Sentai> will be dubbed, first thing
14:32:23 <bay|AB|Sentai> we're watching to see how that does
14:32:31 <bay|AB|Sentai> june
14:32:36 <bay|AB|Sentai> kurenai complete
14:32:47 <bay|AB|Sentai> fate stay night ubw dvd and bluray
14:32:56 <bay|AB|Sentai> golgo 13 collection 4
14:33:07 <bay|AB|Sentai> k-on season 2 collection 1 on both dvd and blu-ray
14:33:15 <bay|AB|Sentai> and by the way, i know some are asking, the shorts for k-on are not available
14:33:18 <bay|AB|Sentai> they are not up for license
14:33:26 <bay|AB|Sentai> also for june, we have maria holic alive complete collection
14:33:39 <bay|AB|Sentai> and they have a japanese commentary on every episode
14:33:48 <bay|AB|Sentai> also in june, we have towanoquon
14:33:53 <bay|AB|Sentai> july ..last month we've announced titles so far
14:34:00 <bay|AB|Sentai> hidamari sketch sp coming out
14:34:06 <bay|AB|Sentai> dvd and bluray for needless
14:34:13 <bay|AB|Sentai> (having some lag)
14:34:42 <bay|AB|Sentai> mahoromatic ultimate collection and mahoromatic i'm home
14:34:38 <bay|AB|Sentai> the i'm home will be in the collection and individual, like with rozen maiden
14:34:48 <bay|AB|Sentai> book of bantorra collection 2
14:34:52 <bay|AB|Sentai> psychic squad collection 2
14:34:56 <bay|AB|Sentai> clannad after story blu-ray
14:35:13 <bay|AB|Sentai> and then we have... kinoichi theatrical, and hatsukoi limited complete which does include the specials
14:35:16 <bay|AB|Sentai> want to hear new stuff?
14:35:19 <bay|AB|Sentai> august
14:35:27 <bay|AB|Sentai> the world god only knows s2 dvd and bluray
14:35:32 <bay|AB|Sentai> we rescued another title..
14:35:36 <bay|AB|Sentai> new release of parasite dolls
14:35:46 <bay|AB|Sentai> dvd and blu-ray of "this boy can fight aliens"
14:36:09 <bay|AB|Sentai> dvd and blu-ray of no.6 complete collection
14:36:19 <bay|AB|Sentai> and that again, has a japanese commentary on every episode that will be include
14:36:23 <bay|AB|Sentai> koihime complete collection
14:36:29 <bay|AB|Sentai> those are most of the release schedule through august
14:36:31 <bay|AB|Sentai> a few other things
14:36:38 <bay|AB|Sentai> a lot of people ask us what we plan to do with persona anime
14:36:43 <bay|AB|Sentai> what are they doing with the dub
14:36:48 <bay|AB|Sentai> want to tell you we are going to use the game cast
14:37:00 <bay|AB|Sentai> they are starting to dub that right away
14:37:04 <bay|AB|Sentai> that will be coming soon
14:37:06 <bay|AB|Sentai> some new things
14:37:11 <bay|AB|Sentai> i've got.. a ton of stuff that's being simulcast
14:37:18 <bay|AB|Sentai> but i'm only going to tell you a little
14:37:23 <bay|AB|Sentai> we're doing phibrain s2
14:37:35 <bay|AB|Sentai> we're doing sakamichi no apollon, kids on the slope
14:37:48 <bay|AB|Sentai> we're doing nazo no kanojo x
14:37:54 <bay|AB|Sentai> mystery girlfriend x
14:38:07 <bay|AB|Sentai> those are some of our new announcements, some of the things coming up
14:38:14 <bay|AB|Sentai> and now we'll open it for q&a
14:38:27 <bay|AB|Sentai> Q; Second season of Amagai SS? A; Neither confirm no deny
14:38:49 <bay|AB|Sentai> Q: Licensed Another? Any other news on it? A: don't think I have an other news
14:39:16 <bay|AB|Sentai> Q: when you have titles that were before dvd only, any chance of future bluray?
14:39:39 <bay|AB|Sentai> A: most of the stuff.. depends on multiple things, depends on if hd masters are available,i don't like upresing sd video
14:39:44 <bay|AB|Sentai> it depends on if we did a dub for the title
14:40:00 <bay|AB|Sentai> blu-ray is still really expensive to press and doesn't sell as much and so we press less and is expensive
14:40:06 <bay|AB|Sentai> there are cases like with clannad where we've gone back
14:40:14 <bay|AB|Sentai> there are possibliities, it depends on the title
14:40:35 <bay|AB|Sentai> Q: Highschool of the dead? A; you want to know about s2? i do too, we keep pushing them
14:40:38 <bay|AB|Sentai> no news on season 2 yet
14:40:44 <bay|AB|Sentai> we keep pushing them though
14:41:12 <bay|AB|Sentai> Q: P4 JYB role? A: game cast will be doing their roles again
14:41:26 <bay|AB|Sentai> Q: Nanoha StrikerS? A: I'll consider licensing anything, i guess in that case i'm a licensing whore
14:41:32 <bay|AB|Sentai> we look at a lot of titles
14:41:46 <bay|AB|Sentai> when we first look at titles, many cases, the japanese haven't started production on it..
14:41:56 <bay|AB|Sentai> if i think there is enough fans, i'm up for it
14:42:27 <bay|AB|Sentai> Q: I've noticed that you guys have licensed a lot of stuff... and it's obvious that you are coming back in a big way, ... it's interesting, all those titles is a huge risk... what sort of thinking goes into that...
14:42:49 <bay|AB|Sentai> A: what goes into all the titles at once? what you don't see... what you see is the announcements... what you don't see is the ones we pass on, the large number of titles
14:42:57 <bay|AB|Sentai> what we consider is if we have the production capacity to do it
14:43:04 <bay|AB|Sentai> what i'm leery of is that we have a bunch of simuclasts
14:43:14 <bay|AB|Sentai> and as we've grown, we've had more and more
14:43:24 <bay|AB|Sentai> we're a small company, we're nothing like what when i used to work at adv
14:43:27 <bay|AB|Sentai> we look at production first off
14:43:31 <bay|AB|Sentai> then we look at what they want for the show
14:43:44 <bay|AB|Sentai> we're trying very hard not to repeat the errors that were done years ago, no bidding wars,
14:43:57 <bay|AB|Sentai> we want to pay an appropriate price..
14:44:07 <bay|AB|Sentai> and also the market condition.. and we think things are looking good (missing part)
14:44:12 <bay|AB|Sentai> (lost)
14:44:35 <bay|AB|Sentai> Q: Since you started doing blu-rays, they all have text subs... i was wondering if you were doing picture subs like funi...
14:44:49 <bay|AB|Sentai> A; We do tiffs, we do yellow because we choose it because it's the most readable color for video
14:44:50 <bay|AB|Sentai> (paraphrase)
14:44:57 <bay|AB|Sentai> Q: Glass Mask collection2 ?
14:45:07 <bay|AB|Sentai> A; Would love to, but at the moment, has not sold, we're still in the red on that title
14:45:25 <bay|AB|Sentai> we've kicked around various ideas, like getting the japanese to give it to us hoping it will boost early sales
14:45:36 <bay|AB|Sentai> Q: Maid-sama in full collection?
14:45:40 <bay|AB|Sentai> A; Should be soon...
14:46:06 <bay|AB|Sentai> Q: Familiar of Zero simulcast and challenges with past seasons not being available?
14:46:41 <bay|AB|Sentai> A; one thing i like doing that is to make sure we're consistent... we look for people to do the translation, we look at the names.. don't think there were any titles with that title in itself... i know there is one, but i can't think of the title, but they want the same translator for...
14:46:57 <bay|AB|Sentai> Q; i mean in terms of the fans not able to get others
14:47:08 <bay|AB|Sentai> A: That is a concern, but it's something we take and discuss internally before we license a show
14:47:23 <bay|AB|Sentai> In the case of Familiar, I hope the others will come available, i dont' have any word to say on it
14:47:30 <bay|AB|Sentai> so it will become a moot point in the future
14:47:51 <bay|AB|Sentai> Q: Have you looked into re-licensing classic shows in the past that have fallen out of license?
14:48:12 <bay|AB|Sentai> 80's stuff...
14:48:28 <bay|AB|Sentai> A; There is stuff we're interested in... and i think there are a lot of good shows out there from the 80-s and 90s that are out there
14:48:33 <bay|AB|Sentai> we'd like to do some of those
14:48:38 <bay|AB|Sentai> but we can't do a lot because they don't sell as awell
14:48:42 <bay|AB|Sentai> everyone wants to the new shiny
14:48:50 <bay|AB|Sentai> we'd like to do some and get some of those out
14:49:05 <bay|AB|Sentai> Q: higurashi? A; No, adv didn't originally...
14:49:26 <bay|AB|Sentai> Q: Any interest? A: actually there is... i know several of the people in the company like the series
14:49:49 <bay|AB|Sentai> it's an issue... we can see the sales figures for s1, it's about getting the other series at a price point that it can make money (lost part)
14:50:11 <bay|AB|Sentai> Q: Since you are releasing compelte collection of like... mahoromatic and it has a single disc too... and I know you guys have elfen lied...
14:50:20 <bay|AB|Sentai> A: first of all, we don't have elfen lied... adv has it..
14:50:25 <bay|AB|Sentai> and adv is still a company and it's still out there
14:50:33 <bay|AB|Sentai> and adv never had the rights to the OVA, we just had the series
14:50:49 <bay|AB|Sentai> anything like that.. i can't talk about ADV, because i haven't been there since 2008
14:50:59 <bay|AB|Sentai> but their plans and everythign else, i can't say anything about that
14:51:14 <bay|AB|Sentai> Q: Considered live action? A; We have a few live action at sentai right now
14:51:25 <bay|AB|Sentai> we really wanted to get the company on a solid footing so stuck to anime
14:51:44 <bay|AB|Sentai> Q: Getting titles on Amazon Video? A; We have stuff on amazon video
14:52:01 <bay|AB|Sentai> we put our shows on any of the streaming outfits that are interesting in carrying them, we got stuff on hulu, netflix..etc
14:52:17 <bay|AB|Sentai> Q: Are you guys going to have channels like FUNimation channel?
14:52:30 <bay|AB|Sentai> A: when we were at ADV we did... we do contract with TAN to show stuff
14:52:49 <bay|AB|Sentai> we're really a small company, there aren't many people there
14:53:10 <bay|AB|Sentai> Q: What about Hayate the combat butler? A: interested... but can neither confirm nor deny
14:53:27 <bay|AB|Sentai> Q: (can't hear at all)
14:53:55 <bay|AB|Sentai> A: Talking about using something like kickstarter to get anime released out there... it's a good thought and it's a similar thought to what some shows and smaller companies, they would put it up for preorder and then they would release it when they hit that number
14:54:09 <bay|AB|Sentai> the problem we have with that, is you can't put up something like that unless you have the rights to the title...
14:54:20 <bay|AB|Sentai> and you don't buy a title that you don't think is going to do well
14:54:40 <bay|AB|Sentai> so you can't put it on kickstarter until you buy it and you don't want to buy it until you know it would work on kickstarer
14:55:08 <bay|AB|Sentai> Q: Are you going to license FSN? A; we got the movie but not the tv
14:55:16 <bay|AB|Sentai> cannot confirm or deny
14:55:37 <bay|AB|Sentai> Q: Do streaming numbers correspond to sales numbers? or are past sales better indication?
14:56:08 <bay|AB|Sentai> A: We look at both, we look at what titles, similar titles hvae done in the past. If it's something we rescued, we look at the streaming numbers, which are becoming more important for us, we look at those numbers and they can change our plans
14:56:37 <bay|AB|Sentai> we plan one thing for dvd and something else for dvd/blu... but we're streaming them... so we see the numbers and we bump them up to blu-ray
14:57:06 <bay|AB|Sentai> we saw the streaming numbers for demon king and it was on both on CR and TAN and it was second to the HSoTD numbers, so we decided to bump it up and give it a dub
14:57:15 <bay|AB|Sentai> it's not somnething we can use to license a title
14:57:19 <bay|AB|Sentai> because we have to license it first
14:57:26 <bay|AB|Sentai> but we look at past sales numnbers for similar shows
14:57:29 <bay|AB|Sentai> we use both
14:57:53 <bay|AB|Sentai> Q: Dub version of Hanasaku Iroha? A: Don't have any comment on doing dub at the moment...
14:58:08 <bay|AB|Sentai> we look at the titles, and if there is enough interest, and if we think it'll sell, we'll do a dub,
14:58:14 <bay|AB|Sentai> but dubs are really expensive....
14:58:22 <bay|AB|Sentai> if we think we can cover the cost of the dub, we'll do it
14:58:31 <bay|AB|Sentai> there are a few we've gone back... i don't like to do that
14:58:45 <bay|AB|Sentai> we try to be careful about that, there are a few special cases where we go back and do it again like with clannada
14:58:51 <bay|AB|Sentai> and it's possible there will be dubs for other titles
14:59:03 <bay|AB|Sentai> so there are things that are coming out subtitled only (lost)
14:59:29 <bay|AB|Sentai> Q: what goes into the dub...
14:59:34 <bay|AB|Sentai> (skippping this)
15:00:27 <bay|AB|Sentai> there is a lot of work and time invovled in doing the dub
15:00:39 <bay|AB|Sentai> Q: You mentioned earlier about live action.. what about kamen rider?
15:00:51 <bay|AB|Sentai> A; Interested... can neither confirm or deny if i've looked at it, but interested
15:01:14 <bay|AB|Sentai> Q: Look at Kara no Kyokai series? A; We look at everything... guys...seriously, we look at EVERYTHING
15:01:25 <bay|AB|Sentai> beyond that, unless i make a license announcement, I can't comment on it...
15:01:38 <bay|AB|Sentai> the other companies may have not noticed something....
15:02:07 <bay|AB|Sentai> Q: Second season of Higuarshi? A; that would be the primary reason we would be interested in licensing it
15:02:11 <bay|AB|Sentai> the first season would be nice to get ont he shelve
15:02:18 <bay|AB|Sentai> but the main reason we would be after it is to get the later seasons
15:02:36 <bay|AB|Sentai> Q: Sub or dub no.6? A: both, blu-ray and DVD
15:03:20 <bay|AB|Sentai> Q: hoshi no ou kodomo? A; neither confirm nor deny that we have that title (he started to say something)
15:03:03 <bay|AB|Sentai> I know that people see things on the internet, but i can neither confirm nor deny that
15:04:22 <bay|AB|Sentai> Q: (Can't hear...and dlw doesn't know)
15:04:40 <bay|AB|Sentai> Q: (something about single style spindle dvd packaging)
15:04:51 <bay|AB|Sentai> A: The reason for it is it's very inexpensive, when you have a bunch of discs in a set
15:04:58 <bay|AB|Sentai> like blu-rays, they don't come on spindles...
15:05:05 <bay|AB|Sentai> dvds, when 4 or more discs, on spindles...
15:05:07 <bay|AB|Sentai> otherwise on keepcase
15:05:19 <bay|AB|Sentai> we're a small company, and we're watching our expenses everywhere we can
15:05:55 <bay|AB|Sentai> (DVD sales falling...) in the past... 10000 titles was doing okay... now, 2000 or 3000 copies is a hit
15:06:15 <bay|AB|Sentai> Q: before you look at streaming numbers when you consider licensing a title, how do you decide about the dub or sub...
15:06:26 <bay|AB|Sentai> A: First thing is our gut thing about the title
15:06:32 <bay|AB|Sentai> I've been an anime fan for a long time
15:06:36 <bay|AB|Sentai> I got to every convention I can
15:06:39 <bay|AB|Sentai> i try to keep on top of what i can
15:06:47 <bay|AB|Sentai> what types of shows, what the market is going, where fandom is going
15:06:54 <bay|AB|Sentai> and being a fan, i can look at it and bel ike 'wow this is cool"
15:06:57 <bay|AB|Sentai> that would be first and formost
15:07:09 <bay|AB|Sentai> but then we can go and look at a show and say it's similar to a show, how did that show, we go on video scan
15:07:19 <bay|AB|Sentai> is this a title that has been done recently in the US
15:07:28 <bay|AB|Sentai> if they give me another high school girl show, i'm going to pull my hair out
15:07:54 <bay|AB|Sentai> Q: K-on season 2, reusing bandai voic actors? A: yes, same voice cast
15:08:00 <bay|AB|Sentai> Anywhere we can, we like to keep consistent
15:08:23 <bay|AB|Sentai> it;s actually being dubbed right now
15:08:53 <bay|AB|Sentai> Q: How you are going to release persona 4? A: that's up in the air, we just recently agreed on the dub cast.. we're looking at.. .the materials from japan.. all the dub stuff from japan
15:08:57 <bay|AB|Sentai> it's going to be a matter of what and when
15:09:26 <bay|AB|Sentai> Q: Mentioned keeping consistent on dub cast... for UBW, going to get original cast? A; That one.. um... leme think, what are we doing on that, they are already working on it, i don't remember
15:09:51 <bay|AB|Sentai> Q: What has been sentai's best selling title? A: High school of the dead, nothing beats boobs and zombies
15:10:00 <bay|AB|Sentai> angel beats, clannad and demon king are some of our others best sellers
15:10:20 <bay|AB|Sentai> Q: What's the fallout from bandai and their titles? In terms of availability...?
15:10:50 <bay|AB|Sentai> A: Well, some of them, it's my understanding, they are still releasing, they still have product and they will keep releasing, others are reverting to licensors or bandai is looking at licensing about
15:10:58 <bay|AB|Sentai> I have confidence that bandai titles will still be available
15:11:02 <bay|AB|Sentai> that there won't be a rush to grab them
15:11:18 <bay|AB|Sentai> their titles.. before they announce that... they were making the rounds and letting people know
15:11:26 <bay|AB|Sentai> i'd assume other companies would pick up things
15:11:38 <bay|AB|Sentai> Q: (can't hear)
15:11:54 <bay|AB|Sentai> A: Extra episode of ??? Do we have it? I'd have to ask at the office
15:12:05 <bay|AB|Sentai> Q: How well did allison and lilia do?
15:12:09 <bay|AB|Sentai> A: it did pretty well for us
15:12:23 <bay|AB|Sentai> probably it's right in line with what we expected, can't say it'll get dubbed
15:12:43 <bay|AB|Sentai> Q: Complete collection? A: dont' have anything on the schedule for it
15:13:17 <bay|AB|Sentai> (question about streaming rights and showing rights)
15:14:22 <bay|AB|Sentai> Q: Gintama dub news? A: beside the movie, have no news... it's been done, waiting to see how that sells
15:14:32 <bay|AB|Sentai> Q: How did Amagami SS do? A: It's a very good title
15:14:42 <bay|AB|Sentai> Why aren't there blu-rays? It's not doing blu-ray numbers...
15:14:49 <bay|AB|Sentai> The only thing we've gotten that we're disappointed in is glass mask
15:15:06 <bay|AB|Sentai> the other titles that we've been careful... they've been doing fairly well for us
15:16:13 <bay|AB|Sentai> Give away time
15:20:16 <bay|AB|Sentai> (Sentai started on the dub for clannad, and then stuff happened, and they shelved it, and when madman and the others licensed it, they all wanted a dub for it so they pitched in)
15:25:35 <bay|AB|Sentai> more Q&A...
15:25:44 <bay|AB|Sentai> Q: Looking into ef2? A; A possibility
15:25:53 <bay|AB|Sentai> Q: looking to stay a small company or looking to go bigger?
15:26:01 <bay|AB|Sentai> A: Sentai is looking to stay in business
15:26:10 <bay|AB|Sentai> whatever that takes, if we stay small, we stay small
15:27:14 <bay|AB|Sentai> Q: Information on Wating in the summer? A: Nothing I can tell you
15:27:34 <bay|AB|Sentai> Q; What goes into the decisions to change the script.. in how to adapt a script?
15:28:01 <bay|AB|Sentai> A; you got two different scripts, you get the raw translation, you give that to one group and they make the subs... they will try and stick to it as close to possible...
15:28:11 <bay|AB|Sentai> the other group is the dub group who will try and match lipflaps
15:28:21 <bay|AB|Sentai> the sub script will do written english, but it might not be the way it's spoken
15:28:31 <bay|AB|Sentai> so spoken and written english are different ...
15:29:45 <bay|AB|Sentai> Q: Ever run into situations where the japanese license holder give you instructions that don't work well in english
15:29:49 <bay|AB|Sentai> A: All the time
15:30:02 <bay|AB|Sentai> especially in things like titles... there are lots of things for titles for shows that we don't want to use over here
15:30:10 <bay|AB|Sentai> and there are trnaslations of thing sthat must be translated this way
15:30:17 <bay|AB|Sentai> you are going to release it in this format and not thins one, at this time
15:30:29 <bay|AB|Sentai> the japanese own all the rights and they have approval on everything and anything that gets done
15:30:59 <bay|AB|Sentai> fortunately, we've got a long enough history with most licensors that at a certain point, they know what we do, they know what we've odne
15:31:14 <bay|AB|Sentai> if they want approval, they'll glance, but otherwise they'll be more hands off
15:32:40 <bay|AB|Sentai> Q: Doing a dub like ghost stories again?
15:32:40 <bay|AB|Sentai> A; if a particular title came along where that's possible, we might, but nothing we're planning on doing that on
15:32:40 <bay|AB|Sentai> Q: For promnotion for the upcoming streaming titles.. looking for some news ways to promote them
15:32:41 <bay|AB|Sentai> but for the streaming titles you can't do that, so how do you deal with those
15:32:41 <bay|AB|Sentai> A: I don't do that, i turn that over to the market people, and we turn that over to s23 who we have a contract with
15:32:41 <bay|AB|Sentai> Promoting a stream is more difficult, it's more the streaming company themself,
15:32:46 <bay|AB|Sentai> You get notices up on every news site
15:33:00 <bay|AB|Sentai> we try and put stuff up on our site, but i really need a web designer to work on our site
15:33:04 <bay|AB|Sentai> you do what you can to get the word out
15:33:21 <bay|AB|Sentai> Q; What's your primary simulcast source? Where do you put your simulcasts?
15:33:44 <bay|AB|Sentai> A: that depends, we don't have our own, we license them out to streaming sites, we work with crunchyroll, the anime network... those are the two places that primarily do it
15:33:52 <bay|AB|Sentai> non-simulcast is eveywhere, hulu, netflix, amazon, etc
15:34:01 <bay|AB|Sentai> Thank you all for coming out, i'm down at thebooth
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