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Unedited Feed from the Crunchyroll panel at Anime Expo 2011. Transcription: bayoab
Note: ( ) is usually commenting on the panel and was not said.

10:33:54 <bay|AX|CR> (Panel will be starting late....)
10:44:18 <bay|AX|CR> Hello
10:44:22 <bay|AX|CR> Can you guys hear me?
10:44:29 <bay|AX|CR> I'm going to do this standing up...;
10:44:41 <bay|AX|CR> So welcome to the Crunchyroll Panel
10:44:52 <bay|AX|CR> We'll be giving you an update about Crunchyroll and what we're doing
10:44:55 <bay|AX|CR> and new shows for the summer
10:44:58 <bay|AX|CR> Let's get started
10:45:01 <bay|AX|CR> for those who don't know
10:45:08 <bay|AX|CR> basically, we're like hulu or netflix for anime
10:45:24 <bay|AX|CR> we got to japan and talk to licensors and broadcasters and get them to license us shows which we stream at the same time as tv in japan
10:45:55 <bay|AX|CR> we get the materials in advance so we can prepare and create subtitles
10:45:44 <bay|AX|CR> Thus you can watch the simulcasts at 4;30am or whatever time
10:45:52 <bay|AX|CR> we started in 2009 with the subscription program
10:46:13 <bay|AX|CR> if you want to watch tv at the same time as japan, you pay $7 a month, high quality 720p, all devices
10:46:21 <bay|AX|CR> if you dont' have money, you can wait one week and watch with ads and in lower quality
10:46:30 <bay|AX|CR> with all money made, we actually revneue share back with the japanese companies
10:46:46 <bay|AX|CR> we're a venture backed company which means that other people have invested money in us and we have to pay it back in the future at some point
10:46:53 <bay|AX|CR> and today, i want to give you some basic company updates
10:46:58 <bay|AX|CR> and the first one i'm excited about
10:47:05 <bay|AX|CR> people ask what makes us so special
10:47:13 <bay|AX|CR> beside being thebiggest anime site in the world and streaming the most simulcast in the world
10:47:21 <bay|AX|CR> the thing that sets us apart is we have a really cool community
10:47:28 <bay|AX|CR> they are so supportive of anime and the indstury
10:47:49 <bay|AX|CR> to prove that, recently... you know about the events in japan and all that, within 2 weeks of that, we put up a donation page and riased 55000, almost all of it from our users contributing
10:47:52 <bay|AX|CR> and donated to the AJA
10:48:23 <bay|AX|CR> of course we could donate to the red cross or something, and since we're part of the AJA, the animators association of japan.. we're part of it.. the only foreign company inthe AJA
10:48:41 <bay|AX|CR> we donated the money to the AJA, basically your name appears on the letter we sent to the AJA on bhealf of our users
10:48:49 <bay|AX|CR> and they have a name, and the cr users are the #1 donator
10:48:59 <bay|AX|CR> and there you can see the president of AJA sent us a letter thanking our users and our fans
10:49:01 <bay|AX|CR> you can see it online
10:49:14 <bay|AX|CR> it's from the the head of studio pierrot
10:49:31 <bay|AX|CR> and the next big update, it's a milestone, we exceeded 50k paying subscriptions earlier this year
10:49:38 <bay|AX|CR> i think it shows how passionate anime fans are worldwide
10:49:47 <bay|AX|CR> it encourages us to try and bring stuff
10:49:53 <bay|AX|CR> we have 6 million viewers every month for coming to the site
10:50:03 <bay|AX|CR> i feel very happy for being able to provide the service
10:50:09 <bay|AX|CR> you guys have a better service than japan which is kinda ironic
10:50:14 <bay|AX|CR> next part is the cool stuff we're working on
10:50:20 <bay|AX|CR> if you don't know the background, we're all CS nerds
10:50:26 <bay|AX|CR> we all love make cool stuff
10:50:36 <bay|AX|CR> one of the things is Jmanga... announcements later this month
10:50:49 <bay|AX|CR> this is an innitiative working with a japanese publishing company
10:50:57 <bay|AX|CR> you can think of this as crunchyroll for manga
10:51:04 <bay|AX|CR> a lot of people want new information, but we don't have it right now
10:51:11 <bay|AX|CR> we'll announce something later this month
10:51:15 <bay|AX|CR> this is something we're excited
10:51:23 <bay|AX|CR> we're looking to provide the same level of service
10:51:29 <bay|AX|CR> we're working with a whole consortium
10:51:52 <bay|AX|CR> and if you don't know, you can watch Crunchyroll on your PC, on the web, also on iphone, ipad.. apple tv.. vizio.. roku, android... there's a bunch
10:51:58 <bay|AX|CR> well, we're going to soon support googletv as well
10:52:02 <bay|AX|CR> (google tv version 2)
10:52:09 <bay|AX|CR> we're going to be one of the first apps on the google tv
10:52:23 <bay|AX|CR> Next thing we're working on is news
10:52:30 <bay|AX|CR> even though we're big fans of anime
10:52:34 <bay|AX|CR> we aren't news people
10:52:47 <bay|AX|CR> we built a platform and put it in the hands of of news people
10:52:52 <bay|AX|CR> the head is patrick the from otaku usa
10:52:57 <bay|AX|CR> it covers anime, manga, cosplay
10:53:08 <bay|AX|CR> our approach is that we wanted to make this open, covering a lot more topics than hardcore content
10:53:29 <bay|AX|CR> there is a lot of coverage and discussion
10:53:34 <bay|AX|CR> next thing we're working on is live streaming
10:53:41 <bay|AX|CR> what we do is stream the video and we have comments overlayed the video
10:53:52 <bay|AX|CR> so userrs at home can interact with the webcam
10:53:56 <bay|AX|CR> we 've done this at fanime and akon
10:54:01 <bay|AX|CR> just in the last two convetions alone
10:54:04 <bay|AX|CR> 67k + fans
10:54:07 <bay|AX|CR> 400k minutes watched
10:54:13 <bay|AX|CR> 200k coments at Fanime
10:54:24 <bay|AX|CR> you can see it at our booth
10:54:31 <bay|AX|CR> and it creates an opportunity for the fans to be spontaneous
10:54:39 <bay|AX|CR> and if you are put infront of fans worldwide and they tell you to do stuff
10:54:55 <bay|AX|CR> this random guy shows up and there is thriller in the background..and he starts dancing..and it turns into a troop
10:54:57 <bay|AX|CR> i'll show you the video
10:55:05 <bay|AX|CR> what you won't see is the comments
10:57:54 <bay|AX|CR> don't thank me, thank that guy
10:57:58 <bay|AX|CR> we provide the tools for the fans
10:58:10 <bay|AX|CR> thats a way to connect virtual fans and physical fans
10:58:13 <bay|AX|CR> you can see more videos on the site
10:58:25 <bay|AX|CR> we're also live streaming some more professional quality content
10:58:36 <bay|AX|CR> if you check the booth, we have a whole schedule, professional cosplayers... it's really cool stuff
10:58:39 <bay|AX|CR> url shortner
10:58:46 <bay|AX|CR> cosp.ly
10:58:57 <bay|AX|CR> url shorteners just for anime fans
10:58:59 <bay|AX|CR> think cosplay
10:59:03 <bay|AX|CR> this will be available sometime next week
10:59:15 <bay|AX|CR> title announcements
10:59:34 <bay|AX|CR> this season... is no different
10:59:37 <bay|AX|CR> going to start announcing today
10:59:40 <bay|AX|CR> will be anouncing through the week
10:59:45 <bay|AX|CR> this season will have 25 simulcast titles
10:59:49 <bay|AX|CR> biggest simulcast season ever
10:59:58 <bay|AX|CR> (showing the continuing shows ont he screen)
11:00:01 <bay|AX|CR> of the shows, 13 continuing
11:00:12 <bay|AX|CR> (crunchyroll.com/lineup to see the continuing)
11:00:29 <bay|AX|CR> it's funny that people poke at our site to try and figure it out
11:00:34 <bay|AX|CR> and we'll announce 3 today
11:00:38 <bay|AX|CR> and the rest will be next week
11:01:12 <bay|AX|CR> kamisama dolls
11:00:48 <bay|AX|CR> sundays 5:30pm starts 7/3
11:01:01 <bay|AX|CR> yuruyuri
11:01:05 <bay|AX|CR> tuesdays 10:30am pdt
11:01:08 <bay|AX|CR> starts 7/5
11:01:20 <bay|AX|CR> natsume yujincho s3
11:01:25 <bay|AX|CR> mondays 10am pdt
11:01:27 <bay|AX|CR> starts 7/4
11:01:35 <bay|AX|CR> okay so...
11:01:40 <bay|AX|CR> we have 9 more to announce for the next week
11:01:45 <bay|AX|CR> will be annouced tuesday to friday
11:01:50 <bay|AX|CR> will probably do 2-3/day
11:01:56 <bay|AX|CR> total will be 25
11:02:01 <bay|AX|CR> all our fans and subscribers will be excited
11:02:02 <bay|AX|CR> that's it
11:02:04 <bay|AX|CR> questions?
11:02:10 <bay|AX|CR> Q: 1080p anytime soon?
11:02:20 <bay|AX|CR> A: So... it's not a technical issue, it's a product issue
11:02:35 <bay|AX|CR> first, as you may or may not know, anime is animated in 480 or 540...or sometimes 720p, but it's never animated in 1080
11:02:40 <bay|AX|CR> which means streaming at 1080 is upscaling
11:02:43 <bay|AX|CR> so you won't get better quality
11:02:48 <bay|AX|CR> but it will cost 2-3x more bandwidth
11:02:57 <bay|AX|CR> and we can offer that, but the problem is that a lot of internets aren't that fast
11:03:06 <bay|AX|CR> and when they can't watch it, they blame us and say the service sucks
11:03:10 <bay|AX|CR> it makes no visual quality difference
11:03:16 <bay|AX|CR> and we want to provide a good experience
11:03:25 <bay|AX|CR> when anime is animated at a higher resolution, then we'll do it
11:03:58 <bay|AX|CR> but we're getting it native
11:04:10 <bay|AX|CR> Q: desktop application ala hulu?
11:04:19 <bay|AX|CR> A; not something we're planning on
11:04:25 <bay|AX|CR> what we're trying to support is devices that connect to the tv
11:04:31 <bay|AX|CR> like google tv which will have a native application
11:04:33 <bay|AX|CR> or consoles...
11:04:38 <bay|AX|CR> Q: consoles?
11:04:42 <bay|AX|CR> A: Working on it
11:04:58 <bay|AX|CR> Q: WIth light of stuff with Funi and ANN having trouble with rippers, are you doing anything to combat rippers?
11:05:37 <bay|AX|CR> A: we have a fairly secure system which doesn't expose it to online until it's broadcast...
11:05:49 <bay|AX|CR> we have some security things like watermarks...
11:05:59 <bay|AX|CR> but what a lot do is get tv rips and stick our subtitles on and call themselves fansubbers
11:06:07 <bay|AX|CR> Q: PS3/Xbox/Wii?
11:06:09 <bay|AX|CR> A; working on it?
11:06:21 <bay|AX|CR> Q: Date on it?
11:06:27 <bay|AX|CR> A: No
11:06:46 <bay|AX|CR> leme introduce myself, my name is kun... ..and this is vince...
11:07:15 <bay|AX|CR> Q: How can clubs and conventions work with Crunchyroll?
11:07:28 <bay|AX|CR> A; First step is contact us. Email us...
11:07:43 <bay|AX|CR> What we don't have is a great product for the anime groups and conventions to go to our website and sign up and give them some special package
11:07:46 <bay|AX|CR> but that's something we're working on
11:07:53 <bay|AX|CR> if you can't wait, contact us and we'll hook you up
11:08:00 <bay|AX|CR> most who contact us ask for screening rights and perks
11:08:24 <bay|AX|CR> Q: PS Vita?
11:08:42 <bay|AX|CR> A: My understanding is that it's going to be hardware agnostic, so any ps device it should work, but right now, only looking at PS3 console
11:08:53 <bay|AX|CR> Q: with the english niconico streaming service, how will that affect licensing
11:09:03 <bay|AX|CR> A: we're very open with having more partners come over and bring content
11:09:12 <bay|AX|CR> i think it only validates what we've done hasbeen successful
11:09:16 <bay|AX|CR> and we'd love to partner with them
11:09:21 <bay|AX|CR> there are different synergies
11:09:31 <bay|AX|CR> like they have a good live streaming system in japan
11:09:45 <bay|AX|CR> while we focus more on the professional aspect... products just focused on anime fans...
11:10:09 <bay|AX|CR> Q: recently you have been having an encoding issues... who does encoding or is there quality check before they post these.. sometime unicode characters don't work or lines are missing
11:10:21 <bay|AX|CR> A: so the q is about production and how do we do qc, anhd there has been issues
11:10:31 <bay|AX|CR> currently we're handling 22 simulcast, what that means is there are 22 shows
11:10:38 <bay|AX|CR> the challenges on the encoding side is out of our hands
11:10:47 <bay|AX|CR> what that means is sometimes there are issues with the video source
11:10:54 <bay|AX|CR> we have guys who are very good at encoding, but if the quality is lower
11:10:58 <bay|AX|CR> it's challanging to work with
11:11:03 <bay|AX|CR> with the subtitling stuff, we have a team with qc process
11:11:07 <bay|AX|CR> but everything is last minute
11:11:26 <bay|AX|CR> but the horror story is that in japan, some dude rides a bike with the material sot the tv station
11:11:30 <bay|AX|CR> so we do get our share of that as well
11:11:37 <bay|AX|CR> we might not get a tape as short as 48 or shorter
11:11:42 <bay|AX|CR> and we have to digitize that and other stuff
11:11:45 <bay|AX|CR> which is why it's not perfect
11:11:53 <bay|AX|CR> which is why if the fans contact us, we 'll go back and fix us
11:12:02 <bay|AX|CR> vince: and i'm the dude on the bike who goes and gets the stuff sometimes
11:12:10 <bay|AX|CR> japan is getting better andbeter
11:12:14 <bay|AX|CR> and w'ere working hard to make it perfect
11:12:19 <bay|AX|CR> but we like to get your feedback and go back and fix it
11:12:50 <bay|AX|CR> Q: I was wondering about you streaming with other companies..like FUni... streaming in parternship with oterh companeis, pretty sure that FUNI said they would stream something you were but never actually streamed it
11:13:04 <bay|AX|CR> A: Our goal is to bring 100% of japanese animtion to fans worldiwde immediately afterbroadcast
11:13:10 <bay|AX|CR> anything that gets us to that goal we're very supportive of
11:13:16 <bay|AX|CR> before, we acquired digital rights
11:13:30 <bay|AX|CR> now in the beginning, we work with a DVD distributor to figure out how it's done after the streaming process
11:13:35 <bay|AX|CR> this is all planned ahead of time
11:13:41 <bay|AX|CR> we want the title to succeed
11:13:53 <bay|AX|CR> having you enjoy the titles brings more money back into the industry
11:13:59 <bay|AX|CR> this is what people don't realize
11:14:08 <bay|AX|CR> people say 1 user doesn't matter since most money is in japan
11:14:15 <bay|AX|CR> but the fact is that $1 puts it over the edge from loss to profit
11:14:29 <bay|AX|CR> if they can't cover the extra 5-10% from the us market, it means they can't make more titles
11:14:40 <bay|AX|CR> if you support the industry by watching on CR or getting amembership, it gives back to the industyr
11:15:01 <bay|AX|CR> Q: I remever in the ANN interview, you said that the Japanese companies are still using tapes
11:15:12 <bay|AX|CR> I heard that's still going on...but how does that work with 720p if the original is in tape
11:15:38 <bay|AX|CR> A: The entire process is complicated, like the tape has to be sitting at the tv station
11:15:47 <bay|AX|CR> so the options are duplicate the tape and send it to an external partner to encode
11:15:53 <bay|AX|CR> or to directly digitze at the station
11:16:06 <bay|AX|CR> after digitizion, we get a raw file
11:16:12 <bay|AX|CR> and then we have to post process it
11:16:28 <bay|AX|CR> and then we stick it onto the server and have a whole launch system
11:16:43 <bay|AX|CR> Q: a lot of your current translators are ex fansubbers
11:17:00 <bay|AX|CR> is there a reason you want that way vs getting someone who didnt' go against the site....
11:17:08 <bay|AX|CR> A; honestly, we're just trying to find the best person for the job
11:17:19 <bay|AX|CR> We don't look at the background, if you are passionate about the content, you will do a better job
11:17:29 <bay|AX|CR> we want the fans to experience thebest translation and we try and pick the best people for the job
11:17:41 <bay|AX|CR> just as a reference point, a lot of the industry started from the fandom if you wil
11:17:48 <bay|AX|CR> for example.. us, adv, they started as fans
11:18:02 <bay|AX|CR> and then they saw there was a way to make it a business and generate revenue for those to create content
11:18:20 <bay|AX|CR> vince; when we started in japan, the indstry was really interested in how to use fansubbers to legitimize anime, it's something that the indstury side is really interested in
11:18:34 <bay|AX|CR> they are really interested in how to harness these fans to distribute anime around the globe
11:19:09 <bay|AX|CR> Q: I noticed you had 55k subscribers... 6mil total...what kind of growth are you seeing in the market.. do you think it's justfiying all these other competitors coming in..is this going to work?
11:19:27 <bay|AX|CR> A; We're seeing a lot of growth, and the biggest aspect is people are starting to embrace the pay model
11:19:38 <bay|AX|CR> they are starting to realize you have to pay for content you enjoy or watch on legitimate site
11:19:47 <bay|AX|CR> hence our big growth in legitimate subscribers
11:19:58 <bay|AX|CR> i would challange the indstury and say streaming is 20% of the real business
11:20:19 <bay|AX|CR> 30% of the money is made from the content side, 70% is merchandise...
11:20:25 <bay|AX|CR> where is all the merch that exists but i can't buy
11:20:42 <bay|AX|CR> the shows that should be given away for free and then sell the merchandise, that's the model i think the indstury should focus on
11:21:07 <bay|AX|CR> Q: What is the status of licensing older titles?
11:21:33 <bay|AX|CR> A; It's soemthing we want to do more of...but for legacy issues, it's more dififcult than simulcasts
11:21:42 <bay|AX|CR> for really good catalog, if ther eis already a distributor, it's hard to convince them
11:21:49 <bay|AX|CR> if there isn't, the title might actually be lost
11:22:00 <bay|AX|CR> what happens in japan is a bunch of companies get together and invest into a title
11:22:17 <bay|AX|CR> after they do that, one of them will get international streaming rights
11:22:34 <bay|AX|CR> if the committee breaks or goes insolvant, then nobody knows who has the rights...
11:22:58 <bay|AX|CR> Q: Where did you come up with the logo for Crunchyroll?
11:23:21 <bay|AX|CR> A: If you don't know what a crunchyroll, it's supposed to be a sushi, like a california roll, but it's dipped in breading and fried
11:23:33 <bay|AX|CR> we llike to think of it this way,but crunchyroll is american style sushi, you can't get it in japan
11:23:51 <bay|AX|CR> we'd like tot hink we're taking something that's japanese and adapting it for international audience's taste
11:24:08 <bay|AX|CR> Q: spanish language?
11:24:20 <bay|AX|CR> A: working with some partners to figure out hope to have announcements soon
11:24:25 <bay|AX|CR> we want to take our service as a model and replicate it worldwide
11:24:39 <bay|AX|CR> Q: Any plans to suport higher streams on the android app?
11:25:12 <bay|AX|CR> A: from our perspetive, it's convenicen, so you can watch it on the go, and most devices are on the go are still handheld... but we will do higher streams...
11:25:22 <bay|AX|CR> as more devices roll out, we'll increase it
11:25:31 <bay|AX|CR> for less than 4 inches, we'll lower the bitrate to make it easier to stream
11:25:37 <bay|AX|CR> End
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