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Unedited Feed from the FUNimation panel at Anime-Expo 2010. Transcription: bayoab
Note: ( ) is usually commenting on the panel and was not said.

17:46:09 <bay|AX|FUNi> (Check their twitter)
17:47:53 <bay|AX|FUNi> (Adam will be giving the presentation)
17:48:01 <bay|AX|FUNi> (Lance is in the audience)
17:58:56 <bay|AX|FUNi> (If it says anything about this panel, there is an insane amount of FUNi staff here... I count 7 at least... there is normally 2 or 3)
18:01:19 <bay|AX|FUNi> (Room is still filling up... another massive line)
18:01:58 <bay|AX|FUNi> How's everyone doing out there.
18:02:02 <bay|AX|FUNi> Love to hear that, we still got more people filing in.
18:02:12 <bay|AX|FUNi> The good news is we can go late, and we will, so that's okay.
18:02:14 <bay|AX|FUNi> We will probably start late.
18:02:21 <bay|AX|FUNi> We have a lot to go over.
18:02:24 <bay|AX|FUNi> 4-5 minutes to start
18:05:35 <bay|AX|FUNi> (There is staff from at least.... 3 other companies here too....)
18:06:55 <bay|AX|FUNi> Here goes the startup thingy...
18:06:58 <bay|AX|FUNi> Hello everyone out there
18:07:13 <bay|AX|FUNi> How is everyone doing?
18:07:21 <bay|AX|FUNi> Thank you guys all for coming.
18:07:27 <bay|AX|FUNi> They gave us a giant room, I want to thank AX for that
18:07:37 <bay|AX|FUNi> First, my name is Adam Sheehan, and i'm the marketing manager
18:07:43 <bay|AX|FUNi> I get to talk to you people all day and that's what i love
18:07:55 <bay|AX|FUNi> i love talking to the anime fans because you are blatantly honest
18:08:21 <bay|AX|FUNi> (the one piece fans story)
18:08:38 <bay|AX|FUNi> i want to thank you guys ahead of time for your feedback
18:08:41 <bay|AX|FUNi> so we got a lot going on today
18:08:47 <bay|AX|FUNi> if you've been keeping up with the news....
18:08:57 <bay|AX|FUNi> the industry feels very strong right now and we're going to continue that
18:09:33 <bay|AX|FUNi> Starting with state of the industry
18:09:39 <bay|AX|FUNi> Funimation and the anime industry
18:09:40 <bay|AX|FUNi> status update
18:09:48 <bay|AX|FUNi> luckily, we've done well for ourselves over the years
18:09:54 <bay|AX|FUNi> we're not going away, the industry isn't going away
18:09:58 <bay|AX|FUNi> as you can tell, there are lots of fans out there
18:10:06 <bay|AX|FUNi> going to give you some new facts to justify what i'm saying
18:10:41 <bay|AX|FUNi> back in 2008 we had the don't panic campaign
18:10:41 <bay|AX|FUNi> and backed it up in 2009
18:10:41 <bay|AX|FUNi> and in 2009, that was when we bought a bunch of news shows, and our sales increased by growth of new product
18:10:41 <bay|AX|FUNi> and then subs and dubs....
18:11:00 <bay|AX|FUNi> This basically says that everyone is dubs fans... this doesn't say which is better.. we take subtitling just as serious as we take dubs
18:11:04 <bay|AX|FUNi> this is to say we aren't going to stop doing dubs
18:11:20 <bay|AX|FUNi> moving along
18:11:22 <bay|AX|FUNi> how about some new blood..
18:11:33 <bay|AX|FUNi> consumers data: older than 25 yrs old 51% and 40% 18-24
18:11:38 <bay|AX|FUNi> based on DVD survey data
18:12:03 <bay|AX|FUNi> largest group online is 13-17 yr olds
18:12:10 <bay|AX|FUNi> based on demographic data from facebook and youtube
18:12:14 <bay|AX|FUNi> this group is watching a lot of it online
18:12:27 <bay|AX|FUNi> the consumers of the future, since we understand that anime can be expensive
18:12:43 <bay|AX|FUNi> hopefully, when you do have income, you have to make the tough decision between eat and anime...
18:13:09 <bay|AX|FUNi> convention growth for sakura con and animeboston over the past 2 years (same as animenext)
18:13:19 <bay|AX|FUNi> as you can see... this room is STILL filling up
18:13:36 <bay|AX|FUNi> a lot of people are coming into it
18:13:42 <bay|AX|FUNi> we're very happy getting new blood
18:13:50 <bay|AX|FUNi> social media... twitter... blog.funimation.com
18:13:55 <bay|AX|FUNi> it's effective and not expensive
18:14:00 <bay|AX|FUNi> we love it
18:14:18 <bay|AX|FUNi> the big thing with social media is that it works well now, and the old media doesn't work as effective...
18:14:28 <bay|AX|FUNi> you people want to talk with us, not just hear from us
18:14:28 <bay|AX|FUNi> this is you giving us feedback and everything
18:14:33 <bay|AX|FUNi> you guys are ahead of the curve
18:14:44 <bay|AX|FUNi> you are ahead of the average for buying blurays for the entire country (double?)
18:14:50 <bay|AX|FUNi> on twitter, we have 6800 twitter followers
18:14:57 <bay|AX|FUNi> i know this is inaccurate
18:15:07 <bay|AX|FUNi> it will soon be over 9000... or is it 8000 these days
18:15:25 <bay|AX|FUNi> facebook... over 3.6 million in monthly impressions 69000+ fans with 20% growth over month
18:15:33 <bay|AX|FUNi> facebook.com/funimation
18:15:45 <bay|AX|FUNi> (remember, adam gave the new guy the Anext presentation, thats why it's similar)
18:15:54 <bay|AX|FUNi> Youtube 154k subscribers
18:16:10 <bay|AX|FUNi> #54 most subscribed worldwide - directors
18:16:21 <bay|AX|FUNi> youtube.com/funimation
18:16:32 <bay|AX|FUNi> more growth out there and more expansion to bring you more anime
18:16:33 <bay|AX|FUNi> simulcasts
18:16:38 <bay|AX|FUNi> funimation.com/video
18:16:50 <bay|AX|FUNi> the biggest complaint we've had over the time is that we don't want to wait 6-9 months to see it
18:17:01 <bay|AX|FUNi> right now, you can watch one piece, FMA:B, rainbow, house of five leaves, tatami
18:17:05 <bay|AX|FUNi> go watch those
18:17:17 <bay|AX|FUNi> you can watch them days or hours after the Jp broadcast
18:17:22 <bay|AX|FUNi> funimation channel
18:17:28 <bay|AX|FUNi> some of you are getting it, and some are not, and we're working on that
18:17:37 <bay|AX|FUNi> if you have stopped by the funimation booth, we're actually doing a survey.
18:17:50 <bay|AX|FUNi> getfunimationchannel.com and fill out a survey and you get a chance to win things
18:17:59 <bay|AX|FUNi> believe it or not, this does work
18:18:08 <bay|AX|FUNi> we have heard of stories of people hounding their cable company until they got it
18:18:38 <bay|AX|FUNi> (available on att uverse, comcast, dish, fios, and a bunch of local carriers)
18:18:40 <bay|AX|FUNi> anti-piracy
18:18:49 <bay|AX|FUNi> team: 1 lawyer, 3 additional staff
18:18:54 <bay|AX|FUNi> we're really diligent about taking stuff down
18:19:05 <bay|AX|FUNi> purpose: police and report copyright infringement online and offline
18:19:19 <bay|AX|FUNi> focus: counterfeit goods, torrent links, streaming and download sites, direct link storage sites
18:19:27 <bay|AX|FUNi> and because of that, streaming is doing better, dvd sales are increasing
18:19:35 <bay|AX|FUNi> and for those of you who are watching legal streams, thank you so much
18:19:42 <bay|AX|FUNi> that is what's really helping us and the industry
18:19:49 <bay|AX|FUNi> free legal stuff is what's going to keep the industry going
18:19:55 <bay|AX|FUNi> other companies with some great announcements this weekend
18:19:56 <bay|AX|FUNi> new shows
18:20:07 <bay|AX|FUNi> my bride is a mermaid part 1, available july 20th , $49.98
18:20:10 <bay|AX|FUNi> textless songs extra
18:20:16 <bay|AX|FUNi> trailer
18:21:43 <bay|AX|FUNi> fun light show... speaking of fun...
18:21:49 <bay|AX|FUNi> master of martial hearts - complete series...
18:21:58 <bay|AX|FUNi> available august 10th... video commentary with japanese voice cast extras...
18:22:02 <bay|AX|FUNi> $34.98
18:22:18 <bay|AX|FUNi> trailer...
18:23:30 <bay|AX|FUNi> (Wow... that's a bizarre and hilarious trailer)
18:23:53 <bay|AX|FUNi> Casshern Sins - part one
18:24:10 <bay|AX|FUNi> august 17th, $54.98 blu, $49.98 dvd, pre-air event and textless songs extra
18:24:20 <bay|AX|FUNi> trailer
18:25:43 <bay|AX|FUNi> Corpse Princess, Shikabane hime... part 1 and part 2 sept 14th
18:25:49 <bay|AX|FUNi> extras: episode commentaries, textless songs
18:26:04 <bay|AX|FUNi> we've had it streaming for a while, was our first simulcast, and it did quite well so we're putting it out on dvd
18:27:28 <bay|AX|FUNi> We're trying to take away all your money before xmas
18:27:30 <bay|AX|FUNi> trailer had played
18:27:31 <bay|AX|FUNi> hetalia
18:27:36 <bay|AX|FUNi> seasons one
18:27:58 <bay|AX|FUNi> sept 14th, extras; episode commentaries, show comments by director bob shirahata, parts 1-3, ddirector ed sequence comments, the hidden history within hetalia
18:28:08 <bay|AX|FUNi> $34.98
18:28:40 <bay|AX|FUNi> we actually did a survey, and this is one thing you wanted to see, so we created this piece (the last one) because of the fans answering feedback
18:28:55 <bay|AX|FUNi> and on top of that, the season one and season 2 are going to come with a bandana (Was announced at funicon4.0)
18:29:10 <bay|AX|FUNi> if you haven't seen the trailer, we're going to show it now.
18:30:21 <bay|AX|FUNi> ever so much fun...
18:30:34 <bay|AX|FUNi> and having such a vocal fanbase, people like the song so we put the downloadable version up for free
18:30:45 <bay|AX|FUNi> eden of the east complete series
18:30:55 <bay|AX|FUNi> sept 28th, dvd $54.98, bluray $59.98
18:32:39 <bay|AX|FUNi> extras; TV spot, promo video, director kamiyama and original designer umino interview, kimura (takizawa) and hayami (saki) interview
18:31:34 <bay|AX|FUNi> and also... the game that i was mentioning, i want to bring up the brand manager for
18:31:50 <bay|AX|FUNi> (this is an ax event)
18:33:04 <bay|AX|FUNi> and with that, here's the trailer
18:33:47 <bay|AX|FUNi> (there is what looks like a twitter in the corner.. @selecao_i)
18:34:28 <bay|AX|FUNi> premiered the dub an hour ago....
18:34:32 <bay|AX|FUNi> what you really came for
18:34:33 <bay|AX|FUNi> special announcements
18:34:37 <bay|AX|FUNi> and we have a few of them
18:34:44 <bay|AX|FUNi> let's start with.... we're doing more simulcasts
18:34:53 <bay|AX|FUNi> so let's start moyashimon live action
18:34:57 <bay|AX|FUNi> part of the noitamina block
18:35:01 <bay|AX|FUNi> did really well for us the first time
18:35:44 <bay|AX|FUNi> we're going to to continue
18:35:08 <bay|AX|FUNi> thursday july 8th start
18:35:19 <bay|AX|FUNi> they gave us a trailer for it...
18:36:29 <bay|AX|FUNi> 11 eps x 30 min
18:37:09 <bay|AX|FUNi> with that, let's get back to the presentation
18:37:10 <bay|AX|FUNi> moving along
18:37:13 <bay|AX|FUNi> shiki
18:37:17 <bay|AX|FUNi> the other noitamina show
18:37:27 <bay|AX|FUNi> starting thursday july 8th
18:37:40 <bay|AX|FUNi> we are so excited to have the block
18:37:52 <bay|AX|FUNi> Black butler s2 (simulcast)
18:38:14 <bay|AX|FUNi> no date for this yet
18:38:18 <bay|AX|FUNi> but it will be on funimation.com/video
18:38:31 <bay|AX|FUNi> Sekirei S2 (simulcast)
18:38:42 <bay|AX|FUNi> i can explain the premise or you can look at the picture
18:38:48 <bay|AX|FUNi> no date or time yet but stay tuned
18:38:55 <bay|AX|FUNi> The legend of the legendary heroes
18:38:59 <bay|AX|FUNi> (simulcast)
18:39:22 <bay|AX|FUNi> sengoku basara season 2 (simulcast)
18:39:32 <bay|AX|FUNi> the manliest manly show that's ever manly manlied
18:39:40 <bay|AX|FUNi> season 1 later this year
18:39:43 <bay|AX|FUNi> (no details on the past 2)
18:39:48 <bay|AX|FUNi> New Acquisitions from funicon4.0
18:39:58 <bay|AX|FUNi> chrono crusade, gantz, kaleido star, peace maker kurogane
18:39:59 <bay|AX|FUNi> coming 2011
18:40:18 <bay|AX|FUNi> and diving into new stuff
18:40:24 <bay|AX|FUNi> Geneon Catalog shows
18:40:26 <bay|AX|FUNi> we've got a few
18:40:29 <bay|AX|FUNi> Texhnolyze
18:40:36 <bay|AX|FUNi> coming 2011
18:40:39 <bay|AX|FUNi> ai yori aoshi
18:40:40 <bay|AX|FUNi> (all of these are coming 2011)
18:40:45 <bay|AX|FUNi> Armitage III
18:40:51 <bay|AX|FUNi> (All things)
18:40:55 <bay|AX|FUNi> Haibane Renmei
18:40:59 <bay|AX|FUNi> Hellsing TV
18:41:07 <bay|AX|FUNi> Lain
18:41:19 <bay|AX|FUNi> More geneon catalog
18:42:01 <bay|AX|FUNi> Tenchi Tokyo
18:41:29 <bay|AX|FUNi> Tenchi Universe
18:41:33 <bay|AX|FUNi> Tenchi muyo ovas
18:41:39 <bay|AX|FUNi> tenchi muyo movies
18:41:47 <bay|AX|FUNi> the entire catalog in our house
18:42:05 <bay|AX|FUNi> Darker than black season 2
18:42:06 <bay|AX|FUNi> coming 2011
18:42:29 <bay|AX|FUNi> might not be far.. we'll see
18:42:34 <bay|AX|FUNi> Shakugan no shana
18:42:34 <bay|AX|FUNi> s2
18:42:35 <bay|AX|FUNi> movie
18:42:35 <bay|AX|FUNi> ova
18:42:40 <bay|AX|FUNi> coming 2011
18:43:12 <bay|AX|FUNi> railgun and index
18:43:17 <bay|AX|FUNi> to aru majutsu no railgun and index
18:43:44 <bay|AX|FUNi> black lagoon s3 coming 2011
18:44:03 <bay|AX|FUNi> hellsing 5-7 coming 2011
18:44:09 <bay|AX|FUNi> as heard at the geneon panel,
18:44:15 <bay|AX|FUNi> (Announcing it with us, they said geneon didn't leak it)
18:44:31 <bay|AX|FUNi> Vash bringing a delivery
18:44:37 <bay|AX|FUNi> a disc
18:44:52 <bay|AX|FUNi> it's round with a hole in it..reminds me of a donut
18:45:04 <bay|AX|FUNi> trailer
18:46:20 <bay|AX|FUNi> Trigun movie: badlands rumble
18:46:33 <bay|AX|FUNi> english subtitled premier saturday
18:46:36 <bay|AX|FUNi> coming 2011
18:47:06 <bay|AX|FUNi> with that... i believe we have a special someone in the audience to talk about this
18:47:12 <bay|AX|FUNi> would like to bring up the vp of acquisitions...
18:47:22 <bay|AX|FUNi> Adam (Zaaler?)
18:47:29 <bay|AX|FUNi> Hello everyone, how are you doing
18:47:41 <bay|AX|FUNi> well, i think i have the best job ever, i get to watch a lot of cool anime and then i get to buy it
18:47:57 <bay|AX|FUNi> obviously, none of this could be done without our fantastic partners, aniplex, geneon
18:48:10 <bay|AX|FUNi> one of the shows we also very much wanted to focus on at this convention was trigun the movie which we are very excited to bring over
18:48:34 <bay|AX|FUNi> we decided to bring over someone who knows trigun better than anyone else in the whole world
18:48:44 <bay|AX|FUNi> and that's the producer (Kitiyama-san?)
18:48:54 <bay|AX|FUNi> you might know him from noir, excel saga, gungrave, and trigun
18:48:59 <bay|AX|FUNi> he'll speak for a moment
18:49:03 <bay|AX|FUNi> good evening LA
18:49:42 <bay|AX|FUNi> so many of you may have heard sakura-con, they got to see it before you did, but they didn't get to see this with subs
18:49:48 <bay|AX|FUNi> so you will be the first people who actually get to understand
18:50:19 <bay|AX|FUNi> he hopes you will feel lucky that you have the english subtitle and that you will come tomorrow to see it
18:50:46 <bay|AX|FUNi> we're very happy that we were able to create the english subtitles in a very short period of time
18:50:56 <bay|AX|FUNi> (we number two being funimation)
18:51:03 <bay|AX|FUNi> thank you very much
18:51:10 <bay|AX|FUNi> we're very excited we have the premiere tomorrow
18:51:19 <bay|AX|FUNi> we thought with him here, we also thought it would be nice if he brought a few presents for you
18:51:27 <bay|AX|FUNi> and tomorrow, at the actual screening....
18:51:58 <bay|AX|FUNi> we'll have ... specially drawn characters that are autographed..
18:52:04 <bay|AX|FUNi> (these aren't for everyone, these are raffle prizes)
18:52:12 <bay|AX|FUNi> we got a few of those, and a few signed programs from japan
18:52:29 <bay|AX|FUNi> not only is he creative, he's very generous, so i hope you will be there tomorrow to recieve them
18:52:35 <bay|AX|FUNi> so i hope you guys like all that
18:52:54 <bay|AX|FUNi> as we're doing Q&A, they will give you cards
18:52:59 <bay|AX|FUNi> with that, we're going to go into Q&A
18:53:21 <bay|AX|FUNi> the rules... again (nothing new)
18:54:24 <bay|AX|FUNi> Q: I apologize if this falls under the list.... are you guys planning on licensing related media to case closed?
18:54:39 <bay|AX|FUNi> A; I can give you an answer on that one .... we don't have any plans for case closed in the near future...
18:54:45 <bay|AX|FUNi> the movies have done well, the tv shows haven't done as well as we hoped
18:55:31 <bay|AX|FUNi> the movies have done well, the tv shows haven't done as well as we hoped
18:55:31 <bay|AX|FUNi> the movies we might still go for
18:55:31 <bay|AX|FUNi> Q; With regards to s2 DTB, the ovas too?
18:55:31 <bay|AX|FUNi> A; believe the ovas are a separate contract and we don't have them yet
18:55:39 <bay|AX|FUNi> Q; Megabox sets like all of tenchi?
18:55:49 <bay|AX|FUNi> A; we're interested in bringing out multiple versions like FMA
18:56:04 <bay|AX|FUNi> singles to half season to season to bulk
18:56:09 <bay|AX|FUNi> with something like one piece, that would be very difficult
18:56:20 <bay|AX|FUNi> there will probably be full season sets at some point
18:56:31 <bay|AX|FUNi> we will do as big as possible
18:56:42 <bay|AX|FUNi> Q: Simulcasts.... any plans about expanding that into video streaming like netflix
18:57:04 <bay|AX|FUNi> A: Since we are new to it.... it's like baby steps... it's possible at some point but it's not in the plans yet
18:57:17 <bay|AX|FUNi> Q; bluray strategy?
18:57:31 <bay|AX|FUNi> A; dvds are bread and butter but bluray is important since we want to get it for every shows that has materials for japan
18:57:39 <bay|AX|FUNi> sometimes we cant get bluray rights simultaneously
18:57:44 <bay|AX|FUNi> if we can, we will release them day and date
18:58:12 <bay|AX|FUNi> Q; Tenchi Blu-ray like in Japan?
18:58:22 <bay|AX|FUNi> A; TBA.. depends on the individual show
18:58:52 <bay|AX|FUNi> Q: Would you put out statistics or data on how the simulcast doing? Like one piece?
18:59:12 <bay|AX|FUNi> A; statistics as exact numbers, no, but if it's doing well or not doing well, you will see news from us on a regular basis...
18:59:22 <bay|AX|FUNi> there are some that will do really well and be on dvd
18:59:30 <bay|AX|FUNi> and there are others that are just good and won't
18:59:41 <bay|AX|FUNi> Q: Any interest in Strong World?
18:59:57 <bay|AX|FUNi> A: we'd love to, so far we've bought movie 8 and the 3 seasons... so look for news after season 3 for what's next for one piece
19:00:08 <bay|AX|FUNi> Q; The second season of big windup, why wasn't it relased?
19:00:23 <bay|AX|FUNi> A: we have not picked it up,and will be passing
19:00:30 <bay|AX|FUNi> (he just said s23 had it but realized he meant hellgirl)
19:00:38 <bay|AX|FUNi> hell girl season 2 is a great one, you should pick that up
19:00:52 <bay|AX|FUNi> Q; Relating to the first question of more case closed movies?
19:00:58 <bay|AX|FUNi> The Conan vs Lupin special?
19:01:01 <bay|AX|FUNi> A; We don't have that yet.
19:01:07 <bay|AX|FUNi> we'd like to
19:01:20 <bay|AX|FUNi> Q; Writer... how would you be able to write for anime?
19:01:31 <bay|AX|FUNi> A: Go to japan
19:01:49 <bay|AX|FUNi> (going over the t/l and adr process)
19:02:10 <bay|AX|FUNi> Q: Do you guys have a release period for the first season of sengoku basara?
19:02:15 <bay|AX|FUNi> A; street date?
19:02:22 <bay|AX|FUNi> September 28th...
19:02:23 <bay|AX|FUNi> (lance)
19:02:33 <bay|AX|FUNi> Q: trigun in theaters?
19:02:38 <bay|AX|FUNi> A; stay tuned for wonderful news
19:02:59 <bay|AX|FUNi> Q; Oh edo Rocket?
19:03:03 <bay|AX|FUNi> A: november
19:03:06 <bay|AX|FUNi> Q; Birdy?
19:03:07 <bay|AX|FUNi> A; october
19:03:32 <bay|AX|FUNi> Q: Dance in the vampire bund unedited?
19:03:36 <bay|AX|FUNi> A: 100% yes
19:03:31 <bay|AX|FUNi> we will do an unedited version as it was in japan
19:03:41 <bay|AX|FUNi> Q; case closed online?
19:03:52 <bay|AX|FUNi> A; online, don't know.. there is lots of stuff we're getting rights for from our catalog, we don't have it yet
19:04:17 <bay|AX|FUNi> Q; Any problem working with Geneon as a distributor... as who wants to bring it over?
19:04:28 <bay|AX|FUNi> A; Geneon has been good with us, especially Geneon Universal who we've been working with
19:04:35 <bay|AX|FUNi> we sit down and talk with them
19:04:41 <bay|AX|FUNi> they see from our past how we do stuff
19:05:11 <bay|AX|FUNi> Q: One Piece HD simulcast?
19:05:29 <bay|AX|FUNi> A; it's a possibility but it hasn't been done yet, there are a lot of reasons why... materials, size materials that have slowed us down
19:05:33 <bay|AX|FUNi> i wont say it's not possible
19:05:41 <bay|AX|FUNi> Q; Any chance to bring over dragonbox for original db
19:05:46 <bay|AX|FUNi> A; Currently working on Z, stay tuned
19:06:04 <bay|AX|FUNi> Q; Understand you upres a lot of blurays...
19:06:13 <bay|AX|FUNi> A; We started putting it on boxes now...
19:06:30 <bay|AX|FUNi> Now on the bottom of it, you'll see upres or truehd or something...
19:06:35 <bay|AX|FUNi> Starting with Guyver i believe
19:06:42 <bay|AX|FUNi> Q; Is there a list of what's released (already)...
19:06:56 <bay|AX|FUNi> A; Suuuuree... I'll talk to some people and see if we can arrange something
19:07:03 <bay|AX|FUNi> maybe a list on the blog or something
19:07:26 <bay|AX|FUNi> Q: Familar of Zero... season 2?
19:07:33 <bay|AX|FUNi> A: part of the licensing shows we haven't picked up yet
19:08:23 <bay|AX|FUNi> Q: What is the best part of working at FUNi? (skipping the answer on this)
19:09:25 <bay|AX|FUNi> Q: Regarding your booth on the dealers floor, curious why you didn't have a theme?
19:09:43 <bay|AX|FUNi> A; This year, we had a theme but it wasn't on the booth, it was the EotE game
19:09:51 <bay|AX|FUNi> it wasn't on the booth, but an Alternate Reality event
19:10:00 <bay|AX|FUNi> we tried to put one on the booth but it really didn't work...
19:10:41 <bay|AX|FUNi> Q: Packing and price question... some of the more current work like soul eater and some of the barely old... like ouran.. are still highly priced....
19:10:50 <bay|AX|FUNi> they are a bit expensive for some people...
19:11:09 <bay|AX|FUNi> Why don't you package it at 26 eps or at a cheaper MSRP?
19:11:20 <bay|AX|FUNi> A; it has to do with making money on the brand and expending it as much as possible
19:11:34 <bay|AX|FUNi> it's set at $40/$50... we've done research on what the market can support...
19:11:38 <bay|AX|FUNi> and then dealers discount it
19:11:49 <bay|AX|FUNi> and actually, this is the cheapest anime has ever been
19:11:57 <bay|AX|FUNi> you are paying $40 less than you were previously
19:12:09 <bay|AX|FUNi> if we split it, if we raised it to 26 eps, it would be $80 at least the first time out
19:12:18 <bay|AX|FUNi> we want to get the people who don't have $80 to get some slowly
19:12:35 <bay|AX|FUNi> we want to put the product out that reaches the most people between the casual fan and those who don't want to dive in and those who want to dive in hardcore fans...
19:12:53 <bay|AX|FUNi> it's the middle ground of packaging and pricing to reach the broadest number of fans
19:12:57 <bay|AX|FUNi> and then we eventually bring out cheaper box sets
19:13:32 <bay|AX|FUNi> Q; Producing air gear season 2?
19:13:32 <bay|AX|FUNi> A; no air gear season 2....
19:13:32 <bay|AX|FUNi> think it's just a rumor
19:13:44 <bay|AX|FUNi> Q; plans for DBZ releases?
19:14:00 <bay|AX|FUNi> A; here's the last version till the next version as we joke but our target demographic is the 9 yr old every day
19:14:16 <bay|AX|FUNi> so we brought out the dragonbox for the super hardcore fan
19:14:21 <bay|AX|FUNi> and i guess the future is kai
19:14:26 <bay|AX|FUNi> and if you want the old stuff, the dragonbox
19:14:48 <bay|AX|FUNi> Q: About a year ago, you did a survey about licensing.... since Toei has been re-releasing Sailormoon to other countries...
19:14:51 <bay|AX|FUNi> How are they about america?
19:15:33 <bay|AX|FUNi> A; For that one, we have not acquired it yet, but we have been trying for years.
19:15:39 <bay|AX|FUNi> I can't promise you anything about it
19:15:48 <bay|AX|FUNi> The reason we put it on there is there was fan interest and it was a fan favorite
19:16:54 <bay|AX|FUNi> Q: Is there anything you can say about Eva 2.0
19:16:54 <bay|AX|FUNi> A; We don't have it so i can't advance farther than that
19:16:54 <bay|AX|FUNi> Q: Release date for FLCL yet?
19:16:54 <bay|AX|FUNi> A: not announced yet, will be this year
19:17:13 <bay|AX|FUNi> Q; how are tatami and house of five leaves doing? chance of DVD?
19:17:23 <bay|AX|FUNi> A; they are doing well, so they are rated at a different level since they aren't action
19:17:33 <bay|AX|FUNi> as far as dvd, stay tuned, we haven't announced rights but it isn't out of the question
19:18:00 <bay|AX|FUNi> Q; DTBs2 and aniplex.... a lot of people were worried about aniplex doing a sub only release... your relationship with aniplex/
19:18:07 <bay|AX|FUNi> A; We have a great relationship with aniplex...
19:18:12 <bay|AX|FUNi> until we sign the contract it's an iffy thing
19:18:23 <bay|AX|FUNi> we saw the rumors which were entertaining since we knew what was going on
19:18:32 <bay|AX|FUNi> we want to keep working with them
19:19:11 <bay|AX|FUNi> Q: How to get a job at FUNi?
19:19:23 <bay|AX|FUNi> A; get experience in something and love anime....
19:19:42 <bay|AX|FUNi> Q: Anything you can say about Sgt Frog?
19:19:46 <bay|AX|FUNi> still going? stalled?
19:19:57 <bay|AX|FUNi> A: we have s1 and 2, nothing beyond that.... it's doing well on DVD
19:20:59 <bay|AX|FUNi> Q: Last FMA ep? A: stay tuned... we're going to have some fun stuff, it will be subbed
19:21:01 <bay|AX|FUNi> (at con event)
19:21:08 <bay|AX|FUNi> Q; Funimation opening an LA studio?
19:21:21 <bay|AX|FUNi> A: probably not being that this is a union state and texas isn't and texas is really cheap
19:22:19 <bay|AX|FUNi> (question about funimation channel that i missed)
19:22:43 <bay|AX|FUNi> Q: Would Soul Eater eventually be in a single boxset?
19:22:47 <bay|AX|FUNi> A; eventually...
19:23:04 <bay|AX|FUNi> can't tell you when because it's really far out
19:23:05 <bay|AX|FUNi> but it's eventually going to happen
19:23:34 <bay|AX|FUNi> Q; What's up with TWC and Funimation channel?
19:23:40 <bay|AX|FUNi> A: stay tuned... and help us out
19:24:36 <bay|AX|FUNi> Q: Show on the internet called DBZ abridged... what's your opinion on it?
19:24:47 <bay|AX|FUNi> A: It's not something we can talk about, it's not really ours...
19:25:22 <bay|AX|FUNi> Q: Whats the resolution on the main site streaming?
19:25:27 <bay|AX|FUNi> Variable streaming resolutions?
19:25:40 <bay|AX|FUNi> A; Right now, I don't know what the exact resolution is... that's part of the future thing
19:25:47 <bay|AX|FUNi> we haven't gotten into that quite yet
19:25:47 <bay|AX|FUNi> it's coming
19:25:52 <bay|AX|FUNi> it's eventually coming
19:25:58 <bay|AX|FUNi> it's where the internet is going
19:26:04 <bay|AX|FUNi> Q: (Final from podium)
19:26:13 <bay|AX|FUNi> How do you choose what ends up on the FUNimation channel?
19:26:25 <bay|AX|FUNi> A; (They point to lance)
19:26:33 <bay|AX|FUNi> It depends whats in the contract
19:26:41 <bay|AX|FUNi> Thank you for coming
19:26:50 <bay|AX|FUNi> (End)
19:35:32 <bay|AX|FUNi> (Pretty much every question that was asked had a response of "Gotta check", i will transcribe that later)
19:35:51 <bay|AX|FUNi> (some had definite answers)
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