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Feed from the id Press Conference at Quakecon 2008. Transcription: bayoab
Note: ( ) is usually commenting on the panel and was not said.
Note: Feed is unedited.

17:47:35 <bay|Quakecon> Coming up at 6pm CST
17:47:50 <bay|Quakecon> id Press Conference and John Carmack Keynote
17:47:59 <bay|Quakecon> Provided there is internet and my battery holds out... and until the "about ray tracing and cell shading" questions begin.
19:02:42 <bay|Quakecon> Long line to get in
19:05:00 <bay|Quakecon> room is filling
19:08:12 <bay|Quakecon> last few stragglers now....
19:11:55 <bay|Quakecon> they continue to add people to the room
19:12:07 <bay|Quakecon> we get blasted with a random selection of country and techo
19:15:43 <bay|Quakecon> the music has ended
19:15:45 <bay|Quakecon> Todd takes the stage
19:16:03 <bay|Quakecon> it's cool to have our press conference on thursday where we get to welcome you to quakecon..
19:16:09 <bay|Quakecon> before i start... let me mention all our sponsors
19:16:35 <bay|Quakecon> (mentions some of the people on the screen)
19:16:57 <bay|Quakecon> if you like this stuff, patronize their products because they are the ones who help us put this on
19:17:04 <bay|Quakecon> to give you a preview of the things to come over the next... 96? hours...
19:17:21 <bay|Quakecon> (pictures of the BYOC and Exhibitor area)
19:17:58 <bay|Quakecon> (talking about the stage and the vendor area... where they give away free stuff)
19:18:13 <bay|Quakecon> (ballz chugging contests....)
19:18:43 <bay|Quakecon> (pimping the rest of the schedule)
19:18:58 <bay|Quakecon> anyone there love them some quake live?
19:19:07 <bay|Quakecon> how cool is it that you can all play in the beta over in the BYOC
19:19:10 <bay|Quakecon> (applause)
19:19:18 <bay|Quakecon> (very weak at first)
19:20:16 <bay|Quakecon> (showing off the unveiling of the car they are giving away this weekend...)
19:21:33 <bay|Quakecon> (going over all the ways to win the car....)
19:23:00 <bay|Quakecon> Marty Stratton is going to come up here and tell you more about Quake Live
19:23:04 <bay|Quakecon> finally...
19:23:15 <bay|Quakecon> All right.. thank you very much
19:23:22 <bay|Quakecon> want to talk to you a little bit about quake live...
19:23:30 <bay|Quakecon> hopefully most of you have gotten your beta keys from the pre-reg list
19:23:56 <bay|Quakecon> if you didn't get your chance then.. we got it running in the BYOC without a beta key needed
19:24:27 <bay|Quakecon> if you haven't seen it yet.. we got a little sneak pit.. this debuted a week ago on spiketv...
19:24:34 <bay|Quakecon> (trailer like thingy....)
19:24:37 <bay|Quakecon> *sneak peak
19:25:38 <bay|Quakecon> rofl.. they screw up and reveal most of the conference....
19:25:46 <bay|Quakecon> wolfenstein.. rage.. doom and more :P
19:26:11 <bay|Quakecon> currently about 6000 players working on the game
19:26:19 <bay|Quakecon> the feedback from the players is how the game is built
19:26:23 <bay|Quakecon> (quakelive.com btw)
19:26:41 <bay|Quakecon> quakelive is a new method for playing quake3 arena..
19:26:40 <bay|Quakecon> we took the original game and gave it a facelift...
19:26:47 <bay|Quakecon> they have retextured... new maps...
19:27:03 <bay|Quakecon> new characters.. the big thing is the interface.. the game is delivered to you through quakelive.com
19:27:09 <bay|Quakecon> you can play anywhere.. home... work..
19:27:14 <bay|Quakecon> it is always up to date
19:27:14 <bay|Quakecon> no downloading..
19:27:30 <bay|Quakecon> the best thing about the entire game is it is entirely free.. just like quakecon
19:27:52 <bay|Quakecon> we are going up to 100-200k in the beta..
19:27:58 <bay|Quakecon> a lot of the inspiration fro that comes from this con...
19:28:04 <bay|Quakecon> the social event
19:28:21 <bay|Quakecon> check it out.. and i am going to talk about the tournaments...
19:29:00 <bay|Quakecon> lets bring todd back up...
19:29:25 <bay|Quakecon> so.. i heart irremote plus mac...
19:29:29 <bay|Quakecon> since marty already showed everything off dismissed... just kidding
19:30:08 <bay|Quakecon> to talk more about mobile phone gaming.. Kathryn... the president of id mobile
19:30:14 <bay|Quakecon> we have a trailer from EA moblie playing...
19:30:18 <bay|Quakecon> wolfenstein RPG on the mobile phone
19:31:09 <bay|Quakecon> Katherine Anna Kang..
19:31:18 <bay|Quakecon> we put the action packed fun of kicking nazi butt on a cell phone
19:31:47 <bay|Quakecon> the next game... i don't think it needs introduction..
19:31:47 <bay|Quakecon> so...
19:31:57 <bay|Quakecon> doom 2 RPG
19:32:25 <bay|Quakecon> todd back on stage
19:32:26 <bay|Quakecon> wolfenstein is now on the screen....
19:33:38 <bay|Quakecon> we got an extra special stuff after the trailer we showed off from e3....
19:34:09 <bay|Quakecon> (talking about details on the game...)
19:34:15 <bay|Quakecon> for the first time in the world
19:34:19 <bay|Quakecon> new footage from the game that nobody has seen
19:34:26 <bay|Quakecon> we just showed a taste at e3
19:35:49 <bay|Quakecon> of course working on that.. raven software...
19:36:00 <bay|Quakecon> also... another developer that you may not have heard... pi studios..
19:36:15 <bay|Quakecon> (ps3 and x360 live logos on the screen)
19:36:23 <bay|Quakecon> want to know the release date?
19:36:30 <bay|Quakecon> (missed what they said...)
19:38:12 <bay|Quakecon> the world official announcement.. for the next doom game.. is right here right now..
19:38:21 <bay|Quakecon> since we never actually announced this before...
19:38:29 <bay|Quakecon> i can't share any details.. but there will be blood
19:38:28 <bay|Quakecon> there will be guns
19:39:01 <bay|Quakecon> (audience: with flashlights?)
19:38:59 <bay|Quakecon> there will be demons..
19:39:00 <bay|Quakecon> there will be..listen to the pronounciation.. gibs...
19:39:09 <bay|Quakecon> i.e it will be kickass...
19:39:22 <bay|Quakecon> if you think you are kickass enough to work on doom... we are hiring if you know people in the industry
19:40:02 <bay|Quakecon> the release date is "when its done" (the same as wolfenstein)
19:40:04 <bay|Quakecon> there is another person from id to be talking about htat
19:40:09 <bay|Quakecon> the technical director and cofounder....
19:40:12 <bay|Quakecon> John Carmack
19:40:30 <bay|Quakecon> (idtech5 is on the screen)
19:41:22 <bay|Quakecon> there is so much going on.. i know on previous yearsa.. i could get up here and rant about shadow buffer filtering... but we have so many high level projects going on .. .that im only going to spend an hour on general interest things
19:41:23 <bay|Quakecon> rage trailer
19:41:54 <bay|Quakecon> (wow....
19:42:01 <bay|Quakecon> (i have no idea if this is ingame or not.. but it looks awesome)
19:42:06 <bay|Quakecon> (i assume cg...)
19:43:03 <bay|Quakecon> (oooh.. racing... that sequence was new...)
19:43:43 <bay|Quakecon> okay.. and we got a real plan here..
19:43:44 <bay|Quakecon> where rage is the first idtech5 game...
19:43:58 <bay|Quakecon> it is set to be a 60hz game...
19:44:07 <bay|Quakecon> doom is going to be targeted as a 30hz game.. so it will have more graphics richness than rage
19:44:31 <bay|Quakecon> (3x more graphics horsepower)
19:44:44 <bay|Quakecon> it will look like it is written as a next generation graphics
19:45:00 <bay|Quakecon> (talking about history of id right now....)
19:45:55 <bay|Quakecon> (we did it with doom3 too)
19:45:57 <bay|Quakecon> we have the AAA cross platform titles where the bulk of our effort is ...
19:46:27 <bay|Quakecon> the mobile development was my first bet a few years ago..
19:46:34 <bay|Quakecon> and it was really kind of .... it seemed like it was a good idea.. it was interesting.. so we decided to go for it
19:46:40 <bay|Quakecon> we sold slightly over 2 million units...
19:47:08 <bay|Quakecon> if you watch the progression of the games... the games got better and better... it was like the old days where each game makes signicant progress
19:48:34 <bay|Quakecon> (lost him... he talks extremely fast.. he's talking about how things have evolved...)
19:48:38 <bay|Quakecon> the entire games are 300k.. we lose that behind the couch on normal console games
19:48:41 <bay|Quakecon> we actually had to care about code space...
19:49:29 <bay|Quakecon> we did make the decision on this generation to increase our low end spec... previously we made a high end at 1.5-2mbs and low one at 300k
19:49:30 <bay|Quakecon> now we bumped it up... we considered to just go with the high one.. but the raw numbers don't support it.. so 600k min to 2.5mb on the high end..
19:49:34 <bay|Quakecon> this is the one disappointment ont he mobile space
19:50:15 <bay|Quakecon> the big talk back then was that people buy new cells every 6 months.. .so while we see a lot of advances on the high end... the low end where the majority of the sales are are still on the low end skew...
19:50:46 <bay|Quakecon> the other aspect is the mobile games is brand driven
19:50:48 <bay|Quakecon> your placement on the deck is what matters most...
19:51:06 <bay|Quakecon> with a name that you hope people will recognize
19:51:15 <bay|Quakecon> that comes to the high end things... like the iphone and similar capable products
19:51:27 <bay|Quakecon> im sad we don't have an iphone product out right now...
19:52:49 <bay|Quakecon> im talking about the importance of strong branding on the mobiles... on the iphones.. it doesn't matter since you can have an actual page...
19:52:51 <bay|Quakecon> the deal apple cuts with everyone.. 70% to the devs...
19:52:49 <bay|Quakecon> (they got their hands on the iphone dev engine...)
19:52:51 <bay|Quakecon> the dev stuff is pro as opposed to brew...
19:52:52 <bay|Quakecon> graphics wise.. its about the same as a dreamcast...
19:53:00 <bay|Quakecon> its probably about the previous generation console though...
19:53:40 <bay|Quakecon> you can certainly go and spend 10 mil on an iphone product, but you wouldn't earn it back right now...
19:53:42 <bay|Quakecon> the issue is making the most appropriate game
19:55:35 <bay|QCon> surveying the audience about the iphone... about 15% penetration...
19:55:52 <bay|QCon> you can certainly put together excellent grpahics... its a good internet device...
19:56:00 <bay|QCon> as sony has learned this gen.. hardware isn't everything
19:56:26 <bay|QCon> nintendo is dominating with the DS ...
19:56:48 <bay|QCon> (for those who aren't familiar... he basically stands in 1 spot , holds a mic.. and talks..)
19:56:56 <bay|QCon> (he doesn't move much)
19:57:27 <bay|QCon> apple has done a lot of things i believe are very positive.. it's always a rollercoaster ride with apple...
19:57:58 <bay|QCon> the sdk is great...
19:58:50 <bay|QCon> i hope that apple winds up scaring the rest of the carriers and handset devs into picking up some of the things
19:59:12 <bay|QCon> there is a distinct lack of nazis... or hitler... in the wolf rpg because the carriers are afraid of it...
19:59:25 <bay|QCon> this goes back to the nintendo days but nintendo grew out of it
19:59:33 <bay|QCon> some of the frustrating things is that the decisions are entirely arbitrary
19:59:47 <bay|QCon> like the maximum download size
19:59:59 <bay|QCon> a lot of these phones have tons of flash.. but we are limited to the 2.5mb or less
20:00:14 <bay|QCon> we tell them "look how it looks on verizon with the 2.5mb and look how it looks on yours with 300k"
20:00:27 <bay|QCon> we are going to try and twist for cingular and t-mobile...
20:00:32 <bay|QCon> (he gets a chair)
20:00:45 <bay|QCon> some things.. like At&t.. its the same network for the iphone so it makes no sense there
20:00:50 <bay|QCon> there are a lot of interesting things going forward
20:00:58 <bay|QCon> iphone is significant but it isn't going to take over the world
20:01:00 <bay|QCon> the other carries are important....
20:01:04 <bay|QCon> *carriers
20:01:28 <bay|QCon> there might end up more people playing games on the mobile phones platform than on the others...
20:01:43 <bay|QCon> it is interesting to think about things like google android which has no traction right now...
20:02:37 <bay|QCon> it was intersting on the wolfenstein... we wanted to do a symbian version since nokia dominates the outside us market... but we hope to have the game available across all the main platforms by the end of th eyear
20:02:44 <bay|QCon> we make 4 versions that we deliver.. hi/low brew/java
20:02:53 <bay|QCon> and they make tons more versions of the games
20:03:11 <bay|QCon> and then they are going to roll into doom rpg II
20:03:21 <bay|QCon> that will be fun because.. looking over the last projects...
20:03:25 <bay|QCon> with doom rpg.. it had the name.. it was novel...
20:03:37 <bay|QCon> now.. we cranked up the quality of the projects a lot..
20:03:39 <bay|QCon> we hope it is pretty cool..
20:03:56 <bay|QCon> coming around to the next business division with quakelive
20:04:10 <bay|QCon> the whole story .. we announced it as quake0 and it was born a few weeks before quakecon...
20:04:40 <bay|QCon> some domain squatter went and bought out the domains.. they were only a month into dev so they decided to change the naame
20:04:43 <bay|QCon> it is quakelive now
20:04:50 <bay|QCon> we are rolling through various beta stages...
20:05:19 <bay|QCon> it is good to take some of these momemnts of humility .. where we thought it would be a 6 months project.. and the gaming side wise it was... but the web development... "it can't be that hard... but it was..."
20:05:25 <bay|QCon> we are working our way through that...
20:05:34 <bay|QCon> we are slowly ramping the beta up
20:05:44 <bay|QCon> we know we are not prepared for the issues when we throw the floodgates open
20:05:47 <bay|QCon> they are bringing on 1000 people day/week
20:05:53 <bay|QCon> we are going into a more open beta soon
20:06:07 <bay|QCon> we don't have the matchmaking stuff here.. but statistics is being collected
20:06:19 <bay|QCon> we are collecting a crazy amount of statistics
20:06:28 <bay|QCon> the idea is to colelct all the data and then to decide what to do with it
20:06:38 <bay|QCon> achievements, awards, ... lots o things are open to us
20:06:46 <bay|QCon> quakelive is somewhere out in this far out, experimental phase...
20:07:02 <bay|QCon> with the mobile stuff... it ended up being a good idea...
20:07:08 <bay|QCon> with quakelive.. we aren't sure yet...
20:07:45 <bay|QCon> we know there is a decent community playing the original game
20:07:57 <bay|QCon> we hope we can enhance this to get more people...
20:08:25 <bay|QCon> it was a relief when we opened up the beta testing and we got 100k nearly instantly
20:10:00 <bay|QCon> (talking about how they couldn't make this a boxed product)
20:10:28 <bay|QCon> it looks a little better now..
20:10:33 <bay|QCon> there is a level of polish that is expected 9 years later
20:10:43 <bay|QCon> quake arena was getting by on the hardware accelerated....
20:11:00 <bay|QCon> there were all kinds of minor issues that overshadow it these days
20:11:24 <bay|QCon> without changing any of the core technology, things look a lot better... and we've integrated all of the ingame advertising
20:11:29 <bay|QCon> and its turned out pretty neat
20:11:35 <bay|QCon> and we get asked in interview if we think in game ads are the wave of the future
20:11:48 <bay|QCon> and no, i don't think it is... since there are lots of games i don't think it is appropriate for
20:12:09 <bay|QCon> if quakelive does well, the next thing we will look at is wolfenstein enemy territory...
20:12:17 <bay|QCon> in that game... it would look odd with a billboards...
20:12:34 <bay|QCon> in quakelive.. (it looks like it belongs...)
20:12:40 <bay|QCon> since you were already in an arena...
20:13:03 <bay|QCon> we aren't considering an option to pay to turn off the ads because the game would look really empty
20:13:13 <bay|QCon> we are thinking about something extra for those who want to separated themselves
20:13:20 <bay|QCon> we won't know what it is until we have 6 months under our belt
20:13:27 <bay|QCon> there is some things you can't just do with free accounts
20:13:36 <bay|QCon> some things are good with real registration and accountability
20:13:39 <bay|QCon> things will remain completely free
20:13:47 <bay|QCon> thats where the experimental part will come in
20:14:01 <bay|QCon> as long as sponsors and advertising cover the cost... we can keep the game running forever
20:14:20 <bay|QCon> the fallback if the game fails horribly... we've taken people through the entire game development cycle...
20:14:50 <bay|QCon> to be able to do that... its valuable to those people who worked on it... we can take those people and put them on doom or rage...
20:14:56 <bay|QCon> fingers crossed.. i still think there is a lot of potential...
20:15:02 <bay|QCon> we are working on making the game approachable...
20:15:21 <bay|QCon> you go to quakelive.com... it downloads some things in the background.. and you can play a warmup match meanwhile...
20:15:48 <bay|QCon> if you tell someone to get a box thing.. they have to then get patches.. get any mods on servers... its not a friendly experience...
20:16:17 <bay|QCon> if you are inept, you can play with others like you
20:16:32 <bay|QCon> this is going to be easy...
20:16:44 <bay|QCon> it's not going to be the most mass market game likt he sims
20:17:02 <bay|QCon> something people have to realize about modern games is that... games are about "entertainment".. its easy to be mislead by the word...
20:17:17 <bay|QCon> thats not what most of the big games are about... its not about challanging the player.. its about getting them to have fun when they go through it...
20:17:38 <bay|QCon> the modern games are about coddling the player to make sure they have fun
20:17:50 <bay|QCon> something like quakelive isn't about coddling.. its about throwing them into a high tension enviroment..
20:17:52 <bay|QCon> frag or be fragged..
20:18:13 <bay|QCon> there are a lot of people who will end up enjoying it when matched with similar skill levels
20:18:40 <bay|QCon> the idtech5 quake project we decided we didn't want to d
20:18:46 <bay|QCon> we decided instead to do doom....
20:18:59 <bay|QCon> the success of quakelive will determine if there is another quakearena project
20:19:08 <bay|QCon> if there are millions, the publishers are going to care
20:19:16 <bay|QCon> it would have to be a 60hz fast action game
20:19:34 <bay|QCon> the publishers aren't that interest in an arena multiplayer focus game...
20:19:49 <bay|QCon> to do a big project cross platform game.. you are looking at a 20 million dollar project
20:19:50 <bay|QCon> quake for this year is quakelive
20:20:14 <bay|QCon> there is no official mod support in quakelive.. this was something we weren't sure about and we are sure it won't be popular
20:20:28 <bay|QCon> random mods is something we just can't support
20:20:59 <bay|QCon> a lot of the popular gameplay types have been integrated in...
20:21:04 <bay|QCon> we don't have an SDK/mod though
20:21:47 <bay|QCon> we hope there will be an influx of new blood who it won't be hard for them to go from the quakelive universe where everything is seemless to step over to .. its the gateway drug...
20:22:00 <bay|QCon> to work on crazy random mods (i assume he meant for q3a)
20:22:19 <bay|QCon> we are going to talk about integrating some things into arena as official game styles...
20:22:24 <bay|QCon> but we are going to look into custom maps
20:22:30 <bay|QCon> since there has been a demand for that
20:22:37 <bay|QCon> but there is a lot of things that are still in flux
20:22:57 <bay|QCon> since this is a webservice instead of a package game, we have a lot of options...
20:23:11 <bay|QCon> again.. the game is 9 years old.. minor tweaks.. what we are putting around it is state of the art...
20:23:26 <bay|QCon> the matchmaking.. community.. etc
20:23:26 <bay|QCon> it will not become a portal
20:23:42 <bay|QCon> we make look at ET.. we may support doom.. but they will be separate and distinct projects..
20:24:09 <bay|QCon> the pc is really at a disadvantage to the consoles...
20:24:37 <bay|QCon> there is still pc support on rage and doom that willl have some extra tweaks and other stuff for people who have high end stuff
20:24:49 <bay|QCon> with rage.. you can't have more framerate...
20:24:57 <bay|QCon> we won't have that with rage...
20:25:03 <bay|QCon> we will see that again wtih Doom..
20:25:19 <bay|QCon> by the time we ship that on consoles... it will be a 60 hz game for them
20:25:40 <bay|QCon> the pc is still better for dissemination of information over the web... browsing the web over the console sucks..
20:25:42 <bay|QCon> keyboard and mouse is still the best way to play a first person shooter
20:25:58 <bay|QCon> and of course.. its funny now.. we have a whole generation who grew up on halo and such
20:26:28 <bay|QCon> thats something consoles aren't going to be adopting (mouse/keyboard)
20:27:04 <bay|QCon> and we are going to see some stuff.. how quakelive is all centralized with the accounts so you should be quick to jump in and play the game
20:27:12 <bay|QCon> and how ... for 5 years.. it was a benchmark...
20:27:50 <bay|QCon> we are at that tense project.. we want people to play the game while we are here...
20:27:49 <bay|QCon> get feedback to us
20:27:59 <bay|QCon> right now.. you have every change in the world to change things
20:28:06 <bay|QCon> a week or two weeks from now, things might change
20:28:11 <bay|QCon> you are our core constituancy
20:28:19 <bay|QCon> we want to attract a broad audience who hasn't been here before...
20:28:30 <bay|QCon> you can tell all your friends who don't know what this quakecon thing is about to give it is a try
20:28:42 <bay|QCon> i think it will be neat to see all the new people coming into the game and the people who have been playing it for 9 years
20:28:55 <bay|QCon> im looking forward to seeing how quakecon changes next year with all the quakelive people...
20:29:06 <bay|QCon> we are certainly going to suck up a lot of advertising space promoting quakecon
20:29:12 <bay|QCon> now... on the big gun projects
20:29:16 <bay|QCon> we have rage and doom coming up
20:29:21 <bay|QCon> this is obviously where i spend the vast majority of my time
20:29:26 <bay|QCon> these other projects get snippets
20:30:31 <bay|QCon> (he's talking about rasterizers.. and how he downloaded some mobile game...)
20:31:16 <bay|QCon> (we see these other games making these elementary mistakes)
20:31:51 <bay|QCon> eventually hardware accelerators saved everyone from these mistakes...
20:32:20 <bay|QCon> (talking about optimizing for java for mobile phones and other...technical..stuff)
20:32:57 <bay|QCon> we are trying to get rage all together...
20:33:26 <bay|QCon> 90% of my time.. is working on things for rage and rolling into doom
20:34:14 <bay|QCon> (now have more programmers than employees when the lead programmer first joined)
20:35:33 <bay|QCon> (talking about what's left to finish on rage...)
20:35:50 <bay|QCon> (and the hacks they use to get the videos rendering right... so they were in game...)
20:36:53 <bay|QCon> we are going into the home stretch....
20:37:12 <bay|QCon> there is no release date yet...
20:37:17 <bay|QCon> it will be done when its done
20:37:24 <bay|QCon> we don't want to be here 2 quakecons from now talking about rage
20:37:33 <bay|QCon> we think we built most of the thing
20:37:56 <bay|QCon> and we have plans from doom...
20:38:23 <bay|QCon> the next gen... we are going to have a working set of tools for the designers to really shine...
20:38:29 <bay|QCon> i want to be able to provide one strong graphical hook for the game
20:38:39 <bay|QCon> but we don't want to gate anything on the game developemennt on it
20:38:53 <bay|QCon> the development side.. the programming side of things is the long pole in the tent...
20:39:07 <bay|QCon> the programming always winds up being the thing that ends up gating things...
20:39:40 <bay|QCon> we don't want to be the project that thows waves of artists at something...
20:39:48 <bay|QCon> we expect people to feel personal ownership on the project
20:39:55 <bay|QCon> but it is true, that the artists are the easier of the skillsets to find
20:40:21 <bay|QCon> we have reached a period where we can pick and choose and it won't be that hard to bring them over if they worked in a gaming studio...
20:40:39 <bay|QCon> (bunch of technical stuff about how they make artists..)
20:40:43 <bay|QCon> and don't worry about your texture budget
20:40:54 <bay|QCon> surprisingly, finding level designers is a lot more difficult
20:41:16 <bay|QCon> its because... level design used to be something everyone did back with doom.. and everyone would build their skills up
20:41:34 <bay|QCon> but its really hard for someone to build up a commercial quality level now
20:41:58 <bay|QCon> its a lot harder now to find people who have a full spectrum of experience...
20:42:23 <bay|QCon> we have to live or die by the quality of the game.. how much fun it will be...
20:42:35 <bay|QCon> but it still seems that programming is the thing that gates projects the most...
20:43:40 <bay|QCon> (talking about programing in c and code analysis
20:44:08 <bay|QCon> (ran a code toy and was hoping it would provide some good feedback)
20:44:37 <bay|QCon> it came back saying they had less than half the average defects.. but they found nearly 900 defects...
20:44:45 <bay|QCon> some were clearly false positives...
20:44:48 <bay|QCon> some were... ooops..
20:45:48 <bay|QCon> its wrong to think we are on a quest to make perfect code, we are making acceptable code...
20:47:07 <bay|QCon> (talking about coding still... staying at C vs C# or java...)
20:48:04 <bay|QCon> (when they started to get into the hard decisions.. the idea of making a general purpose code kinda took a back seat which was the original plan they wanted)
20:48:23 <bay|QCon> *(a general purpose code was what they wanted with the original plan)
20:48:37 <bay|QCon> as we look toward the next generation... toward what the 720 ro ps4 will be...
20:48:48 <bay|QCon> i don't think the exact right call is being made...
20:49:10 <bay|QCon> sony's decision was development effort didn't matter... the hardware would be dififcult to dev for and developers would suck it up....
20:49:41 <bay|QCon> we do have a plan for next generation technology
20:49:47 <bay|QCon> the big play for idtech5 is the virtualization of texturing
20:49:52 <bay|QCon> it is what i expected it to be
20:49:59 <bay|QCon> the artists are learning how to do some excellent things with it
20:50:15 <bay|QCon> and i comment on how it is unfair that visuals is what gets most of the attention
20:50:23 <bay|QCon> the rendering part of the code is a small part...
20:50:31 <bay|QCon> we sure hope we cann reuse a lot of the code going forward...
20:50:38 <bay|QCon> the animation.. ai .. game logic...
20:51:18 <bay|QCon> (talking about the next generation.... for idtech6.. which hardware doesn't exist yet...)
20:51:50 <bay|QCon> there are inherent challanges to pcs that the consoles don't have.. the pc is still a player through
20:51:52 <bay|QCon> we have the big guns.. ms/sony/nintendo
20:52:07 <bay|QCon> it is exciting to see how nintendo is doing since everyone counted them out
20:52:30 <bay|QCon> the timing on this is going to be interesting fot the next generation
20:52:47 <bay|QCon> we know internally how many steps away the vendors are...
20:53:00 <bay|QCon> it would be nice if this generation really lasts twice the previous life span
20:53:21 <bay|QCon> i know people are saying this is the plan... but competitors are going to try and 1 up eachother...
20:53:37 <bay|QCon> for doom, i hope it comes out on this generation when people don't know whats coming next...
20:53:53 <bay|QCon> the cell issue complicates things on the ps3
20:54:04 <bay|QCon> it doesn't matter which we are developing..
20:54:12 <bay|QCon> it could get kinda ugly as we look towrad the next generation
20:54:18 <bay|QCon> i don't know what our dream scenario could be...
20:54:33 <bay|QCon> one may win big...
20:54:57 <bay|QCon> it would be nice if consoles were the same across the board with just different amounts of power....
20:55:14 <bay|QCon> it would be nice for developers.. but the stakes are relaly high... and if we winded up with a monoculture, there are downsides...
20:55:49 <bay|QCon> (missed some stuff earlier about how its not difficult on the powerpc (consoles) vs x86( pc))
20:56:11 <bay|QCon> there is massive amounts of stuff that will be running on these systems that will be running less than 10% of these systems...
20:56:37 <bay|QCon> (talking about one of his old dev projects.... )
20:57:08 <bay|QCon> (talking about memory scattering in the future....)
20:58:09 <bay|QCon> (the most impressive parallelization is vertexes and something....)
20:58:21 <bay|QCon> (the next generation games will be predominantly polygon games)
20:59:25 <bay|QCon> everyone is waving their hands about... nobody knows whats going on... the work going on with nvidia gives them a strong lead...
20:59:33 <bay|QCon> ati and apple have their own initiatives for general purpose
20:59:40 <bay|QCon> and the 900lb gorrilla.. MS and Dx computing..
20:59:47 <bay|QCon> does that become the standard that drives all this?
20:59:50 <bay|QCon> again.. we don't know...
20:59:54 <bay|QCon> opengl... and d3d...
21:00:41 <bay|QCon> you can't spend years on speculative architectures
21:02:32 <bay|QCon> (talking about some deadlock he encounterd in the MS FMV code...)
21:03:53 <bay|QCon> (talking about all the foreign code and how its increased in the future)
21:04:06 <bay|QCon> (code that he hasn't looked at that is)
21:04:51 <bay|QCon> (he really doesn't like parallelization it seems...)
21:04:52 <bay|QCon> and they are now in Q&A
21:05:36 <bay|QCon> question about why they aren't going to have an SDK for quakelive....
21:05:38 <bay|QCon> its probably wrong to say there won't be an sdk...
21:06:07 <bay|QCon> all quake arena dev will feed into quake live...
21:06:24 <bay|QCon> there are some aspects that may get packaged if it does well in the long time...
21:06:33 <bay|QCon> question about EA doing rage publishing...
21:07:08 <bay|QCon> with rage.. they actually ahve gone out and shopped the title around 3 times....
21:07:52 <bay|QCon> if we had signed a deal before the reboot from darkness... we think it would have been traumatic had we signed something before
21:08:15 <bay|QCon> they are in the unique situation to be able to funder their own dev....
21:08:32 <bay|QCon> some people thought.. since we showed driving its a driving game... its not.. its an action fps for the fore most.. you drive from place to place
21:08:39 <bay|QCon> we kinda kept on and got numbers from everyone
21:08:53 <bay|QCon> recently... we did the third round and asked for final offers
21:09:22 <bay|QCon> it came down to EA and Activision...
21:10:03 <bay|QCon> (he thinks the blizzard/activision merge put EA on notice)
21:11:20 <bay|QCon> there is every chance we will end up back with activision for doom
21:11:24 <bay|QCon> we don't sign long term contracts
21:12:22 <bay|QCon> at what point in quake did you realize the game was great?
21:13:06 <bay|QCon> (when they finished 3d modeling.. and he was looking down and seeing a creature actually walking and not cardboard)
21:13:51 <bay|QCon> question about managing the creative side of game dev...
21:18:12 <bay|QCon> (HERE WE GO... technical question #1 which i didn't get at alll...)
21:19:16 <bay|QCon> (and technical answer #1 which i can't follow...)
21:20:44 <bay|QCon> question about the id relationship with valve releasing things on steam... thoughts on digital distribution and relationship on valve?
21:20:53 <bay|QCon> the id megapack made us really happy...
21:21:09 <bay|QCon> the open source strategy.. if it has a processor it has doom and floating point gets quake
21:21:08 <bay|QCon> *me really happy
21:21:26 <bay|QCon> since all those games wouldn't just die out
21:21:29 <bay|QCon> i think the digital distribution is important..
21:21:50 <bay|QCon> i woudln't be surprised if the next gen consoles don't have physical media and are download only...
21:22:12 <bay|QCon> for the current slate of projects, they are going to be conventional box goods across all platforms.. i don't think anything novel in distribution will be coming there
21:22:19 <bay|QCon> quakelive is a test there....
21:22:42 <bay|QCon> question about megatextures....
21:22:55 <bay|QCon> in idtech5
21:24:21 <bay|QCon> (talking about looking at what people can actually see and compression of what is there)
21:24:53 <bay|QCon> the problem is how good can we make it look...
21:24:58 <bay|QCon> and the problem is the 360...
21:25:09 <bay|QCon> on the ps3... we have a blu-ray
21:25:21 <bay|QCon> standard 360 dvds are short a gig or so a dvd.. and we are planning on going 2 DVDs on x360...
21:25:25 <bay|QCon> 3 DVDs vs 1 blu-ray ....
21:25:31 <bay|QCon> but the royalty per disc is huge...
21:25:58 <bay|QCon> its going to look better on the ps3.... and the ps3 hardware is not as good as the 360 hardware from our perspective... but there will be more compression...
21:26:04 <bay|QCon> we cannot fit everything we want on 2 dvds
21:26:07 <bay|QCon> but we cannot afford a 3rd dvd
21:26:16 <bay|QCon> we are hoping microsoft can change what we want
21:26:30 <bay|QCon> its the only thing that i can say that the ps3 is better.. the blu-ray disc... everything else is parity or we like the 360 better
21:27:33 <bay|QCon> (leaving in probably 15 min....)
21:27:48 <bay|QCon> (question about games that he plays...)
21:27:55 <bay|QCon> (and looking at other engines)
21:28:05 <bay|QCon> (the games he plays are mostly with his kid.. wii/ds)
21:28:07 <bay|QCon> (They do look at eveything major)
21:31:09 <bay|QCon> (he's talking about the crappy thing about software patents and how it is a land grab since if he grabbed a bunch of programmers and put them in the same room, a number will come up with the same solution)
21:33:12 <bay|QCon> "the primary target for quakelive is to grow the market"
21:33:29 <bay|QCon> "we don't have a classic quake3 mode... a lot of the professional changes are already integrated"
21:33:48 <bay|QCon> a lot of the beta testers are pros
21:34:17 <bay|QCon> (question about cognative computing)
21:35:26 <bay|QCon> (side note from earlier, he said the difference in cost is in the millions between a 2 disc x360 game and a 3 disc x360 game)
21:35:53 <bay|QCon> subtitles or closed captioned in future id tech games so far?
21:36:01 <bay|QCon> thats a question i haven't thought about...
21:36:22 <bay|QCon> (guy in crowd: we supported a mod that did that for... a game)
21:36:31 <bay|QCon> ill take that back and think about it...
21:36:37 <bay|QCon> (another technical question...)
21:38:57 <bay|QCon> question about why so many sequels in gaming...
21:39:03 <bay|QCon> id tried to avoid that early on..
21:39:59 <bay|QCon> quake 2 was an accidental sequel because had trouble with other trademarks and they just went with one they owned
21:40:27 <bay|QCon> and doom II was moving from shareware to retail...
21:41:14 <bay|QCon> right now we have more franchises than we know what to do with
21:41:18 <bay|QCon> and we can't exploit all of these effectively
21:41:33 <bay|QCon> we would probably have been better in trying to take an old game and making it much better
21:42:23 <bay|QCon> current views on linux situation?
21:42:58 <bay|QCon> if quakelive does well.. mac is our next target..
21:43:04 <bay|QCon> linux is an underserved community...
21:43:15 <bay|QCon> its unlikely that our big titles will have anywhere near simultaneous releases...
21:43:32 <bay|QCon> the bright spot for linux might be android on te mobile space
21:44:05 <bay|QCon> people has problems relative to the consoles.. but all those problems with the pc are an order of magnitude worse on linux....
21:44:35 <bay|QCon> there are certainly aspects that i like... there is nothing i think bringing linux would help but bringing open source will...
21:44:51 <bay|QCon> there is nothing that bothers me about MS or Sony's operating systems.. they are done competently
21:45:01 <bay|QCon> its not even on our rader right now for our current projects
21:45:38 <bay|QCon> multiplayer revamped for doom4? yes.. it will be revamped.. it will have a larger presence.. it won't be a multiplayer game like quake though..
21:46:04 <bay|QCon> the pendulum swung a little too far with quake 3 probably.... rage will probably have stuff like co-op
21:47:33 <bay|QCon> (talking about netcode)
21:48:07 <bay|QCon> question about WoW having an effect on the gaming industry?
21:48:11 <bay|QCon> like i said with nintendo..i cheer success...
21:50:10 <bay|QCon> quesion about aerospace projects.....
21:50:12 <bay|QCon> (okay, giving up... low on power... thanks for reading)
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