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15:30:41 <bay|AX|Rightstuf> (waiting for the dark lord to start)
15:33:25 <bay|AX|Rightstuf> I'm going to go ahead and get started
15:33:29 <bay|AX|Rightstuf> I want to thank everyone for coming
15:33:40 <bay|AX|Rightstuf> I'm Shawne Kleckner, owner and CEO of rightstuf
15:34:00 <bay|AX|Rightstuf> (Going over the origins of rightstuf selling telescopes)
15:34:30 <bay|AX|Rightstuf> Needless to say, we've been doing this for about 30 years, which is probably older than half you in the room
15:34:35 <bay|AX|Rightstuf> and rather than me talking and talking
15:34:53 <bay|AX|Rightstuf> I'm going to let some of our employees tell you what it's like to be at rightstuf
15:41:10 <bay|AX|Rightstuf> Proof there are other peopel working there than just me
15:41:16 <bay|AX|Rightstuf> as part of 30th birthday celebration
15:41:22 <bay|AX|Rightstuf> in july, there will be a daily megadeal
15:42:15 <bay|AX|Rightstuf> 600+ new items on sale each week
15:41:29 <bay|AX|Rightstuf> daily contents
15:41:32 <bay|AX|Rightstuf> and viz weekly specials
15:41:42 <bay|AX|Rightstuf> there were 630 something items on sale today
15:41:47 <bay|AX|Rightstuf> if you want christmas in july, you got it
15:42:23 <bay|AX|Rightstuf> first off
15:42:35 <bay|AX|Rightstuf> going to talk about the rightstuf and nozomi entertainment vision
15:42:41 <bay|AX|Rightstuf> recent releases under nozomi
15:42:44 <bay|AX|Rightstuf> A town where you live
15:42:46 <bay|AX|Rightstuf> galaxy angel
15:42:52 <bay|AX|Rightstuf> martian successor nadesico
15:42:53 <bay|AX|Rightstuf> sound of the sky
15:43:17 <bay|AX|Rightstuf> we have definitely been working on bringing new markets into the market and catalog in bluray
15:43:30 <bay|AX|Rightstuf> our first non-gundam bluray was a town where you live
15:43:45 <bay|AX|Rightstuf> to be honest, in the future, we probably won't be releasing non-gundam dvd in the future (not sure if i heard this right)
15:43:59 <bay|AX|Rightstuf> here's some things coming up
15:44:11 <bay|AX|Rightstuf> (nin nin shinobuden trailer)
15:45:13 <bay|AX|Rightstuf> Coming soon to blu-ray
15:45:19 <bay|AX|Rightstuf> Ninja Nonsense
15:45:41 <bay|AX|Rightstuf> this is one of our catalog titles, we'll bring it back out on bluray format
15:45:42 <bay|AX|Rightstuf> next
15:45:46 <bay|AX|Rightstuf> Galaxy Angel 2nd season
15:45:48 <bay|AX|Rightstuf> coming to blu-ray 2018
15:45:58 <bay|AX|Rightstuf> next...
15:47:14 <bay|AX|Rightstuf> Junjo Romantica
15:47:18 <bay|AX|Rightstuf> Season 1 and 2 coming to bluray summer 2017
15:47:31 <bay|AX|Rightstuf> this doesn't come out till next month, but it's shipping now
15:47:36 <bay|AX|Rightstuf> one of the benefits of buying direct
15:48:27 <bay|AX|Rightstuf> next... Junjo Romantica 3
15:49:23 <bay|AX|Rightstuf> coming to bluray 2018
15:49:32 <bay|AX|Rightstuf> you guys thought i'd just talk about catalog and not announce anything
15:49:38 <bay|AX|Rightstuf> Next...
15:50:50 <bay|AX|Rightstuf> The Irresponsible Captain Tylor
15:50:54 <bay|AX|Rightstuf> coming to blu-ray 2018
15:51:07 <bay|AX|Rightstuf> this is my birthday present to myself
15:51:17 <bay|AX|Rightstuf> when we started looking to get into blu-ray, if there was one i wanted, this would be the one
15:51:23 <bay|AX|Rightstuf> really excited to bring it out in HD
15:51:46 <bay|AX|Rightstuf> i don't know right now how we're going to release this
15:51:57 <bay|AX|Rightstuf> i don't know if there's interest in a premium box set.. any thoughts
15:52:16 <bay|AX|Rightstuf> in any event, haven't decided on the format
15:52:18 <bay|AX|Rightstuf> but looking at it
15:52:20 <bay|AX|Rightstuf> next
15:52:21 <bay|AX|Rightstuf> Utena
15:53:59 <bay|AX|Rightstuf> Coming to Blu-ray Fall 2017
15:54:14 <bay|AX|Rightstuf> would you like to know what's going to be in it?
15:54:18 <bay|AX|Rightstuf> this will come out 10/3/17
15:54:21 <bay|AX|Rightstuf> 3 regular set
15:54:26 <bay|AX|Rightstuf> 20th anniversary collector's mega set
15:54:30 <bay|AX|Rightstuf> you can order this in about 5 minutes
15:56:45 <bay|AX|Rightstuf> and i would suggest you order the collector's set because i'm only going to put it out once
15:55:50 <bay|AX|Rightstuf> in the box... episode commentary
15:55:26 <bay|AX|Rightstuf> interviews with the director, production notes, liner notes, aall 39 eps and the movie, 2 high quality metal cosplay rings, a hardbound book of art and notes, and a fancy box
15:55:41 <bay|AX|Rightstuf> if you purchase it this month, i'll give you a fantastic deal
15:55:57 <bay|AX|Rightstuf> each of the sets come out monthly
15:56:03 <bay|AX|Rightstuf> and the collectors set comes out at the end
15:56:11 <bay|AX|Rightstuf> Rightstuf and Sunrise
15:56:49 <bay|AX|Rightstuf> Now available
15:56:57 <bay|AX|Rightstuf> 08th MS team, MS IGLOO
15:57:12 <bay|AX|Rightstuf> Gundam Thunderbolt December Sky
15:57:04 <bay|AX|Rightstuf> Gundam Movie Trilogy
15:58:13 <bay|AX|Rightstuf> trailer for...
15:58:52 <bay|AX|Rightstuf> Mobile Suit Gundam the Origin: Chronicle of Char and Sayla
15:58:34 <bay|AX|Rightstuf> coming to bluray and dvd 8/1/17
15:59:04 <bay|AX|Rightstuf> contains the first 2 ovas of this title
15:59:08 <bay|AX|Rightstuf> it continues to go on in japan
15:59:16 <bay|AX|Rightstuf> the 5th release will ship as a limited import release in november
15:59:26 <bay|AX|Rightstuf> Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam Movies on Bluray
15:59:30 <bay|AX|Rightstuf> 9/5/17
15:59:34 <bay|AX|Rightstuf> trade in program available
16:00:28 <bay|AX|Rightstuf> Gundam Wing
16:01:51 <bay|AX|Rightstuf> Coming fall 2017 to bluray and dvd
16:02:11 <bay|AX|Rightstuf> 2 collections and endless waltz
16:03:00 <bay|AX|Rightstuf> endless waltz will contain operation meteor which has not been released before
16:02:30 <bay|AX|Rightstuf> will also be ultra edition collector's set
16:02:32 <bay|AX|Rightstuf> will be limited
16:02:41 <bay|AX|Rightstuf> will contain features not on the others at all
16:03:20 <bay|AX|Rightstuf> (Details on the collector's set later)
16:04:56 <bay|AX|Rightstuf> Q: With Gundam Wing, they had a continuation material... A: The novel? Q: yeah... A: not that i'm aware of at the moment
16:05:04 <bay|AX|Rightstuf> Q: How do you choose what order the Gundams are released in?
16:05:27 <bay|AX|Rightstuf> A: Originally we were trying to do two tracks, one that hadn't been released and one that had been released, in the order the universes were portrayed
16:06:02 <bay|AX|Rightstuf> Q: Tyler BD box with TV and OVA in one? A: haven't decided yet
16:06:36 <bay|AX|Rightstuf> Both series will be released... whether they are separate or one... (hasn't been decided)
16:06:56 <bay|AX|Rightstuf> Q: For Utena.. who is the commentary from? A: I believe from the director
16:07:17 <bay|AX|Rightstuf> Q: What's the likelyhood of releasing the Brave Series?
16:07:20 <bay|AX|Rightstuf> A: Always a possibility
16:09:29 <bay|AX|Rightstuf> Q; What are you aiming for that you can't quite yet? A: (Mumbles an answer that was just sounds)
16:10:19 <bay|AX|Rightstuf> Q: Will you update the streams on Youtube to be HD friendly with the BD releases coming out? A: i'm sure as we release those, we'll update the streams (Eventually)
16:11:10 <bay|AX|Rightstuf> Q: More hentai anime releases? As that is part of your catalog? A: There have been relaeses.. not from us.. I don't know if I have plans... it's a really interesting market...i'm just going to hedge on that right now
16:13:19 <bay|AX|Rightstuf> Q: Birdy the mighty decode went out of print... will there be a bd or anything? A: Well that is out of print, as far as i'm aware, the license reverted
16:14:14 <bay|AX|Rightstuf> Q: As far as Gundam goes.. I know you were waiting for 0080 to be released in Japan on BD?
16:14:38 <bay|AX|Rightstuf> A: The reason that was not released on BD was as you mentioned was because it was not released
16:14:49 <bay|AX|Rightstuf> After a certain amount of time has passed, we will come back to that and revisit that.
16:15:03 <bay|AX|Rightstuf> Q: What happened to Lucky Penny?
16:15:10 <bay|AX|Rightstuf> A; It was easier not to have these labels anymore
16:15:25 <bay|AX|Rightstuf> The concept was to split up licensing, but it didn't work out
16:15:30 <bay|AX|Rightstuf> the titles are still available
16:17:21 <bay|AX|Rightstuf> Q: How many utena preorders have you gotten already?
16:17:26 <bay|AX|Rightstuf> A: i'm curious so i'm going to look this up
16:19:12 <bay|AX|Rightstuf> Q: (another hentai question)
16:19:44 <bay|AX|Rightstuf> Q: Dirty Pair BD? A: You know I like shows fromn that era.. just saying
16:21:06 <bay|AX|Rightstuf> (Doing a give away)
16:22:51 <bay|AX|Rightstuf> Thank you for coming to the panel
16:22:58 <bay|AX|Rightstuf> We're going to be at Otakon this year too
16:23:11 <bay|AX|Rightstuf> Don't forget to come by and check out the sale for our birthday
16:23:11 <bay|AX|Rightstuf> End