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21:00:56 <bay|AX|JAST> (Waiting to fill room)
21:01:12 <bay|AX|JAST> ("A few more stragglers" being the entire regular line)
21:01:29 <bay|AX|JAST> (Still coming into the room)
21:01:41 <bay|AX|JAST> Starting...
21:01:47 <bay|AX|JAST> All right
21:01:54 <bay|AX|JAST> thanks everyone for coming
21:02:02 <bay|AX|JAST> we are the jast usa 2014 visual novels panel
21:02:10 <bay|AX|JAST> so we're getting things started
21:02:20 <bay|AX|JAST> see a lot of familiar faces and some new faces too
21:02:27 <bay|AX|JAST> so if you're wondering who these people up here are...
21:02:34 <bay|AX|JAST> let's start with introductions
21:02:39 <bay|AX|JAST> we are jast usa, we localize and produce and distribute, visual novels, dating sims, eroge, and we've been doing it since 1996
21:02:51 <bay|AX|JAST> we've been in the business a long time now, and we're alive and kicking
21:03:01 <bay|AX|JAST> here with you tonight we have, 3 jast regulars and 1 guest,
21:00:16 <bay|AX|JAST> first off, epte payne, the president,
21:00:20 <bay|AX|JAST> makoto the producer
21:00:28 <bay|AX|JAST> shingo, the public rleations
21:00:36 <bay|AX|JAST> finally, we have piroko joining us
21:03:14 <bay|AX|JAST> (going over the past year)
21:03:18 <bay|AX|JAST> Yumina the Ethereal
21:03:55 <bay|AX|JAST> (going over story line)
21:04:20 <bay|AX|JAST> moving on...
21:04:24 <bay|AX|JAST> something not related to a specific game
21:04:25 <bay|AX|JAST> DRM
21:04:36 <bay|AX|JAST> in the past, we have not always been on the right side of history when it comes to drm
21:04:40 <bay|AX|JAST> we are happy to say that ends now
21:04:52 <bay|AX|JAST> our goal from here on out is to never release a game with the horrible beast that is drm
21:05:04 <bay|AX|JAST> if you own any games with drm, you can visit our website and get updated versions without drm
21:05:11 <bay|AX|JAST> so drm, gone
21:05:16 <bay|AX|JAST> speaking of things released the past year without drm
21:05:19 <bay|AX|JAST> i'm talking about steins;gate
21:05:39 <bay|AX|JAST> we announced this last year, we've been hard at work at it for months, and we were finally able to release it at the end of march this year
21:05:42 <bay|AX|JAST> this may need no introduction
21:06:01 <bay|AX|JAST> as people were introduced via the anime, but i'll talk about how it's different from the anime and why you may want to check it out
21:07:08 <bay|AX|JAST> one of the differences between the game and teh anime, you actually have the chance to interact with the cellphone
21:07:20 <bay|AX|JAST> you can draft the correspondence in the game
21:07:26 <bay|AX|JAST> you can see into his mind and the other characters
21:07:37 <bay|AX|JAST> you can also interact with all the other characters, and if you don't like how the anime ended
21:07:49 <bay|AX|JAST> you can pick one of the others
21:08:08 <bay|AX|JAST> that is steins;gate
21:08:14 <bay|AX|JAST> just want to say that the response is positive
21:08:23 <bay|AX|JAST> with fans who sold out the 6000 lot LE in record time
21:08:30 <bay|AX|JAST> and critics who uniformly praise the game
21:08:36 <bay|AX|JAST> moving on
21:08:42 <bay|AX|JAST> we have one thing to talk about that's a surprise
21:08:52 <bay|AX|JAST> My Girlfriend is the President Fandisc
21:09:31 <bay|AX|JAST> ~Side Ell~ and ~Side Irina~
21:09:52 <bay|AX|JAST> (explaining the original game and connection to the fandisc)
21:12:28 <bay|AX|JAST> this is a bit of an experiment for us because we haven't done a fandisc like this before and we're hoping fans of the original will embrace
21:12:37 <bay|AX|JAST> if it's something that floats your boat, we'll look into more in the future
21:12:59 <bay|AX|JAST> so that's what we've done in the past year
21:13:02 <bay|AX|JAST> now quickly, what's coming in the near future
21:13:06 <bay|AX|JAST> that's by the end of this year
21:13:17 <bay|AX|JAST> few things to talk about that will be available soon
21:13:58 <bay|AX|JAST> Lightning Warrior Raidy III
21:13:29 <bay|AX|JAST> we have released 1 and 2
21:15:22 <bay|AX|JAST> there is animation in the game
21:15:46 <bay|AX|JAST> basically all the "action" scenes are animated
21:15:39 <bay|AX|JAST> preorders for III start soon
21:15:55 <bay|AX|JAST> in the nearer future, we have a game we haven't talked about at all
21:16:00 <bay|AX|JAST> Harajuku Dating Paradise
21:16:04 <bay|AX|JAST> we haven't talked about this before
21:16:24 <bay|AX|JAST> you go out looking for girls you want to date and persuade them to go on dates with you, and then persaude them to sleep with you
21:16:50 <bay|AX|JAST> this is actually available now,via digital distribution
21:16:56 <bay|AX|JAST> we don't have a packaged version planned right now
21:16:58 <bay|AX|JAST> Kana: Okaeri
21:17:08 <bay|AX|JAST> remake of the classic, voiced for the first time and with new art
21:17:20 <bay|AX|JAST> produced many years ago
21:17:25 <bay|AX|JAST> back then , we couldn't do the voices
21:17:36 <bay|AX|JAST> we recently got the rights to the voices and we're going to do Kana: Okaeri
21:18:34 <bay|AX|JAST> plan is provide both the old art assets and new ones via toggleable... or via patch... we'll have more news on that later
21:18:38 <bay|AX|JAST> preorders are up tonight.. hopefully
21:18:47 <bay|AX|JAST> and beyond....
21:19:05 <bay|AX|JAST> and that's it for what we have planned for 2014
21:19:28 <bay|AX|JAST> now titles you may have heard about prior and want to make sure you know they are still front and center in our development pile now that steins gate is done
21:19:35 <bay|AX|JAST> Hanachirasu
21:19:38 <bay|AX|JAST> from Nitro+
21:19:47 <bay|AX|JAST> Sumaga from Nitro
21:19:45 <bay|AX|JAST> Littlewitch romanesque
21:19:51 <bay|AX|JAST> Seinarukaru
21:19:53 <bay|AX|JAST> Shiny Days
21:19:59 <bay|AX|JAST> we're working as hard as we can to get that out
21:20:20 <bay|AX|JAST> that's what we're looking at in the near term
21:20:21 <bay|AX|JAST> and there are other things
21:20:28 <bay|AX|JAST> where we don't have a time frame that we're sure of
21:20:30 <bay|AX|JAST> starless
21:20:33 <bay|AX|JAST> still working on....
21:20:35 <bay|AX|JAST> django
21:20:44 <bay|AX|JAST> tample on schatten
21:20:52 <bay|AX|JAST> ryoko's bitch life (provisional title)
21:20:54 <bay|AX|JAST> sweet home
21:21:10 <bay|AX|JAST> and more... including at least one new nitro+ title we can't talk about right now
21:21:22 <bay|AX|JAST> and that pretty much brings us to the end of the regular scheduled programing
21:21:26 <bay|AX|JAST> now raffle
21:21:31 <bay|AX|JAST> and thanks for coming