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20:08:06 <bay|AX|SekaiProject> Okay, can everyone hear me?
20:08:17 <bay|AX|SekaiProject> Welcome to the Sekai Project anime expo industry panel
20:08:24 <bay|AX|SekaiProject> we weren't expecting this many people to show up
20:08:31 <bay|AX|SekaiProject> so if you're here for funiamtion that's already over
20:08:45 <bay|AX|SekaiProject> Sekai Project, we're a los angeles based licensing and localization company
20:08:52 <bay|AX|SekaiProject> before i go further, introducing members of the team
20:10:32 <bay|AX|SekaiProject> Hi, I'm Randy, I'm the guy who translated Narcissu 2, and working on other Narcissu things
20:09:35 <bay|AX|SekaiProject> My name is Yui, i'm the project director, mostly management, I write post for kickstarters, I write the tweets and the facebooking
20:09:44 <bay|AX|SekaiProject> And my name is Chris, i'm in charge of licensing for Sekai Project
20:09:53 <bay|AX|SekaiProject> so if you have any complaints about that, talk to us afterwards
20:10:10 <bay|AX|SekaiProject> Well, without further adieu, we're going to talk about current projects, and after that, we're going for announcements
20:10:16 <bay|AX|SekaiProject> First, Narcissu 1st and 2nd
20:10:24 <bay|AX|SekaiProject> was greenlit in under a month
20:10:55 <bay|AX|SekaiProject> Randy here did the translation, with him and gp32, we're touching it up, and we're working on getting it on PC/Mac/linux
20:11:11 <bay|AX|SekaiProject> It's up on steam
20:11:16 <bay|AX|SekaiProject> the only thing you can buy is the OST
20:11:21 <bay|AX|SekaiProject> it's completely free
20:11:38 <bay|AX|SekaiProject> we make almost nothing on this game...
20:11:42 <bay|AX|SekaiProject> on top of that...
20:12:27 <bay|AX|SekaiProject> aside from that, we have this wonderful idea for a fanbook, so we're acting a bunch of artists who are popular, like artist market... and (???) to help us prepare some art
20:12:38 <bay|AX|SekaiProject> we're hoping to kickstart it...
20:12:51 <bay|AX|SekaiProject> speaking of kickstarter, who saw our first one for the moe headphones
20:12:59 <bay|AX|SekaiProject> so that is the work of the artist tsukigami luna
20:13:07 <bay|AX|SekaiProject> and he's with us today, so we're going to ask him to come up here
20:13:30 <bay|AX|SekaiProject> so for everyone hwo isn't aware, the moe headphones guidebook is a book that he did under the lunatic joker circle for comiket
20:13:47 <bay|AX|SekaiProject> and beside illustrations, it has info on designer headphones.. (lost)
20:13:53 <bay|AX|SekaiProject> and comments from music creators
20:14:12 <bay|AX|SekaiProject> and we started the kickstarter project of just $5k to just translate it..
20:14:21 <bay|AX|SekaiProject> and you guys pulled through and we got $25k
20:14:31 <bay|AX|SekaiProject> we were able to produce a very high quality
20:14:34 <bay|AX|SekaiProject> there's still some stuff that isn't done
20:14:40 <bay|AX|SekaiProject> i apologize to the backers
20:14:44 <bay|AX|SekaiProject> we're working on getting it out
20:15:03 <bay|AX|SekaiProject> now a word from the creator
20:15:05 <bay|AX|SekaiProject> Hi, I tsukigami Luna
20:15:15 <bay|AX|SekaiProject> I came to AX from Japan last night and I'm now enjoying myself here
20:15:26 <bay|AX|SekaiProject> and I'm surprised because there is a lot more cosplayer here than at Japanese evnets
20:15:51 <bay|AX|SekaiProject> As you know, in august is annual comiket , how many of you will be there?
20:16:04 <bay|AX|SekaiProject> So thanks to sekai project for translating all the text int he book
20:16:42 <bay|AX|SekaiProject> So we asked like what he was thinking to do next, and he was like "We just finished this, so i haven't thought about it... maybe figures"
20:16:48 <bay|AX|SekaiProject> maybe actual headphones
20:17:05 <bay|AX|SekaiProject> like the nekomimi headphones that were on kickstarter
20:17:09 <bay|AX|SekaiProject> so if people want this kind of thing, let him know
20:17:30 <bay|AX|SekaiProject> tweet it to sekai project and they will tell him
20:17:42 <bay|AX|SekaiProject> he does have a live drawing demonstration tomorrow
20:17:45 <bay|AX|SekaiProject> next up
20:17:52 <bay|AX|SekaiProject> our other game on steam
20:17:56 <bay|AX|SekaiProject> world end economica
20:18:31 <bay|AX|SekaiProject> written by Izaya(sp?) Hasekura, author of spice and wolf
20:18:12 <bay|AX|SekaiProject> there is economics
20:18:15 <bay|AX|SekaiProject> chapter 1 is on steam
20:18:23 <bay|AX|SekaiProject> chapters 2 and 3 is being kickstarted right now
20:20:35 <bay|AX|SekaiProject> the music is by kishida from akeboshi rockets
20:21:07 <bay|AX|SekaiProject> (going over the plot)
20:21:21 <bay|AX|SekaiProject> we are going to be working on episode 2 and 3 to make a complete project to get the full series
20:21:29 <bay|AX|SekaiProject> we started with a 22k goal which was done in about 40 hours
20:21:47 <bay|AX|SekaiProject> we are going to be releasing a version for vita if we hit the 80k stretch goal
20:21:56 <bay|AX|SekaiProject> 5 days to go, and currently about 3k away
20:22:01 <bay|AX|SekaiProject> currently 77k
20:22:40 <bay|AX|SekaiProject> we currently have an android version, and a digital guide book... we're translating all of that and giving it free to everyone who pledges $45 or higher
20:22:44 <bay|AX|SekaiProject> next project...
20:22:47 <bay|AX|SekaiProject> Pacaplus
20:22:55 <bay|AX|SekaiProject> this is the opening for it...
20:24:55 <bay|AX|SekaiProject> i think it's pretty self explanatory
20:25:09 <bay|AX|SekaiProject> (going over the story)
20:25:27 <bay|AX|SekaiProject> things happen i supposed, but it's all pg-13
20:25:30 <bay|AX|SekaiProject> 15 hours of wonderful alpaca romance
20:26:09 <bay|AX|SekaiProject> as some people know, pacaplus is already translated, kinda, so we are making the effort to give it a proper translation
20:26:20 <bay|AX|SekaiProject> there is no stated release date yet, but we are planning to release it on steam
20:26:27 <bay|AX|SekaiProject> next.. sakura spirit
20:26:31 <bay|AX|SekaiProject> we went over this during sakuracon
20:28:30 <bay|AX|SekaiProject> so this game is developed by a group called Wing Cloud
20:28:37 <bay|AX|SekaiProject> they are british, but they came out with 2 games before
20:28:42 <bay|AX|SekaiProject> pirate heart and the guardian spell
20:28:50 <bay|AX|SekaiProject> this game is different, you figh a bunch of fox girls
20:28:57 <bay|AX|SekaiProject> hoping to distribute on steam
20:29:04 <bay|AX|SekaiProject> is that one also pg-13? yes
20:29:29 <bay|AX|SekaiProject> so far it's all visual novels
20:29:33 <bay|AX|SekaiProject> we have something different we're anouncing today
20:29:40 <bay|AX|SekaiProject> who knows ace combat? who has played it?
20:29:51 <bay|AX|SekaiProject> this one is called Raiders Sphere 4th
20:30:03 <bay|AX|SekaiProject> 3d fighting shooting game for arcade
20:30:29 <bay|AX|SekaiProject> developed with oculus rift support by rectangle(?)
20:30:32 <bay|AX|SekaiProject> we have a tech demo at the booth
20:33:25 <bay|AX|SekaiProject> takes place on something that looks like earth, but isn't really earth.. oh venus was it...
20:33:38 <bay|AX|SekaiProject> so we're working on it right now, translation should be done and out by the end of the year if everything goes well
20:33:40 <bay|AX|SekaiProject> moving on....
20:34:18 <bay|AX|SekaiProject> fault -Milestone One-
20:36:38 <bay|AX|SekaiProject> (Trailer)
20:36:14 <bay|AX|SekaiProject> (the story)
20:36:56 <bay|AX|SekaiProject> this one here also has a kickstarter for it
20:37:16 <bay|AX|SekaiProject> so far we're at 17k.. almost 19k... with the 5k goal, we want to translate milestone one
20:37:24 <bay|AX|SekaiProject> with the additional money, we're looking into the prequel...
20:38:24 <bay|AX|SekaiProject> so we...have unfortunately reached the end of the panel...
20:39:27 <bay|AX|SekaiProject> (we want to thank both those who love us and hates us.. and he was pushing hard on haters)
20:39:32 <bay|AX|SekaiProject> unfortunately, i lied
20:39:39 <bay|AX|SekaiProject> there is one more thing
20:39:46 <bay|AX|SekaiProject> Front Wing
20:41:07 <bay|AX|SekaiProject> La Grisaia de la Kajitsu
20:41:04 <bay|AX|SekaiProject> Le Fruit de la Grisaia
20:41:17 <bay|AX|SekaiProject> one of the best games of 2010 from frontwing celebrating their 10th anniv
20:41:25 <bay|AX|SekaiProject> it's quite popular on the itnernets on the english side
20:41:30 <bay|AX|SekaiProject> but we have recently signed a deal with these guys to do the first game
20:41:36 <bay|AX|SekaiProject> there is a team of translators working on it
20:41:41 <bay|AX|SekaiProject> we don't have an estimated time of completion
20:41:44 <bay|AX|SekaiProject> it's coming
20:41:50 <bay|AX|SekaiProject> details we'll be announcing on our mailing list
20:42:04 <bay|AX|SekaiProject> check our twitter, we usualy spam progress
20:42:08 <bay|AX|SekaiProject> there is one more thing we want to add before we finish
20:42:14 <bay|AX|SekaiProject> i'm going to tell you a little bit of a story
20:42:33 <bay|AX|SekaiProject> there have been at a certain game companies panel, there have been peopel who ask for license from companies that are believd to be impossible
20:42:39 <bay|AX|SekaiProject> so we always wondered about them
20:43:26 <bay|AX|SekaiProject> so we actually have one more thing
20:43:09 <bay|AX|SekaiProject> planetarian from Key/Visual Arts
20:44:47 <bay|AX|SekaiProject> so yeah key...
20:44:47 <bay|AX|SekaiProject> we did it
20:45:09 <bay|AX|SekaiProject> so, planetarian, one of the original kintec novels, we have the rights to publish the PC version... there will be ports to linux and mac in the future
20:45:14 <bay|AX|SekaiProject> the script is practically done, we're doing polishing
20:45:24 <bay|AX|SekaiProject> we're expecting a release in the fall, more or less, watch your twitter for updates
20:45:29 <bay|AX|SekaiProject> we'll nail down release dates sometime soon
20:45:40 <bay|AX|SekaiProject> like i said, they said the impossible, we did it, it can be done
20:45:41 <bay|AX|SekaiProject> that is proof
20:45:59 <bay|AX|SekaiProject> we'd drop the mic...but they wouldn't like that
20:46:16 <bay|AX|SekaiProject> we'll do q and a, but we're running out of time, so we'll try and make this short and sweet
20:46:33 <bay|AX|SekaiProject> Q: steam cloud?
20:46:35 <bay|AX|SekaiProject> A: working on it
20:46:43 <bay|AX|SekaiProject> some games it's easy, some games it's not
20:47:12 <bay|AX|SekaiProject> (missed which two they said would likely happen)
20:47:23 <bay|AX|SekaiProject> Q: Difference between the WEE ep out now, and the complete
20:47:40 <bay|AX|SekaiProject> A: If you back/preorder it, you will get all 3 episodes
20:47:47 <bay|AX|SekaiProject> Q: Which Grisaia?
20:47:57 <bay|AX|SekaiProject> A: First of the three, should be based on the ps3 version, but still working on details
20:48:02 <bay|AX|SekaiProject> Q: Planetarian on steam?
20:48:03 <bay|AX|SekaiProject> A: That's the plan
20:48:44 <bay|AX|SekaiProject> Q: Planning to make Planetariam and Grisaia better than the current available version?
20:49:01 <bay|AX|SekaiProject> A: We're fixing up the translation, we're going to work with visual arts to bring it to mac and linux
20:49:21 <bay|AX|SekaiProject> (onscreen: Feel Free to ask us anything!* *unless it's about type-moon or 07th expansion)
20:50:18 <bay|AX|SekaiProject> Q: What do you pay the most attention to when you draw? (@ the artist)
20:50:45 <bay|AX|SekaiProject> A. Right now it's hair, but it used to be eyes(lost?)
20:51:23 <bay|AX|SekaiProject> Now raffle
20:54:01 <bay|AX|SekaiProject> End