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17:13:03 <bay|AX|Aniplex> (still filling people)
17:16:21 <bay|AX|Aniplex> Check check 1 2 1 2
17:16:24 <bay|AX|Aniplex> how you guys doing out there
17:16:33 <bay|AX|Aniplex> thank you guys for coming
17:16:37 <bay|AX|Aniplex> we got a lot of exciting stuff coming
17:17:10 <bay|AX|Aniplex> are you ready?
17:17:21 <bay|AX|Aniplex> anime expo are you ready for the aniplex panel?
17:17:24 <bay|AX|Aniplex> check out this quick video
17:17:24 <bay|AX|Aniplex> sizzle reel
17:19:03 <bay|AX|Aniplex> Anime Expo, weclome to the Aniplex of America panel
17:19:12 <bay|AX|Aniplex> my name is EJ Rivera, aka the Aniplex guy
17:19:25 <bay|AX|Aniplex> did eveyrone get a sword art door hanger, you guys are the only guys who are getting this
17:19:39 <bay|AX|Aniplex> i just want to give you guys a heads up on what's streaming, what's available, and what's coming soon, as well as some special announcements
17:19:44 <bay|AX|Aniplex> but let's go ahead and start off the back
17:19:48 <bay|AX|Aniplex> check out official website at aniplexusa.com
17:20:05 <bay|AX|Aniplex> brand new
17:20:23 <bay|AX|Aniplex> aniplexchannel.com, new channel that can easily access all the titles from aniplex, can get all the current ones to catalog titles...
17:20:39 <bay|AX|Aniplex> social networks.. follow on facebook
17:20:55 <bay|AX|Aniplex> i might as well give you guys an announcement.. with a special announcement
17:20:59 <bay|AX|Aniplex> from viz, ms charlene ingram
17:21:10 <bay|AX|Aniplex> and i hear you have an announcement charlene
17:21:24 <bay|AX|Aniplex> i figured i'd give you guys an early treat...
17:21:32 <bay|AX|Aniplex> well EJ, do you want to play the trailer?
17:22:07 <bay|AX|Aniplex> this is going to premiere on neon alley
17:22:08 <bay|AX|Aniplex> so if it's going there, it has a dub
17:22:07 <bay|AX|Aniplex> so this series..
17:22:07 <bay|AX|Aniplex> this fall...
17:22:08 <bay|AX|Aniplex> magi
17:23:06 <bay|AX|Aniplex> (going over plot of magi)
17:23:20 <bay|AX|Aniplex> we don't have a date hammered down yet but it will be coming this fall
17:23:20 <bay|AX|Aniplex> and we really hope you can be there
17:25:41 <bay|AX|Aniplex> (going over ax events)
17:31:06 <bay|AX|Aniplex> and beside AX
17:31:10 <bay|AX|Aniplex> let's talk about our new streaming series
17:31:15 <bay|AX|Aniplex> starting off with this first series which we'll talk about
17:31:20 <bay|AX|Aniplex> this series is streaming right now
17:31:21 <bay|AX|Aniplex> it has everything
17:31:32 <bay|AX|Aniplex> it has high school romance to robots to vampires
17:31:46 <bay|AX|Aniplex> Valvrave trailer
17:33:03 <bay|AX|Aniplex> New season coming in october
17:33:11 <bay|AX|Aniplex> available on aniplex channel, hulu, crunchyroll
17:33:39 <bay|AX|Aniplex> up next... we have a few series that are premiering this week and next week
17:33:44 <bay|AX|Aniplex> first from the author of working
17:33:47 <bay|AX|Aniplex> servant x service
17:35:12 <bay|AX|Aniplex> new simulcast
17:35:17 <bay|AX|Aniplex> new episodse every wednesday
17:35:19 <bay|AX|Aniplex> on crunchyroll
17:35:32 <bay|AX|Aniplex> from the author of working / wagnaria
17:35:45 <bay|AX|Aniplex> it's probably the anime version of the office
17:35:47 <bay|AX|Aniplex> but there's more
17:35:56 <bay|AX|Aniplex> starting off with this new series
17:36:05 <bay|AX|Aniplex> with magical girls and demons and...can't read the notes here
17:36:50 <bay|AX|Aniplex> daybreak illusion
17:38:38 <bay|AX|Aniplex> genei wo kakeru taiyou
17:37:21 <bay|AX|Aniplex> if you want to see the trailer check out our youtube or crunchyroll
17:38:28 <bay|AX|Aniplex> il sole penetra le illusoni
17:38:45 <bay|AX|Aniplex> new simulcast, on crunchyroll premiering on saturday
17:38:52 <bay|AX|Aniplex> this is from the same director as sekirei and nanoha
17:39:30 <bay|AX|Aniplex> up next is a new series that's streaming about farming
17:39:35 <bay|AX|Aniplex> Silver Spon trailer
17:40:15 <bay|AX|Aniplex> new simulcast
17:40:18 <bay|AX|Aniplex> streaming soon
17:40:22 <bay|AX|Aniplex> from the author of fullmetal alchemist
17:41:01 <bay|AX|Aniplex> our next series that's streaming is also premiering soon, it's the second season of a series that was very popular
17:41:12 <bay|AX|Aniplex> if you are fans of office supplies, tooth brushes...this is streaming
17:41:12 <bay|AX|Aniplex> let's play the trailer
17:41:25 <bay|AX|Aniplex> Monogatari Second Season
17:42:04 <bay|AX|Aniplex> fans of the monogatari series...
17:42:16 <bay|AX|Aniplex> we are bringing the series streaming on daisuki
17:42:55 <bay|AX|Aniplex> do you guys know what nekomonogatari black is
17:42:49 <bay|AX|Aniplex> if i were you guys, i would check out the daisuki panel, because the president of shaft, mr kubwata will be tehre to answre questions and talk a little about the series
17:43:02 <bay|AX|Aniplex> now let's talk about what's now available
17:43:14 <bay|AX|Aniplex> now let's talk about series that are available on Blu-ray and DVD
17:43:41 <bay|AX|Aniplex> Gurren Lagann trailer
17:46:09 <bay|AX|Aniplex> limited edition DVD box set and blu-ray box set (import) now available
17:46:42 <bay|AX|Aniplex> (specs of the set)
17:48:42 <bay|AX|Aniplex> we do provide the translation book with the hardbound book
17:49:11 <bay|AX|Aniplex> up next, special blu-ray cd combo, if you were at ax a few years ago, you might have experienced it, but this is coming out on blu-ray
17:49:21 <bay|AX|Aniplex> Mikunopolis in Los Angeles
17:50:25 <bay|AX|Aniplex> set is now available...
17:50:37 <bay|AX|Aniplex> features the entire concert on BD and CD...
17:51:18 <bay|AX|Aniplex> next up is a series that is available a week early at ax
17:51:49 <bay|AX|Aniplex> blue exorcist
17:52:43 <bay|AX|Aniplex> limited edition blu-ray box set and complete dvd collection
17:52:51 <bay|AX|Aniplex> vol 1 available, vol 2 sept 10
17:53:04 <bay|AX|Aniplex> bluray box set, 12-13 episodes each set, including the ova ep
17:53:10 <bay|AX|Aniplex> features jp voice and eng dub
17:53:14 <bay|AX|Aniplex> ura-eku animated shorts
17:53:26 <bay|AX|Aniplex> bonus DVD interview with english voice cast
17:54:23 <bay|AX|Aniplex> (slide show just crashed)
17:55:18 <bay|AX|Aniplex> (more AX events)
17:56:26 <bay|AX|Aniplex> AX is telling me I have 10 min left...
17:56:40 <bay|AX|Aniplex> Coming Soon
17:56:53 <bay|AX|Aniplex> Magical Girls and Contracts in Movie Form
17:57:26 <bay|AX|Aniplex> Coming to bluray
17:57:29 <bay|AX|Aniplex> collectors edition and stadnard edition
17:57:34 <bay|AX|Aniplex> 7/30/13
17:57:49 <bay|AX|Aniplex> the collectors edition is the import from japan
17:58:03 <bay|AX|Aniplex> both movies, 6 language subtitles, new cover art, booklet, translated booklet
17:58:04 <bay|AX|Aniplex> special postcards
17:58:18 <bay|AX|Aniplex> up next
17:58:21 <bay|AX|Aniplex> a series that's popular if you like MMOs
17:58:24 <bay|AX|Aniplex> this is coming out on BD and DVD
17:58:36 <bay|AX|Aniplex> SAO
17:58:56 <bay|AX|Aniplex> (and still going through the full trailers)
18:00:32 <bay|AX|Aniplex> okay guys...AX tells me i have 3 min left
18:00:37 <bay|AX|Aniplex> i'm going to give you as much info before they cut me off
18:00:48 <bay|AX|Aniplex> bluray an dvd
18:00:49 <bay|AX|Aniplex> english and japanes dub
18:00:51 <bay|AX|Aniplex> english and spanish subs
18:00:58 <bay|AX|Aniplex> bluray features
18:01:01 <bay|AX|Aniplex> audio commetnary
18:01:09 <bay|AX|Aniplex> special sword art offline (subs)
18:01:11 <bay|AX|Aniplex> ost cd 1
18:01:13 <bay|AX|Aniplex> booklet
18:01:15 <bay|AX|Aniplex> pin-ups
18:01:18 <bay|AX|Aniplex> original illustrated box
18:01:29 <bay|AX|Aniplex> each box comes with exclusive weiss scharwaz dvd
18:01:31 <bay|AX|Aniplex> vol 1 au 13
18:01:33 <bay|AX|Aniplex> vol 2 sept 17
18:01:49 <bay|AX|Aniplex> vol 3 oct 15
18:01:49 <bay|AX|Aniplex> vol 4 nov 19
18:02:21 <bay|AX|Aniplex> toonami premiere date july 27th 2am
18:02:58 <bay|AX|Aniplex> also coming soon is gyo...
18:02:59 <bay|AX|Aniplex> dvd
18:03:15 <bay|AX|Aniplex> blast of tempest coming to dvd
18:03:19 <bay|AX|Aniplex> s1 aug 13th
18:03:22 <bay|AX|Aniplex> s2 jan 2014
18:03:25 <bay|AX|Aniplex> lots of features
18:03:27 <bay|AX|Aniplex> see them on the website
18:03:34 <bay|AX|Aniplex> now...special announcements
18:03:53 <bay|AX|Aniplex> we are bringing fate zero to bd and dvd
18:03:59 <bay|AX|Aniplex> limited edition bluray and dvd box set
18:04:06 <bay|AX|Aniplex> preorder on trsi on monday
18:04:09 <bay|AX|Aniplex> fatezerousa.com has the info
18:11:17 <bay|AX|Aniplex> (he got called for time)