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16:02:41 <bay|AX|Sentai> (filling room)
16:05:15 <bay|AX|Sentai> Hello
16:05:21 <bay|AX|Sentai> Are you enjoying anime-expo
16:05:33 <bay|AX|Sentai> I'm David Williams
16:05:42 <bay|AX|Sentai> I want to welcome you to the sentai filmworks panel
16:06:03 <bay|AX|Sentai> (they haven't even filled the regular people)
16:06:08 <bay|AX|Sentai> I want you to introduce a new person next to me
16:06:29 <bay|AX|Sentai> My name is Christian Lopez and I'm the marketing director for Sentai Filmworks and i handle all the social media
16:06:35 <bay|AX|Sentai> I've been in the industry for 10 years
16:06:40 <bay|AX|Sentai> this is the first time i've done onne of these
16:06:54 <bay|AX|Sentai> You know sentai filmworks has been doing a lot of great stuff in the past year
16:07:08 <bay|AX|Sentai> Kids on the Slope, Highschool on the Dead
16:07:50 <bay|AX|Sentai> We got tons and tons...and there are still people coming in...
16:08:08 <bay|AX|Sentai> (suddenly they start letting the regular line in)
16:08:36 <bay|AX|Sentai> (david switches to promotion mode)
16:08:34 <bay|AX|Sentai> How many people here have been out to see the panzer?
16:09:29 <bay|AX|Sentai> I got something special to give away Audience: The tank?
16:10:04 <bay|AX|Sentai> (Still filtering people in)
16:11:17 <bay|AX|Sentai> Well, let's go ahead and reintroduce ourselves
16:11:25 <bay|AX|Sentai> I'm David Williams with Sentai Filmworks
16:11:27 <bay|AX|Sentai> (goes over what he does)
16:12:01 <bay|AX|Sentai> (Christian re-introduces)
16:12:10 <bay|AX|Sentai> This is the sentai filmworks panel
16:12:22 <bay|AX|Sentai> we've got a lot of great titles, it's been a good year for sentai
16:12:29 <bay|AX|Sentai> and we're looking forward to a good year going forward
16:12:33 <bay|AX|Sentai> this is our first real big booth at expo
16:12:37 <bay|AX|Sentai> we have a lot of ncie things to give away
16:12:54 <bay|AX|Sentai> we know also that with our growth, that there have been some, quality issues...with a couple of our titles...that the fans...we've gotten your feedback
16:13:47 <bay|AX|Sentai> we'd like to apologize for those and we do fix those and we're putting in new procedures so that our quality stays up with what you expect and what you deserve (paraphrased)
16:13:21 <bay|AX|Sentai> thank you very much for your support
16:13:30 <bay|AX|Sentai> we got a little reel we'd like to show to you
16:14:59 <bay|AX|Sentai> Medaka... Garden of Words,... Another... Shining Hearts... AKB0048
16:15:44 <bay|AX|Sentai> Tsuritama.... Special A.... Phi Brain
16:16:33 <bay|AX|Sentai> Queen's Blade Rebellion... Kill Me Baby... Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere...
16:17:40 <bay|AX|Sentai> Kokoro Connect .... Hakuoki... Gatchman (lots of applause) ... Campione ...
16:18:00 <bay|AX|Sentai> as you can see, we got a lot of great titles and there are more coming
16:18:04 <bay|AX|Sentai> i'm going to recap some of the shows we have coming ujp
16:18:08 <bay|AX|Sentai> and some new announcements for you
16:18:16 <bay|AX|Sentai> and let me recap someo f the unreleased titles coming up
16:18:18 <bay|AX|Sentai> July
16:18:29 <bay|AX|Sentai> Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere S2 DVD/BD
16:18:31 <bay|AX|Sentai> New release of Special A with a dub
16:18:54 <bay|AX|Sentai> Also in July, we have the first collection of the second season of phibrain
16:19:01 <bay|AX|Sentai> and another show we have is ...Another
16:19:09 <bay|AX|Sentai> and that is actually available here early at the con
16:19:38 <bay|AX|Sentai> in august
16:19:44 <bay|AX|Sentai> we have one that is gonig to be shown here
16:19:47 <bay|AX|Sentai> Shinkai's new work
16:19:50 <bay|AX|Sentai> The Garden of Words
16:20:00 <bay|AX|Sentai> DVD/BD in august officially
16:20:09 <bay|AX|Sentai> it is available at the dealer's booth
16:20:17 <bay|AX|Sentai> and please stop by the panel
16:20:47 <bay|AX|Sentai> also in august
16:20:53 <bay|AX|Sentai> we have complete collection on DVD and BD of Shining Hearts
16:21:05 <bay|AX|Sentai> Tsuritama ... BD and DVD in august
16:21:07 <bay|AX|Sentai> as well as Medaka Box
16:21:13 <bay|AX|Sentai> september
16:21:17 <bay|AX|Sentai> AKB0048 DVD and BD
16:21:28 <bay|AX|Sentai> complete collection on DVD and BD of Golgo 13
16:21:44 <bay|AX|Sentai> Nyankoi dubbed on DVD and BD
16:22:01 <bay|AX|Sentai> This Boy Caught a Merman
16:22:08 <bay|AX|Sentai> DVD and BD
16:22:12 <bay|AX|Sentai> and in sept... the last thing..finally
16:22:18 <bay|AX|Sentai> Queen's Blade Rebellion DVD and BD
16:22:47 <bay|AX|Sentai> Oct
16:22:48 <bay|AX|Sentai> complete collection of Godannar
16:22:47 <bay|AX|Sentai> the third season of Hakuoki DVD and BD
16:22:48 <bay|AX|Sentai> first release of the series on BD
16:22:54 <bay|AX|Sentai> Phi Brain s2 collection 2
16:23:02 <bay|AX|Sentai> Digi Charat on DVD
16:23:12 <bay|AX|Sentai> Kokoro Connect on DVD and BD
16:23:15 <bay|AX|Sentai> Campione on DVD and BD
16:23:21 <bay|AX|Sentai> Gatchman
16:23:24 <bay|AX|Sentai> the original series
16:23:36 <bay|AX|Sentai> the original ovas and the complete vtv series
16:23:36 <bay|AX|Sentai> also on BD
16:23:42 <bay|AX|Sentai> the bluray set will have the tv series and the ovas
16:23:57 <bay|AX|Sentai> the DVD will have a complete collection, but the OVAs will also be separate for those who bought it years ago
16:24:01 <bay|AX|Sentai> and that's what we've talked about until now
16:24:04 <bay|AX|Sentai> now we got some new stuff
16:24:25 <bay|AX|Sentai> Nov titles
16:24:38 <bay|AX|Sentai> Hiiro no Kakera S2
16:24:39 <bay|AX|Sentai> DVD and BD
16:24:41 <bay|AX|Sentai> Nakaimo
16:24:54 <bay|AX|Sentai> My Little Sister is Among Them Complete collection DVD and BD
16:25:01 <bay|AX|Sentai> Little Busters S1
16:25:05 <bay|AX|Sentai> on DVD in Nov
16:25:18 <bay|AX|Sentai> La Historia de La Arcana Familiar DVD and BD
16:25:41 <bay|AX|Sentai> putting out... High School of the Dead Drifters of the Dead on DVD and BD
16:25:53 <bay|AX|Sentai> and some license rescues
16:26:03 <bay|AX|Sentai> Sentai has license Divergence Eve and Yumeria
16:26:05 <bay|AX|Sentai> complete collections in Nov
16:26:11 <bay|AX|Sentai> and those are new titles coming up
16:26:17 <bay|AX|Sentai> and another special thing coming up
16:26:29 <bay|AX|Sentai> Sentai has made a special deal with Tatsunoko for a lot of their library
16:26:34 <bay|AX|Sentai> and we will be releasing a lot of their titles ...
16:26:43 <bay|AX|Sentai> Casshern is part of the deal
16:26:48 <bay|AX|Sentai> Gatchaman...
16:26:55 <bay|AX|Sentai> we will be announcing the titles as we go
16:27:02 <bay|AX|Sentai> we have signed a special deal with them for their library
16:27:48 <bay|AX|Sentai> and there's... one other thing...
16:27:57 <bay|AX|Sentai> take it away...
16:28:18 <bay|AX|Sentai> okay so... i know you got your chuunibyou tatoos on the way in...
16:28:25 <bay|AX|Sentai> we're excited to work with TBS on this series
16:28:27 <bay|AX|Sentai> coming on DVD and BD
16:28:34 <bay|AX|Sentai> release date pending ... Q1 next year
16:28:36 <bay|AX|Sentai> early next year
16:28:41 <bay|AX|Sentai> and we have a little trailer to check out
16:31:03 <bay|AX|Sentai> i remember there was one other thing i wanted to point out earlier
16:31:05 <bay|AX|Sentai> on Kokoro Connect
16:31:08 <bay|AX|Sentai> we are releasing the OVAs
16:31:24 <bay|AX|Sentai> but they will be a separate release from the TV series
16:31:35 <bay|AX|Sentai> another trailer..
16:31:44 <bay|AX|Sentai> Panzer
16:31:58 <bay|AX|Sentai> dubbed Panzer trailer...
16:33:40 <bay|AX|Sentai> one other special things for girls and panzer
16:33:43 <bay|AX|Sentai> if you swing by the booth
16:34:04 <bay|AX|Sentai> they will be showing, at different times, the first episode dubbed ofr Girls und Panzer
16:34:08 <bay|AX|Sentai> what else we got
16:34:20 <bay|AX|Sentai> you guys check out Garden of Words?
16:34:24 <bay|AX|Sentai> you are all shinkai fans?
16:39:26 <bay|AX|Sentai> all right.. .. i guess at that point, we'll open to Q&A
16:39:29 <bay|AX|Sentai> we'll take some questions
16:39:34 <bay|AX|Sentai> then we'll do our giveaway
16:40:00 <bay|AX|Sentai> Q: (question about how the Garden of Words premiere works)
16:41:03 <bay|AX|Sentai> (another AX based question about shinkai)
16:41:26 <bay|AX|Sentai> Q: For Girls und Panzer, will there be horrible accents dubbed in?
16:41:29 <bay|AX|Sentai> A: I don't think there will be
16:41:46 <bay|AX|Sentai> The director hasn't been set
16:41:48 <bay|AX|Sentai> nor has the cast
16:41:55 <bay|AX|Sentai> this is a special dub for the con
16:42:29 <bay|AX|Sentai> Q: For the Gatchman set, will it include the Alex Ross artwork?
16:42:35 <bay|AX|Sentai> A: My understanding is they are talking about that
16:42:55 <bay|AX|Sentai> I'm getting a nod
16:42:59 <bay|AX|Sentai> So it will
16:43:11 <bay|AX|Sentai> Q: For Golgo 13... is that just the original series?
16:43:25 <bay|AX|Sentai> A: It's just the series we released on DVD up to this point, it's going to be re-released complete on DVD and BD
16:43:28 <bay|AX|Sentai> Don't have any other news on the rest
16:43:54 <bay|AX|Sentai> Q: Which nov titles are getting DVD/BD?
16:44:12 <bay|AX|Sentai> A: all but Little Busters... which is pending BD approval
16:44:26 <bay|AX|Sentai> the intent is to do one
16:44:30 <bay|AX|Sentai> we're waiting for approval from the Japanese for that
16:44:42 <bay|AX|Sentai> Q: Does the Tatsunoko deal include Speed Racer?
16:44:43 <bay|AX|Sentai> A: Can't confirm or deny
16:45:30 <bay|AX|Sentai> Q: Will Garden of Words get an academy qualifying run?
16:45:34 <bay|AX|Sentai> A: I don't think so
16:45:48 <bay|AX|Sentai> Q: Since ADV is gone... you are now the big one.. are you now at the same capacity as ADV?
16:46:03 <bay|AX|Sentai> A; You can't compare them, we're a different company, they are two different beasts...
16:46:09 <bay|AX|Sentai> Q: But the question is who is the sucessor to ADV?
16:46:36 <bay|AX|Sentai> A: I don't think tehre is one.. we've seen over the year, Geneon go away, Bandai went away... CPM... we've seen a lot of companies that were in the earlier days taht helped to build the industry that have gone by the way side
16:46:49 <bay|AX|Sentai> I don't think there is a sucessor to any of them
16:46:51 <bay|AX|Sentai> we intend to stay around
16:47:00 <bay|AX|Sentai> Q: How did you get the tank here?
16:47:12 <bay|AX|Sentai> A: They brought it on a flatbed and then drove it a block.
16:48:09 <bay|AX|Sentai> Q; Are you considering re-releasing bandai titles?
16:48:14 <bay|AX|Sentai> A: Cannot say anything about a specific titles
16:48:23 <bay|AX|Sentai> Can say that bandai had some great titles and a wonderful catalog
16:48:35 <bay|AX|Sentai> I believe those titles will be back in circulation at some point... from when or who i couldn't say
16:48:36 <bay|AX|Sentai> but they will be back
16:48:53 <bay|AX|Sentai> Q: OVA's and extras for Panzer?
16:49:12 <bay|AX|Sentai> A: Good question... honestly don't know the answer right now.. but if you go by the Section 23 booth, I can check and see if i can find out
16:49:32 <bay|AX|Sentai> Q: There is a scene where the girls are singing the Katusha song, will that be included?
16:49:28 <bay|AX|Sentai> A: I don't know
16:49:54 <bay|AX|Sentai> Q: You said you were fixing the previous defective releases, but you've only done Kids on the Slope, what others and when?
16:50:09 <bay|AX|Sentai> A: I would have to check with Seraphin, I know Kids on the Slope has been corrected
16:50:49 <bay|AX|Sentai> Q: For the tank, what model of tank is it?
16:50:57 <bay|AX|Sentai> A; That will come up later... if you know, be quiet
16:51:02 <bay|AX|Sentai> Q: Panzer movie?
16:51:10 <bay|AX|Sentai> A: Can't confirm nor deny
16:51:24 <bay|AX|Sentai> We need to give away stuff before we run out of time.
16:55:13 <bay|AX|Sentai> (Ending now to head to aniplex)