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12:06:22 <bay|SC|Fujimura> Thank you all for coming to Ayumi Fujimura's panel
12:06:37 <bay|SC|Fujimura> I'd like to make a note that there is no recording or photography
12:06:46 <bay|SC|Fujimura> My name is Loy Fruel and I work for Bandai Visual and I'll be the MC
12:06:52 <bay|SC|Fujimura> Could you please introduce yourself
12:06:58 <bay|SC|Fujimura> Hello, my name is Ayumi Fujimura
12:07:55 <bay|SC|Fujimura> (the interpreter is the essay one)
12:08:20 <bay|SC|Fujimura> I'm very glad to be here today. I"m a voice actress in Japan that has worked on many works that you may know of and some you may not know of
12:08:42 <bay|SC|Fujimura> I'll start by introducing some titles... Kneesocks in PS&G, (lost)
12:08:51 <bay|SC|Fujimura> I've also worked on many other shows, some of which you may not know
12:08:56 <bay|SC|Fujimura> I home you enjoy the shows I've worked on
12:09:09 <bay|SC|Fujimura> Loy: Welcome to the US and welcome to seattle, is this your first time in the US?
12:10:21 <bay|SC|Fujimura> F: Yes, this is my first time in the states and seattle and first time on such a long flight (lost)
12:10:49 <bay|SC|Fujimura> but yesterday i had a chance to do some sightseeting in seattle and it was actually a really fun day, we went to this famous market place that i forget the name, but it got a lot of souveniers here (dropped)
12:11:12 <bay|SC|Fujimura> One thing I noticed here at the convention is that people here are really happy to see people they haven't met before (paraphrased)
12:11:31 <bay|SC|Fujimura> Loy: Since you spoke of the convention, can you tell us your impression of the anime fans here?
12:12:54 <bay|SC|Fujimura> F: Yeah, jsut even on the street walking to the convention center, i saw so many cosplaying in public which is something you probably won't see in japan, and how everyone is open about wearing their costumes and how happy they are to see eachother (lost)
12:13:11 <bay|SC|Fujimura> Loy: A lot of questions you do get asked, is what food have you eaten so far in seattle?
12:15:31 <bay|SC|Fujimura> (answer intentionally dropped)
12:15:59 <bay|SC|Fujimura> Loy: Moving on to your career as a voice actress, what kind of shows did you watch when you were little and what made you decide to become a voice actress
12:19:04 <bay|SC|Fujimura> F: I started watching when i was young, i actually started wanted to be a voic actress when i was young, and at that age, my friends probably didn't know that that job exists, and for some reason, i knew this was a job, for why i wanted to be a va, one anime that was really popular back then was sailor moon, and i ve see a bunch of cosplay, when i was little i wanted to be a sailor scout, me and my friends loved the show (dropped) and other anime at the time that we were watching were dragonball, yyh, slam dunk, naruto... i think a lot of shonen shows were the ones
12:19:18 <bay|SC|Fujimura> Loy: First voice role?
12:20:56 <bay|SC|Fujimura> F: My very first job as a voice actress, my first official regular one when I had to go every week as opposed to be a one off, which i had a few of, was on a show called nishi no youki majou, the good witch of the west...
12:21:08 <bay|SC|Fujimura> the main character of that show 's best friend is the role i played
12:21:20 <bay|SC|Fujimura> when i started, there was a lot of things i had to learn,
12:21:46 <bay|SC|Fujimura> when you are voice acting, you have to sit in front of a mic and do a performance and match up to the character on screen
12:21:52 <bay|SC|Fujimura> (lost parts)
12:21:57 <bay|SC|Fujimura> first i was very nervous
12:22:14 <bay|SC|Fujimura> L: But you've been in so many shows now, would you talk about some memorable ones
12:24:45 <bay|SC|Fujimura> F: It's verydifficult to pick a few shows that are a favorite because they are all precious, but one of my favorites is squid girl and the role i played was eiko, and eiko's role is very important because it's sorta a comedy, so squid girl would say something and how eiko reacts is where the comedy comes from, and she plays the tsukkomi role
12:25:06 <bay|SC|Fujimura> and it's her reactions that make the scene, so with her, it's very important to get the timing and loudness of the voice right, and that was something for me at the beginning
12:26:44 <bay|SC|Fujimura> at first i think i had her too timid, as the show progressed, i think i had her (down better) (lost rest about difference between doing a comedy vs dramaa)
12:25:37 <bay|SC|Fujimura> L: Ever been intimidated by a role?
12:27:46 <bay|SC|Fujimura> F: As far as an intimidating role, I'd have to say minerva in Gundam Unicorn, she's probably the most serious role i've played, in my other roles before i get in front of the mic, i can act like my normal self, talk with my friends in normal tone
12:28:03 <bay|SC|Fujimura> before i play her, i can't be like that, before i stand in front of the mic, i have to get myself ready... i have to get the seriousness and putting it into the role
12:28:21 <bay|SC|Fujimura> one time i was talking with the voice actor playing the role of char, and they said that they would have to do the same thing
12:28:31 <bay|SC|Fujimura> so it's not just how i'm thinking of approaching the role, i think he agreed me as far as that goes
12:28:40 <bay|SC|Fujimura> L: Can you talk about the more recent shows you've been working on?
12:30:57 <bay|SC|Fujimura> F:Recent shows that i've been working on... a new shows called Eureka 7 AO where i played magi; i'm playing the role of Striker in Gargantia, who is a robot, so i'm playing an AI and i have to have an emotionless delivery; the chairwoman in Aquarion Evolution; Rinne no Lagrange, Uehara Haruka; and in Gundam Unicorn, Minvera and I hope you are looking forward to that one
12:31:14 <bay|SC|Fujimura> L: You mentioned Gundam UC, can you introduce it for those who aren't familiar with it
12:32:53 <bay|SC|Fujimura> (dropping since this is just a plot summary)
12:37:02 <bay|SC|Fujimura> L: Can you tell us more about your character in Gundam Unicorn?
12:38:21 <bay|SC|Fujimura> (dropped since just a character summary)
12:39:35 <bay|SC|Fujimura> (Trailer for GU6)
12:41:27 <bay|SC|Fujimura> L: What's it like to have a panel with your english counterpart of Minerva (Stephanie Sheh)?
12:42:26 <bay|SC|Fujimura> F: So the panel yesterday was a lot of fun, it was my first time hearing here as the english voice and thought wow, this is pretty similar, and i thought her performance is coming closer and closer to mien
12:42:41 <bay|SC|Fujimura> and before the panel, she told me more about voice acting in the US and the state of the industry
12:43:37 <bay|SC|Fujimura> L: (Loy pimping UC)... going back to the voice actress topic, there are some people here who may want to be a voice actor, what are the fun or difficult things about voice acting
12:45:49 <bay|SC|Fujimura> F: One of the things that I think is the most fun abotu voice acting is it lets you become lots of different people and do different lives... you are looking at the screen and putting your voice on it, and what's on the screen may not be human, and this is specific to anime, ther isn't as much freedom in drama and theater...that is something i really enjoy
12:45:54 <bay|SC|Fujimura> most difficult thing, getting the technique down....
12:46:16 <bay|SC|Fujimura> you look at the screenand you have to get match your voice to the character on screen and i found it difficult originally (paraphrase)
12:46:28 <bay|SC|Fujimura> L: Things to maintain your voice or rituals before recording?
12:47:57 <bay|SC|Fujimura> F: In my case, I'm not doing much normally in order to train my voice, but I know there are those who do, those who go to workshop or training, i don't really do much of that, but in this work, i think one thing i've developed in sensitive ears, when i 'm watching tv, i can usually tell who is doing the voice actor.. i think watching the TV normally is part of my training as the voice actress
12:48:14 <bay|SC|Fujimura> L: Voice actresses in Japan often do other things, so what are some things you do?
12:48:58 <bay|SC|Fujimura> F: So something I'm doing in addition to animation is I will do audio shows, audio commentary that is bundled with events, and events like these...also narration or other things to support a specific character i played
12:49:11 <bay|SC|Fujimura> L: Beside anime, you've done video game and live action, any differences between the three?
12:51:15 <bay|SC|Fujimura> F; In animation, unlike live action, when you are recording for animation, all you have to go on is the images for the animation, and they aren't in the finishe dform when we look at them, and they aren't realistically styled images, so sometimes you may have hints of when they breathe and sometimes not, so you have a lot of freedom
12:51:39 <bay|SC|Fujimura> live ation on the other hand, you have finished images of the people, so there are lots of hints because you can see their breathing and such ...but you lose some of the freedom
12:52:07 <bay|SC|Fujimura> games are interestin because unlike anime or live action, you record games by yourself, not with the rest of the cast, so you can't hear the other lines returned in a conversatio, and getting to a conversation to that may be difficult
12:52:21 <bay|SC|Fujimura> L: Advice to anyone who wants to be a voice actor?
12:52:40 <bay|SC|Fujimura> F: Is there anyone in this room who wants to be one? (Two guys raise their hands)
12:55:19 <bay|SC|Fujimura> (I don't know if i would actually be able to say how to become a voice actress), I think it just happened, i just got thrown in the deep end as opposed to taking steps, so i'm not sure if i'm qualified to give info on taking steps and planning it out, i think my advice woul dbe to get lots of experiences and do lots of things you really enjoy and concentrated on the fun parts of voice acting, and worry about the fun parts of voice acting and then jump in with both feet, that would give you the background experience to do really engaging performances (paraphrased at end)
12:55:27 <bay|SC|Fujimura> Now Q&A from the audience
12:55:51 <bay|SC|Fujimura> Q: Fujimoto-san played a character in skyward sword and the character speaks gibberish, is there anything different about acting that out vs real lines
12:57:07 <bay|SC|Fujimura> A: Yeah, that performance as difficult, having lines that weren't real words, that weren't japanese was a real departure for me, so i got a lot less instruction during those... they would just give me a feeling to go on and that was all i had to go on, trying to give a perofrmance for this feeling, but i'm glad you enjoyed my performance
12:57:31 <bay|SC|Fujimura> Q: In prepartion for the role of Minerva in UC, did you do Gundam universe research?
12:58:47 <bay|SC|Fujimura> A: Yes I did have to do a lot of researched,I had to look up the page for the zavi family and print it out, and the japanese one printed out is about 20 pages long in a4 size, so i printed it and read it and i think it was useful for the role
12:59:04 <bay|SC|Fujimura> for minerva, i think knowing her background is important for the role
12:59:53 <bay|SC|Fujimura> Q: Fun stories from recording?
13:00:02 <bay|SC|Fujimura> (Dropped)
13:00:28 <bay|SC|Fujimura> L: Getting the signal to end it...Any upcoming shows that you can mention?
13:02:03 <bay|SC|Fujimura> F: One thing that I'm doing that you might look forward to is the JP dub of Gossip Girl... I perform laura from season 5...and of course there is going to be the final episode of Gundam Unicorn, ep 7, and the author of the novels told me that minvera has a lot of lines (missed) so i'm looking forward to it,
13:02:10 <bay|SC|Fujimura> L: Any last message?
13:02:55 <bay|SC|Fujimura> F: Thank you very much, it was so wonderful to see everyone who was here today
13:03:03 <bay|SC|Fujimura> I can see all the people who attend the convention have great love for japanese animation
13:03:22 <bay|SC|Fujimura> (missed) and if any of the shows coming up in the future have my name, i hope you would remember this event and this panel
13:03:31 <bay|SC|Fujimura> L: One last round of applause.
13:03:33 <bay|SC|Fujimura> End