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21:36:45 <bay|AX|JAST> I guess people are still coming in
21:36:57 <bay|AX|JAST> but if we take too long, we'll run out of time
21:36:52 <bay|AX|JAST> so we'll just start it now
21:37:03 <bay|AX|JAST> Thank you for for coming to the JAST USA visual novel panel
21:37:10 <bay|AX|JAST> we love anime expo
21:37:29 <bay|AX|JAST> we're going to talk about some great titles, some great things coming out soon, and some announcements
21:37:33 <bay|AX|JAST> so let's get started
21:37:43 <bay|AX|JAST> What are visual novels?
21:38:54 <bay|AX|JAST> Memorable stories, beautiful visuals, amazing voice actors, mature themes
21:40:20 <bay|AX|JAST> Who are we? (going over company philosophy)
21:40:05 <bay|AX|JAST> Quality stories
21:40:08 <bay|AX|JAST> NO DRM
21:40:27 <bay|AX|JAST> Packages and Digital
21:41:00 <bay|AX|JAST> We did a complete refresh of our website
21:41:13 <bay|AX|JAST> if you look at jastusa.com you can see it now
21:41:18 <bay|AX|JAST> you can find us on steam
21:41:20 <bay|AX|JAST> and the sale is still going on
21:41:25 <bay|AX|JAST> let's talk about recent releases
21:41:27 <bay|AX|JAST> Flowers
21:41:30 <bay|AX|JAST> came out about a year ago
21:41:57 <bay|AX|JAST> all ages title
21:42:11 <bay|AX|JAST> announcement about this game later on
21:42:16 <bay|AX|JAST> Nympho Sensei Ryoko
21:43:23 <bay|AX|JAST> Coming Soon
21:44:55 <bay|AX|JAST> Eiyu Senki The World Conquest
21:45:34 <bay|AX|JAST> you are helping the world of Japan conquer the world .. you attack each country and when you defeat them, the leader of that country becomes part of your harem
21:46:09 <bay|AX|JAST> it will be completely uncensored
21:46:19 <bay|AX|JAST> you can preorder the game
21:46:27 <bay|AX|JAST> there are 3 different levels
21:46:30 <bay|AX|JAST> you can preorder
21:46:40 <bay|AX|JAST> you can get the limited which includes the soundtrack and art cards
21:47:03 <bay|AX|JAST> and then there is another version which includes the japanese artbook
21:47:13 <bay|AX|JAST> it's important to preorder because we need to know how many artbooks to print
21:47:22 <bay|AX|JAST> Summer 2017 release
21:47:26 <bay|AX|JAST> we'll have it very soon
21:47:38 <bay|AX|JAST> Next title..
21:48:13 <bay|AX|JAST> From Poison@Berry....
21:49:07 <bay|AX|JAST> Princess X - My Fiancee is a Monster Girl?!
21:48:59 <bay|AX|JAST> this is the game that caused the current boom in monster girls
21:49:12 <bay|AX|JAST> preoprders will be up soon
21:49:14 <bay|AX|JAST> release Fall 2017
21:49:23 <bay|AX|JAST> next...
21:49:36 <bay|AX|JAST> Innocent Grey
21:49:50 <bay|AX|JAST> Flowers - Le volume sur ete
21:50:55 <bay|AX|JAST> The next game in the Flowers series
21:51:01 <bay|AX|JAST> this is the summer edition
21:51:06 <bay|AX|JAST> we're presently hard at work at it
21:51:13 <bay|AX|JAST> Winter 2017 release
21:51:20 <bay|AX|JAST> Katahane - An'call Belle
21:52:09 <bay|AX|JAST> Early 2018 release
21:53:35 <bay|AX|JAST> we're happy to announce this isn't the original japanese release, this is a re-release with higher resolution graphics and new scenarios not (currently?) available in japan
21:52:56 <bay|AX|JAST> now new announcements
21:52:58 <bay|AX|JAST> New Partner
21:55:12 <bay|AX|JAST> Majikoi - Love me Seriously! opening
21:54:33 <bay|AX|JAST> Minatosoft
21:54:53 <bay|AX|JAST> first title we'll be releasing of theirs is Majikoi
21:55:07 <bay|AX|JAST> New Project
21:55:20 <bay|AX|JAST> Machine Child
21:55:33 <bay|AX|JAST> this is a new project that is being worked on by the creator of eiyu senki and little witch romanesque
21:55:41 <bay|AX|JAST> ashito(?) is the artist
21:55:54 <bay|AX|JAST> we're helping him... this will be a japanese and english release together
21:55:50 <bay|AX|JAST> it's a bring up game
21:56:24 <bay|AX|JAST> it's a complex system, you got a whole tree of talents
21:56:38 <bay|AX|JAST> Oyari Ashito
21:56:43 <bay|AX|JAST> Concept, artowrk and character design
21:56:46 <bay|AX|JAST> Music
21:57:20 <bay|AX|JAST> Music
21:57:21 <bay|AX|JAST> Hoashi Keigo
21:57:21 <bay|AX|JAST> Backgrounds
21:57:21 <bay|AX|JAST> Yoshida Seiji
21:57:41 <bay|AX|JAST> enty.jp/machine_child if you want to support this game.. it's a patreon type system
22:11:42 <bay|AX|JAST> (there were a number of thing that were secret staff wise)
22:11:42 <bay|AX|JAST> And now let's give stuff away
22:11:42 <bay|AX|JAST> We're JAST USA and we're also JLIST
22:11:42 <bay|AX|JAST> it was 20 years last october
22:11:42 <bay|AX|JAST> so we have some fun products to give away
22:12:40 <bay|AX|JAST> now basically.. we have 20 min.. so we'll do some Q&A
22:17:21 <bay|AX|JAST> Q: I remember a year or two ago, you had an interview where you said you would be publishing another yaoi title, and it never really came about
22:17:31 <bay|AX|JAST> A: yeah, i dropped some hints because at the time we were told we could probably announce soon
22:17:34 <bay|AX|JAST> i can't even talk about it now
22:17:42 <bay|AX|JAST> now it's about what permission we get from the company
22:17:48 <bay|AX|JAST> we want to go back to doing yaoi again
22:18:05 <bay|AX|JAST> we do want to do that again, i did have a meeting a couple months ago
22:18:08 <bay|AX|JAST> it'll probably take another year
22:18:13 <bay|AX|JAST> so hopefully i can talk about it next year
22:18:58 <bay|AX|JAST> Q: You announced Sumaga a while ago...
22:19:01 <bay|AX|JAST> A: We're working on it...
22:21:01 <bay|AX|JAST> Q: Eiyu Senki localization issues?
22:22:37 <bay|AX|JAST> A: was already translated by fruitsbat(?) on ps3, we're working with them, we only need to do the adult part for pc
22:23:09 <bay|AX|JAST> Q: For the current games on steam, are they uncensored?
22:23:18 <bay|AX|JAST> A: all games on steam must be censored, because it's steam
22:24:15 <bay|AX|JAST> Q: Any more plans to do otome games like yojimbo
22:24:23 <bay|AX|JAST> A: We don't have a partner for them
22:25:00 <bay|AX|JAST> (Also, there's the issue of the price of licensing the original voices)
22:26:05 <bay|AX|JAST> Q: Another Ashito game that was supposed to go on steam that got shelved?
22:26:13 <bay|AX|JAST> A: Not sure...
22:27:00 <bay|AX|JAST> Q: Muramasa?
22:27:06 <bay|AX|JAST> A: The goal is to do Muramasa
22:28:09 <bay|AX|JAST> Q: With regards Eiyu senki, you said you would have a translated artbook...if this sells well, will you do this with other novels?
22:28:18 <bay|AX|JAST> A: It would be interesting, it would be depend on what's popular
22:28:26 <bay|AX|JAST> Translating and publishing is hard
22:28:42 <bay|AX|JAST> Took 2 months to translate and have to make sure it matches the game
22:28:55 <bay|AX|JAST> Q: Crowdsourcing?
22:29:10 <bay|AX|JAST> A: we've never done one... every time we've talked about it, we go to japan, and japan is nervous about it
22:29:26 <bay|AX|JAST> "What would happen if you didn't hit the goal?" etc
22:29:53 <bay|AX|JAST> if that changes, it'd be good
22:30:18 <bay|AX|JAST> (notes that machine child is slightly difference since it's basically patreon)
22:30:21 <bay|AX|JAST> end