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10:53:53 <bay|SC|FUNi> (Room still isn't open yet)
10:54:12 <bay|SC|FUNi> (The line loops back over itself)
10:59:37 <bay|SC|FUNi> (Still waiting)
11:03:16 <bay|SC|FUNi> (Now filling room)
11:07:03 <bay|SC|FUNi> Hey guys how ya'll today
11:07:14 <bay|SC|FUNi> Thank you so much for coming to the funimation industry panel today at sakuracon
11:07:31 <bay|SC|FUNi> Let's go ahead and get down to the nitty gritty and let's give out some free stuff
11:07:35 <bay|SC|FUNi> Who is a psycho-pass fan
11:07:58 <bay|SC|FUNi> (pimping the psycho-pass event)
11:11:59 <bay|SC|FUNi> (doing trivia for the psycho-pass event tickets)
11:14:01 <bay|SC|FUNi> And now ....we are going to get this show on the road
11:14:06 <bay|SC|FUNi> starting off with toonami
11:14:14 <bay|SC|FUNi> as many of you know we got a new show on toonami
11:14:16 <bay|SC|FUNi> that would be soul eater
11:14:20 <bay|SC|FUNi> as you know..
11:14:36 <bay|SC|FUNi> we have souleater at 1am, gxp at 3am, and fma:brotherhood at 3:30am
11:14:44 <bay|SC|FUNi> next up
11:14:45 <bay|SC|FUNi> simulcasts
11:15:01 <bay|SC|FUNi> one piece, sat @10pm
11:15:07 <bay|SC|FUNi> cause it never ends
11:15:11 <bay|SC|FUNi> toriko wednesdays
11:15:30 <bay|SC|FUNi> we just had somet hat wrapped up
11:15:39 <bay|SC|FUNi> catch them on hulu for a limited time
11:15:49 <bay|SC|FUNi> hetalia the beautiful world fri @ 3pm
11:15:56 <bay|SC|FUNi> we just wrapped seaosn 5 on simulcast
11:16:07 <bay|SC|FUNi> and speaking of hetalia, do we have any hetalia cosplayers?
11:16:15 <bay|SC|FUNi> now come up here cause i have treats for you
11:16:46 <bay|SC|FUNi> thank you so much for paying so much attention to hetalia
11:16:56 <bay|SC|FUNi> one of the cool things was that at otakon doing the premiere years ago...
11:17:19 <bay|SC|FUNi> the creator was like " i was planning on wrapping this with 4, but maybe i'll go for 5" after seeing the fans
11:17:24 <bay|SC|FUNi> haganai s2 just finished up
11:17:26 <bay|SC|FUNi> s1 laster this year on DVD
11:17:27 <bay|SC|FUNi> puchimas
11:17:37 <bay|SC|FUNi> 4pm mon-fri
11:17:43 <bay|SC|FUNi> robotics;notes
11:17:49 <bay|SC|FUNi> fri @ 12:15pm est
11:18:06 <bay|SC|FUNi> psycho pass thurs @ 11:45 am est
11:18:10 <bay|SC|FUNi> we are so excited to bring it to you
11:18:14 <bay|SC|FUNi> we got some rad scosplayers at the booth
11:18:23 <bay|SC|FUNi> senran kagura wed 11:30a est
11:18:28 <bay|SC|FUNi> minami ke fir @ 11:30
11:18:31 <bay|SC|FUNi> please check out minamike
11:18:33 <bay|SC|FUNi> it's a really sweet show
11:18:42 <bay|SC|FUNi> Elite Video Subscription
11:18:45 <bay|SC|FUNi> only $7.95/month
11:18:57 <bay|SC|FUNi> that gives you access to hundreds of shows from funimation
11:19:12 <bay|SC|FUNi> we are in progress of doing samsung smart tv appp
11:19:16 <bay|SC|FUNi> we also have a roku app
11:19:23 <bay|SC|FUNi> (sully talks fast x_x)
11:19:30 <bay|SC|FUNi> we also have a tablet app
11:19:33 <bay|SC|FUNi> all of these can be tied to your EVS
11:19:49 <bay|SC|FUNi> and last but not least, the mobile phone app ,the free app and the $9.99 paid app
11:19:58 <bay|SC|FUNi> so definitely check that out
11:20:11 <bay|SC|FUNi> we also have tons of you guys to see our shows... itunes, psn, xblx, netflix, hulu
11:20:16 <bay|SC|FUNi> hulu is one of the best way to catch all of our stuff
11:20:22 <bay|SC|FUNi> as if that wasn't enough
11:20:25 <bay|SC|FUNi> funimation channel
11:20:32 <bay|SC|FUNi> if you don't have it currently on your cable, you need to ask for it
11:20:41 <bay|SC|FUNi> request the funimation channel, we have some new stuff going up all the time
11:20:45 <bay|SC|FUNi> as well as asian live action
11:20:51 <bay|SC|FUNi> if you don't have it contact your cable company
11:20:56 <bay|SC|FUNi> nex tup
11:21:05 <bay|SC|FUNi> our own home on the interwebs, funimation.com
11:21:20 <bay|SC|FUNi> we got cool informat about all our shows, our simulcast, our blog posts, rojas being weird (lost)
11:21:29 <bay|SC|FUNi> if you don't want to check out our websites, you can check out our twitter
11:21:31 <bay|SC|FUNi> next up..
11:21:32 <bay|SC|FUNi> youtube
11:21:36 <bay|SC|FUNi> it has tons of videos
11:21:42 <bay|SC|FUNi> it does have full episodes of tons of stuff
11:21:51 <bay|SC|FUNi> sometimes we have full epsiodes, sometimes we have web series
11:21:56 <bay|SC|FUNi> youtube.com/funimation
11:22:00 <bay|SC|FUNi> and all of that content is legal
11:22:04 <bay|SC|FUNi> next up is tumblr
11:22:10 <bay|SC|FUNi> funimation.tumblr.com
11:22:21 <bay|SC|FUNi> also of course are on facebook
11:22:31 <bay|SC|FUNi> we do a lot of exclusive announcements on facebook
11:22:37 <bay|SC|FUNi> facebook.com/funimation
11:22:45 <bay|SC|FUNi> when we get to 1 mil likes
11:22:48 <bay|SC|FUNi> we're going to do something cool
11:22:51 <bay|SC|FUNi> we're about 50k short
11:23:02 <bay|SC|FUNi> available now
11:23:07 <bay|SC|FUNi> black lagoon season 1 and 2
11:23:47 <bay|SC|FUNi> bluray and dvd combo pack available now $54.98
11:23:21 <bay|SC|FUNi> robertas blood trail
11:24:25 <bay|SC|FUNi> for those who aren't familiar, it's the one part that isn't out dubbed yet... well, it's dubbed with original voice cast and coming out this summer
11:23:54 <bay|SC|FUNi> trailer for black lagoon s1/2
11:25:06 <bay|SC|FUNi> we are going to be premiering the dub at anime central in may
11:25:14 <bay|SC|FUNi> next up
11:25:17 <bay|SC|FUNi> is this a zombie?
11:25:32 <bay|SC|FUNi> limited edition dvd available now
11:26:03 <bay|SC|FUNi> trailer
11:28:11 <bay|SC|FUNi> steins;gate
11:28:39 <bay|SC|FUNi> bluray dvd combo now available $64.98
11:28:27 <bay|SC|FUNi> recently announced they are making a feature film in japan....
11:29:34 <bay|SC|FUNi> trailer (For the second half)
11:30:03 <bay|SC|FUNi> we do have part 2 available at the booth right now
11:30:29 <bay|SC|FUNi> next up...
11:30:34 <bay|SC|FUNi> baka and test season 2
11:30:42 <bay|SC|FUNi> bluray dvd combo now available $69.98
11:31:07 <bay|SC|FUNi> we also have the ova available too
11:31:07 <bay|SC|FUNi> trailer
11:32:34 <bay|SC|FUNi> next up
11:32:38 <bay|SC|FUNi> panty and stock with garterbelt
11:32:46 <bay|SC|FUNi> blu ray limited edition $69.98
11:33:48 <bay|SC|FUNi> trailer...
11:35:03 <bay|SC|FUNi> next up
11:35:04 <bay|SC|FUNi> blood c
11:35:16 <bay|SC|FUNi> limited edition bluray dvd combo pack jan 22nd $69.98
11:35:35 <bay|SC|FUNi> trailer
11:37:05 <bay|SC|FUNi> blood c the last dark (The movie)
11:37:07 <bay|SC|FUNi> winter of this year
11:37:13 <bay|SC|FUNi> next up
11:37:16 <bay|SC|FUNi> toriko
11:37:30 <bay|SC|FUNi> 3rd course available now $69.98
11:37:51 <bay|SC|FUNi> trailer
11:39:08 <bay|SC|FUNi> heaven's lost property
11:39:17 <bay|SC|FUNi> movie the angeloid of clockwork
11:39:21 <bay|SC|FUNi> available now $34.98
11:39:32 <bay|SC|FUNi> trailer
11:40:46 <bay|SC|FUNi> shakugan no shana
11:41:08 <bay|SC|FUNi> season 3 part 1 le dvd/bd combo pack now available $69.98
11:41:16 <bay|SC|FUNi> part 2 available ditto $64.98
11:41:25 <bay|SC|FUNi> trailer
11:41:53 <bay|SC|FUNi> A certain scientific railgun
11:42:04 <bay|SC|FUNi> part 1 limited edition available now msrp $64.98
11:42:37 <bay|SC|FUNi> (sully just claimed it was part of the geneon lost titles)
11:42:58 <bay|SC|FUNi> trailer
11:44:14 <bay|SC|FUNi> also...
11:44:16 <bay|SC|FUNi> april....
11:44:26 <bay|SC|FUNi> summer wars bd/dvd combo 3/12
11:44:31 <bay|SC|FUNi> rosario vampire 4/23
11:44:40 <bay|SC|FUNi> eden of the east complete anime classics 4/30
11:44:55 <bay|SC|FUNi> fairy tail collection one (parts 1 and 2) blu 4/30
11:45:07 <bay|SC|FUNi> sekirei and pure engagement 5/7
11:45:10 <bay|SC|FUNi> toriko pt 4 5/14
11:45:19 <bay|SC|FUNi> one piece s4 voyage 5 4/23
11:45:31 <bay|SC|FUNi> sengoku basara complete colection 6/11 (S1and s2)
11:45:35 <bay|SC|FUNi> coming 2013
11:45:37 <bay|SC|FUNi> new titles..
11:45:46 <bay|SC|FUNi> Lupin the Third The woman called fujiko mine
11:45:46 <bay|SC|FUNi> sumemr 2013
11:45:50 <bay|SC|FUNi> we don't have an exact date
11:45:53 <bay|SC|FUNi> but i believe in july
11:46:03 <bay|SC|FUNi> we got a lot of the original cast and some new
11:46:05 <bay|SC|FUNi> sankarea
11:46:07 <bay|SC|FUNi> fall 2013
11:46:16 <bay|SC|FUNi> sankarea the zombie romcom
11:46:23 <bay|SC|FUNi> the future dairy sumner 2013
11:46:26 <bay|SC|FUNi> cast announcement soon
11:46:41 <bay|SC|FUNi> we got this brand new thing we're doing at funimation called the funimation show
11:47:05 <bay|SC|FUNi> fairy tail season 2 july
11:47:11 <bay|SC|FUNi> fairy tail the movie winter 2013
11:47:26 <bay|SC|FUNi> one piece season 5 eps 264-336 late summer 2013
11:47:29 <bay|SC|FUNi> strong world winter 2013
11:47:36 <bay|SC|FUNi> keep eyes peeled for official dates
11:47:45 <bay|SC|FUNi> special announcements
11:47:54 <bay|SC|FUNi> generally, we don't talk about stuff like this as early as we're going to for this title
11:48:01 <bay|SC|FUNi> psycho pass dubbed
11:48:03 <bay|SC|FUNi> spring 2014
11:48:08 <bay|SC|FUNi> dvd and bluray combo pack
11:48:26 <bay|SC|FUNi> more information as the year progresses
11:48:51 <bay|SC|FUNi> that is everything i have today
11:48:54 <bay|SC|FUNi> but i do have a little bit of time for Q&A
11:49:00 <bay|SC|FUNi> so let's go ahead
11:49:09 <bay|SC|FUNi> Q: Was wondering if you have looked at live action tokusatsu
11:49:22 <bay|SC|FUNi> A: We were doing them for a little while, we refocused almost back completely on anime
11:49:32 <bay|SC|FUNi> there are tasty pits of live action that i can't talk about yet so keep your eyes peoploed
11:49:37 <bay|SC|FUNi> Q: Any simulcast announcements/
11:49:45 <bay|SC|FUNi> A: Can't tell you yet, but cool stuff coming soon on the website
11:50:09 <bay|SC|FUNi> going to be a huge roster of news simulcasts comign soon
11:50:15 <bay|SC|FUNi> Q: Index S2?
11:50:18 <bay|SC|FUNi> A: Still in negotation
11:50:24 <bay|SC|FUNi> Q: AMG s3?
11:50:30 <bay|SC|FUNi> A: All of it is on hiatus due to contractual issues
11:50:45 <bay|SC|FUNi> Q: DBZ Battle of the gods?
11:51:12 <bay|SC|FUNi> A; All dragonball z movies must be option to fox first and they have to turn it down, and it hasn't been even optioned yet in the US
11:51:44 <bay|SC|FUNi> (speculates that it will take 2 years till it comes out)
11:51:53 <bay|SC|FUNi> Q: Bluray of Last Exile and Beck?
11:51:58 <bay|SC|FUNi> A: Neither i available on BD in US
11:52:02 <bay|SC|FUNi> Q: Eva 3.33?
11:52:08 <bay|SC|FUNi> A: Believe that is DVD/blu in japan next month
11:52:19 <bay|SC|FUNi> once again , similar to dbz, has not been optioned for licensing yet
11:53:31 <bay|SC|FUNi> Q: If you had netflix hulu and crunchyroll, how many shows would be on the app that isn't on those? A: There are a number on elite video subscription you wouldn't have..
11:53:41 <bay|SC|FUNi> you would have access to almost the enitre library
11:53:49 <bay|SC|FUNi> (missed)
11:54:23 <bay|SC|FUNi> A: (question was about digital rights in canada, a lot of shows they do not have digital rights in canada)
11:54:30 <bay|SC|FUNi> Q: Lost Girls Season 4?
11:54:37 <bay|SC|FUNi> A: I believe they just announced they are making that?
11:54:47 <bay|SC|FUNi> I know there is going to be more ifnormation soon
11:55:04 <bay|SC|FUNi> We don't have anything to do with the production, we just distribute it
11:55:22 <bay|SC|FUNi> Q: (Why a title was DVD only) A: Contractual issues, sometimes it takes longer
11:55:28 <bay|SC|FUNi> but instead of waiting, we put it out on DVD since we know you want to see it
11:55:43 <bay|SC|FUNi> we try to make sure every show is available in both DVD and Bluray
11:55:47 <bay|SC|FUNi> Q: Any other lupin?
11:56:26 <bay|SC|FUNi> A: Nothing I have information on, a lot of the older shows, what happens is the original shows, the companies close, ...so instead of the show being owned by one or two production houses, it will be owned by individuals, and negotiating rights for those can be incredible
11:56:37 <bay|SC|FUNi> Q: What about the annual movies?
11:56:41 <bay|SC|FUNi> A: No information on the other properties
11:56:51 <bay|SC|FUNi> Q: Does anything from FUnimation ever go out of print?
11:57:03 <bay|SC|FUNi> A: We try not to, and sometimes the licenses is aout to expire, and someone chooses not to re-up it
11:57:15 <bay|SC|FUNi> we try to make sure as many shows are available as possible, but it varies
11:57:19 <bay|SC|FUNi> everyone has a slightly different contract
11:57:22 <bay|SC|FUNi> it's situational
11:57:31 <bay|SC|FUNi> Q: Why do you put some Bluray releases in DVD cases?
11:57:37 <bay|SC|FUNi> A; We're trying not to do that anymore
11:57:46 <bay|SC|FUNi> we're trying to put everything in the bluray size
11:57:57 <bay|SC|FUNi> it depends on the design department, contractual, which retailers
11:58:01 <bay|SC|FUNi> we're trying to move everything to bluray
11:58:43 <bay|SC|FUNi> Q: With Bandai shutting down, picking up their titles? A; I mentioned contract hell earlier... sometimes they have series they weren't able to put out, they still exist in the world of legalese, right now there is not any information on the titles they had announced
11:58:53 <bay|SC|FUNi> but i wouldn't be surprised if those were released by anyone in the US
11:59:03 <bay|SC|FUNi> but I know that currently we dont' have anything
11:59:30 <bay|SC|FUNi> Q: More panty and stocking? A: I'd love it, but up to japan
11:59:43 <bay|SC|FUNi> Q: Shiki complete series box this year?
12:00:00 <bay|SC|FUNi> A: Not heard any mummerings of a complete set, but i wouldn't be surprised if it were something we were to do in the future
12:00:55 <bay|SC|FUNi> Thank you for comign
12:01:02 <bay|SC|FUNi> Any other question, you can come by the booth and pick my brain
12:01:05 <bay|SC|FUNi> End