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15:52:18 <bay|SC|Con> (There is an issue due to high latency causing earlier lines to be repeated.)
16:04:52 <bay|SC|Con> (Lag test 2)
16:04:18 <bay|SC|Con> (Room filling)
16:05:47 <bay|SC|Con> Hey guys thanks for coming
16:05:51 <bay|SC|Con> I'm so excited to be here at sakuracon this year
16:05:59 <bay|SC|Con> I'm sully from funimation
16:06:16 <bay|SC|Con> Now both of our panels are listed as industry panels, this is actually the sneak peek panel
16:06:46 <bay|SC|Con> Tomorrow will be the regular industry panel at 11am
16:07:05 <bay|SC|Con> Let's go ahead and get started
16:07:15 <bay|SC|Con> Panty and Stocking
16:08:14 <bay|SC|Con> (same clip as last year)
16:11:21 <bay|SC|Con> Deadman Wonderland
16:12:10 <bay|SC|Con> (opening scene)
16:15:51 <bay|SC|Con> next up ...
16:15:56 <bay|SC|Con> Hellsing Ultimate 5-8
16:18:21 <bay|SC|Con> Steins;Gate Part 2
16:21:43 <bay|SC|Con> Is This A Zombie? Part 1
16:23:00 <bay|SC|Con> Part 2 later this year
16:26:28 <bay|SC|Con> The Funimation Show
16:34:22 <bay|SC|Con> (this is ep 2....)
16:35:16 <bay|SC|Con> (really...20 min of this?)
16:41:28 <bay|SC|Con> (only 15....)
16:42:12 <bay|SC|Con> It's time for feedback (mic feedback provides segue)...
16:42:47 <bay|SC|Con> (They want feedback on the show from the people here)
16:42:57 <bay|SC|Con> (Showing another clip)
16:44:48 <bay|SC|Con> Give away time...
16:47:06 <bay|SC|Con> Q: More Hellsing? A: 9-10 recently came out in Japan but have not been optioned for licensing in the United States yet.
16:47:54 <bay|SC|Con> That was everything we have time for today...
16:48:01 <bay|SC|Con> Now formal Q&A
16:48:29 <bay|SC|Con> Q: Negima OVAs.... A. No information on that at this time.
16:48:34 <bay|SC|Con> Oh, speaking of cool new stuff....
16:48:45 <bay|SC|Con> Tomorrow I'm going to bribe you into coming ....there will be an announcement
16:49:05 <bay|SC|Con> Q: Mirai Nikki licensed by funimation...will be dubbed? A: Don't have any information on that at this time?
16:49:22 <bay|SC|Con> There is a lot of new stuff, Tokyo anime fair just happened...and a lot of new stuff was announced
16:49:31 <bay|SC|Con> It's too new to know what might come out and what might not
16:49:37 <bay|SC|Con> (Was this about the new Mirai Nikki project?)
16:49:50 <bay|SC|Con> Q: Eva 3.0? A: I knew that was going to happen. It has not been optioned in the US yet
16:50:02 <bay|SC|Con> I believe the home video in Japan is next month, so hopefully there will be news soon
16:50:18 <bay|SC|Con> Whoever licensed it, I doubt there will be a release before 2014
16:50:22 <bay|SC|Con> There is no news on Case Closed Either
16:50:35 <bay|SC|Con> And we don't have anything to say about the new Sailor Moon
16:50:52 <bay|SC|Con> (Some question about corpse party)
16:51:04 <bay|SC|Con> Q: Will you do more english dubs of one piece eps beside airing them on Toonami?
16:51:25 <bay|SC|Con> A: I believe Season 4 part 5 comes next month or so and season 5 should be later thisyear
16:51:33 <bay|SC|Con> And I believe one piece strong world should be around this holiday season
16:51:55 <bay|SC|Con> Q: Lupin 3 Fujiko Mine A: July, cast announcement soon
16:52:28 <bay|SC|Con> Q: Dragonball Z Movie dub? A: No info on this time
16:53:13 <bay|SC|Con> Q: Geneon titles that expired...will FUNimation pick that up? A: There are so many titles within the world of Geneon, as some of you know, we've done a few of them. There are really, really a lot of shows and there are ...with some of those, there are different contractual issues, if you have a specific title come by the funimation booth
16:54:26 <bay|SC|Con> Q: Any news about Wolf Children in Canada? A: Still in a very intense planning phase, don't have any information on when and where screenings will be available...
16:54:38 <bay|SC|Con> Theatrical run...too early
16:55:10 <bay|SC|Con> Q: Part 2 of Fairy Tail... A: 3 months...
16:55:34 <bay|SC|Con> Q: Collections of One Piece? A: Yes, release dates not determined
16:55:44 <bay|SC|Con> Q: Dub of Sankarea? A: Yes, this falll.
16:56:09 <bay|SC|Con> Fairy Tail; Season 2 in June and I believe the movie before the end of the year
16:56:26 <bay|SC|Con> Q: xxholic kai? A: I don't believe so, I don't have any more information at the time
16:56:47 <bay|SC|Con> Q: D.Grayman? A: Currently on hiatus, no information on plans to do anything on that before the end of the year.
16:57:17 <bay|SC|Con> Thank you for coming