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18:56:44 <bay|SC14|FUNi> (given a fairy tail bookmark coming in with the following on it:)
18:57:24 <bay|SC14|FUNi> (2014 release schedule: Part 8 Feb 4, Part 9 Mar 25th, Part 10 May 20th, Part 11 July 15th, Part 12 Sept 16th, Part 13 Oct 28th, Part 14 Dec 2nd))
18:58:32 <bay|SC14|FUNi> (They somehow didn't fill the room)
19:00:57 <bay|SC14|FUNi> (Possibly because of Sakuracon's weird line rules)
19:03:32 <bay|SC14|FUNi> (Anime to Z short again)
19:04:07 <bay|SC14|FUNi> All right
19:04:09 <bay|SC14|FUNi> Hello sakuracon
19:04:17 <bay|SC14|FUNi> WElcome to the FUnimation industry panel
19:04:40 <bay|SC14|FUNi> I'm Justin Rojas,
19:04:52 <bay|SC14|FUNi> Who went to the codebreaker premiere?
19:04:59 <bay|SC14|FUNi> New show that's coming out this June
19:05:11 <bay|SC14|FUNi> Very cool show... it looks very... i dunno..guy with flame powers melting people...
19:05:14 <bay|SC14|FUNi> Let's roll into what's going on with funimation
19:05:18 <bay|SC14|FUNi> starting with funimation.com/blog
19:05:30 <bay|SC14|FUNi> if you want to stay up to date with what we're doing
19:05:55 <bay|SC14|FUNi> of course, we've got stuff in the other places, facebook, twitter, youtube
19:06:00 <bay|SC14|FUNi> over 1.6mil likes on Facebook..
19:06:12 <bay|SC14|FUNi> who has liked it? the rest of you need to do that so i can keep my job
19:06:30 <bay|SC14|FUNi> across all brand pages, we're almost 6 mil
19:06:41 <bay|SC14|FUNi> also follow us on funimation's twitter account
19:06:43 <bay|SC14|FUNi> and we got videos on youtube
19:06:50 <bay|SC14|FUNi> if you want to see anime to z, see the youtube channel
19:06:53 <bay|SC14|FUNi> as well as the trailers and clips
19:07:04 <bay|SC14|FUNi> you can watch repeatedly and get the viewcounts up
19:07:18 <bay|SC14|FUNi> we're also on tumblr, instagram, pinterest...
19:07:28 <bay|SC14|FUNi> it's saturday.. what that means is toonai night...
19:07:42 <bay|SC14|FUNi> space dandy... one piece.. black loagoon, and fullmetal alchemist brotherhood
19:07:46 <bay|SC14|FUNi> the rest, you don't have to watch
19:07:58 <bay|SC14|FUNi> of course, some news that jsut came through
19:08:02 <bay|SC14|FUNi> attack on titan is coming to toonami may3rd
19:08:10 <bay|SC14|FUNi> we want those to be the highest ratings ever for toonami
19:08:32 <bay|SC14|FUNi> make sure we get those high ratings and they can keep picking from us
19:08:47 <bay|SC14|FUNi> and how that works is we give them the catalog and they pick, we don't tell them
19:08:49 <bay|SC14|FUNi> so bug them if you want a show on
19:09:50 <bay|SC14|FUNi> (trailer for AoT)
19:10:23 <bay|SC14|FUNi> all right... so if you are excited for attack on titan, you should preorder it
19:10:41 <bay|SC14|FUNi> we got this super limited collectors edition exclusive to funimation.com
19:11:03 <bay|SC14|FUNi> on blu-ray and dvd on 6.3.14
19:11:08 <bay|SC14|FUNi> going to be like dragon box season 2
19:11:22 <bay|SC14|FUNi> other stuff we got going on
19:11:24 <bay|SC14|FUNi> we got videos online
19:11:29 <bay|SC14|FUNi> who watches vifeos online
19:11:54 <bay|SC14|FUNi> who hasn't watcheed stuf online
19:12:22 <bay|SC14|FUNi> funimation site....
19:12:25 <bay|SC14|FUNi> over 9000 videos
19:12:38 <bay|SC14|FUNi> subscribe and get full access to all our content
19:12:43 <bay|SC14|FUNi> coming next month...
19:12:53 <bay|SC14|FUNi> more fairy tail... date a live...
19:13:03 <bay|SC14|FUNi> everything is hd, uncut and commercial-free as a subscriber
19:13:18 <bay|SC14|FUNi> who is going to watch highschool dxd uncut? i know why that sells...
19:13:27 <bay|SC14|FUNi> and you also get to watch dubs before dvd and bluray
19:13:44 <bay|SC14|FUNi> we got a bunch of non-dubbed stuff...this is all simulcast stuff
19:13:57 <bay|SC14|FUNi> these are the new shows
19:14:30 <bay|SC14|FUNi> puchim@s 2, one piece, selector infected wixoss, daimidaler, riddle story of devil, fairy tail, dragonar academy, ping pong the animation, soul eater not, date a live II
19:14:47 <bay|SC14|FUNi> apps on ios and android... roku
19:14:50 <bay|SC14|FUNi> we are looking at console apps
19:14:54 <bay|SC14|FUNi> just a timely process of approvals
19:15:11 <bay|SC14|FUNi> and here's a trailer ...commercial.. of some guy ...who is really really happy.. using apps on different devices
19:16:06 <bay|SC14|FUNi> funimation shop
19:16:09 <bay|SC14|FUNi> first year doing a shop on the site
19:16:15 <bay|SC14|FUNi> you can buy products from us
19:16:29 <bay|SC14|FUNi> and we can give you sales, because we get better margins so we can drop the price lower
19:17:13 <bay|SC14|FUNi> .. $7.95/month.... 14 day free trial
19:17:28 <bay|SC14|FUNi> the funimation show
19:17:40 <bay|SC14|FUNi> it's a little fun thing we do, just a little extra content when we go on trips
19:18:04 <bay|SC14|FUNi> got a little reel here of some of the stuff we'e done... we've been doing just quickies recently
19:18:12 <bay|SC14|FUNi> full eps take a long time to produce
19:19:41 <bay|SC14|FUNi> if you like that stuff, let us know, because i need to tell the people that make the stuff
19:19:43 <bay|SC14|FUNi> new releases
19:19:47 <bay|SC14|FUNi> Wolf Children
19:19:49 <bay|SC14|FUNi> available now
19:20:16 <bay|SC14|FUNi> trailer
19:21:12 <bay|SC14|FUNi> next
19:21:17 <bay|SC14|FUNi> Jormungand
19:21:18 <bay|SC14|FUNi> available now
19:21:27 <bay|SC14|FUNi> (trailer)
19:23:04 <bay|SC14|FUNi> next
19:23:06 <bay|SC14|FUNi> Kamisama Kiss
19:23:13 <bay|SC14|FUNi> what we did was our first premium edition
19:23:18 <bay|SC14|FUNi> available now
19:23:30 <bay|SC14|FUNi> (going over the stuff included)
19:23:36 <bay|SC14|FUNi> get the premium edition before it sells out, it is a limited run
19:24:16 <bay|SC14|FUNi> next show
19:24:19 <bay|SC14|FUNi> Psycho-Pass
19:24:24 <bay|SC14|FUNi> second run of the premium editions
19:24:27 <bay|SC14|FUNi> these are tests guys
19:24:34 <bay|SC14|FUNi> we're doing these premium editions to see if you will buy them
19:24:46 <bay|SC14|FUNi> they are a higher price to make and there is a higher price at retail
19:24:47 <bay|SC14|FUNi> if you like them, make sure you buy them
19:24:55 <bay|SC14|FUNi> this one also comes with the soundtrack
19:24:59 <bay|SC14|FUNi> it's the first time we've done it
19:25:02 <bay|SC14|FUNi> it was packaged in with the box
19:25:33 <bay|SC14|FUNi> and it's a big deal cause music rights are really hard to work with, so make sure you spupport it if you want to see more of these
19:25:21 <bay|SC14|FUNi> would you pay an extra $5 on a release for the soundtrack?
19:25:43 <bay|SC14|FUNi> trailer
19:27:08 <bay|SC14|FUNi> next up
19:27:10 <bay|SC14|FUNi> Robotics;Notes
19:27:14 <bay|SC14|FUNi> next in the series of semicolons
19:27:32 <bay|SC14|FUNi> part one available on bd/dvd combo
19:27:48 <bay|SC14|FUNi> trailer
19:29:43 <bay|SC14|FUNi> Dragonball Z Season three on blu-ray
19:29:58 <bay|SC14|FUNi> this is part of the new bluray releases for Dragon ball z cause there aren't enough DBZ releases
19:30:05 <bay|SC14|FUNi> this is like the orange brick for the season sets
19:30:18 <bay|SC14|FUNi> it is the 16:9 aspect ratio, but it's different from the previous release because it's pan and scan instead of crop
19:30:33 <bay|SC14|FUNi> the cool thing is if you put the boxes together, it creates a new artwork scene
19:30:40 <bay|SC14|FUNi> it's cool to ask japan for some new DBZ art
19:30:45 <bay|SC14|FUNi> 30 sec trailer...
19:31:30 <bay|SC14|FUNi> One Piece
19:31:32 <bay|SC14|FUNi> season 5, voyage 6
19:31:35 <bay|SC14|FUNi> keep trak of all that
19:31:42 <bay|SC14|FUNi> i'm sure you have all 5000 releases, this is 325-336
19:31:49 <bay|SC14|FUNi> obviously very long
19:31:52 <bay|SC14|FUNi> we show it every weekend at funimation.com
19:32:30 <bay|SC14|FUNi> trailer
19:33:29 <bay|SC14|FUNi> so props to our promotional video team that makes the trailers and does the original sound design...
19:33:48 <bay|SC14|FUNi> people ask what the music is and the answer is that these are minute long songs created for the trailers
19:33:51 <bay|SC14|FUNi> Fairy Tail 9
19:33:54 <bay|SC14|FUNi> available now
19:34:26 <bay|SC14|FUNi> if you want to catch up on the previous releases, you can totally do that
19:35:29 <bay|SC14|FUNi> 10....
19:35:32 <bay|SC14|FUNi> okay...
19:35:45 <bay|SC14|FUNi> so that was the part 10 trailer
19:35:46 <bay|SC14|FUNi> next up
19:35:53 <bay|SC14|FUNi> Eureka Seven...this is the movie
19:35:56 <bay|SC14|FUNi> 4.22.14
19:36:06 <bay|SC14|FUNi> on dvd and bd/dvd combo
19:36:51 <bay|SC14|FUNi> trailer
19:38:09 <bay|SC14|FUNi> next...
19:38:11 <bay|SC14|FUNi> news and announcements
19:38:24 <bay|SC14|FUNi> we just released the cast for code breaker
19:38:35 <bay|SC14|FUNi> available 6.24.14
19:38:53 <bay|SC14|FUNi> (should be posted online already?)
19:38:58 <bay|SC14|FUNi> trailer...
19:39:03 <bay|SC14|FUNi> or clip rather
19:40:51 <bay|SC14|FUNi> next up...
19:40:52 <bay|SC14|FUNi> new release ates
19:40:56 <bay|SC14|FUNi> fairy tail dates
19:40:58 <bay|SC14|FUNi> (same as earlier)
19:41:21 <bay|SC14|FUNi> it's crazy that we're telling you that, cause normally we don't tell you this far in advance
19:41:33 <bay|SC14|FUNi> this is not necessarily the release dates for... this is only the release dates for this year
19:41:37 <bay|SC14|FUNi> ep counts and that later
19:41:46 <bay|SC14|FUNi> Hetalia The Beautiful World
19:42:39 <bay|SC14|FUNi> available 7.22.14 on dvd
19:42:06 <bay|SC14|FUNi> we're going to show you guys here the first ever clip...this is basically the english dub premiere
19:47:39 <bay|SC14|FUNi> next up...
19:47:43 <bay|SC14|FUNi> we're going to show you cast for railgun s
19:47:52 <bay|SC14|FUNi> Saiai kinuhata - apphia yu
19:48:32 <bay|SC14|FUNi> misaki shokuho - teri rogers
19:48:41 <bay|SC14|FUNi> frenda seivelun - leah clark
19:48:59 <bay|SC14|FUNi> shinobu nunotobata - mariela ortiz
19:48:15 <bay|SC14|FUNi> shizuri - lydia mackay
19:48:20 <bay|SC14|FUNi> rikou - megan shipman
19:48:25 <bay|SC14|FUNi> adr director - jerry jewell
19:49:12 <bay|SC14|FUNi> 7.01.14 on dvd
19:50:13 <bay|SC14|FUNi> trailer... we'll post that online
19:50:21 <bay|SC14|FUNi> more casts
19:50:28 <bay|SC14|FUNi> ben-to
19:50:30 <bay|SC14|FUNi> lead cast
19:50:34 <bay|SC14|FUNi> sato - austin tindle
19:50:38 <bay|SC14|FUNi> shaga - morgan garrett
19:50:45 <bay|SC14|FUNi> yarizuri - trina nishimura
19:50:51 <bay|SC14|FUNi> oshiroi - felecia angelle
19:51:04 <bay|SC14|FUNi> adr director - joel mcdonald
19:51:13 <bay|SC14|FUNi> (and the rest is too long to type)
19:52:06 <bay|SC14|FUNi> 7.08.14
19:52:19 <bay|SC14|FUNi> bd and dvd combo
19:52:34 <bay|SC14|FUNi> that wraps it up for our announcements at sakuracon
19:52:41 <bay|SC14|FUNi> we do have time for q and a
19:52:44 <bay|SC14|FUNi> first the rules...
19:52:46 <bay|SC14|FUNi> can't talk about
19:53:04 <bay|SC14|FUNi> new shows not yet licensed, old shows not yet licensed, new episodes for shows we have already licensed, what shows wer're looking to license
19:53:26 <bay|SC14|FUNi> the dub cast for any shows announced today, how to become a voice actor, what's in the underground cavern at the office
19:54:04 <bay|SC14|FUNi> Q: Evangelion 3.33? A: nothing right now, no news right now, no release date, i apologize
19:54:21 <bay|SC14|FUNi> Q: What was the negotiations like for space dandy.. as far as getting the dub episodes out when the japanese episodes are out
19:54:36 <bay|SC14|FUNi> A: That was a big deal for us, that's the first time we've done that, we had to work very far in advacne
19:54:49 <bay|SC14|FUNi> we had to work with bandai visual and sunrise who were great partners and also wanted to do it
19:55:00 <bay|SC14|FUNi> and toonami and cartoon network also wanted to work on it
19:55:06 <bay|SC14|FUNi> and i think it was like a 4 week turnaround to dub it
19:55:14 <bay|SC14|FUNi> Q: Steins;gate movie
19:55:15 <bay|SC14|FUNi> A; No word
19:55:30 <bay|SC14|FUNi> Q: (Couldn't hear... update on another title...)
19:55:34 <bay|SC14|FUNi> A: Don't think i have anything
19:55:46 <bay|SC14|FUNi> Q: Index part 2 on itunes?
19:55:48 <bay|SC14|FUNi> A: Don't know
19:55:55 <bay|SC14|FUNi> Q: Freezing S2?
19:56:15 <bay|SC14|FUNi> A; Yes, we did the simulcast, but i don't know about the home video release...
19:56:22 <bay|SC14|FUNi> Q: More Kenichi?
19:56:24 <bay|SC14|FUNi> A: I wish
19:56:44 <bay|SC14|FUNi> The licensing team looks at everything.. they talk to japan
19:56:50 <bay|SC14|FUNi> the licensing process has changed dramatically because of simulcast
19:56:56 <bay|SC14|FUNi> we're looking at stuff before they are made
19:57:11 <bay|SC14|FUNi> we're talking to acquire rights based on the show pedigree, the cast, the creatives, and do negotations for shows that don't exist
19:57:17 <bay|SC14|FUNi> Q: DBZ Battle of th eGods?
19:57:22 <bay|SC14|FUNi> A: No word at this time
19:57:28 <bay|SC14|FUNi> Q: One Piece Movies?
19:57:40 <bay|SC14|FUNi> A: We announced last week Film Z...
19:57:41 <bay|SC14|FUNi> No status on the others
19:57:55 <bay|SC14|FUNi> Q: (Another one piece release question)
19:57:57 <bay|SC14|FUNi> A: Not off the top of my head
19:58:10 <bay|SC14|FUNi> Q: What happened with Evagelion 3.33 release?
19:58:12 <bay|SC14|FUNi> It had a release date.
19:58:20 <bay|SC14|FUNi> A: Nope. Can't say anything.
19:58:33 <bay|SC14|FUNi> Q: (missed)
19:58:38 <bay|SC14|FUNi> Q: Further Fairy Tail collections?
19:58:41 <bay|SC14|FUNi> A: Something we'd like to do
19:58:44 <bay|SC14|FUNi> no specifics
19:58:48 <bay|SC14|FUNi> Q: Hellsing Ultimate
19:58:52 <bay|SC14|FUNi> A: No, nothing yet on 9-12
19:58:58 <bay|SC14|FUNi> Q: Mushishi blu-ray
19:59:11 <bay|SC14|FUNi> A; Don't know if we have BD rights... it's an old series
19:59:23 <bay|SC14|FUNi> I'll be honest, Mushi-shi wasn't the highest performing title
19:59:38 <bay|SC14|FUNi> Q: Do you ever lose licenses to shows you haven't done wtih?
20:00:03 <bay|SC14|FUNi> A: Licensing is done in time windows... like 5 or 10 years... have to pay to keep them going
19:59:48 <bay|SC14|FUNi> They do run out
19:59:57 <bay|SC14|FUNi> Example.. Spiral.. we don't own Spiral anymore
20:00:16 <bay|SC14|FUNi> (goes on about picking up the bandai stuff and waiting on materials)
20:00:29 <bay|SC14|FUNi> Q: Space Dandy or Titan edited for Toonami?
20:00:32 <bay|SC14|FUNi> A: Don't know
20:00:48 <bay|SC14|FUNi> Q: Censoring?
20:01:07 <bay|SC14|FUNi> A: No, they made the show for broadcast, so they had that in mind, but they might add for home video
20:01:16 <bay|SC14|FUNi> Q: Space Dandy S2 in summer... going to continue it?
20:01:27 <bay|SC14|FUNi> A: Yes, going to continue, in reruns now
20:01:43 <bay|SC14|FUNi> Q: How did you convince one of your staff members to watch 72 hours of one piece and what was he like after?
20:01:47 <bay|SC14|FUNi> A: One, he was paid...
20:01:59 <bay|SC14|FUNi> and the cavaet was he was being live streamed
20:02:10 <bay|SC14|FUNi> And everyone thought we got to watch one piece..and no, you got to watch a guy watch it
20:02:16 <bay|SC14|FUNi> and his mental state was deterioriating
20:02:33 <bay|SC14|FUNi> (Job question)
20:03:27 <bay|SC14|FUNi> Thank you very much for coming