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15:10:11 <bay|Ota|Kazoku> (About to start, TM revolution ran way over)
15:14:49 <bay|Ota|Kazoku> Hello everybody
15:16:37 <bay|Ota|Kazoku> welcome to the home made kazoku panel
15:15:01 <bay|Ota|Kazoku> we're getting ready to start, but before we start
15:16:39 <bay|Ota|Kazoku> i'd like to show you live video of an introduction from home made kazoku
15:16:04 <bay|Ota|Kazoku> (Selected scenes from the concert DVDs)
15:16:45 <bay|Ota|Kazoku> sorry for keeping you all waiting
15:16:48 <bay|Ota|Kazoku> are you excited to see them?
15:16:56 <bay|Ota|Kazoku> let's invite them onto the stage with a huge cheer
15:17:22 <bay|Ota|Kazoku> Hello everyone
15:17:37 <bay|Ota|Kazoku> We are a japanese hiphop crew named home made kazoku and i'm the mc micro
15:18:55 <bay|Ota|Kazoku> I'm mc kuro, and i'm happy to be here again
15:17:51 <bay|Ota|Kazoku> I'm DJ yuuichi
15:18:09 <bay|Ota|Kazoku> Thank you for coming back to otakon after 3 years
15:18:12 <bay|Ota|Kazoku> how does it feel to be back here?
15:18:14 <bay|Ota|Kazoku> It feels great
15:18:28 <bay|Ota|Kazoku> A lot of musicians say we'll be back again
15:18:31 <bay|Ota|Kazoku> we're actually back (paraphrase)
15:19:31 <bay|Ota|Kazoku> Can you tell us about thank you?
15:19:45 <bay|Ota|Kazoku> K: The concept of the song is simple, we wanted to thank all the people who support us
15:19:57 <bay|Ota|Kazoku> We came from the underground, we had tough days, we had performed in front of 3 days
15:20:02 <bay|Ota|Kazoku> And then we had a gig at the budoukan
15:20:13 <bay|Ota|Kazoku> and the budoukan is a place that all musicans in japan want to have a gig at
15:20:20 <bay|Ota|Kazoku> and we wanted to thank you for it
15:20:36 <bay|Ota|Kazoku> That's awesome, and I'm sure that all of your fans got that and want to say your welcome
15:20:57 <bay|Ota|Kazoku> And your first album hit #5 on the oricon charts, can you tell us about how that felt
15:21:06 <bay|Ota|Kazoku> K: I was very surprise, sales are very important but they aren't a goal
15:21:13 <bay|Ota|Kazoku> making good music is the main concept for us
15:21:15 <bay|Ota|Kazoku> but it was very amazing
15:21:55 <bay|Ota|Kazoku> No, that's great, that's what's important is the music...and after your first album, you went on to great music, like the theme songs to naruto and e7, and since your last appearance at otakon, you released another naruto theme song, freedom
15:22:06 <bay|Ota|Kazoku> Can you tell us about how you came about to sing so many naruto themes?
15:22:12 <bay|Ota|Kazoku> M: We're big fans of naruto
15:22:24 <bay|Ota|Kazoku> And we heard that they were looking for an ending theme
15:22:27 <bay|Ota|Kazoku> So we made it and we sent it to them
15:22:44 <bay|Ota|Kazoku> and it was like boom, just like that, they liked it, so they used it for the ending
15:23:06 <bay|Ota|Kazoku> And I hear that this year is Home Made Kazoku's 10th anniversary
15:23:21 <bay|Ota|Kazoku> And you released your 10th anniversery single, kimi ga ita kara
15:23:28 <bay|Ota|Kazoku> can you tell us what you were trying to tell your fans through the song
15:24:31 <bay|Ota|Kazoku> K; (explains the title means Because of You) We wanted to give the love back that they gave to us, and we couldn't get this far without your support, so that's the concept of that
15:24:01 <bay|Ota|Kazoku> M: This song is dedicated to our fans
15:24:41 <bay|Ota|Kazoku> (Now going to show the music video for it)
15:26:07 <bay|Ota|Kazoku> (They are having technical issues and they're totally making jokes about it)
15:31:12 <bay|Ota|Kazoku> Is there a theme behind the music video we just saw?
15:31:32 <bay|Ota|Kazoku> K: If you look closer to the logo, there's a shape of a house in the O, and so we put the house in the video meaning we built it with you guys
15:31:44 <bay|Ota|Kazoku> I also noticed that there were a lot of photos, could you tell us more about those
15:32:01 <bay|Ota|Kazoku> M: We wanted to make our video with our fans, so we collected pictures from fans, so we made it together
15:32:14 <bay|Ota|Kazoku> Next time, if we do it again, you guys from the US should send us pictures
15:32:59 <bay|Ota|Kazoku> Speaking of lives, I heard you had a tour of japan this year, so how touring Japan?
15:33:11 <bay|Ota|Kazoku> Y: It was awesome
15:33:22 <bay|Ota|Kazoku> And you have some videos, so we're going to show some of it
15:37:51 <bay|Ota|Kazoku> So Yuuichi, I heard you made that video, could you tell us how you made it?
15:38:06 <bay|Ota|Kazoku> Y: For me making music and film are the same
15:39:16 <bay|Ota|Kazoku> One thing from that music video that I noticed is there were a lot of scenes with the huge shrine gate, could you tell us where that is
15:39:01 <bay|Ota|Kazoku> M: it's very famous...
15:39:04 <bay|Ota|Kazoku> Y: My house
15:39:10 <bay|Ota|Kazoku> M: Hiroshima
15:39:39 <bay|Ota|Kazoku> For the audience, there is a famous gate in hiroshima that survived the bombing
15:40:26 <bay|Ota|Kazoku> And there were lots of scenes of you eatening (K: and drinking), what was your favorite food?
15:40:39 <bay|Ota|Kazoku> (lost)
15:41:17 <bay|Ota|Kazoku> At this time, I'm sure you're all dying with questions, so we're going to open the stage to questions from the audience
15:41:31 <bay|Ota|Kazoku> And after the Q&A, we're going to have a trivia giveaway
15:43:11 <bay|Ota|Kazoku> Q: What is your favorite song/album that you worked on so far.. like making the music and promoting and being able to form it..and where would you like to be... like where would you like to go where you have never been before?
15:43:13 <bay|Ota|Kazoku> K: My favorite music is this new song, because we think the current music is the best song, and it will be next time
15:43:25 <bay|Ota|Kazoku> and the place i want to go is.. i dunno... maybe... new york
15:43:52 <bay|Ota|Kazoku> M: I want to have a gig in Kentucky where I grew up
15:44:54 <bay|Ota|Kazoku> Q: (this is a story)
15:45:57 <bay|Ota|Kazoku> Q: Mentioning the Jay-Z/JT concert (it was in baltimore yesterday), did you go? Or is there something you want to do befor eyou go back to Japan?
15:46:21 <bay|Ota|Kazoku> M: Yes, we went to M&T yesterday and saw Jay-Z/JT, but we're going to have a better show tomrorow, it's going to be great, so don't you worry
16:04:08 <bay|Ota|Kazoku> and before going to japan, like this morning, i went running to the sea with nishikawa-san, so maybe tomorrow... there is a boat...the seadragon.. maybe we're going to try that
15:47:45 <bay|Ota|Kazoku> Q: Did nagareboshi (from naruto) have any special meaning to you?
15:48:06 <bay|Ota|Kazoku> K: That song is important to us too, we still have remix of nagareboshi, and we still play it in our gig too
15:48:14 <bay|Ota|Kazoku> and hopefully we're going to do the song tomorrow
15:48:55 <bay|Ota|Kazoku> Q: (skipped ...bizzare question)
15:50:15 <bay|Ota|Kazoku> (gets originality points though)
15:51:50 <bay|Ota|Kazoku> Q: How important is america to Japanese bands?
15:51:59 <bay|Ota|Kazoku> (the original phrasing of that question was insanely complex)
15:52:16 <bay|Ota|Kazoku> M: We weren't thinking about it, but now, because of the anime, we started to think about,
15:52:49 <bay|Ota|Kazoku> it was our dream to have a gig in the us,it was a huge dream, but since we made a song for anime that made us come to the US and have a gig, it's a big opportunity, so now we think about it, making other anime songs, and get a huge hit in the US
15:53:14 <bay|Ota|Kazoku> K: Now we are here, and we're going to have a performance tomorrow.
15:53:27 <bay|Ota|Kazoku> Now... poster give away