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16:33:31 <bay|AX|A1> How are you guys doing out there?
16:33:40 <bay|AX|A1> Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the A-1 picutres panel
16:33:51 <bay|AX|A1> A-1 Pictures Panel
16:34:00 <bay|AX|A1> This is A-1 Pictures, -Just Do It-
16:34:45 <bay|AX|A1> Joining us today
16:34:51 <bay|AX|A1> A special guest
16:34:51 <bay|AX|A1> the President of A-1 Pictures
16:35:00 <bay|AX|A1> Mr Masuo Ueda
16:35:06 <bay|AX|A1> President of A-1 Pictures
16:35:21 <bay|AX|A1> (sorta dressed as Kirito)
16:35:40 <bay|AX|A1> Hello, my name is Masuo Ueda from A-1 Pictures
16:35:44 <bay|AX|A1> I'm happy to be here today
16:35:54 <bay|AX|A1> Mr. Ueda has a very rich history coming from A-1 pictures
16:35:58 <bay|AX|A1> Before that, he was with sunrise studio
16:36:03 <bay|AX|A1> learning from the past
16:36:07 <bay|AX|A1> The Great Pioneers
16:36:13 <bay|AX|A1> Does anyone know a studio called sunrise
16:36:16 <bay|AX|A1> Do you know gundam?
16:36:32 <bay|AX|A1> I was a producer at sunrise on a show called Gundam
16:36:47 <bay|AX|A1> And since then, it's been 30something years being an anime producer
16:37:09 <bay|AX|A1> But these days, I'm starting to lose my eyesight, my memory is going, and i'm starting to lose my hair
16:37:16 <bay|AX|A1> i'm starting to feel like yoda (paraphrase)
16:37:23 <bay|AX|A1> but the japanese anime industry has so many great producers
16:37:43 <bay|AX|A1> well there is masao maruyama formerly with madhouse
16:37:53 <bay|AX|A1> and there is studio ghibli
16:38:10 <bay|AX|A1> and the producer there, by the name of toshi suzuki, i think he's a great producer
16:38:14 <bay|AX|A1> they are all older than me
16:38:21 <bay|AX|A1> that means i still need to catch up with them
16:38:30 <bay|AX|A1> Now, could you tell us about the beginning and the producers of TV animation
16:38:45 <bay|AX|A1> Let me show you a visual example of some works I've done
16:39:31 <bay|AX|A1> (sample clips of his shows at all studios)
16:40:49 <bay|AX|A1> I'm glad I got a reaction out of you from the clip
16:41:01 <bay|AX|A1> Continuing on, can you tell us about neo marketing and the challenging spirit
16:41:12 <bay|AX|A1> as you seen, i worked on a couple of shows and learned a lot in the process
16:41:38 <bay|AX|A1> and i learned that it's always important to always be challenged
16:41:46 <bay|AX|A1> and gundam was successful because we went into a new form of marketing
16:42:11 <bay|AX|A1> until then, anime used to be something just for kids, but with gundam, we were able to prove you could appeal to a high teenage audience
16:42:30 <bay|AX|A1> so this is my history that i like to talk about and i like to wrap it up by talking about our new ambitions at a-1 pictures
16:42:54 <bay|AX|A1> What about your encounter with Mobile Suit Gundam
16:42:54 <bay|AX|A1> As I mentioned before, Mobile Suit Gundam really set the course for my life
16:43:18 <bay|AX|A1> And it made me realize that the industry was something that was worth of career
16:43:35 <bay|AX|A1> What's the magnificent last scene
16:43:31 <bay|AX|A1> Does everyone know how gundam ends?
16:43:44 <bay|AX|A1> Of all the anime that i've seen, i think the ending to gundam is one of the best
16:44:03 <bay|AX|A1> that's because in the final scene, you seen the main character return to his friends,
16:44:22 <bay|AX|A1> and it teaches you how important it is to be among friends
16:44:28 <bay|AX|A1> and so, that's the kind of uplifting shows that I like to continue to produce
16:44:51 <bay|AX|A1> Could you briefly explain the determination for anime and the policy you made in your heart
16:45:03 <bay|AX|A1> So in order to reach that kind of ending in shows, there is a policy that we set
16:45:14 <bay|AX|A1> When making a new show, a new challenge has always to be taken on in production
16:45:18 <bay|AX|A1> That is one policy
16:45:41 <bay|AX|A1> Continuing on with the history... Anti-Gundam?! and The First Time as a TV producer
16:45:49 <bay|AX|A1> And as my first work as a TV producer
16:45:58 <bay|AX|A1> my challenge was something that wans't gundam, it was to come up with something that isn't gundam
16:46:06 <bay|AX|A1> and that Vifam as you saw in the clip
16:46:29 <bay|AX|A1> In Vifam, all the 13 kids who are the main character in the show, none of them dies, all of them are alive at the end
16:46:43 <bay|AX|A1> It's a wonderful show, so i encourage you to watch it
16:46:54 <bay|AX|A1> Could you talk about anime and their theme songs?
16:47:27 <bay|AX|A1> There is a very intitiment relation and their theme songs
16:47:24 <bay|AX|A1> And in vifan, it had all english lyrics to the opening song
16:47:32 <bay|AX|A1> And this was 30 years ago
16:47:43 <bay|AX|A1> I'm pretty sure this was the first anime that had an all english opening
16:48:02 <bay|AX|A1> A lot of people like that song and the the records sold well
16:48:17 <bay|AX|A1> Could you go more into City Hunter, A mature drama
16:48:22 <bay|AX|A1> Is anyone familiar with City Hunter?
16:48:31 <bay|AX|A1> Are you familiar with mokkuri from City Hunter
16:49:00 <bay|AX|A1> That is the main characters way of showing his affinity for the fair sex in city hunter
16:49:07 <bay|AX|A1> And so city hunter is a show that was very drama oriented
16:49:14 <bay|AX|A1> How about escaflowne and digital representation
16:50:01 <bay|AX|A1> And since you gave me a good reaction with Escaflowne, i'm sure you know about the show, this was the first time of using 3d texture in a 2d show (?)
16:49:57 <bay|AX|A1> How about Cowboy Bebop and Jazz
16:50:19 <bay|AX|A1> So music was very prominent in Cowboy Bebop, so it was meant that you would enjoy the music just as much
16:50:33 <bay|AX|A1> and after this kind of career, i joined aniplex in 2003
16:50:41 <bay|AX|A1> and let's take a look at the shows i've produced at aniplex
16:51:28 <bay|AX|A1> Bakemonogatari, Garden of Sinners, Fullmetal Alchemist Movie, Fate/Zero, Puella Magi Madoka Magica
16:53:09 <bay|AX|A1> Sword Art Online, Vividred Operation, Black Butler , Fairy Tail, Wagnaria, Welcome to the Space Show (first one without loud applause), Anohana, ,The Idolm@ster
16:54:46 <bay|AX|A1> Blue Exorcist, Space Brothers, From the New World (Shin Sekai Yori), Magi, Uta no Prince Sama (holy squee), Oreimo2,
16:55:09 <bay|AX|A1> Aren't you impressed with Aniplex and A-1 Pictures?
16:55:19 <bay|AX|A1> 2. The birth of a new anime lable - "aniplex"
16:55:23 <bay|AX|A1> I am a lucky boy
16:55:27 <bay|AX|A1> I consider myself very lucky
16:55:30 <bay|AX|A1> and the company is very lucky
16:55:49 <bay|AX|A1> And so aniplex and a-1 pictures have a parent subsidiary relationship
16:56:01 <bay|AX|A1> has anyone been familiar with a studio called a-1 pictures
16:56:09 <bay|AX|A1> a few too few
16:56:21 <bay|AX|A1> when you go home, please talk about a-1 pictures and let eveyrone know
16:56:40 <bay|AX|A1> And so Aniplex and A-1 pictures always strive to take on new challenges
16:56:59 <bay|AX|A1> Aniplex is the company that does strong marketing and very tough green lighting of projects
16:57:08 <bay|AX|A1> and A-1 picutres is the studio that actually animates these projects
16:57:23 <bay|AX|A1> And I think the combination of these two companies is one of the strongest in the industry
16:57:38 <bay|AX|A1> Also with the new label of aniplex, can you tell us about production to management
16:57:56 <bay|AX|A1> So I digress a little, so after being a producer after joniing aniplex, i went into management
16:58:06 <bay|AX|A1> And that's because I believe that being a producer is best done by young people
16:58:20 <bay|AX|A1> And it was in fact young producers that went on and make a-1 and aniplex titles
16:58:28 <bay|AX|A1> we have a lot of good producers
16:58:38 <bay|AX|A1> continuing on, can you talk more about the A-1 pictures original
16:58:49 <bay|AX|A1> and one thing that aniplex and a-1 wanted to do is collaborate on original stories
16:59:02 <bay|AX|A1> we always wanted to make something that isn't based on a pre-exsiting manga or novel
16:59:18 <bay|AX|A1> and so through that policy aniplex came up with a show called madoka magica that was well received
16:59:53 <bay|AX|A1> and aniplex and a-1 came up with anohana
16:59:57 <bay|AX|A1> So what is the strongest combination?
17:00:04 <bay|AX|A1> So we form the strongest party around
17:00:11 <bay|AX|A1> Now... next stage
17:00:21 <bay|AX|A1> You had your history, you've produced a lot
17:00:22 <bay|AX|A1> what's your next stage?
17:00:30 <bay|AX|A1> And on to the next stage of our development...
17:00:43 <bay|AX|A1> and the goal is to produce something that will superceed gundam
17:00:55 <bay|AX|A1> And I think we need digital technology to achieve that today
17:01:07 <bay|AX|A1> So at A-1 pictures, we've experimented with the use of 3d animation technologies
17:01:13 <bay|AX|A1> so let's take a look at a couple of those
17:01:22 <bay|AX|A1> time for orignial clips
17:01:25 <bay|AX|A1> 3d cgi works
17:02:00 <bay|AX|A1> (therse are various clips from mostly recent shows.. 2009+)
17:04:36 <bay|AX|A1> Of course, 3d needs to be prominent, but the best thing is to have a great story and great plot
17:04:51 <bay|AX|A1> but i hope we'll be able to show you our new original robot animation as soon as possible
17:04:54 <bay|AX|A1> please look forward to it
17:05:09 <bay|AX|A1> Stage 4... Just do it?
17:05:28 <bay|AX|A1> So our preparations are ready, so it's time for us to just do it
17:05:45 <bay|AX|A1> So let's take a look at some of the latest works
17:05:47 <bay|AX|A1> there are a couple that have not been announced
17:06:17 <bay|AX|A1> Servant x Service
17:07:47 <bay|AX|A1> Silver Spoon
17:10:01 <bay|AX|A1> Anohana
17:11:50 <bay|AX|A1> uemetsu, adachi, fuji x aniplex, a-1 pictures 10, 2013 galileidonna
17:12:42 <bay|AX|A1> (missed line)
17:12:50 <bay|AX|A1> next year i'd like to come back to anime expo with clips from all our new shows
17:13:02 <bay|AX|A1> so everyone here at the venue are brothers to me
17:13:04 <bay|AX|A1> okay?
17:13:35 <bay|AX|A1> i'd like to conclude my talk by saying it's great that i got to meet wonderful friends and brothers here
17:14:18 <bay|AX|A1> now, raffle
17:17:33 <bay|AX|A1> (ending)