Project -hedron
アニメオンデマンドの総合リスト (Anime-On-Demand List)

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Name Language Available
Princess Tutu Dubbed 1-26
Project Blue Earth SOS Dubbed 1-6
Pumpkin Scissors Dubbed 1-24
Ragnarok Subbed and Dubbed(Mixed) 1-26
Rahxephon Dubbed 1-26
Rainbow N\A N\A
Ramen Fighter Miki Subbed 1-12
Read or Die Dubbed 1-3
Red Garden Dubbed 1-23
Revolutionary Girl Utena Dubbed 1-16
Ristorante Paradiso Subbed 1-11
Robotech Dubbed 1-85
Robotech: Shadow Chronicles Dubbed OVA
Romeo X Juliet Subbed and Dubbed(Mixed) 1-24
Rosario + Vampire Subbed 1-13
Rosario + Vampire Capu2 Subbed 1-13
Rumbling Hearts Subbed and Dubbed(Mixed) 1-14
Rune Soldier Dubbed 1-26
Sacred Blacksmith Subbed 1-12
Saiyuki Subbed and Dubbed(Mixed) 1-50
Saki Subbed 1-25
Sakura Wars Dubbed 1-25
Samurai 7 Dubbed 1-26
Samurai Champloo Dubbed 1-16,19-26
Samurai X N\A N\A
Sands of Destruction Subbed and Dubbed(Mixed) 1-13
Sasameki Koto Subbed 1-13
Sasami Magical Girls Club Dubbed 1-26
Save Me! Lollipop Subbed and Dubbed(Mixed) 1-13
School Days Subbed 1-12