Project -hedron
アニメオンデマンドの総合リスト (Anime-On-Demand List)
Name Language Available
Baldr Force EXE Subbed and Dubbed(Mixed) 1-4
Bamboo Blade Subbed and Dubbed(Mixed) 1-26
Basilisk Dubbed 1-24
BASTof Syndrome Subbed and Dubbed(Mixed) 1-26
Beck Subbed and Dubbed 1-18
Best Student Council Subbed and Dubbed(Mixed) 1-26
Big Windup Dubbed 1-26
Birdy the Mighty Decode Subbed 1-25,Prologue S
Birdy the Mighty Decode:02 N\A N\A
Birth Dubbed 1
Black Blood Brothers Subbed and Dubbed(Mixed) 1-12
Black Cat Dubbed 1-24
Black Jack TV Subbed 1-28
Black Jack Special: The 4 Miracles of Life Subbed 1-4
Blassreiter Subbed and Dubbed(Mixed) 1-24
Bleach Subbed and Dubbed(Mixed) 1-95,100-113,266-284
Blessing of the Campanella N\A N\A
Blue Drop Subbed 1-2
Blue Gender Dubbed 1-26
Blue Seed N\A(Removed) 1-26
Blue Seed Beyond Dubbed 1-3
Burn Up Excess Dubbed 1-13
Burn Up W Subbed 1-4
Burst Angel Dubbed 1-24
Busou Renkin Subbed 1-4,7-18
Buzzer Beater Subbed 1-13
Buzzer Beater (2007) Subbed 1-13
Captain Harlock Subbed 1-42
Casshern Sins Subbed 1-24
Chance Pop Session Dubbed 1-13