Project -hedron
アニメオンデマンドの総合リスト (Anime-On-Demand List)
Beta Open. v0.015Q Beta (Stuck in the Blizzard)
Current priority: Catching up with the amount of stuff out there and fixing stuff.

Frequently updated updates: Free stuff (except youtube)
Less current/way behind: Not free stuff, Youtube

Updates to the database will be copied over every three/five days or so for now.

Last code update pushed 9/30/09.

1) See newly released episodes on the releases page.
See website changes on the updates page.

2) Listing of series by website, series by company, websites by series, etc. Pretty much any logical combination.

3) Stuff...!

Feedback can be left here.

The following issues are known:

1) There is no reason to sign up yet though as there is nothing on the other side! Signup and forgot password are not fully working due to the lack of a working email module. The results are left behind in the db instead. (Passwords are encrypted.)

2) The design is a work in progress. I'm aware it looks very mediocre/crappy. If anyone has ideas, feel free to screw with the style sheet or suggest them (or give me an image). The following things are considered WIP:
a) The drop down menu has an off by 1-2 pixel alignment issue that I can't figure.
b) The footer image isn't final.. it's just to give an idea of what i want to do with it...

A number of examples have been added and more will be added gradually. URLs will be added slowly. See Shikabane Hime 01 for an example of how URLs are meant to work.

For an idea of how much data there is as of the time of this post:
17795 videos indexed ( 10256 can be watched for free )
7210 episodes indexed ( 5664 can be watched for free )
312 series available
Posted by bay at 11-19-2009 16:20
Current to do list
Update DB
Finish the search page
Finish the region system
Posted by bay at 11-17-2009 08:00
Bug fix list
-Mostly fixed pagination issues.
-Mostly fixed display and sorting issues.
Posted by bay at 12-25-2008 13:56