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アニメオンデマンドの総合リスト (Anime-On-Demand List)
About the site:
Q: What is this site about?
A: This site is a list of all the anime that is available for you to watch on the internet for free or for a small fee.

Q: Nothing is free, what's the catch?
A: There is no real catch. There may be ads on the page or you may have to watch an advertisement or three.

Q: Is all of this anime legal?
A: Yes. It is all legal. 100% completely legal with no strings attached.

Q: Aren't fansubs legal?
A: No. Fansubs are not legal.

Q: How is this any different then? What about all the other stuff on other sites? Why bother when I have fansubs? Etc.
A: All of the links here are to content that the R1 licensor or the Japanese production companies have made available for you. None of this is uploaded by random users.

All ad revenue from the videos linked to here is shared between the website and the companies. The more of this stuff you watch and the ads you click, the more money goes back to the companies. When you watch a fansub or a video uploaded by the random user, they do not get this money.

Q: Aren't you making money off these titles too with this website?
A: No. All videos are directly linked to their original hosts. This is not one of those sites that attempts to gain money by embedding videos and filling the page with sketchy ads.

Q: Why make this site?
A: Find every site that legally hosts Bleach within 5 minutes. Can you do it? No? Well that's why this site is here.

Q: Does this mean I can just watch free anime all the time?
A: Well, I guess so. Some of these are intended to be a free or low cost preview. There are various reasons for the various shows being on the internet. If you like the series, you should buy the DVDs or the downloads or whatever floats your boat. However, be careful about what you buy. DVDs may not be available in R1 for some of these series.

Regional related issues:
Q: I can't view the video because I'm not in the right region! Help!
A: The only suggestion I can give you is to find a proxy or a friend living in that country who will set up a proxy for you.

Q: I can't view any of these because I live outside of R1. Where can I find the fansubs?
A: I don't know or I don't care. Go make noise toward Japan to grant global english licensing rights for the internet or something. You could always import the DVD if it exists.

About the listings:
Q: Is all of this streaming?
A: No. There are websites which makes the titles available for download. These are usually the pay sites though their are exceptions. However, not all pay titles are available for download and not all free titles are streaming only.

Q: What does raw mean?
A: Raw means that there are no subtitles. These are series that are legally available in Japan for worldwide viewing without subtitles.

Anything else?
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